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  1. Rand Paul's Libertarian summer
  2. The Pot Plank on the Presidential Platform
  3. Rand Paul, the most frugal lawmaker of them all
  4. Rand Paul’s Tax Liberation Is A Road To Prosperity
  5. Sen. Rand Paul raises marijuana money in Denver for GOP bid
  6. The Ups and Downs of Rand Paul's Tax Plan
  7. Rand Paul caucus plan 'no slam dunk'
  8. Rand Paul Is Winning the Pot Reform Primary
  9. Raised Around Cry For Smaller Government, