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  1. Monmouth Poll: Trump 30, Carson 18, Cruz 8, Bush 8, Paul 2
  2. Rand's first blow to Trump lands hard
  3. CNN: Rand Paul Talks Migrants, Kentucky Clerk Ruling, Trump, Syria
  4. New HotAir Poll: Vote NOW!
  5. It's time.. Students for Rand in Iowa event Sept. 11th. Road to 10k for Rand.
  6. is Kim Davis a threat to Rand's senate seat?
  7. What is the best strategy for Rand?
  8. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity 9/3
  9. Students for Rand launches the Nevada 3,000 project today!
  10. Rand Paul is a sellout!! And so are you!!
  12. Constitution Day (Thur, Sept. 17th) Moneybomb Tweets, Facebook, and Social Media Thread
  13. Rand Paul Reluctantly Defends Trump from Hewitt’s ‘Gotcha’ Questions
  14. Rand Paul Op-Ed: Simplify the Tax Code, Reduce the Budget, and Balance It
  15. Rand at zero in new Florida and Georgia polls
  16. Dear Rand Paul, this is what you need to get back to. This needs to be your message.
  17. What is the best strategy for Rand (revised)?
  18. Rand on the Iran deal, his stock market prediction, and tax plan
  19. Rand tied for 4th in Iowa
  20. Technology Adaptation Curve Explains the Liberty Movement and Rand Paul
  21. Any Good Rand Vs Bernie Videos Out there?
  22. Another big move for the week, Rand starting a physicians network.
  23. Rand Paul should join Huckabee in supporting Kim Davis
  24. Vote in this Poll
  25. Fake Conservative
  26. My Constitution Day Moneybomb Youtube Video, Please Comment and Share
  27. What I think Rand Needs to Be Louder About
  28. [Video] "Sunday Morning Futures"
  29. would Rand support a Liberty coup in the House?
  30. Rand to tailgate the Iowa vs Iowa State game this Saturday! The Iowa 10k program keeps going
  31. October Money Bomb - Brainstorming Thread
  32. Making a new grassroots website
  33. [Video] Rand Paul Constitution Day Money Bomb & Thunderclap
  34. Rand going on Colbert's Late Show sometime soon
  35. Three Vermont Lawmakers Endorse Rand Paul
  36. Vote in this Fox Poll
  37. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN w/ Wolf Blitzer 9/9/15
  38. Biggest week of the campaign so far is coming
  39. New CNN Poll, Rand tied for 7th at 3%
  40. Rand Paul picks up endorsements from S.C Rep. Mike Pitts, Councilman Stewart Jones
  41. CNN Debate Lineup
  42. Glenn Beck Candidate Rating Poll
  43. Moneybomb promotion
  44. Rand Paul: Blame Dems for shutdown over Planned Parenthood
  45. Real Clear Politics BS
  46. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity 9/10
  47. Big news regarding Students for Rand confirmed by Wall Street Journal!
  48. CNN Announces Reagan Library debate lineup
  49. Rand Paul: ‘We’re all in’ for a long campaign
  50. Rand Paul commercials to air during next week's debate
  51. Audacity of Liberty!!!
  52. Rand Paul on Hannity radio 9/10
  53. Rand Paul: ‘Nothing’ That Donald Trump Supports Is ‘What the Tea Party Was About’
  54. Rand should visit Dr. Josh Umbehr's free market medical practice in Wichita, Kansas
  55. Rand's SFR Rally at Iowa State University Tonight 8:30pm EST (LIVE STREAM)
  56. Hugh Hewitt poll! Let's do it again!!!
  57. This thread is in the wrong forum.
  58. CNN debate questions
  59. did Rand make a mistake on the Iran deal?
  60. Guest Op-Ed: Read Why This Veteran Stands With Rand
  61. 2016 doodling
  62. Donald Trump, Rand Paul feud reaches new level
  63. Survey
  64. New Poll in NH, Rand 5th with 6%
  65. Local HS student hides game in Rand Paul campaign app
  66. Rand Paul brings liberty message to Iowa State
  67. ABC/Wash Post National Poll: Rand in 6th!
  68. Value Voters Summit Straw Poll
  69. Neocon creep Hugh Hewitt -- his role in CNN debate vs Rand?
  70. Campaign Officially Adopting Constitution Day Moneybomb
  71. What is your reason for not donating to RandPaulDigital.com kickstarter?
  72. How Rand Paul can campaign as an outsider
  73. Observation of Old People
  74. CBS/NYT National Poll (9/9 - 9/13)
  75. Why Rand Should Continue to Be Aggressive at Wednesday's debate
  76. Vote for Rand in Glenn Beck's 2016 Candidate Poll Round 9 - results on radio show tomorrow!
  77. Rand Paul: The Party of Tomorrow
  78. Rand Paul: American Choice Makes America Great
  79. New Rand Paul Ad: "Real Conservative"
  80. Rand Paul debate preview: Hit Donald Trump harder
  81. We need 4 more people to sign up to the Constitution Day Moneybomb Thunderclap tonight
  82. [Video] Rand Paul on The Kelly File 9/15
  83. Pre-Debate Poll
  84. [VIDEO] Rand Paul speech for Carol's award.
