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  1. Paul on Syrian Refugees: Can We Afford to Put the World's Poor on Welfare?
  2. Rand Paul Offers Amendment to Block Taxpayer Benefits for New Refugees
  3. Rep. Lummis Backing Rand Paul For President
  4. Rand Paul speaks to WYMT (raw interview 11/18/15)
  5. Video: The Hard Line | Sen. Rand Paul on legislation to prevent terrorists from entering U.S.
  6. New Useless Bloomberg Poll (MoE: +/-5%), Rand at 3%
  7. Can Rand Introduce a bill stating..
  8. Rand Live now at George Washington University
  9. Rand Paul: Arab Nations Need to Stand Up to ISIS
  10. Rand Paul: It's 'bulls--t' to collect phone records after Paris attacks
  11. Paul stops McConnell
  12. Rand Paul on the Jan Mickelson Show 11/19/2015
  13. Sen. Rand Paul to Introduce Defend Our Capital Act of 2015
  14. Rand Paul wins Iowa Youth Caucus
  15. Students for Rand Reaches 400 Chapters
  16. Rand Paul Tea Party '15 Money Bomb - December 16th
  17. Paul's refugee visa bill fast-tracked
  19. Rand Paul FULL Speech at George Washington University
  20. Requirement for next debate have been posted.
  21. Rand Paul Their Common Bond: Our Presidents' Prayers of Faith
  22. [Video] Rand Paul on Face the Nation w/ John Dickerson 11/22/15
  23. Watch: Family Leader Forum at 6:30 Central (Rand participating)
  24. New NBC/Survey Monkey National GOP Poll (NOV 15-17); Rand stays even
  25. Rand Paul’s Challenge: Libertarians Are Still a Small Minority
  26. Michael Reagan: Rand Paul “gets” my dad
  27. Sarah Palin rates the candidates: really admires Rand's libertarian streak
  28. New Suffolk University/Boston Globe NH Poll
  29. YouGov/CBS News New Hampshire Poll: Rand Paul at 6%
  30. Fox News National Poll: Rand Paul at 2%
  31. Rand Needs To Create National Security Buzz
  32. Rand Paul: No More Arm Sales To Middle East Until They Start Accepting Refugees
  33. Video: Rand Paul Talks ISIS at Presidential Family Forum in Iowa
  34. The Paul And Cruz Flat Tax Plans Are Best Tax Proposals
  35. Paul: ‘Dishonest’ officials using Paris to promote surveillance
  36. Ted Cruz sucks, but how to deal with inevitability
  37. Rand Paul Appears on KCCI's Close Up in Iowa
  38. PHOTOS: Rand Paul at 2015 Presidential Family Forum & Hawkeye Tailgate
  39. Rand in 5th in Iowa at 5% leading Bush
  40. Tom Woods defends Rand Paul's fed comments
  41. Rand Paul Tea Party '15 Money Bomb - Dec 16th
  42. KY Governor to challenge Rand Paul for Senate seat
  43. Kentuckians...take heed! Sign up to be a Rand Paul Delegate in our First ever caucus!
  44. State Dept. wrote up tweets critical of Sen. Paul, CNN "reporter" tweeted them out on request
  45. Rand Paul super PAC launches ad buy ahead of Iowa, N.H.
  46. New “Bullshit” Facebook and Snapchat ads America’s Liberty PAC
  47. [Video] Hillary Clinton's Illegal War
  48. How about we stop posting poll results?
  49. [VIDEO] Rand Paul on Intelligence Gathering
  50. [VIDEO] EPIC parody campaign ad
  51. Video: Rand Paul talks about gathering intelligence in the wake of terror attacks
  52. Official Campaign Black Friday Weekend Moneybomb
  53. Campaign idea - "Rand Paul Was Right" ???
  54. New Iowa Poll, Rand in second place... [mod note: fake website]
  55. Perfect sound bite for Rand Paul
  56. Let's do our own poll
  57. A little help here with this poll please...
  58. Democrats looking for Rand Paul opponent
  59. Hillary Clinton colluded with CNN journalist colluded with Hillary Clinton to smear Rand Paul
  60. What's the Washington Machine?
  61. Rand Paul's NSA Success
  62. Opportunity for Rand?
  63. Is CNN suppressing November's poll?
  64. Rand Paul: Marco Rubio Wants Illegal, Unending War
  65. Campaign idea - "Rand Paul Was Right" ??? [VIDEO IDEA]
  66. It's time for Rand Paul to unleash Ron Paul
  67. Rand Paul files for presidential caucus
  68. Judge Napolitano talking about Rand Paul
  69. Sen. Rand Paul yields to “lawyers” on Cruz citizenship question
  70. Wait...Rand stole the "fill out your taxes on a postcard" from Cruz?
  71. Rand Paul campaign staffs up in NH for final primary push with his second office
  72. Trump campaign manager also stealing from Rand.
  73. Did Rand Paul vote for giving tax payer funding to the Ark Encounter museum?
  74. Rand at 2% in latest Quinnipiac National Poll
  75. Why the majority of your polls are heavily skewed
  76. Rand Paul is going to win I guarantee it
  77. Rand Paul: "Democratic" Socialism Is Still Theft, "The Main Reason I Oppose Bernie Sanders"
  78. Lindsey Graham: Ted Cruz Has Done More To Help ISIS Than Any Senator Other Than Rand Paul
  79. Tomorrow Daily News Ensure's Rand Will Go Up A Few Points
  80. I occasionally write the campaign, but ...
  81. Tom Cotton may have just helped Rand out more than anyone else has in months
  82. Rand Paul now has 400 Endorsements in NH ..
  83. PPP NH 11/30-12/02: Rand 4%
  84. Video: Rand Paul Appears on America's Newsroom December 3, 2015
  85. Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio Have Same Foreign Policy
