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  1. PHOTOS: Rand Paul at Pre-Debate Rally in Las Vegas, Nevada
  2. Rand Paul finds millennial support on social media in GOP debate (67% positive comment)
  3. Video: Will 'substantive' GOP debate move the meter for Rand Paul?
  4. After interest rate announcement, Rand Paul compares Federal Reserve to Soviet Politburo
  5. About to be on Mark Levin's show
  6. [John Kass] Rand Paul wins again, but political arithmetic not on his side
  7. Where are all the post-debate interviews, or Rand roundtables?
  8. Rand Paul’s One Path to Victory [A Great Read and a Rally Cry]
  9. Operation AM Storm [Its Time to Storm AM Talk Radio for Rand]
  10. Is it legal for a campaign to use affiliate marketing to raise funds for campaign?
  11. The Principled Realism of Rand Paul
  12. Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy Is The Most Conservative
  13. All of Fox Nation's polls - aggregated
  14. Rand Infographics
  15. Couric panelists deconstruct of GOP debate
  16. Paul in 5th at 6% in Iowa Pre-Debate Poll
  17. Rand Paul Super Brochures!
  19. I have to Say, The Rest of the GOP field Are Beyond Chilling, With the Expections of Paul.
  20. A Peek Into Paul's NH Campaign
  21. #Rand vs #Trump
  22. POLITIFACT: Geneva Conventions bar Trump's idea of killing terrorists' families, as Paul says
  23. Rand Paul: Stop Paul Ryan’s Omnibus Spending Bill
  24. New post-debate poll from Morning Consult
  25. Anyone who doubts Cruz's effect on Rand's support, see this poll
  26. Reality Check: GOP Candidates Wrong on Origin of ISIS in Latest Debate (except Rand)
  27. Rand Paul: Cruz’s immigration explanations ‘make you wonder’ if he can be trusted
  28. Rand on Rubio not appearing to vote
  29. Post debate polls- Rasmussen and PPP
  30. New Hampshire Poll - Rep Primary - Dec 13-17 - Boston Herald.
  31. I'm About to be on Hannity (Mark Simone filling in)
  32. [Video] Rand Paul on State of the Union w/ Jake Tapper 12/20/15
  33. my dream last night, and rand paul needs a breakout moment.
