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  1. Video: Let Rand Paul Debate (Info Wars)
  2. RNC's SEAN SPICER: "You either make it or you don't"
  3. New short video from campaign in regards to media blackout (Like father like son?)
  4. Rand Outflanks GOP Debate
  5. Beck Hitting Paul for Ted
  6. Strategy for tonight
  7. Dozens of Rand supporters at the debate chanting his name!!!!!
  8. Ditch Friday is here!....Ditch the Debate....but...
  9. Rand Paul Super Pac - $3 Million Haul
  10. Will Rand Paul win the Kentucky Caucus?
  11. Exclusive Message From The Rand Paul Campaign on Tonight's Debate
  12. Rand Paul Townhall Livestream, 9PM EST
  13. PHOTOS: Rand in Council Bluffs, Sioux City, Boone, DSM, Oskaloosa, Ottumwa, Marion, Davenport
  14. Share Rand Paul's Townhall Livestream & #RandRally #standwithRand get Rand trending
  15. #RandRally is trending. Blow it up!
  16. Retweet everything from Rand's twitter and keep #RandRally trending!
  17. Good news keeps rolling in.. Rand announces 100 NH pro-second amendment coalition
  18. Rand Paul rolls out 100-member NH pro-Second Amendment coalition-This is BIG*
  19. Post/Upvote Comments on TheBlaze
  20. Undercard debate ratings
  21. Activism Livestream: Post (non) debate
  22. Awesome Time Article on the #RandRally
  23. Watching the Real Debate at the Faux Debate – #RandRally trending
  24. ABC News: How Rand Paul Spent the Night of the Debate He Boycotted
  25. Talk Radio Today
  26. [Robby Soave]:A Rand-less GOP is a terrifyingly authoritarian spectacle.
  27. Uh, oh! Ratings last night will likely be the lowest so far.. From politico..BLOWBACK
  28. Rand Paul on Hardball with Chris Matthews [1/14/16]
  29. So...what's the criteria for the Jan 28 debate?
  30. Without Rand, Chris Christie’s topple assad.. unchallenged
  31. Rand Paul on Liberty & Limited Government
  32. On Hannity radio just now
  33. Rand Paul: The Most Interesting Man in Politics
  34. Time Magazine: What Rand Paul Was Doing During the Republican Debate
  35. Rand Paul’s #RandRally: The only candidate for young Republicans?
  36. Update: Rand Paul reddit AMA set for Thursday @ 7:30 pm ET!
  37. Rand's Hollis, NH Townhall Today will be live on Twitter and Facebook
  38. FYI Rand is on Periscope right now.
  39. Now is the time..
  40. *VID* Rand spends 1 hour with Union Leader (very interesting stats during town hall)