  85. Paulitical Revolution (funny fanvid/song)
  86. There are lies, damn lies and statistics...
  87. The Iowa Republican coverage of Rand at ISU
  88. Rand Paul on The Glenn Beck Radio Program 9/16 (audio added)
  89. Something I hadn't noticed about the best 2016 presidential logo
  90. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN 9/15
  91. Great news regarding Minnesota.
  92. 9/16/15 Republican Debate - OFFICIAL Thread!
  93. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz buy ad time during Republican debate
  94. Ahead of GOP Debate Rand Paul Shoots IRS Tax Code With an AR-15
  95. The Rand Paul tax plan stands out in a heavy GOP field
  96. Vote for Rand in this pre-debate poll
  97. Stay active on social media tonight! Retweet and re-post Rand's amazing content.
  98. 9/16/15 Republican Debate **Unofficial Thread**
  99. Vote for Rand in the Drudge Poll
  100. Vote for Rand Paul in this Internet poll
  101. To Everyone Who Has a Facebook
  103. Rand Paul's Immigration Policy Vs. Trump's
  104. Oh, really, Ann?
  105. Rand is the top trending person after the debate for his Iraq war answers and the drug war!
  106. Vote for Rand in the TIME Magazine poll!
  107. Toady Is The Moneybomb!!!!! DONATE!!!
  108. All of Rand Paul's responses in CNN Debate
  109. Rand at 3% in CNN Poll
  110. [POLL] San Diego Fox 5: Who do you think won the CNN GOP debate?
  111. Russian pregnant woman killed by Ukraine soldiers [video]
  112. Went to a radio debate party
  113. John Legend Tweeted about Rand to his 7 million followers!
  114. [VIDEO] Rand Paul on The Situation Room 9/16
  115. The Nation's take on how Rand did in the Debate.
  116. Did anyone catch the Frank Luntz Focus group on the Kelly File?
  117. Vote for Rand for winner of the debate: easy and no email needed.
  118. The Slate's take on Foreign Policy in the GOP debate (some love for Rand)
  119. Rand and Beck discuss taxes and term limits
  120. "Remember who the real enemy is"
  121. Some stats about last night's debate
  122. Cheers for Rand Paul: The Kentucky Senator Brought the Libertarian in Debate
  123. Debate TOOBS 09/16/2015
  124. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity after the debate
  125. Daily Caller poll
  126. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News w/ Bill Hemmer 9/17
  127. Rand's CNN debate perfomance was ok
  128. Rand Paul WSJ op-ed: If Only the Fed Would Get Out of the Way
  129. Rand Paul: Want boots on the ground? You’ve got 14 other choices #MoneyBomb
  130. Rand's Campaign video to donate featuring debate highlights
  131. Unlike Trump, Rand Paul Actually Made Some Sensible Points During the Debate
  132. Rand Paul returns to libertarian roots
  133. 300 students showed up to Rand's Rally in the university of Nevada.
  134. CNN Debate Losers Rand Paul. Really?
  135. The Real Reason Rand Paul is Losing to Trump and Carson: Republican Voters Want Bigger Governm
  136. Why doesn't Rand Paul jump on this more?
  137. Should Trump apologize to Rand ?
  138. I just donated $1150.
  139. Yahoo News says says Rand has the best line of the night
  140. Rand, hear me out
  141. In debate showdown, Rand Paul the only adult on stage
  142. Rand Paul the People's Choice
  143. Rand did well on CNN
  144. Rare story about Rand
  145. Chicago Tribune said that Rand Paul was the only adult on stage!
  146. Rand pwns Bernie Sanders on Twitter!
  147. Rubio aide punches Paul official at Mackinac Island
  148. Rand Paul 'Ask Me Anything' coming September 22nd to Galts Gulch Online
  149. [Video] Rand Paul on Face the Nation w/ John Dickerson 9/20/15
  150. Rand - overleveraged Fed punishes better capitalized banks
  151. Rand Paul: Why I'm Different
  152. Here are some polls to vote on
  153. Live Stream: Heritage Action Presidential Forum
  154. PHOTOS: Rand Paul at Libre Initiative's Libre Forum in Las Vegas
  155. Rand’s Economic Adviser: If Investors Thought August Was Scary, “They Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet”
