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  1. Cast my vote in Arizona for the only person who deserved it
  2. Rand on Town Hall Tour
  3. Rand: Boyd County Town Hall with @repthomasmassie
  4. Rand Paul: UK Should Never Have Joined the European Union
  5. Rand Paul takes batting practice with WKU baseball team (Video)
  6. Ben Carson Endorses Rand for Senate
  7. 'Major Endorsement' from Rand coming tomorrow
  8. 24 Hours Remain for Q1 Rand Paul Senate Money Bomb!
  9. Rand Paul’s ‘Yuge’ April 1 Endorsement Is a Prank
  10. KY House gives final passage to felony expungement legislation
  11. ronpaul.gop still available, but randpaul.gop is not
  12. Rand Paul will back Trump if he is the nominee
  13. Rand Paul op-ed: Keep pushing criminal justice reform in Kentucky
  14. Rand Paul's Audacious Antitrust Proposal
  15. Sen. Paul should attend Disc Golf 2016 Amateur Champ, at Bowling Green April 22-24
  16. Rand has better shot at GOP nomination now than when Iowa Caucus rolled around
  17. RAND: We must stop wasteful spending now!
  18. Rand Intros Amendments to FAA Reauthorization Act (Arming pilots, anti-drone)
  19. Rand Paul op-ed: Allies take aid but not advice
  20. Jim Gray reports $1.75 million in first quarter for Senate bid
  21. Super PACs prepare to fight for Rand Paul in Kentucky
  22. Should Rand try to ease fears of a tyrant Trump being backed by congress?
  23. Put America, Not Foreign Countries, First
  24. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN slamming Hillary and Obama and addresses Trump's delegate problem
  25. Rand Paul Waste Quiz
  26. [Video] Rand Paul on Morning Joe 4/12
  27. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News America's Newsroom 4/12