  41. Don DeBar: GOP pushing Rand Paul out of presidential race
  42. Tom Davis started "we want Rand" chant
  43. Gas Money
  44. Rand Paul Hannity radio 1/15
  45. Paul says he will now prioritize stopping Trump?
  46. Political analyst on Fox on Iowa (Editor for Red Alert Politics): Watch out for Rand Paul!!!
  47. GREAT article.. Upset prediction: Rand's Millennial Iowa strategy could actually work!
  48. Rand is Live on Facebook now
  49. Rand Paul: Iran prisoner release may lead to ‘thawing of relations’
  50. Rand's CAV Super PAC identified 37k+ supporters in IA, could lose it all~
  51. Washington Examiner: Rand Paul dominates social media during GOP debate
  52. Who would Rand Paul pick for Vice President?
  53. I need to make this into a t-shirt.
  54. Big week for Rand upcoming on social media! He's been holding back!
  55. Rand's stance on open borders
  56. After prisoner swap in Iran, I am Seeing Great Comments For Rand Paul.
  57. Rand's Policy on Social Security and Medicare
  58. Awesome Rand Promotional Video From CAV Super PAC!
  59. Rand Paul Republican Debate Exclusion: Recent Polls Suggest Differently, ..
  60. Polls
  61. Democratic Debate Thread and Rand Paul's Commentary
  62. New Iowa poll, Vote Vote Vote!
  63. Cato: Rand is the least interventionist candidate in the race
  64. URGENT Campaign Message - March to a Million Iowa Calls! - This is How we Win!
  65. Very good video to spread at this time
  66. [Video] Rand Paul on Morning Joe 1/18
  67. All of Rand Paul's Democrat Debate Tweets...
  68. Rand in IA - Visits Places Where No One Bothered To Go
  69. How does Rand Plan To Keep The GOP From Cheating Him In Iowa and New H?
  70. Online Poll: Which Candidate's Plans for the U.S. Make The Most Sense?
  71. New Rand video: Audit the Ted
  72. Paul calls for criminal justice reform at Drake shop
  73. Building where the Bill of Rights was conceived partially destroyed by a Developer
  74. Livestream meeting with Des Moines Register starting soon (5pm EST)
  75. I Endorsed Rand Paul!
  76. FYI - Rand is live now
  77. New Georgia, Florida polls 1/17-1/18, Rand @ 3%, 4%
  78. Could College Kids Be Rand Paul’s Saving Grace In Iowa? (Great Article)
  79. Next Debate Rand, Should Directly Attack All The War Mongers Pushing For More Useless Wars.
  80. Rand Paul to rally at Iowa State on caucus day, February 1
  81. Another article on Rand's Iowa youth support (Kinda condescending but still interesting!)
  82. Rand at 5% in new American Research Group Poll in New Hampshire
  83. Rand left out of this Maryland poll
  84. Rand Paul talks to DesMoines Register Editorial Board: Why they should endorse him
  85. campaign idea waste report? #Americanlivesmatter
  86. Rand Paul campaign has 2,000 pledges from Iowa State University.. Look at how huge this is!
  88. Palin praises Rand when making Trump endorsement (VIDEO)
  89. I'm sure Rand Paul will win Colorado Primary
  90. Paul: Defeat the Washington machine - OPED@desmoinesregister
  91. Expect tomorrow and Thursday to be a big day for polls
  92. Free Hotel Rooms From CAV For Rand's Campaign Volunteers Going To Iowa From Jan 25th - Feb 2nd
  93. There will be several caucus sites this year... ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES! HUGE DEVELOPMENT!