  86. Rand fires back at 'despicable' Daily News cover that shamed him after California shooting
  87. Sen. Rand Paul Urges Amendment to Prevent Terrorists From Entering the U.S. as Refugees
  88. Rand Paul: Lindsey Graham Has “Endangered The Country” As Much Or More Than Anyone Else
  89. Big social media push by the Rand campaign happening now
  90. Rand Paul Introduces Bill Banning Refugees From "High-Risk Countries"
  91. Where did all these Negative Nancy's come from 2 months away from Iowa caucuses?
  92. Rand Paul Makes VA Ballot
  93. Rand Paul: We Place Too Much Emphasis On Polling
  94. Rand Paul is live now on FB - Waukee, Iowa Meet and Greet
  95. Rand Paul Live now!!! - Fort Dodge Iowa Q&A
  96. Ranting Rand: Paul assails Rubio's national security strategy
  97. Issue framing suggestion. Neocons are to privacy intrusion as Liberals are to gun control
  98. Senate Rejects Paul Measure Aimed at D.C. Gun Laws
  99. Libertarian Star Wars Parody (w/ Raven Paul)
  100. Rand is in CNN's commercial for the next Republican Debate, Dec 15
  101. Video: Rand Paul (R-KY) Pushes "Defend Our Capital Act"
  102. Video: Paul: Allow concealed carry in schools
  103. Video: Rand Paul Full Speech on Capitalism in New Hampshire
  104. In addition to donating to the campaign, I'm promoting certain tweets...
  105. DC Gun Law Twitter/Facebook ad suggestion
  106. Visa pause Twitter/Facebook ad suggestion
  107. Rating the 2016 Republicans by grade-point average
  108. Rand's average poll numbers
  109. Full video of Rand's Iowa Press interview
  110. Paul slams Rubio's visa waiver vote, saying rival prefers 'open borders'
  111. Paul offers ideas to address poverty, violence
  112. Video: Rand on Terrorism
  113. Rand Paul at Freedom Works Summit
  114. Rand Paul at Waterloo Barber Shop : Photo Op : Very Inspiring
  115. Rand Paul campaign staffs up for final primary push [N.H.]
  116. Net Impact if Rand Moves to Undercard Debate?
  118. Rand Paul on Meet the Press - 12/6/15
  119. Video: Rand Paul at Freedomworks Rising Tide Summit Iowa 12/5/15
  120. Rand Paul’s Biggest Problem: Ted Cruz
  121. Rand Paul 2016 [TRAILER]
  122. Rand Paul: The President Tonight...
  123. Stay on target!
  124. Rand interview with Katie Couric
  125. FreedomWorks Iowa Summit, Rand turns out tons of student support
  126. Rand to be on Morning Joe within the hour
  127. Republican presidential hopeful(Rand)'s chide Obama for terror speech
  128. Rand Paul Monday Morning News Blitz.
  129. Rand at 4% in new Monmouth Poll
  130. Rand Paul first candidate to confirm appearance at NHGOP ‘First-in-Nation Town Hall
  131. Rand Paul: Marco Rubio Is The Weakest Candidate On National Defense
  132. Rand Paul: NSA phone-snooping program didn’t prevent any attacks
  133. If we want Rand Paul to be the nominee
  134. Glenn Beck New Presidential Poll
  135. Video: Rand Paul Meets with Black Leaders in Iowa, Talks Criminal Justice Reform
  136. Video: Rand Paul: We need immigration pause, not religious test
  137. Audio: Beck Blitz: How to combat ISIS w/ 2016 hopeful Rand Paul 12/07/15
  138. Rand Paul at Iowa Rising Tide Summit (official video)
  139. Sen. Rand Paul Conference Call With Pastors (December 8, 2015)
  140. CBS/YouGov Poll Counts
  141. Rand might be at the kids table for the next debate
  142. Paul's bill gutting DC gun laws teed up
  143. Where is this Rand Paul Ad??
  144. Rand Paul: Let’s Destroy ISIS — Not the Constitution
  145. Join the Thunderclap & Help Promote the Tea Party '15 MoneyBomb to 100k+ People for Free
  146. The Winner of the National CPAC has ALWAYS been in the main debates
  147. Rand: Top 10 things that make Obama unqualified to be president.
  148. Sen. Rand Paul Appears on CNN's 'The Lead' with Jake Tapper - December 9, 2015
  149. Rand Paul largely correct that French electronic surveillance law is stronger than U.S.
  150. South Carolina FOX Poll, Rand at 2%
  151. Leave a Message With CNN, Tell Them How Disappointed You'll be if Rand Isn't in Main Debate
  152. Major flaw in Presidential polling samples
  153. New CBS/New York Times Poll: Rand in fifth place with 4%
  154. Rand Paul on Donald Trump's Muslim Comments | Fox News, Kennedy
  155. Sean Hannity lies about Rand Paul's poll numbers today on air.
  156. Rand files names of NH delegates/alternatives for RNC
  157. Rand Paul Questions Obama's Qualification on Lou Dobb's Show
  158. [Edit: Rand makes cut] Rand Paul Likely to Miss Cut for Dec. 15 Primetime Republican Debate
