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  1. Best Rand phone interview you will ever hear and from FOX Business too...
  2. Official Thread: Rand Paul filibusters the Debt Ceiling Budget
  3. 11/5 Thunderclap Won't Send Out Unless we Get More Supporters (12 Left - Social Reach = 225k)
  4. Rand's Floor Speech Prior to Senate Vote his Filibuster over Budget Agreement
  5. 63 Senators just invoked cloture on Rand's debt-ceiling filibuster
  6. Rand's Late Night Filibuster Nearly Derails Debt Increase (press release)
  7. Rand: ‘A lot of the moderators’ were ‘partisans’ playing ‘gotcha game’
  8. Rand Paul Issues Challenge to Fellow Senators During Fiery Floor Speech Against Budget deal
  9. Congress gets along too much, ‘has become a shell of itself,’ our debt is become ‘disruptive’
  10. Ahead of GOP debate, Rand Paul talks marijuana, budget filibuster
  11. Senator Mike Lee's Facebook post about Rand is going viral
  12. Changing Polling Average on RealClearPolitics?
  13. Rand Paul's Halloween Costume
  14. Hunter: Is Rand Paul’s campaign dead? (Good article)
  15. Rand at 2% in latest poll, Trump back on top
  16. Thread Preview: Rand Paul Fantasy Cabinet
  17. Hard-hitting 5 minute Rand video on arming Al-Qaeda allies
  18. Rand Paul Speech in Iowa
  19. Rand's national strategy?
  20. Fantasy Cabinet: Secretary of State
  21. Fox Business Debate Nov 10th
  22. A Chicago Tribune Columnist with some love for Rand
  23. Polling Report NEW HAMPSHIRE GOP presidential preference.
  24. PHOTOS: Rand Paul Las Vegas Office Opening & Pahrump meet & greet
  25. NEW Poll, Vote For Rand!
  26. Roll Call: Rand Paul Goes Viral, Thanks to Mike Lee
  27. Fantasy Cabinet: Secretary of Defense
  28. Rand's Best Campaign Speeches
  30. Rand Paul with pretty good favorability in Iowa, despite 2%
  31. Rand: Don't send U.S. ground troops to Syria
  32. Rand at 2%, Carson takes the lead in latest NBC/WSJ poll
  33. PHOTOS: Rand Paul and 9 other candidates at Iowa Growth & Opportunity Party
  34. Quick question
  35. Video: Rand Paul Appears on Happening Now with Jenna Lee - November 3, 2015
  36. Rand Paul on Donald Trump Winning the GOP Ticket: ‘I Would Want No Part of It’
  37. Unleash Rand Paul!
  38. Video: Rand eating soul food with Larry Whitmore
  39. Video: How Rand Paul Plans to Appeal to Students, Independents
  40. Rand Paul To Young People: Treat Free College Like Somebody’s Offering You Heroin
  41. Video: Rand talking about Syria & Prison Reform on CNN: 11/03/15
  42. Rand Paul's revenge... Conway goes down in flames again!
  43. Paul blasts Ryan for budget vote, says starts relationship 'on bad foot'
  44. Media STUNNED: Kentucky Dems On The Ropes As Rand Paul Foe Falls In Shocking Upset
  45. Quinnipiac 11/4 - Rand 2%
  46. NBC/WSJ: Do you think Fox can use it?
  47. If there's a Declaration of War, Rand would not use "underwhelming" force
  48. Rand Paul Forces Senators on Record for Audit the Fed
  49. VIDEO: Rand Paul on Fox Business w/ Maria Bartiromo 11/4
  50. Rand Paul on Hannity radio 11/3
  51. Even Hannity pimps Rand, or at least his speech.
  52. the polls are wrong
  53. About Internet Polls (IMPORTANT)
  54. Fantasy Cabinet: Secretary of Treasury
  55. Fantasy Cabinet: Attorney Genreal
  56. Rand at 4% in Fox News Poll
  57. Help Rand with Audit the Fed: Write Your Senators
  58. The Polls are RIGHT!
  59. Polls: Are They Right or Wrong?
  61. Remember remember...
  62. Rand Paul Touts Ground Game
  63. John Stossel talks to Rand Paul about Liberty, Religion & his New Book
  64. Fantasy Cabinet: Secretary of Interior
  65. Mike Lee on Fox News talks about Rand's viral video
  66. Rand Announces Legislation to Ban the Federal Reserve from Lobbying
  67. Petition to Audit the Fed - Message from Ron
  68. Video: Rand Paul Appears on The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson - November 4, 2015
  69. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity 11/5
  70. Rand Interview on WBT Charlotte's News Talk (11/5/15)
  71. Rand Telephone Town Hall..NOW!!
  72. Rand one-ups Ben Carson on the pyramids (joke)
  73. Video: Rand Talks Black Business, School Choice, Criminal Justice Reform, BlackLivesMatter
  74. Rand Paul in, Huck and Christie Out!
  75. Win a trip & tickets to join Rand at the next Republican debate!
  76. Matching Thread Up to $500, Maybe $1,000.00
  77. Beck Blitz: The U.S. economy & more w/ 2016 hopeful Rand Paul (11-05-2015)
  78. Yet Another Online Poll To VOTE For Rand!
  79. Fantasy Cabinet: Secretary of Agriculture
  80. Fantasy Cabinet: Secretary of Labor
  81. Ron Paul: Why the Establishment Fears Rand Paul
  82. Now until Iowa, what needs to happen for Rand to win the nod?
  83. Fantasy Cabinet: Secretary of Health
  84. Fantasy Cabinet: Secretary of Housing & Urban Development
  85. TODAY (11/6/15) is last day to become a delegate for RAND in Alabama
  86. Rand LIVE STREAM NOW in South Carolina Town Hall with Sen. Tim Scott
  87. The Moneybomb Goes On [Now Until Nov. 7, According to Rand's Site]
  88. PROJECT: Caucus Takeover‏
  89. [Video] Rand Paul on State of the Union w/ Jake Tapper 11/8/15
  90. 'GOP candidate (Rand Paul) Calls Hillary a Neocon' (11/6/15)