  94. Insight - why Sarah praised Rand
  95. Vote for Rand in this Presidential Poll...
  96. Rand responds to Palin
  97. Rand Paul: Electing Gollum should not be our objective
  98. Rand joins Tom Brown Show (live stream radio) at 12:40 pm ET
  99. 'All other Candidates are Liberal on Military Spending' Rand Paul
  100. Who is the PAC, is it a pro Rand pack that made this anti-Trump video ?
  101. CAV PAC/Vote For Rand Ad Frenzy
  102. Stock Market Crash, Rand predicted it in early 2015
  103. Bob Dole (Bush backer) prefers Trump over Cruz
  104. Help University of Wyoming Students for Rand get to Iowa
  105. Rand Paul's decision to skip the undercard debate turned out to be a brilliant move
  106. CNN/WMUR NH Poll - Paul at 6%
  107. Rand Paul on CNN "We DON'T Want A Strong Leader!"
  108. New CNN poll New Hampshire Rand magically goes from 2% to 6%
  109. For those who say Rand can:Time Magazine why the polls are wrong this far out from Iowa Caucus
  110. Will Rand surprise in Iowa? Keep an eye on Rand Paul
  111. The Most Interesting Man in Politics
  112. Has anyone seen that Rand interview on Dr. Oz yet?
  113. Black This Out Phone Bomb this weekend?
  114. Thomas Massie will be in Iowa February 1st to #StandWithRand
  115. Rand Paul on Sarah Palin's Endorsement of Donald Trump | Fox News Radio Audio
  116. [Video] Rand Paul on Hardball 1/20
  117. Brrr.... They are predicting Snow for Caucus Day in Iowa! (Obviously may change!)
  118. #RandForFlint - Let's show Flint that charity works, not government decree
  119. POLL-Who are you caucusing for in Iowa? (WHO Radio)
  120. Rand Paul call from home troubleshooting
  121. Next Iowa Poll
  122. Here’s Why Having 1,000 Precinct Captains In Iowa Is A Big Deal
  123. Rand receives Key Endorsement from Iowa Faith leader
  124. [Video] Rand Paul on PBS Newshour w/ Gwen Ifill 1/21
  125. "Drudge Super Poll" 1/21
  126. Rand Paul on Wolf Blitzer 1/21
  127. Fox News Clips Rand Off NH CNN Poll (6%) - Kasich Listed Twice Instead
  128. Are you expecting a HUGE Rand scandal prior to Iowa?
  129. Speaking for Rand Paul........Rush Limbaugh??? [mod note: misread FB post by Tom Davis]
  130. Ron Paul joins Rand in Iowa
  131. Fox News releases criteria for next debate
  132. My personal prediction for Rand in Iowa... do you have a prediction??
  133. Rand Paul: FLAME, new Super PAC ad
  135. fp.com asks does Trump look like Gollum? Points out Seagel Duality
  136. Rand Paul Fox "news" Blackout - ZERO mentions last two days, can't let the bastards win!
  138. Rand Paul should call for Boots On The Ground
  139. Thunderclap: We Support Rand Paul for President
  140. Rand Paul on Ingraham radio show [Audio - 1/21/16]
  141. Rand in NH this Weekend 1/22 - 1/24
  142. This is how screwed up polling is
  143. Rand on Fox Business Tonight!
  144. FOX is going to get a piece of my mind... and then some!
  145. #FITN Presidential Town Hall event airing on C-SPAN (Rand is confirmed)
  146. [Video] Rand Paul Meet & Greet in Manchester, NH - aired on C-SPAN
  147. Introducing the Rand Paul Liberty Corvette!!
  148. Rand on "US to use 'boots on the ground' to fight ISIS: defense chief" ?
  149. Rand Paul wins Iowa, angers Hitler!
  150. Video: Candidate Cafe special: Rand Paul
  151. How to Caucus for Rand Paul in Iowa
  152. Bait and Switch: Trump you have to be establishment to get things done in D.C.
  153. Rand only candidate to respond to survey on limits of presidents' powers
  154. Rand Paul and Kentucky Republican Party March 5th 2016 Caucus Rules
  155. The CNN poll that had Rand at 2 percent... The methodology was based on 320k caucusing...
  156. Paul introduces bill to give unborn children constitutional rights
  157. Remember Gong Show Unknown Comic? What if Rand
  158. If Trump was not in the race Rand would be 1st in the polls!
  159. Rand ...Come and Take It
  160. Democrats plot to take Paul's Senate seat
  161. [Vid] New Rand Paul facebook Ad / CAV ad!
