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  1. Rand: Let's talk to Putin regarding Syria
  2. Video: Rand Paul Appears on The Lead with Jake Tapper- September 30, 2015
  3. Video: Opening Statement: Hearing on Wasteful, End of Year Gov. Spending Sept. 30, 2015
  4. Video: Georgia Senator candidate beautifully sums up Rand Paul's current situation in the 2016
  5. Rand Paul: The Champion of American Leadership?
  6. Must-watch: Derrick Grayson's latest Rand Paul video
  7. What do you want me to do, set myself on fire?
  8. Midnight on the West Coast is the deadline
  9. Rand Paul gains ground in latest poll
  10. Wisconsin poll: Rand tied for 6th along with Cruz
  11. Rand Paul rolls out caucus state endorsements
  12. Rand Paul Holds Hearing to Mitigate Wasteful, End of the Year Federal Spending
  13. Rand Paul has 275 endorsements in New Hampshire already!
  14. Rand Paul seeks scope of waste in agencies’ year-end spending sprees
  15. Rand Paul raises $2.5 million in second quarter
  16. 10/1 - Campaign guiding discussion on Paul v Sanders townhall
  17. Rand Paul in 5th place: GOP Money Race
  18. Read today that Rubio, Graham, Cruz missed a vote on a Veterans Bill today.. Rand was there..
  19. CNBC releases debate criteria which appears to be designed to blatantly screw Rand
  20. Rand should give a speech and Q&A session about privacy @ the Apple Campus
  21. FULL HEARING: Sen. Paul Holds Hearing to Mitigate End of the Year Federal Spending - 09/30/15
  22. All I want for my Birthday
  23. Rand Paul Interview: Polls are Misleading
  24. Rand supposedly drops from 10% to 0% in LA, where Ron dominated
  25. Live in the northeast? I have free tix to RLC National Convention (straw poll)
  26. Economist Art Laffer Loves Rand Paul's Tax Plan | Fox News Neil Cavuto
  27. Video: John Stossel Endorses Rand Paul for President
  28. Rand Paul’s long, hard week of explaining why his campaign isn’t over
  29. How will Rand Paul implement his agenda?
  30. Rand the imperfect candidate - Nobody said the rLOVEution was going to be easy
  31. Rand Paul Needs to Capitalize on the Present Narrative in the GOP
  32. Rand Paul: I'm 'absolutely not' looking at leaving race
  33. 10,000 Students in Iowa
  34. Phone from home?
  35. The Rand Paul Blackout Has Reached a New Low
  36. Two New National Polls and an Iowa Poll
  37. Fundraising - Money Streams/Bombs
  38. Rand Should Use This Clip!
  39. Why doesn't Rand adopt "Make America Free Again" slogan?
  40. Rand tied for 5th in New Reuters Poll (Oct.2)
  41. Flaws in Polling Data Exposed as U.S. Campaign Season Heats Up
  42. Rand paul at tied 5th at 6.2% latest Reuters poll
  43. NBC Iowa and NH polls
  44. Reuters/Ipsos September 26 - 30 Rand Paul at 5%, 7% with Republicans
  45. Rand Paul Pushes Back (Howard Kurtz Interview)
  46. Rand Paul Introduces Legislation to Expand the EB-5 Program
  47. Rand's Iowa Leadership Team, composed of co-chairs from 99 counties!
  48. Rand Leads 34 Senators Requesting HHS Inspector General Investigation of Planned Parenthood
  49. Korn singer says the “f**king candidates, they all suck”… except for this one
  50. 275 Strong, New Hampshire Continues To Stand With Rand
  51. November 5th Money Bomb!
  52. New book: The Case for Rand Paul
  53. Okay here we go.. Rand asking today why we are still in Afghanistan. Article link.
  54. Rand Paul Campaign Ad Contest
  55. Rand Paul CNN interviews
  56. Take the New Glenn Beck 2016 Poll: Round 10. We need to win this for Rand.
  57. Paul: 'Man, are we lucky' Fiorina wasn’t a Cold War president
  58. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News Special Report 10/7/15