  34. Flawlessly planned - AUDIT THE FED vote two weeks before IA caucus
  35. Just saw this pic today on Imgur
  36. Fox News post Debate National poll
  37. Trevor Lyman is back - with a MoneyBomb for Rand Paul!
  39. Rand: Where in the world is Marco Rubio?
  40. Rand Paul Meme (Share Far and Wide)
  41. Trump's lacking organization in Iowa!
  42. Rand Paul on ecigs? We need to tap this large group!
  43. SC Rep Primary - Augusta Chronicle Poll - Dec 16 - Rand @3
  44. 2016 GOP Primary Schedule
  45. Rand @3.6% in Reuters 5 day Rolling poll
  46. Ted Cruz Malfunctions on Live TV
  47. @tedcruz fav movie
  48. Attendance record for each candidate
  49. NEW Rand Paul Ad: Where does Ted Cruz stand?
  50. Rand's Doing Better: CBS/YouGov 3 Polls Released Today
  51. How does one contact the Rand campaign to give them a commercial idea?
  52. ‘NOBODY READ IT’: Paul rips Congress over $1.1T spending bill
  53. Rand Paul Launches New Attack Against Ted Cruz [Mostly positive responses on The Blaze]
  54. Ben Garrison Comic: Rand as "Constitution Man" and more GOP superheroes
  55. [Video] Rand Paul on The Kelly File 12/21/15
  56. Paul pushes new bill to thwart Obama action on gun control
  57. Rand Paul ad: 'Where in the world is Marco Rubio?' (POLITICO)
  58. Can we get an anti Trump - Cruz - Rubio Superbrochure already?
  59. Rand Paul Files Papers for Texas Primary
  60. A no Fly zone means a no fly zone .. wolf wolf .. wolf ..
  61. Merry Christmas from the Paul Family
  62. Rand Paul Defends All Rights | AD Contest Winner
  63. Rand Paul: Washington Will Spend Us Into Oblivion. It’s Time for a Balanced Budget.
  64. Should Rand live in Iowa for the next two months?
  65. Blessed are the Peacemakers
  66. Debate eligibility rules released top 6 national only
  67. Time to take The Pledge
  68. CNN/ORC: Rand 6th Bush 7th nationally
  69. Rand Dishes it Out on Twitter for Festivus
  70. Rand Paul Says He Won’t Participate In Undercard Debate
  71. Rand should pull NH resources and move them SC
  72. HHS Responds to Rand Paul: They will launch fetal tissue investigation
  73. Rand Paul on Hannity Discusses Immigration and Omnibus Bill 12-23-15
  74. Should Rand Threaten to Debate Bernie Sanders Jan 14 On Rival Network if Not In Main Debate?
  75. Can Rand win GOP base without fiercely attacking Obama?
  76. Among Senators running for President, Paul has best 2015 attendance, voting 94% of the time
  77. BB comments echochamber who all hate Rand, or artificial astroturf?
  78. Does Rand read these forums?
  79. Rand should argue if he hasn't already that banning drugs is anti-capitalist
  80. 2016 Republican Primary in a Nutshell
  81. #MerryChristmas and Happy Holidays from @Team_Rand
  82. Politifact: Virtually every Republican in the debate except Rand
  83. End of Quarter Moneybomb
  84. Trump 42%, Paul trailing at 31% in new 1000 person independent poll
  85. NPR piece on Rand
  86. Interesting article that backs the claim of Rand having incredible ground game in Iowa
  87. Raised Around Cry For Smaller Government, Rand Paul Carries The Torch
  88. Paul 5th in Latest YouGov National Poll
  89. Rand is Pat Buchanan's "Most Original Thinker of the Year"
  90. Are Rand's Poll Numbers Being Artificially Suppressed?
  91. gretawire poll.............rand is 3rd.
  92. Fool me once? Messaging/ad Idea?
  93. Between Dec 20 and Dec 26, Rand Paul rose significantly among those aged 50-65
  94. Rand is in Second here
  95. Rand Paul ‘Appalled’ The NSA Spied On Members Of Congress
  96. Top Philly donor moves on from Anthony Williams...to Rand Paul
  97. Chip Englander Just Retweeted This
  98. Tweet @randpaul wins! #Foxnews 2016
  99. BEST Rand Paul Tweet Ever!!!
  100. Rand for President Stop eminent domain abuse signs going up all over Iowa
  101. Everyone Except Rand Mideast policy is Obama 2.0 Newsmax
  102. Students for Rand need our help!
  103. [Video] Rand Paul on Meet the Press w/ Chuck Todd 1/3/16
  104. Rand Paul-backing super PAC reserves $500,000 in Iowa ads
  105. ★✩★ Students For Rand MONEYBOMB ★✩★
  106. Video: Rand destroys Stephanie Cutter and Bob Menendez on war in Syria and chemical weapons
  107. RAND PAUL: Here's why we should audit the Fed ..
  108. [Video] Rand Paul on The Late Show w/ Stephen Colbert 1/6/16
  109. Students for Rand: The Iowa 10,000
  110. Hillary Clinton's Campaign Has Been a Circus Act
  111. Rand interview with Union Leader Correspondent
  112. Paul surges past Bush in new California Poll
  113. Rand Paul streaming Live on FB at the NH Primary student convention!
  114. Rand Paul on Obama's Illegal Gun Control Proposal | Laura Ingraham
  115. Ed Crane "Rand is doing much better now with a more libertarian pitch
  116. Rand Paul on Social Security " “I don’t know anything other than to tell the truth”
  117. Rand Paul with John Stossel on Liberty vs Security
  118. Rand Paul discusses the Federal Reserve, competing currencies, and gold & silver
  119. Rand going viral on FB again - 16,000 new IRS agents to enforce Obamacare
  120. Video: Rand Paul on 9/11, Saudi Arabia and Terrorism | New Hampshire
  121. Suspicious Exeter, NH, Town Hall questioners
  122. [Video] Rand and Kelley Paul on Morning Joe 1/6
  123. Rand's busy Tuesday. Big NYC Media Day 1-06-16
  124. [Video] Rand and Kelley Paul on The View 1/6
  125. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN's New Day 1/6
  126. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News Happening Now 1/6
  127. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox Business After the Bell 1/6
