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  1. Paul campaign rips ABC over probable exclusion from New Hampshire debate
  2. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News w/ Gretchen Carlson 1/28
  4. [Video] Rand Paul on TheBlaze TV w/ Buck Sexton 1/28
  5. Someone from the campaign needs to make Rand stop saying "military spending"
  6. Search for Rand Paul on Google to help trends and vote in any poll that pops up
  7. Google trends not listing Rand Paul for debate
  8. Internet Blackout: Digg 01/28/16
  9. Poll
  10. VOTE - Post-Debate Polls
  11. To hell with Kruathammer
  12. All of Rand Paul's responses in FOX GOP Debate
  13. [Video] Rand Paul interview w/ Chris Matthews after the debate
  14. Predictions for Feb 1st - IA Caucus
  15. Post Debate Donation!
  16. Rand was tonight's big winner, Ted was big loser (Washington Post Article)
  17. Rand Paul backers in the crowd make their support known (DMR article)
  18. Iowa State daily news article. Rand Paul is best candidate for millenials
  19. How Rand's knowledge intimidates his opponents - ABC news
  20. Rand's Facebook taking Off tonight and its almost 1am
  21. Rand gets 70% positive social sentiment
  22. Fox Debate - Rand's best?
  23. Rand Paul Returns to the Spotlight at GOP Debate
  24. Caucus stump speech - Consistent Conservative
  25. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox & Friends 1/29
  26. TIME: Rand Paul Returns to Spotlight in GOP Debate
  27. Wow, am I still asleep
  28. RAND PAUL "Rightful Heir to Liberty Vote"
  29. WSJ Rand Paul Questions Sacrificing Liberty for "false sense of security"
  30. POLITICO: Rand Hits Rubio on Immigration Reform
  31. David D. DeVoy II Colonel, U.S. Army Endorses RAND PAUL
  32. Washington Times: Rand says Cruz, "Creating False Purity Narrative"
  33. Newser: Rand Thrived in Trumpless Debate
  34. VOX: Rand Paul perfectly summed up why Ted Cruz has no friends
  35. New Republic: "Paul knocked the answer out of the park!"
  36. “Not having Donald Trump sucking up the air is a good idea,” Paul told TheBlaze.
  37. Rand WINS Fox Post Debate Poll
  38. The debate Rand skipped had the lowest ratings of all Rep debates
  39. Anyone going to the Rand/Ron Rally Jan 31 in IA?
  40. Rand's campaign just rolled out a 65 member Iowa Veteran coalition.
  41. Rand Live now on FB!
  42. "Race to the Finish Line" rally in Knoxville, Iowa
  44. Rubio Paid Frank Luntz - Rand Won Debate
  45. FiveThirtyEight: Rand Paul had the best debate
  46. FN Gets Better Ratings without Trump
  47. DONATE!!!!
  48. Video: Rand Paul: The real issue is the debt and big government
  49. Video: CNN: This was the best debate we've had
  50. Rand Paul is Winning, Hitler is Mad
  51. How will Rand do in Iowa?
  52. Chart showing how many chances Rand got to talk during debate.
  53. What on Earth Is #RandGirling?
  54. [VIDEO] Hannity Agrees Unlimited War is a Mistake
  55. Time to pound Iowa college social media
  57. Kelley Paul ABC Interview
  58. Just heard on Cavuto..
  59. Fox News clip: Rand and Rubio winners of debate, both will outperform polls
  60. 'Best Pollster in Politics' releases final Iowa poll tonight at 5:30.
  61. I want to send pizza to the IA HQ
  62. Periscope Video: #RandRally with @repthomasmassie!
  63. Shots Fired! Rand just called out Ted on voter shaming on Twitter! This could be impactful
  64. Thomas Massie's Full Speech on Rand Paul | Iowa #RandRally
  65. VIP supporter option?
  66. Rand's last hope in Iowa
  67. Jeb meets Rand during debate break...
  68. Don't let the DMR poll bother you at all. Here is something that we learned today...
  69. [VIDEO] Rand Paul Rally in Iowa 1/30/2016
  70. Donate to continued Rand photography efforts
  71. Just found this chart comparing the candidates tax plans?
  72. [Video] Rand Paul on Meet the Press roundtable 1/31
  73. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox & Friends 1/31
  74. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN New Day 1/31
  75. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News w/ Maria Bartiromo 1/31