  59. Rand Paul launches Iowa college tour
  60. Rand Paul on Koch Brothers' Short List
  61. Rand Paul Puts Clinton Book Up for Auction
  62. Rand Paul: ‘It Would Be Terrible’ if Hillary Were ‘In Charge’ of NSA
  63. Rand Paul Reaches 300 NH Endorsements
  64. Paul has risen three points, from 2 to 5 in the most recent California polls.
  65. Alex Jones Endorses Rand Paul: ‘America Needs Real Change’
  66. Rand Paul Hopes Targeting These Voters in Iowa Will Lead Him to Victory
  67. Rand Paul Backs Effort To ‘Get A Conservative In The Speakership’
  68. [Video] Sen. Rand Paul Appears on Fox's The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson - October 8, 2015
  69. Rand Paul "Cut their Card"
  70. Quick question about donations from active & retired military
  71. I'm sorry I took so long. I stand with Rand.
  72. I Stand With Rand...
  73. Where will Rand Paul draw his support from?
  74. Rand Paul on Laura Ingraham Show (Audio)
  75. Chris LaCivita reverted to Senate campaign?
  76. Rand on 'The Kelly File' - 9:00 pm - 10/9/15
  77. Rachael Maddow tonight
  78. Rand Paul: Unholy Alliance Between Right & Left To Increase Spending
  79. Rand Paul On Bernie Sanders: Nothing “Sexy Or Cool” About Socialism
  80. Why The Patriot Act is Tyranny and Rand Paul is a Hero
  81. Rand Speaks at the Republican Liberty Caucus Convention [video]
  82. Paul: ‘We’re in an absurd situation’ in the discussion on climate change
  83. RLC Straw Poll Win
  84. Rand Paul wins ‘liberty voter’ straw poll, Ted Cruz claims otherwise
  85. New CBS Poll (10/11/2015): Rand in 7th, Will Likely Make Debate
  86. Post your Thunderclap reach for Rand Paul
  87. Rand Paul on Hillary Clinton's $13,000 book and Donald Trump
  88. Rand will make history tomorrow by going live all day.. This is sick
  89. Vince Vaughn talks about his libertarian beliefs, filmmaking and Rand Paul
  90. Ted Cruz’s attempt to encroach on Rand Paul’s libertarian territory falls flat
  91. Rand Paul will visit 11 Iowa college campuses this week, including three in Northeast Iowa.
  92. Would Rand Paul Pardon Edward Snowden?
  93. Delayed flight + rental car + white stripes, 700 students in Iowa to see Rand
  94. Paul Campaign Seeks to Steal Limelight Ahead of Debate With New Ad Aimed at Top Dems
  95. Remember, Remember, the 5th of November
  96. Rand Paul: ‘Idiots in the Republican Party’ Want War in Syria and So Does Hillary Clinton
  97. Rand at 3% in new Fox News Poll
  98. Did anyone watch the Dem Debate last night?
  99. Rand releases shirt based on yesterday's live stream lol!
  100. Livestream garners over 400k views
  101. Rand Paul: Yes, I'm Still Running, So 'Get Over It'
  102. CNN/ORC state polls for NV, SC
  103. Rand Paul Speech at Loras College Iowa
  104. Rand Paul Goes Back To School Looking for Votes
  105. Rand Paul Releases Memo Explaining why he won't drop out - 10/15
  107. Ben Carson Should Be Rand's VP Choice.
  108. In court, Ron Paul accuses FEDS of targeting Rand's campaign
  109. Rand Paul on Obama Continuing War in Afghanistan
  110. Winning ?
  111. Cruz about to win bag-job NH grassroots straw poll
  112. Media fail: Sloppy reporting takes a bite out of Rand Paul
  113. The HIGH TIMES Interview: Rand Paul
  114. Ron Paul accuses feds of trying to hurt Rand's campaign
  115. Paul aide Chris LaCivita curses out CNBC
  116. Rand Paul Is Right: Say No to a Syrian No-Fly Zone