  28. Rand Introduces Bill To Protec Gun Rights and Due Process
  29. 18 April: Pretty bad when Krauthammer has to defend liberty against Bill O
  30. Op-ed: The President’s Biggest Mistake: Not Coming to Congress
  31. Rand Paul Holds Hearing on FEMA to Examine Waste and Identify Solutions
  32. Rand Paul Pushing Through Heroin Legislation
  33. Paul and Murphy introduce senate bill to restrict arms sales to Saudi Arabia
  34. Paul moves to protect vets, seniors from massive government gun grab
  35. Rand Paul at Rotary Club of Louisville - March 31, 2016
  36. Rand Paul's Senate floor speech on the 'Economic Freedom Zones' amendment. [4/19]
  37. Rand Paul Rips Ryan: GOP Convention Rules 'Haven't Been Written Yet'
  38. Rand Paul Bucks Leader McConnell, Endorses Marlin Stutzman
  39. Rand Paul launches massive libertarian ‘War on Poverty’
  40. [Video] Rand Paul on The Lead w/ Jake Tapper 4/20
  41. 3 Reasons Why Rand Paul Is Still the Most Interesting Person in Politics
  42. Senate candidate Jim Gray up with first TV ad
  43. Rand Paul will be a Kentucky GOP delegate for the National Convention
  44. Politico: Rand Back to Being Rand
  45. Youtube Interview - Matt Kibbe : Why did the Rand Paul campaign flame out?
  46. Rand's Statement On Obama Declassifying 9/11 Congressional Inquiry
  47. Rand Paul on The Leland Conway Show 4/25
  48. Sen. Rand Paul Demands Hillary Clinton Apologize To Kentucky For Anti-Coal Comments
  49. Rand Paul endorses Paul Broun in Georgia congressional race
  50. Rand Paul senate update
  51. Rand Paul Slams Obama For Wasting Billions On Duplicative Global Warming Research
  52. Sen. Rand Paul’s FATCA Lawsuit Tossed For Lack Of Standing
  53. Rand Paul Speaks Up for the 9th Amendment
  54. Obama just called out Rand Paul
  55. Rand Paul on The Leland Conway Show 5/5/16
  56. Rand Paul op-ed: Leading the charge against the war on coal
  57. [Video] Rand Paul speech at Nixon Library 5/2/16
  58. Rand Paul Banned from Fedbook's "Trending" News Feed
  59. Can Rand block expansion of draft registration?
  60. Senator Rand Paul to back bill blocking FBI hacking expansion
  61. Rand Paul faces 2 challengers in Tuesday’s primary election
  62. Rand Paul's Stand Against Tax Treaties Is More Important Than You Think
  63. Seven Democrats hope to replace U.S. Sen. Rand Paul
  64. Rand Paul addresses YAF's Wendy P. McCaw Reagan Ranch Roundtable - 5/3/16
  65. Sen. Rand Paul Questions Obama Administration at SFRC on America’s Role in the World - 5/12/16
  66. Toady is the primary!
  67. Sen. Rand Paul to face Lexington Mayor Jim Gray in general election
  68. Rand Paul questions James Baker [Video]
  69. Rand Paul: Most American Companies Would Not Hire Bill Clinton Due to His ‘Threat’ To Women
  70. Senate Update: Foreign Aid Amendment
  71. Rand Paul slams gun-free zones at NRA-ILA forum
  72. Sen. Rand Paul telegraphs nationalized U.S. Senate general election race
  73. Rand Paul Uncovers $70,000 NSF Study Investigating Gender of Wikipedia’s Contributors
  74. Rand interview with WKRC 5/18
  75. Sen. Rand Paul: We Must Restore Congressional Authority on Declaring War
  76. Rand Paul introduces amendments to get rid of draft
  77. Paul ties release of 9/11 docs to defense bill
  78. Rand Paul Refuses to Vote Without Reading the Bill
  79. Trey Grayson vs. Rand Paul
  80. Rand Paul on The Leland Conway Show 5/31/16
  81. Rand Paul will introduce bill to end Selective Service in honor of Muhammad Ali
  82. Dear Rand Paul – Thank You
  83. Rand endorses Col. Rob Maness for Senator from Louisiana
  84. Why it felt like Rand was shouting into an EMPTY DARK ROOM
  85. Rand Paul op-ed: Ali a champion in more ways than one
  86. Rand Paul op-ed: In defense of Kentucky and all of your liberties
  87. Rand & Mitch op-ed: Kentucky, once again, at forefront of hemp production
  88. Rand Paul calls for debate over war authorization
  89. Rand Paul, Mike Lee, & Dianne Feinstein Urge Support for Due Process Guarantee Act
  90. Sen. Rand Paul Speaks Out Against Lautenberg Act and the Dangers of New Federal Regulations
  91. Senate Committee Passes Sen. Paul’s Bonuses for Cost Cutters Act
  92. Rand Paul Waste Report Highlights $25 Million Climate Change Project
  93. Rand Paul's Fingerprints on New Defense Think Tank
  94. (Op-Ed) I read the bill, and I just can't support it
  95. Rand Paul is a closet ancap
  96. Jim Gray attacks Rand Paul for protecting the 2A.
  97. Allies of Rand Paul, Koch take aim at hawks
  98. Did Trump Copy Rand? What about Ron??
  99. Jim Gray attacks Rand's NSA filibuster in new ad
  100. Rand Paul Carly Fiorina meet and greet June 24
  101. RNC Delegate Jace Laquerre: "I will vote for Rand Paul"
  102. Rand Paul is backing Dan Bongino in Florida’s 19th Congressional race
  103. Rand Paul on Kentucky Newsmakers 6/19
  104. Rand Paul Pushes For Criminal Justice Reform At Louisville Stop
  105. The appearance is terrible. The decision is astounding. Ppl have gone to jail for less severe
  106. Remember when Rand Paul was the only person in Washington who opposed James Comey?
  107. Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton Should Not Be Above the Law