  128. Rand Paul: "90% of the people that supported my dad, support me"
  129. FOX with Bret Baier teased that Rand not on the Illinois ballot? [edit: not true]
  130. Rand Paul on Fox Business w/ Kennedy - 8 pm ET
  131. Kelley Paul: Must see interview, Ted Cruz Is 'Two-Faced'
  132. Rand: without question Cruz qualified…to be PM of Canada
  133. Happy Birthday Rand Paul Moneybomb Ticker up! Goal=53K for 53 years!
  134. New Rand Paul video knocks Trump over 'schlonged'
  135. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN w/ Don Lemon 1/6
  136. Rand Paul on Hannity radio 1/6
  137. Rand, "Senator Cruz Brags About Expanding Surveillance of Innocent Americans"
  138. And so it begins...More insight into the ground game.. Now the eminent domain signs make sense
  139. Lexington Mayor Jim Gray considering a challenge to U.S. Sen. Rand Paul
  140. Paul campaign announces more than 1000 Precinct Captains on Rand's birthday!
  141. Another big announcement...Rand hits 500 endorsements in NH today!
  142. [Video] Rand Paul on Face the Nation w/ John Dickerson 1/10/16
  143. Where Are The Damn Polls!!
  144. Rand Paul: My Dad’s Supporters in Iowa Won’t Go for Ted Cruz
  145. New Fox News Iowa Poll: Rand at 5%
  146. As of 1/9/16, we don't make the cut.
  147. Students for Rand West Regional Coordinator insinuating Ron may campaign for Rand..
  148. New Rand Paul ad on the federal reserve
  149. IA, NH, The Final Push! - Campaign Calls For Volunteers
  150. New Hampshire Poll from NH1/Reach on January 7 (GOP Pollster)
  151. We need phone bankers for Iowa!!! You can literally help Rand Paul win Iowa!!! Sign ups here!
  152. The Media Manipulate Polling to Discourage Campaigns
  153. New Iowa Poll from NBC... Rand is 5th with 5 percent :)
  154. NBC polls today 1/10
  155. Rand will make the debate
  156. Rand Paul TIME op-ed: The Fed Is Crippling America
  157. Just posted on Fox Business Facebook
  158. Rand Paul speech at the FreedomWorks Iowa Rising Tides Summit
  159. Rand Paul on Obama, gun laws, background checks
  160. FINALLY got a political poll phone call
  161. Rand Paul issues a statement regarding the debate.
  162. Rand Paul FOX Business video: Need to shed more light on what the Fed does
  163. What's this "No Labels" Thing?
  164. Rand Paul: "Extraordinary" to have PREZ born outside US
  165. New ARG NH poll
  166. Monmouth University NH poll: Rand (4%) beats Carson (3%)
  167. Final Debate Poll Results Coming In
  168. Rand on Cruz eligibility- never mind the Presidency Cruz ineligible for the Senate
  169. Demand Rand on FBN Facebook
  170. Iowans, time to send editorials to your local newspapers
  171. [Video] Rand Paul on The Situation Room w/ Wolf Blitzer 1/11/16
  172. Stand United online petition in support of Rand making the debate
  173. Due to Rand not making the main debate, I have to show some monetary support to....
  174. Breaking: Fox Business invites 7 Republicans to debate; Paul and Fiorina relegated
  175. Next move; no surrender
  176. The Boycott Fox Business Debate and Moneybomb
  177. Time for a "Black This Out" Moneybomb the day of the debate...
  178. Rand to the media: "You want war? We'll give it to you"
  179. Free - Rand Stickers
  180. Rand Paul vs Bernie Sanders debate !
  181. Common Sense Time (The Media Lies)
  182. Megyn Kelly on Rand's war with the media
  183. Action speaks louder than words! A call to arms
  184. VIDEO Flashback To When the MSM Couldn't Pronounce Ron Paul's Name
  185. can rand buy tv time during debate?