  76. Weather for Tomorrow
  77. I just saw Beck..
  78. Promoting tonight's rally on social media
  79. Rand is live in Dubuque
  80. Which States do you think that Rand could realistically win?
  81. Cruz fumble gives us huge window of opportunity. Phone from Home!!!!
  82. Franklin Pierce-Herald NH Poll: Rand tied for 6th with Christie and Fiorina at 5%
  83. Trump verses Paul
  84. The R3volution Continues. Live stream of Rand and Ron at Iowa rally tonight.
  85. He has arrived! #itshappening
  86. Rand Paul touts Iowa support: We’re going to surprise people on Monday.
  87. Hard to believe all our hard work...
  88. Praise and Pivot
  89. OpinionSavvy Iowa poll 1/29-1/30 - Rand 8.6%
  90. Rand Paul super PACs raise $4.6 million
  91. [Video] Rand interview w/ Megyn Kelly at University of Iowa rally
  92. Rand raises $2.1M 4Q15
  93. Which Tactic Will They Use After Iowa?
  94. morning poll Rand is Just behind Dump ah errr Trump
  95. DMR: Ron Paul Spreads Message of Liberty for Son Rand
  96. Rand Paul's Iowa Chances
  97. 2016 Iowa Caucus Thread
  98. Election Results
  99. [Video] Rand Paul interview w/ Cavuto in Iowa
  100. Senator Grassley visits Rand's campaign hdqtrs. this morning
  101. Last poll before Iowa Caucus may prove what Senator Paul has been saying - Article
  102. Video from earlier: Ron and Rand speaking at Rand's Iowa HQ
  103. Cruz's hand in pocket, and Marco's "New American Century"
  104. Post a pick of you in your Rand gear
  105. Video: Rand Paul: Trump is the worst choice
  106. Most emotional I have ever seen Rand during a speech at his headquarters.. Got me shaken up
  107. Video: Rand on Morning Joe 02/01/16
  108. Keep calling!!!
  109. Social Media Marketing GOTV
  110. Audit The Fed
  111. CSPAN3 - Ron Speaking now, Rand Next
  112. Randout 2.0 Spread the Message
  113. Blanket Facebook With #StandWithRand
  114. Nate Silver: polls not accurate for primaries and caucuses
  115. Rand Paul just got a big last minute endorsement from a very influential Iowa Republican
  116. Rand's crowds bigger, Trump's crowds smaller last day of campaign - Trump empty chairs
  117. Rand Paul on The Glenn Beck Radio Program 2/1
  118. It's ok guys
  119. Liberty Support Thread
  120. Rand Paul is an f'ing HERO
  121. Why Rand Paul supporters should take heart tonight
  122. Rand will end up with 5%, but the Iowa Caucus winner has a poor record picking the nominee
  123. Rand will continue on to NH.. Keep fighting. At the same time we need solutions for the future
  124. Fox News Political Reporter - Rand's 5th place showing could propel him in NH
  125. I want to write a letter to Rand...
  126. The Hidden Gem From Iowa Night
  127. Video: Senator Paul Iowa Caucus Night
  128. The best things on a bad night.
  129. Rand did worse in counties where Trump did best
  130. Rand should make more direct appeals to Christians
  131. After 8 years, will we stop the lies about polls
  132. Will Rand continue to be afraid of Rubio?
  133. Post-Caucus Check
  134. ABC News republican debate criteria
  135. From Reports on the ground, looks like most of Rand's supporters stayed after the initial vote
  136. Even if Rand DID get his 37k votes, it would have only been 4th place.
  137. Rand Paul super pac speaks out on Iowa caucus and moving on to NH
  138. #StandWithRand publicity stunt idea
  139. Debt
  140. "liberty movement beat four governors from the establishment.”