  159. Helping Rand beat the issue curve
  160. Video: Rand on Hannity 12/10/15
  161. Video: Rand on the Blaze 12/10/15
  162. Rand Campaign: "We are confident he'll [Rand will] be on the main stage."
  163. Phone for Liberty Bracket Challenge
  164. [Video] Rand Paul on The O'Reilly Factor w/ Eric Bolling 12/11/15
  165. Rand on the Factor discusses being in upcoming debate
  166. Video: Rand Paul Speech at Franklin Pierce University
  167. Rand: If We Got Same Treatment As Fiorina, We Meet Criteria For Debate
  168. Video: Rand Paul Speech and Q&A In New Hampshire
  169. Rand Paul’s Land of the Free
  170. Rand to possibly make some kind of announcement Tuesday
  171. Cruz at 31% Rand 3% DM Register poll
  172. Rand Speech in NH Today (12/12/2015)
  173. Rand Paul for President Issues Debate Statement
  174. [VIDEO] Which Tax Plan Helps Low & Middle Class Workers? - Rand vs Bernie
  175. #LetRandDebate
  176. Why it was brilliant for Rand Paul to play nice with the establishment
  177. Rand in 5th with 5% in new Fox News Iowa poll
  178. Official: Rand Paul in!
  179. Rand Paul: There Could Be A War in the Republican Party
  180. Rand Paul's senior campaign advisor just made an important FB post
  181. Rand Paul email: We're in it to win it
  182. Rand Paul on The Mark Levin Show 12/10/15
  183. If you live in a state/territory with an open/closed primary/caucus... Heads up!
  184. Team Rand Mocks Mainstream Media For False Predictions
  185. New NBC/WSJ National Poll (Dec 6 to 9)
  186. No Support from Silicon Valley and SF for Rand
  187. Team Rand Mocks RPF Members Who Grossly Exaggerated Tales of His Demise
  188. Doug Stafford, Rand Paul's Chief Strategist, will be on CNN today
  189. HotAir: Line up set for CNN GOP debate on Tuesday: Rand Paul makes it
  190. Chuck Baldwin endorses Rand Paul
  191. New Rand Paul AD, 'Learn From Mistakes' | Campaign 2016 (1:30)
  192. Rand Crashing a Trump Rally
  193. I am mad as hell
  194. Fox news online poll with 45k+ votes and Rand is leading @ 34%
  195. What if Rand Paul were to say this at the debates?
  196. What if we were to hire a Rand supporter with the name Donald J Trump?
  197. New Monmouth National GOP Poll (Dec. 10-13)
  198. Quinnipiac Iowa 12/4-12/13: Rand 6th at 4%
  199. Official CNN GOP Debate Thread 12-15-15
  200. Rand Can School Trump Tonight With Ron's Debate Point From 08
  201. Rand Paul: Las Vegas Debate Video
  202. ISIS = UK Intelligence. I hope Rand blocks the Brits from coming to the US
  203. Rand may need to address Los Angeles schools closing tonight ?
  204. [Satire] Rand Won Debate Thread 12-15-15
  205. Article in "The Week" discussing Rand's challenge of being noticed...