  186. Don't forget Reince Priebus and GOP are responsible for the exclusion
  187. FNC Online Poll
  188. Help Rand Win the Fox News Poll
  189. Rand picking up Facebook likes at a pretty good clip
  190. Elise Jordan leaves Paul campaign
  191. Turn Your Outrage Into Action
  192. Rand Surge in Iowa
  193. Official Thread - Senate Vote on Audit the Fed 1/12/16
  194. RLC Endorses Rand Paul for President
  195. The Boycott-O-Meter bomb
  196. Do you remember when Jay Leno had Ron on his show when Ron got dumped from the Debate
  197. Very Positive Rand Coverage And Interview In Boston
  198. Rand said we are now focused on talking directly to voters.. Phonebank for Rand NOW!!!!!!!
  199. Paul presses Warren, Sanders on 'Audit the Fed' bill
  200. Could this be the call to arms that finally gets the fence sitters to act?
  201. Podcasts: Rand Paul is one of the most mentioned names in that media
  202. [Video] Rand Paul on The Daily Show w/ Trevor Noah 1/13
  203. Ron Paul hits Cruz for missing Rand's audit the fed vote!!! Our time to rise is now!
  204. Ted Cruz getting hammered on his Facebook site for missing Fed vote
  205. ALL of Ted Cruz's Office Numbers
  206. Ticker is up, Fight the Media Blackout Money Bomb! They can't silence us!!!!!
  207. Why is Rand SKIPPING the Debate?
  208. Rand Paul: Media Blackout
  209. Just joined Students for Rand!
  210. Excellent Rand interview on Hardball this evening
  211. The REAL State of the Union 2016| Rand Paul
  212. [Video] Rand Paul Speaks on Senate Floor Prior to 'Audit the Fed' Vote
  213. Bloomber/DMR Iowa Poll - Rand 5th @ 5% - Leading Bush Christie Kasich
  214. [Video] Rand Paul on Morning Joe 1/13
  215. Paul didn't make debate because DMR poll was only released today instead of Monday
  216. Rand Paul new polling in Iowa is huge - we need an all out blitz of "fairness & what's Right"
  217. The timing isn't the only thing suspicious about the DMR poll.. Look at this BS!!!!
  218. Rand Paul asks Fox Business to include new poll and let him into Thursday debate
  219. SIGN Rand's petition to get him in the debate
  220. The Fed. The Heart of the Beast
  221. [Video] Rand Paul on MSNBC w/ Chris Hayes 1/13
  222. Rand on Alex Jones Show: Call Reince Priebus
  223. There's a case for putting all 11 candidates on the main stage
  224. PUSH!!!!!! Contact GOP National Committee and Reince Priebus to LET RAND DEBATE!!!!
  225. Ron Paul is going after Ted Cruz in Iowa on Audit the Fed Vote
  226. Please let the Republican National Committee Facebook page have it on the latest Iowa Poll
  227. [Video] Rand Paul on MSNBC w/ Steve Kornacki 1/13
  228. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News w/ Bill Hemmer 1/13
  229. Garnett Media endorsed Jack Conway in KY, now keeps Rand out of debate via DMR
  230. Argument against poll release being a conspiracy
  231. CBSNEWS: Fox Business rejects Rand Paul's appeal to be included in GOP debate
  232. Call about debate
  233. Enough of this BS. It's time for the real return of the Black This Out moneybomb
  234. New FBN Debate Pic
  235. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN w/ Erin Burnett 1/13
  236. Video: Rand Paul Makes Clear Republican Party Up To Same Old Dirty Tricks
  237. Rand Paul on CNN speaking truth about Trump...
  238. FOX used polls from BEFORE Dec. debate to exclude Rand
  239. The company that does the Des Moines Register polls tells why they are not accurate
  240. Paul's campaign style: Have a beer, talk policy: Des Moines Register
  241. I'm Facebook Bombing Fox News Throughout The Debate
  242. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN New Day 1/14
  243. Rand Paul coming up on Glenn Beck
  244. 2016 Iowa Straw Poll Results, Rand in 2nd place with 18%
  245. Predict Rand's Iowa Percentage
  246. Rand Paul will hold a national Townhall tonight at 9 PM
  247. Rand's Response to Fox on Debate Exclusion
  248. Paul's plan: Ditch debate, get more media
  249. Rand w/ Chris Hayes 1/13/16
  250. Idea for what Rand should do during the debate