  91. Rand Paul seeks balance as he courts Tim Scott’s endorsement
  92. Rand Paul on Stossel 11-6
  93. Quinnipiac Poll released November 4 2015
  94. Video (Fox Business) Rand Paul: We should audit the Fed
  95. Trey Gowdy Endorses Rand Paul?
  96. Biggest Rand problem in a General Election?
  97. Official Phone from Home thread - How to win Iowa/NH/NV
  98. Videos: Rand Paul (Thug Life)
  99. 11/5/15 - Rand Digital Strategist Vincent Harris on "Running Mate" podcast
  100. Fantasy Cabinet: Secretary of Transportation
  101. Rand Paul: Rubio Worked With Democratic ‘Hillary Clinton Wing’ And Schumer To Push Amnesty
  102. Rand Paul targets college-age voters in campaign swing through Minnesota
  103. Rand Paul: How An ‘Unholy Alliance’ Of Bipartisan Big Spenders Created the Debt Crisis
  104. Rand Paul: 'I still am' the political world's most interesting man
  105. Rand Paul Talks about Black Lives Matter with Roland Martin
  106. Mcclatchy/Marist Poll - Rand 5%
  107. What I love about Rand Paul...
  108. Tim's Town Hall Featuring Senator Rand Paul
  109. Rand Paul Rally at the University of Minnesota - Duluth
  110. Fox Business VID : Rand has the best tax plan feat. Matt Kibbe
  111. Should Rand, Cruz and Carson focus on exposing Rubio?
  112. Video: Chris Matthews asks top Clinton advisor about Rand's "Hillary is a NeoCon" statement
  113. MUST read! Pre-debate email by Rand Paul!
  114. November 10th Republican debate on Fox Business Network - Official Thread
  115. Rand Paul is right about Marco Rubio’s reckless warmongering
  116. Questions Raised About Credibility of Politico Hit Pieces on Trump, Paul, Carson
  117. Rand Paul School Choice Rally at Shining Star Christian School LIVE STREAM
  118. Rand Paul Video: Fourth Debate
  119. New YouGov National Poll: Rand Paul Surpasses Jeb Bush
  120. Fantasy Cabinet: Secretary of Veterans Affairs
  121. Hundreds of Students Gather in Minnesota for Rand Paul
  122. Rand Seeks Answers from Fed Inspector General About Fed Lobbying Activities
  123. Why doesn't Rand mention a website address during the debate tomorrow?
  124. Blaze debate poll just went up! Jump on it quick and get Rand to the top!!!!
  125. Drudge Poll is up!! You know what to do!!
  126. Rand Paul Scores Direct Hit On Donald Trump
  127. Rand Paul calls out Rubio for military spending, tax ideas
  128. The Onion: Rand Paul escorted off stage after falling below 2.5%
  129. Justin Amash
  130. Rand Paul Shuts Down Donald Trump, Moderators, and Commercial Breaks
  131. Debate Poll
  132. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity following Fox Business debate