  141. The aftermath...what now?
  142. We MUST Understand THIS to Do Better in Other States / Races
  143. Anti-Bernie Video To Help Rand!
  144. Mini AMA from an Iowa Volunteer
  145. female draft registration issue could save Rand
  146. Not 1 word about Rand on the major news stations
  147. If you don't believe in becoming a delegate for Rand, you don't know what your talking about
  148. Bullied in the debates?
  149. Rand suspends campaign
  150. POLITICO: Rand Drops Out of POTUS Race
  151. Not a word from Chip Englander Twitter
  152. Ron, Rand, Ted
  153. A Republic...If You Can Keep It
  154. Flame of Liberty
  155. Why would you vote in a poll that Cruz supporters can flood and use as propaganda
  156. Rand Paul ran for president and realized he's a Senator
  157. Upset. Disappointed. Hurt. Ashamed.
  158. Rand Paul, Badass
  159. Unbelievable! Fox News has no shame.
  160. Planning for Rand Paul 2020
  161. It has been an Honor!! Let's continue forward in this worthy fight.
  162. The 2016 election is not over for Rand supporters - if you want to win you have to dig in
  163. If Cruz has the decency to select Rand as running mate...
  164. Rand Paul Will Not Endorse Another Candidate in Primaries, His Staff Says
  165. Rand Paul Won Among Kentucky Presidential Donors
  166. Thank you, Rand supporters
  167. Liberty Will Outlast
  168. Two Cheers (& More!) for Rand Paul!
  169. Kentucky Democrat Jim Gray says the state needs a more devoted Senator!
  170. A Pipe Dream
  171. New Thursday Poll (PPP) shows Trump imploding...Rand decision premature?
  172. My hope for Rand and the Liberty movement in 2020
  173. @CPAC Make @RandPaul your primetime/headline speaker
  174. Buzzfeed hit piece on Rand staff: "Why Rand Paul Lost"
  175. Politico article on the end of Rand Paul campaign
  176. Rand Paul's opponent will spend MILLIONS to smear him all over Kentucky
  177. The Atlantic: Why Rand Paul's Future Prospects Are Bright - Connor Friedersdorf
  178. PHOTOS: Rand Paul in Iowa and New Hampshire (pre-caucus)
  179. What I Learned from 16 months Running Rand Paul Digital
  180. With Rand Paul gone, which candidate will ask the tough questions?
  181. John Kasich picks up a Rand Paul adviser
  182. Paul aide tells libertarian GOPers to avoid Rubio
  183. Campaign Diaries: Inside One of the Final Days of the Rand Paul Campaign
  184. Rand interview with local TV station after dropping out
  185. Ron Paul on 'Kennedy' to talk about Rand (2/4/16)
  186. Still on ballots?
  187. In prep for 2020, we need to start banking money for Rand
  188. Rand Paul showed up to Dem town hall
  189. The real reason Rand lost Iowa (the power of the news cycle)
  190. Rand ties Bush, Kasich in national poll...after dropping out.
  191. Libertarianism and Conservatism Antithetical?
  192. Rand campaign suspension: What if there were other motives?
  193. Odd Things on Website
  194. Did Rand beat any of this candidates given the ABC criteria?
  195. Does Rand need to change for the next go around (2020) or was this just not his time?
  196. It appears that 50% of the people on this forum were Cruz supporters....
  197. The Pauls didn't win the White House but let's not forget what they left us
  198. WAPO: 7 things learned covering Rand Paul’s campaign and movement
  199. Video: Interesting Perspective
  200. Neocons cheering that Rand support will go to Cruz
  201. One of Rand's Iowa outreach volunteers is in dire need of help
  202. Rand pulled out too early
  203. NH polls open 7AM - What will Rand get ?
  204. Cruz makes up endorsement from Rand Paul backing NH legislator
  205. Enought with the past. Onto Rand's legislation.
  206. I just voted for Rand in NH
  207. New Hampshire - Rand election Results
  208. Rand Paul Campaign Manager Signs Up With Marco Rubio
  209. CBS announces debate criteria - top FIVE NH finishers qualify
  210. Silver linings search; Will this cluster weaken the presidency?
  211. Rand Paul: Lawmakers Must Take Back Their Power
  212. Matt Kibbe does positive postmortum on Rand's candidacy:
  213. can rand un suspend his campaign? or would he want to??
  214. Rand Paul's "Read The Bills Act" at the top of reddit
  215. U.S. Sen. Rand Paul plans town hall meetings across Kentucky
  216. Rand signs
  217. THIS is the Rand I wanted to see in the 2016 campaign and debates
  218. Rand FB (regarding SCOTUS): I Plan to Lead
  219. Rand Paul only sane person in Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Faux News piece
  220. Rand Paul on APPLE / FBI and Encryption
  221. Kentucky US Senate race ‘an uphill battle’ for Democrat Jim Gray
  222. Rand KY Presidential GOP delegates ?
  223. Sen. Rand Paul presents latest edition of 'THE WASTE REPORT'
  224. Sen. Rand Paul Questions Sec. John Kerry at SFRC Hearing on State Department Budget [02/23/16]
  225. Rand Paul getting delegates in the Nevada Caucus
  226. Rand Paul on The Leland Conway Show 2/24
  227. Rand Paul is still on the ballot as well as all candidates despite announcing dropping out
  228. I voted for Rand Paul on the Florida Absentee ballot
  229. Proudly Voted for Rand
  230. Rand Paul's grassroots slogan for 2016
  231. Rand Paul pledges to 'un-suspend' campaign if NH paper endorses him
  232. Will Rand be at today's Apple/FBI hearing?
  234. Paul to force Senate vote against Pakistan arms sale
  235. How should Rand react to a Strong Kentucky win by Trump?
  236. Rand on the ballot tomorrow in Ky
  237. Senate kills Rand's attempts to stop F-16 sales to Pakistan
  238. Sen. Rand Paul Still Not Going to Endorse Anyone
  239. Take a Sanity Break! Rand Paul speaking to Veterans, live on Periscope
  240. Rand Paul introduces PRIME Act to support local meat processing
  241. Rand mocks Hillary's $90k "playlist"; offers suggestions....
  242. Sen. Rand Paul holds town hall at Valley High School
  243. Rand 2020 T-Shirts
  244. RNC Rule Change Would Give Rand Convention Speech and Nomination Chance
  245. Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) and Rand Paul - Partisanship?
  246. Sen. Rand Paul visits sold-out Curris Center
  247. Rand's "Tournament of Government Waste"
  248. Getting emails from the Ted Cruz campaign (edit)
  249. Dan Fitzpatrick: Boy Am I Excited About This Rand Paul!
  250. Rand Paul Takes Aim at DC Streetcar