  108. Where does Jim Gray stand on TPP?
  109. Rand Paul op-ed: Let's fix the real problem, not continue to give up our rights
  110. Sen. Rand Paul Urges 6th Circ. To Revive FATCA Suit
  111. Rand Paul Launches Effort to "Hold Hillary Accountable"
  112. Rand Paul thinks a debtor nation shouldn't lavish gifts on other countries. Washington disagre
  113. Sen. Rand Paul Uncovers $500,000.00 NIH Grant Studying People’s Fondness for Spicy Foods
  114. Sen. Rand Paul Secures Vital Change for Kentucky Soldiers in Upcoming Census
  115. Sen. Rand Paul Statement on Disclosure Secured for 9/11 Families
  116. Rand Paul Endorses John Brunner for Governor of Missouri
  117. Rand Paul on The Laura Ingraham Show 7/12
  118. Rand Paul on The John Gibson Show 7/6
  119. America's Liberty PAC - "Gray and Clinton"
  120. Sen. Rand Paul Is Just 7 Votes Away From Auditing the Fed
  121. Rand Paul screwed out of RNC convention vote
  122. Why are there no Kentucky Senate race polls?
  123. Rand Paul volunteers lure voters with Pokemon Go
  124. Rand Paul and Jim Gray speaking at Fancy Farm (video added)
  125. Latest polling in U.S. Senate race shows early lead for Rand Paul
  126. Paul reports more than $2 million, leading Senate challenger
  127. Rand Paul: Mum on Khan, Trump > Clinton, and as for Gary Johnson—“I signed a document”
  128. Rand Paul says he is the best candidate to protect Kentuckians from government intrusion
  129. Rand Paul May Have Skipped The RNC, But What He Was Doing Instead Is Way More Important
  130. Rand Paul Supports Brexit and Slams the War on Drugs at FreedomFest
  131. Polls in Kentucky Show GOP Blew 2016 Chances by Not Choosing Rand
  132. Rand Interview re Clinton Emails and Syria Gun Running (Video)
  133. Saudi accounts hijack Rand Paul's Twitter poll on arms deal
  134. Rand Paul Speaks at Jefferson County Republican Picnic
  135. Rand Paul backs Liz Cheney's primary challenger
  136. These US Senators Are Actually Trying to Stop The Government From Doing Something Terrible
  137. [Disputed] Rand Paul brushes off Gary Johnson at FreedomFest
  138. Here’s why Rand Paul would probably be beating Hillary Clinton right now
  139. Rand getting some love on reddit re: blocking arms to Saudi Arabia
  140. Ron and Rand on Liberty Report
  141. Sen. Rand Paul: EpiPen Scandal Is a Perfect Example of Crony Capitalism
  142. Senator Rand Paul Rebukes Blitzer on $1.15B Saudi 'Arms for Jobs' Stance
  143. Saudi Arms Sale Faces Disapproval Vote Wednesday, Sen. Paul Says
  144. Rand Paul vs. WSJ neocon on Morning Joe
  145. Senator Rand Paul: "Think Through" NATO Expansion - Sept. 14, 2016
  146. Sens. Paul and Murphy Discuss Saudi Arabia Resolution at CFTNI - Sept. 19, 2016
  147. As Senate Races Blare Elsewhere, Kentucky’s is Quiet
  148. As EpiPen prices soar, Sen. Paul hopes bill creates more competition, cheaper prices for gener
  149. Paul would be "hard pressed" to compliment Putin, doubts Clinton's pledge for no ground troops
  150. Paul touts charitable medical work in first Senate campaign ad
  151. New Super PAC to Pursue Media Campaign Against Sen. Rand Paul
  152. Sen. Rand Paul: President Obama, what on God's green earth is our policy in Syria?
  153. Students for Rand announces 20 chapters statewide
  154. Kelley Paul campaigns in Oakland
  155. U.S. Senate Passes Sen. Rand Paul’s Amendment to Block Lake Cumberland User Fees
  156. Rand Paul on The Lead with Jake Tapper 9/20
  157. Rand Paul on Fox News America's Newsroom 9/21
  158. Paul and Murphy’s Laudable Opposition to the War on Yemen
  159. Rand Paul on The Tom Roten Morning Show 9/20
  160. CNN: Rand Paul vs. FBI on Intelligence FAILURE on NJ/NYC Bombing
  161. Paul-Murphy resolution to block Saudi arms sales is defeated (71-27)
  162. Sen. Rand Paul Speaks On Resolution to Block $1.15 Billion Saudi Arms Sale
  163. New Rand ad - Bridges
  164. 9/14-9/16 KY Senate Poll
  165. Rand Paul makes Senate campaign stops in northern Kentucky; promises hearing on EpiPen
  166. Randpaulforums.com
  167. Rand Paul on Hannity radio 9/29
  168. Rand Paul: Agencies Use It Or Lose It Philosophy On Gov’t Spending Needs To Stop
  169. Senator Rand Paul, Mayor Jim Gray to participate in Operation Turnout’s U.S. Senate Forum at K
  170. Rand Paul to host town hall meeting at EKU
  171. Dr. Rand Paul to US Senate: Protect Terminal Patients’ Access to Treatment
  172. Rand Paul to debate Jim Gray Halloween night on KET
  173. Rand Paul on The Brian Thomas Morning Show 10/4
  174. Paul denounces socialism, champions capitalism to WKU students
  175. Rand Paul meets with area leaders in Somerset
  176. Rand Paul addresses Central Kentucky business community in Lexington 10/4
  177. Rand Paul interview with HWX 10/3
  178. Blumenthal email to B Clinton about Rand Paul from 2010
  179. Pro-Paul super PAC goes on the attack with $350K ad buy
  180. Rand Paul: Feds blow $700K to find out what REALLY happened on the moon
  181. Dr. Rand Paul Creates Faster Path for Treatments with New FDA Legislation
  182. Rand Paul on WKRC Newsmakers - 10/2
  183. Rand holds hearing on EpiPen increases at University of Kentucky - 10/7/16
  184. Rand ad - Louisville Barnburner
  185. Rand Paul calls Trump's comments 'offensive, unacceptable'
  186. Wikileaks: Dems Feared Rand Paul
  187. 9/11 Victims' Families’ own lawyer - emailed Podesta re Rand Paul!
