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  18. Happy Festivus! Rand's got a lot of problems with you people...
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  20. Toady is the NEW YEAR!
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  26. 'Audit the Fed' bill gets new push under Trump
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  61. Really good RAND forum logo
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  72. Bipartisan group of senators wants classified briefing on Yemen raid
  73. Rand Paul: “It would be a really rotten, no good, bad idea to have ground troops in Syria”
  74. First on CNN: Trump nixes Elliott Abrams for State Department job
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  99. MAGAForums.com
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  103. Sen. Paul: "It isn't our responsibility to rebuild everybody's country."
  104. Rand Paul: Conservatives Have The Votes To Kill ‘Obamacare-Lite’
  105. How does Rand get 5 more votes for cloture on Audit the FED?
  106. Rand Paul blasts House GOP for keeping ObamaCare bill in 'secure location'
  107. What's taking so long with Audit the Fed?
  108. Rand Paul's Obamacare repeal plan gets there — Paul Ryan's doesn't
  109. The End of the Libertarian Dream?
  110. GOP's healthcare plan released
  111. The Return of Rand Paul
  112. Let's fully repeal ObamaCare, then have an open debate on how to replace it
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  123. New York Times fake news from 2010 - remember this?
  124. Greenwald: Rand Paul's right- NSA routinely monitors Americans without warrants
  125. Is it time for another filibuster? #StopCIAdrones
  126. Rand Paul is LIVE now: #StormCongress
  127. Rand: Let’s ‘Smash’ Paul Ryan’s Obamacare Lite ‘to Smithereens’
  128. Warmonger McCain says Rand "working for Putin" after he blocks bill to add Montenegro to NATO
  129. McCain says Rand is "working for Putin"
  130. Paul replaces Cruz as GOP agitator
  131. Rand Paul Staff Responds To John McCain - In Russian
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  133. Sen. Rand Paul on Trump’s Wiretapping Claim: ‘Everybody Has Been Getting the Story Wrong’
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  136. Rand Paul introduces the most sweeping reform of civil asset forfeiture law...
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  148. Rand is his dad
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  162. Rand Paul and Ron Wyden introduce a bill that would stop warrantless phone searches at border
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  177. New Delegate Training
  178. Rand Paul: McCain and Graham are blind to the risks in Syria
  179. ‘‘Protecting Data at the Border Act’’
  180. Rand joins with Dems to protect kids in Yemen
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  184. Rand Paul: The U.S. should not fund Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen
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  208. Yemen famine caused by US weapons: Senator Rand Paul
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  235. Has anyone itemized the 200 billion Rand was talking about?
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  238. Rand blocks NDAA, the defense spending bill. (Haha! FU McCain!)
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  244. Number 47... Is.... To be....
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