  133. All of Rand's responses in the Fox Business Debate
  134. Keep Pounding!!!
  135. Video: Rand Paul Hosts School Choice Roundtable in Milwaukee
  136. At the U, Rand Paul sounds off on surveillance, Sanders and pot
  137. Rand Paul embarrassed Donald Trump over China and the TPP during the GOP debate
  138. Politfact: At debate, Rand Paul says income inequality is worse in cities run by Democrats
  139. Just grabbed this from the Washington Post
  140. Rand Paul has raised 20k since the debate started... The debate hype is real
  141. Rand Paul Wins Debate Moneybomb
  142. Video: Rand Paul takes a clear position on education
  143. Vote For Rand In The Time Post Debate Poll
  144. Fox Nation Poll - VOTE!
  145. Cavuto just said about who won the debate...
  146. Forgive me RPF for I have sinned...
  147. Vote for Rand in the SLATE Poll
  148. LA Times: Rand Paul drops the mic on Donald Trump over China's participation in trade deal
  149. Glenn Beck - "He's coming Around!"
  150. Reframing Conflict of McConnell Endorsement
  151. Rand Paul Went On The Offensive, Reshaped The Debate And Had His Strongest Performance Yet
  152. Rand Paul Went On The Offensive, Reshaped The Debate And Had His Strongest Performance Yet
  153. Momentum Shift after Last Night
  154. Washington Times poll (WINNING)
  155. Daily Mail: Senators Paul and Rubio Go Head to Head on Military Spending
  156. Rand: I Separated Myself In The Debate
  157. Rand Paul on The Glenn Beck Radio Program 11/11/15 (audio added)
  158. Call to action: Give Rand a Post-Debate Fundraising Bump
  159. Front page headline on HuffPo: "RAND WAKES UP"
  160. Rand : "You can be strong, without being involved in every civil war in the world"
  161. How to respond to Rubio's fearmongering
  162. Fox Poll - Who Won Debate
  163. I wish Rand would show "you bought this"
  164. Why Rand Paul was the stealth winner of the GOP debate
  165. Rand Paul vs. Marco Rubio: Tea Party Fracas Over Foreign Policy and Immigration "Amnesty"
  166. Video: Rand talks to Maria Bartiromo about debate
  167. Video: Rand Paul on strong debate showing: 'This race is wide open'
  168. Video: Rand Paul Blasts US For Funding ISIS: Debate Highlights
  169. Video: Rand Paul explains Leave Me Alone government philosophy
  170. A Conservative Realist Awakening? Rand Paul Strikes Back
  171. Rand's Surprise Endorsement
  172. Rand Paul is right: The most economically unequal states are blue
  173. NATIONAL REVIEW(!!!!!): GOP Debate Showed Why We Should be Thankful for Rand's Foreign Policy
  174. Rand Paul asks watchdog to probe Fed lobbying
  175. WaPo : Rand Paul is right: The most economically unequal states are Democratic
  176. Take part in Frank Luntz online focus group...I know I know...
  177. LOTFI: Dear Neocons, Rand Paul Is Right On Military Spending
  178. The Next Rand Paul Money Bomb
  179. Any you tubes just of Rand's foreign policy speech at the Fox debates?
  180. Fantasy Cabinet: CIA
  181. In latest debate, of course it was Rand Paul
  182. Live Stream: Rand Paul to Talk Tech and Politics With Yahoo
  183. Ken Cuccinelli on Rand/Rubio exchange
  184. Rand Paul on The Laura Ingraham Show 11/12/15
  185. Rand Paul on Being a Deficit Hawk
  186. Rand Paul's Top Highlights - Fox Business GOP Debate
  187. Fantasy Administration: EPA
  188. [Video] Rand Paul on The Real Story w/ Gretchen Carlson 11/12/15
  189. Keep Pounding Pt 2