  117. Don't count Ron Paul out of the 2016 race
  118. In Court, Ron Paul Accuses Feds Of Targeting Rand’s Campaign
  119. time to end draft registration, and for Rand to own this issue
  120. Rand wants to end aid to Pakistan and no one knows it
  121. Rand with Martha MacCallum: blasts 'false narrative' that campaign is over
  122. Rand tells the TRUTH about Trump
  123. I know it's just a t-shirt, but this is getting me excited...
  124. Sen. Rand Paul Announces Cut, Cap, and Balance Act of 2015
  125. Video: Judge Napolitano and Rand Paul Spread Liberty and Freedom Together | Fox News
  126. Trollumpsters and Anti-liberty Trolls
  127. PHOTOS: Rand Paul's "The Iowa 10,000 College Tour!"
  128. Rand Paul on Hannity 10-16 talking about Hillary
  129. Rand Paul is 'In it to Win it!'
  130. Did anyone watch SNL tonight?
  131. There will always be a Bush or Clinton that will take us back into Iraq–I will not
  132. Cruz Still Duping "Liberty" Lovers in NH
  133. Marxist Bill Maher Deceptively Spins News About Rand Paul
  134. Bot Attack on Grassroots
  135. 10 Questions for Rand Paul: Excellent interview by CNBC
  136. The Federalist: Why We Still Need Rand Paul
  137. Rand Paul Banks on College Students to Win Iowa
  138. Paul blasts Rubio: 'We're lucky he wasn't president during the Cold War'
  139. Sen. Rand Paul kicks off 3-day trip in New Hampshire
  140. Rand Paul Appears on The Lead With Jake Tapper - October 19, 2015
  141. Contrarians
  142. Rand at 5% in CNN/ORC Poll (Tied 5th)
  143. Rand is polling > 15% with the under 50 age group
  144. More good news for Rand, the establishment is committed to taking down Trump
  145. New NBC poll Rand at 2%
  146. Monmouth, Paul at 4%
  147. CNBC Debate Criteria - Rand Makes it
  148. Rand Paul wants GOP to be 'the party of justice'
  149. Rand Paul, Mick Mulvaney Fight ‘Clean’ Debt Limit Hike
  150. Rand Iowa TV and Radio Ad Blitz - Ticker up
  151. Students form organization to support Rand Paul
  152. PPP NH 10/16-10/18: Rand 8th at 4%
  153. Rand Paul “We’re Stuck In A Reality TV Show”
  154. Rand Paul Appears on Fox's The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson - October 20, 2015
  155. Stephen Moore: Rand Paul's Tax Plain Explained
  156. Rand Paul: "over 3,000 students that have agreed to caucus with us in Iowa."
  157. University of Colorado Denver Students for Rand rally on October 27th
  158. Favorability Trends in Paul's Favor
  159. The Media Blackout of Rand Paul -- in bar graph form!
  160. Rand, Kasich, Christie Tied at 3.0% For CNBC Debate
  161. 100 days to victory!.. Huge initiative from Oct. 24th to November 2nd from Campaign.
  162. Let's shove this poll down their throats ..
  163. Rand Paul: Greater Palestinian Freedom Could Ease Violence
  164. Rand will be victorious at the polls. Rare.us op-ed.
  165. With Biden out...
  166. Rand Paul In Back To The Future
  167. Rand Makes the Next Debate
  168. "Other" winning at 55% in Fox Online Poll without Rand
  169. Paul to be Staged on Outside Right Podium for CNBC Debate
  170. Rand Paul's last, best chance is to run against Hillary the hawk
  171. Rand Paul: 'We can save an extraordinary amount of money not putting people in jail'
  172. New Iowa Quinnipiac Poll - Rand at 6%
  173. Rand Paul's Golden Opportunity- Speaker's Race
  174. "Does Rand Paul have what it takes to be president of the United States?" POLL