  162. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN New Day 1/24
  163. New FOX Polls today IA/NH, Rand is UP
  164. Q4 Fundraising
  165. New CBS Iowa Poll being released in a few minutes Showed Rand in 5th again!
  166. Rand gets 27% of the 18-29 category in SC
  167. Video: Sen. Rand Paul's Great Week in NH | Campaign Update
  168. MSM Blackout Continues
  169. Please help me win Iowa for Rand
  170. Rand Paul set to stage a MASSIVE upset in Iowa... (RedState Article)
  171. This is guaranteed to get you pumped to make calls
  172. I just heard 3 times on Fox say that the New Fox News poll was also based on a Large Turnout..
  173. [Video] Rand Paul on FBN Mornings with Maria 1/25
  174. [Video] Rand Paul on Morning Joe 1/25
  175. I keep hearing about the Iowa "ground game", but
  176. Rand Paul was leading the Texas Delegation to elect Reagan with his dad, meanwhile TED? Video
  177. Rand to join Sanders on twitter tonight
  178. Found part of Rand's interview with Dr. Oz
  179. Rand Paul on The Nightly Show w/ Larry Wilmore - 11:30 pm ET
  180. CNN Poll of Polls - Jan 2016 - Rand 5th in Iowa
  181. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity 1/25
  182. New ARG Poll just out Rand beating Bush by 1%
  183. A Message From Thomas Massie
  184. A Message from Kelley Paul
  185. "Rand Paul" Rising Rapidly in Google Search
  186. [Video] Rand Paul on All In w/ Chris Hayes 1/25
  187. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News Happening Now 1/25
  188. Just saw noticed a chart on Hardball w/Chris Mathews
  189. Rand Paul Media Blackout: Hardball w/Chris Mathews 01/25/16
  190. FYI: Rand's favorite movie just started
  191. Barry Goldwater Jr. just endorsed Rand!
  192. IOWA STATE/WHO-HD Poll 1-25
  193. Rand endorsed by Charles Key
  194. With Quinnipiac Poll coming out at 6am tomorrow - I'm going to call it for Rand he is in
  195. Paul beats Bush 5 to 4 in Iowa 1/18-1/24 Quinnipiac Poll
  196. Latest CNN Poll does't even give results for Rand, Kasich, Fiorina, etc
  197. Rand Is About To Shock Everyone In Iowa!
  198. Lexington Mayor Jim Gray running against U.S. Sen. Rand Paul
  199. Rand Paul Applauds Obama’s Solitary Confinement Changes
  200. Hey folks, time to start using..
  201. Keep your Eyes on the prize everyone, Kentucky Senate challenge is a non starter Rand will WIN
  202. Please vote in this poll for Rand, he has it on his facebook
  203. Rand's Democrat challenger already attacking on foreign policy
  204. Politico: Rand Paul poised to make the cut for main debate stage
  205. Should Rand say in the next debate that he has the 3rd highest chance of winning IA?
  206. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News w/ Marth MacCallum 1/26
  207. Rand Paul: Trump is an ‘orange-faced windbag’
  208. How well will Rand do in Thursday's debate?
  209. Make sure to google during the debate, here's what and why..
  210. Iowa Calls Reach 800k Mark
  211. Rand's In The Main Debate!
  212. Rand Paul: Trump is an ‘orange-faced windbag’
  213. RNC Facebook post: Trump or Paul
  214. Rand Paul will have more time in the debate, Trump out
  215. Check out reaction at Rand headquarters when Rand makes debate
  216. Rand is about to shock everyone!
  217. Something to Hand Out at the Iowa Caucus or the Next Debate or Whenever Floats Your Boat
  218. Does Rand ever say "stand with me"?
  219. RNC debate Political theatre
  220. Gage, our photographer
  221. Ron had some of the best ads leading up to Iowa, where are Rand's...?
  222. Rand's Republican primary challengers
  223. Rand Paul on The Lead w/ Jake Tapper - CNN 4 pm ET
  224. Rand's NH Campaign Office Break In
  225. Introducing the Rand Paul Liberty Corvette!
  226. Can anyone get a message to the campaign?
  227. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News Happening Now 1/27
  228. [Video] Rand Paul, Reagan Republican
  229. Vote for what you want Rand to talk about during the debate
  230. This Rand Paul super PAC is making waves before the Iowa caucus (GREAT ARTICLE!) CAV
  231. [Video] Rand on After the Bell FBN
  232. North Dakota: 8 district caucuses have been held already, remaining caucuses on Feb!
  233. Let's vote that we are watching the debate ..actually watching Rand
  234. What Rand Paul should say at the debates concerning Donald Trump
  235. Rand Paul on The Laura Ingraham Show 1/27
  236. Rand Paul's 'March for a Million' calls Campaign Reaches Milestone (Great Article!)
  237. Rand Paul on The Alan Colmes Show 1/27
  238. Rand Paul on The Mark Levin Show 1/27
  239. [Video] Rand Paul on The Kelly File 1/27
  240. Apparently Drake University had a mock caucus today, and the favorite (by reporting) is....
  241. Letter From a Veteran
  242. Liberty Pints, Free Pizza and Ride Shares: Inside the 4-Way Race for Iowa’s College Vote
  243. Something Rand should have done
  244. Students Stand for Rand (Great Huffington Post article)
  245. Rubio IA surge - now we know the ABC/RNC debate rules were created to exclude Rand
  246. Here we go. MSM already downplaying Iowa results
  247. [Video] Sergio Gor on Fox News 1/27
  248. [Video] Rand Paul speech at Drake University and takes questions from C-SPAN callers - 1/28
  249. January 28th Republican debate on Fox News - Official Thread
  250. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN New Day 1/28