  206. Rand Paul is Ready for the CNN Debate, Are You?!
  207. Video: Sen Rand Paul (R) Speaking Out Ahead Of Tonight's Presidential Debate
  208. Glenn Beck Says What Ron/Rand Have Been Saying for Years
  209. Rand Blacked-out Again (Star Wars Related)
  210. Top trending questions about Rand Paul
  211. Bill of Rights Day!
  212. Vote 4 Rand @ Drudge Poll Now!
  213. Please vote for Rand on Drudge
  214. Rand Paul on Hannity tonight
  215. All of Rand Paul's responses CNN GOP Debate
  216. Who Won The GOP Debate? The Fifth Time Around, The Dark Horse Finished First
  217. Vote for Rand in This poll!
  218. Paul: Christie the ‘World War III’ candidate
  219. Paul: Rubio has 'allegiance' to liberals on immigration
  220. Rand Paul's Incredulous Trump Look
  221. Rand Paul: Trump's Plans Violate First Amendment, Geneva Conventions
  222. Rand Paul 2nd Highest Twitter Trend
  223. POLL: Smerconish
  224. Rand Paul has top post on reddit at the moment!
  225. POLL: Philadelphia CBS Local
  226. Three More Polls To Vote In
  227. Will Rand's Debate Performance Move the Polls
  228. Video: Rand Paul on CNN Republican Debate Issues | CNN Jake Tapper
  229. Video: Rand Paul Calls Out Trump and Rubio - GOP Debate Preview The Alex Jones Channel
  230. Rand Paul Trending #1 on Facebook
  231. Rand Paul Is Virtually the Only Candidate Who Doesn’t Want to Start World War III in Syria
  232. Video: Election 2016 - Sen Rand Paul Weigh In On Hannity
  233. Rand CRUSHING FOX News Poll
  234. Rand Paul in 2nd, Beating Cruz on the Ted Loving Right Scoop
  235. If You Don't Have The Ground Game, It Doesn't Mater Where You Poll ...
  236. NPR: The Fifth Republican Debate in 100 words and 4 videos
  237. What Rand SHOULD have done: let loose on Trump- a belligerent, racist, anti-liberty, dictator
  238. Rand Paul: 'The Greatest Threat to Our National Security Is Our Debt'
  239. Wash Times Poll - Rand is dominating
  240. What Rand Paul Accomplished Last Night
  241. Rand Paul Got It Right: Trump ‘Would Defy Every Norm That Is America’
  242. How Rand Paul Proved His Usefulness
  243. Rand opening statement GOP debate
  244. Rand Paul Live at Las Vegas Economic Club
  245. Newt Gingrich: Paul had his "best performance of the campaign"
  246. Dec 16 Boston Tea Party MONEYBOMB
  247. Rand Paul Highlights from CNN Republican Debate (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  248. GOP Debate: The Triumph of ‘Isolationism’ - Rubio humbled, and Rand Paul makes a comeback
  249. Iowa focus group of 10 who were all Evangelical (mostly Cruz supporters : Rand Paul won debate
  250. So help me out....What are the three best articles/videos to FB this evening?