  190. Governors make better candidates than Senators meme RIP
  191. Is this Rand's strategy?
  192. Rand Paul Challenges Bernie Sanders To Hour-Long Debate On Socialism vs. Capitalism
  193. UT/Texas Tribune 10/30-11/8 TX Poll Rand tied for 5th
  194. Comparing Military Capabilities of US/Russia/China
  195. Guys guess what #1 one googled question about Rand is. Answer will give many of you chills..
  196. Countering the isolationist label
  197. Virginia Ballot Access: Any Updates?
  198. Rand Paul's attack on Rubio spending proposals is largely accurate
  200. Rand Paul on Hannity radio 11/12/15
  201. December 16th
  202. Rand Filing for NH Primary - Stream
  203. Rand Paul On Obama’s Foreign Policy: ‘What Kind Of Idiot Sends Four People To War?’
  204. FBN debate
  205. Rand Paul Speaks at Florida GOP's Sunshine Summit
  206. NH union leader. Paul v Rubio article
  207. Definite shift. For the first time Rand's page showing up on my facebook feed
  208. Bernie Sanders to Possibly Accept Rand Paul's Debate Challenge
  209. Keep Pounding Pt3
  210. Rand Paul upcoming guest on CBS Face the Nation 11/15/15 (cancelled)
  211. Rand Paul participates in civil disobedience by riding in illegal Uber car
  212. Fox News post debate analytics - you'll want to see this
  213. How should Rand Paul handle the terror attack in Paris?
  214. [Video] Rand Paul at Rockingham County Town Hall
  215. Chris Christie Attacks Obama, Paul after France Attacks
  216. Maher: ‘US Should Get Out of Muslim Lands’ ‘Good For Rand Paul’
  217. Flashback 2014: Rand sponsors bill authorizing war with ISIS
  218. Rand Paul likens policies to Reagan's
  219. Looking for video coverage of Rand
  220. After Paris attacks, GOP hopeful Rand Paul warns of refugees
  221. Rand raises $444k after debate
  222. Dear Rand, Stick to These Issues and You Will Win This Election - Thomas Jefferson
  223. Rand Paul Up 3 Points in NH Per Gravis
  224. Rand Paul says he won’t ban encryption if president
  225. Fantasy Cabinet: Secretary of Homeland Security
  226. Rand Paul on Iowa's The Insiders
  227. Video: Rand Paul on military spending: Do more with what we have
  228. Pat Buchanan: Rand Stands for a Winning Republican War Policy
  229. Monday morning radio interview: I will be discussing Rand Paul
  230. FOX News Poll: Rand Paul at 4% [Mod note: old poll]
  231. Take The GOP Straw POLL!
  232. Rand Paul Blames The Arming of ISIS By Rubio, Clinton and Obama For Paris Attacks
  233. Sen. Rand Paul Introduces Legislation to Prevent Terrorists From Entering the U.S. as Refugees
  234. Paul tied for 6th in Virginia, nipping at Cruz's heels
  235. Craigslist post
  236. Rand Paul on Hannity [cancelled]
  237. Latest Reuters poll: post-debate bump for Rand to 5.2%
  238. Rand Paul Appears on The Laura Ingraham Show November 17, 2015
  239. Rand Paul: Punish Those Who Fund ISIS, Time OpEd
  240. Rand Paul: Muslim Troops Should Take Down ISIS, radio interview
  241. The Hard Line | Sen. Rand Paul on legislation to prevent terrorists from entering the US
  242. Rand Paul: Punish Those Who Fund ISIS.
  243. Rand Paul on The Mark Levin Show [11/17]
  244. Vote for the best of Rand's ads...
  245. Fantasy White House
  246. Rand Paul at 5% in WBUR Poll 11/14-11/15
  247. Video: Rand Paul interview WKYT
  248. Video: Rand Paul - Civil Asset Forfeiture
  249. Rand surges to 4th in the latest national poll!
  250. Rand Paul still stands for privacy