  188. Rand Paul faces first wave of attack ads in Senate race
  189. RedState: We Should Have Nominated Rand Paul
  190. Sen. Paul Keeps Pledge to Support Trump Despite Controversies
  191. Rand Paul on WYMT Issues & Answers
  192. Rand Paul at KPI's 20th Anniversary Gala
  193. Sen. Paul, back in surgeon's gown, removes cataracts pro bono
  194. Sen. Rand Paul: Government Is 'Drunk on Power'
  195. Poll: Trump Loses Ground In Kentucky, Rand Paul Gains Ground
  196. Rand Paul op-ed: Cure for health-care ills is free market competition
  197. Jim Gray outraises Rand Paul in late summer, but still trails financially
  198. Sen. Rand Paul addresses UK students
  199. Democrat Judge Executive Michael Stephens endorses Dr. Rand Paul for U.S. Senate
  200. Dr. Rand Paul Returns Over $3 Million to U.S. Taxpayers
  201. Two new Rand ads (defending KY coal jobs)
  202. Rand Paul at Lexington Barnburner event 10/16
  203. Rand Paul on The Tom Roten Morning Show 10/26
  204. Rand Paul speaks to Murray State students
  205. Sen. Rand Paul: Obamacare Outlawed Inexpensive Insurance Policies
  206. Lawmakers Push Feds to Clarify Conflicting Rules on Growing and Selling Hemp
  207. Rand Paul and Jim Gray debate on KET / CSPAN - 10/31/16
  208. Paul holds 10 point advantage according to RunSwitch poll
  209. WKU poll shows Rand Paul leading Jim Gray by 16 points
  210. Rand Paul's "wild ass philosophies"
  211. Rand Paul on One to One with Bill Goodman 10/23/16
  212. Rand Paul Introduces Veterans Coalition
  213. Desperate Jim Gray now cursing in TV ads
  214. Rand's Plan (new ad featuring Kelley Paul)
  215. Wikileaks: Hillary Staffers Willing To Target Rand Paul’s Family To Protect Clintons
  216. Meet the Press pretends that Rand does not exist
  217. Rand Paul on The Terry Meiners Show 11/4/16
  218. #STILLRANDING !! Video of Rand KY Campaign office buzzing
  219. Rand Paul makes final push with fly around across Kentucky
  220. Toady is election day - Rand up for another 6 yrs in Senate! [Update: Rand wins!!!]
  221. Sen. Rand Paul Victory Speech (video)
  222. Rand Paul talks about agenda under Trump on Fox
  223. Rand Paul 2024?
  224. Rand Paul should lobby Trump for Jim Webb as Secretary of Defense
  225. Rand Paul Wins, and That's Important ... (Reason)
  226. Rand Paul: We're going to spend the first month of DJT's Pres. Repealing Ocare
  227. "You don't feel any guilt? How can you show up to work??" - EEOC grilled by Rand Paul
  228. Idea For Rand's Presidental Campaign Committee
  229. Rand Paul: Will Donald Trump betray voters by hiring John Bolton?
  230. Rand will not vote for Bolton or Giuliani
  231. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN discusses Secretary of State candidates, Bannon appointment
  232. Rand Paul: I Can’t Support Anybody for Sec. of State Who Didn’t Learn Lesson of Iraq
  233. Sign Rand's petition to "BAN BOLTON"
  234. Rand Paul defends top Trump aide Steve Bannon
  235. Rand Paul on Morning Joe 11/16
  236. Rand Paul on Hardball w/ Chris Matthews 11/16
  237. Rand Paul on Face the Nation w/ John Dickerson 11/20/16
  238. [Video] Rand Paul on The O'Reilly Factor w/ Eric Bolling 11/18
  239. Rand: I’m ‘Comforted’ by Flynn Saying Iraq War Was a Mistake, Iran Deal Misinterpreted
  240. Rand Paul Says He Will Question Trump’s CIA Pick Over Surveillance Powers
  241. Rand Paul wants future SofS to 'understand historical significance of the failure in Iraq'
  242. Rand Paul casts doubt on support of a Petraeus pick
  243. Rand Paul on The Situation Room w/ Wolf Blitzer 11/28/16
  244. Rand op-ed on Trump and Iraq, Sec. of State pick
  245. Justin Amash: Donald Trump should pick Rand Paul for Secretary of State
  246. Rand Paul on Tucker Carlson Tonight 11/29/16
  247. Rand Paul wants Sen. Bob Corker for Secretary of State
  248. Sen. Rand Paul: I Can Hardly Watch CNN Anymore Because It’s So Biased
  249. Article on Rand defending Trump from neocon influence
  250. [Video] Rand Paul on ABC's This Week w/ George Stephanopoulos