  175. Go With Rand! Win a trip to the debate in Colorado!
  176. Unofficial Predictions for the Coming Months - How Do You See the Race Going?
  177. This super activist is trying to get to New Hampshire to wreak havoc 4 Rand
  178. How Rand can gain a lot of support
  179. Eight things Rand Paul will never do.
  180. Rand's amendment to protect privacy from CISA fails 32-65
  181. Sen. Rand Paul on Alan Colmes
  182. New Book by Rand Paul: Our Presidents & Their Prayers
  183. New Iowa Bloomberg Poll: Rand in 5th with 5%, Trump and Bush continue to slide
  184. Rand Paul on CNN: Benghazi is on Clinton's watch
  185. Is Rand Paul For A Fence?
  186. Iowa Caucus 101 curriculum for Iowa high school students.
  187. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News Outnumbered for full hour - 10/23/15
  188. Rand Paul: Free tuition? What about free cars, free makeup?
  189. Rand Paul Is Running for President of Young America
  190. Video: Rand Paul discusses the Hillary Clinton Benghazi committee hearing.
  191. Fox Business Blackout: Where's Rand?
  192. Spreadshirt.com - Tons of Rand 2016 Options
  193. Rand Paul on FOX's After the Bell 10-23
  194. Video: Bernie Sanders, Rand Paul protest CISA as it advances in Senate
  195. [Video] Rand Paul on Cashin' In w/ Eric Bolling 10/24/15
  196. Very important poll from Kentucky asking if Rand should drop out, hit it out the park
  197. Rand Paul Interview Fox News Government Shutdown; FULL Rand Paul Interview
  198. Beck Blitz: Senator Rand Paul joins Glenn! (Audio)
  199. How accurate is this pic?
  200. Rand Paul to open Vegas campaign office, visit Pahrump
  201. Rand Paul Introduces Resolution for Senate Review on Upcoming Climate Agreement
  202. Rand Paul For President Announces Don Huffines As Texas State Chairman
  203. Rand Paul Plots a Comeback: Fair article from US News
  204. Rand Paul slams Paul Ryan over sequestration
  205. Rand Paul: Bernie Sanders is wrong, socialism leads to extermination
  206. LIVE: Rand Paul opens Las Vegas campaign office
  207. October 28th Republican debate on CNBC - Official thread
  208. Trump slowly starting to take Rand's views...
  209. Carson over Trump, Paul at 4% in new CBS poll
  210. MSNBC- Breaking News- Rand Paul to Filibuster Debt Ceiling Vote
  211. RNC Bullsh*t (CNBC debate green room assignments)
  212. Milwaukee debate on Nov. 10th
  213. Black This Out MB?
  214. is Rand about to breakthrough?
  215. My mom keeps mistaking Paul Ryan for Rand Paul
  216. Rand Busts Out with "Yo Momma" Jokes @ Trump
  217. New video from Rand
  218. BLACK THIS OUT Money Bomb - Official donation thread!
  219. Rand Paul on War in the Middle East, Israel, Iran, and Syria
  220. CNBC GOP Presidental poll LIVE - Rand at 40% and climbing ..
  221. Rand Paul to have new haircut tonight?
  222. On this day, polling numbers in 2011
  223. Video: Rand Paul Appears on CNN's 'The Lead' with Jake Tapper - October 28, 2015
  224. Debates Over, Trump Won (Lol?)
  225. Vote for rand to win debate in CNBC online Poll
  226. Rand Needs Caffeine Before The Debate Or Something!
  227. Your Thoughts on the Debate
  228. After debate poll!!
  229. NBC Debate Poll
  230. All of Rand's responses in the CNBC Debate
  231. Drudge poll
  232. A message from Ron [$1M moneybomb]
  233. ANOTHER POLL (NewsMax)
  234. most republicans running are there to keep Dr Paul out
  235. State of the Race: In One Month, Rand Should Crack Top Five
  236. Nine pre-debate questions with Rand Paul
  237. CNBC creates new post-debate poll - can't find the original with Rand in #3
  238. Video: Rand Paul followup with Hannity
  239. Video: Rand Paul will Filibuster the Debt Ceiling | Fox News
  240. Video: Rapid Fire Q&A with Rand Paul | "Glenn Beck Program"
  241. Video: Full interview with Sen. Rand Paul | Alaska Dispatch News
  242. Video: Post-debate at CU - John Ferrugia interviews Sen. Rand Paul
  243. Video: Rand Paul press conference in Boulder
  244. Video: RandPaul: 'The Monopoly on Media Has Somewhat Been Broken Up by the Internet'
  245. Only Rand (and O'Malley) could venture onto CU-Boulder campus 10/28
  246. Rand Paul Is Right: The Fed Is Increasing Inequality With Its Low Rates
  247. Rand Paul joins Wolf Blitzer at 1pm - 10/29/15
  248. Just got an invite to a Rand Paul luncheon.
  249. Rand on the Senate floor now
  250. Rand at 4.4% in first post debate poll, ahead of Bush