  156. Rand Transfers funds to KY GOP
  157. Gary Heavin
  158. Ignoring Rand Paul
  159. Rand Paul to The Fed: Stop Setting Interest Rates
  160. Rand Paul Found His Voice: Can He Find Noninterventionist Voters?
  161. Something Rand Paul can say in the next debate to pressure the media to stop ignoring him
  162. Live video: Rand Paul deliver remarks at this year's GOP Mackinac Leadership
  163. Rand Paul wins Mackinac Straw Poll
  164. Rand Paul Wins Michigan MIRSNews Straw Poll
  165. Rand Paul calls for term limits, says Trump has peaked
  166. List of other politicians that have admitted using drugs.
  167. CNN post-debate national poll: Rand in 8th
  168. Rand Paul Campaign Site Fails Privacy Audit
  169. Opinion: Paul building broader, bolder GOP
  170. Here’s how drastically different Rand Paul is on foreign policy from every other candidate
  171. [VIDEO] Rand Vs Sanders SS reform
  172. What's Rand Paul's Ethical Framework?
  173. Our Afghani Allies Keep Boys For Raping: Rand Should Start Bringing This Up
  174. Help Rand and Forward This to Chip Englander Right Away!
  175. Rand Paul gets endorsement from conservative SC Representative Mulvaney
  176. A Joint Town Hall with Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders?
  177. Rand Paul to Ben Carson: There’s no religious test in politics
  178. Who's the competition for Iowa? What's your analysis?
  179. Rand Paul: Here’s How the GOP Can Stop Government Dysfunction
  180. Rand peaked/surged too early?
  181. Rand Paul most-donated-to presidential candidate in Kentucky
  182. Petition for Debate between Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders
  183. I will be donating at least $100 to Rand before Sept. 30th. (End Of Quarter) Will You Join Me?
  184. "Justice Never Sleeps" T-Shirt
  185. Vote for "none of the above" in Fox News poll
  186. Campaign Manager Chip Englander on Rand's Iowa strategy
  187. Why doesn't Rand dangle this GOP red meat at debates?
  188. Scott Walker 2016 Facebook Page Endorses Rand Paul
  189. Rand Paul AMA 4PM ET
  190. PPP Iowa [Rand up a point]
  191. Rand coming up on CNN w/ Wolf Blitzer (9/22)
  192. Rand Paul's Electoral Strategy: A suggestion
  193. Rand Paul - FULL Q&A at Heritage Action Presidential Forum
  194. New Poll - No Email Required - Rand in 3rd with 15%
  195. Here’s why I #StandwithRand
  196. Video-Students stand with Rand (great video)
  197. Very good article to read about recent poll numbers... Have faith and keep fighting
  198. Rand Paul and 10 Heedless Hawks
  199. "Say hi to your dad"
  200. Rand Live at SFR in South Carolina
  201. Rand Paul just spoke to 500 students in South Carolina.
  202. Rand Paul brings campaign to Rock Hill, now seeking Scott Walker supporters
  204. Anyone think Rand is being too scripted?
  205. Cool Rand Paul vine!
  206. Rand Paul Article in my School Newspaper
  207. Rand Paul Gets It Wrong on Pot (HuffPo Goes SoCon)
  208. Rand Paul is dominating in endorsements
  209. Rand, want some free press? Challenge Trump to a Twitter war!
  210. To anyone worrying about students being registered... and showing up..
  211. Rand Paul speech at Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference (intro by Amash)
  212. Rand votes against Continuing Resolution to fund government (9/24/15)
  213. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity discusses Syrian refugees
  214. Lindsey Graham itching to confront Rand Paul
  215. Letter: Rand Paul is best of Republican field
  216. Rand Shoots a Clown
  217. Rand Paul wins 2nd place! Quixotic Rubio in first.
  218. This is the article you need to share from yesterday's "PP" vote.
  219. New Host of Comedy Central, Trevor Noah, has a bromance with Rand Paul
  220. New CNN/WMUR New Hampshire Poll
  221. [VIDEO] FN Hillarys emails/Rand calls on all others to drop out
  222. Trump and Carson are getting the anti-war vote?
  223. Interesting story about polling Muslims worldwide about Islam
  224. Catchy phrases for Rand!?
  225. SFR member seeking help in Las Vegas and elsewhere
  226. Trump Using Rand Talking Point
  227. Comeback lines for Rand when asked stupid questions by media.
  228. Rand Paul on CNN: How did presidential race sink to such depths?
  229. Rand Paul Appears on America's Newsroom with Bill Hemmer on Fox News 9-28
  230. Election 2016: The Era of Rand Paul
  231. Washington State Representative Cary Condotta endorses Rand Paul for President.
  232. Practicality of Rand's "Arm the Kurds" strategy?
  233. What is Rand's position on the VW "scandal"?
  234. Rand tearing it up on the senate floor regarding the CR
  235. Video: Sen. Rand Paul Speaks Against the Continuing Budget Resolution - September 29, 2015
  236. Paul slams spending bill
  237. PurplePac quits [mod note: media spin]
  238. Austin Peterson using Purple PAC to support him after using Rand's name to fundraise
  239. WTF Happened to Drudge?
  240. Rand Paul: Ted Cruz Can’t Get Anything Done Legislatively
  241. Sen. Paul Appears on CNN's Wolf with Wolf Blitzer - September 29, 2015
  242. Republican presidential candidates in 2016 (Reuters 5-Day Rolling poll)
  243. Politico quote splattered all over the MSM against Rand came from a rival campaign
  244. Rand interview with Gretchen earlier today (9/29)
  245. Why Supporting Rand Matters
  246. Obama’s Gift to Rand Paul
  247. Politico's war against Rand Paul continues
  248. PHOTOS: Rand Paul in South Carolina and New Hampshire
  249. Keep Donating...
  250. Rand on the Debate Bubble for CNBC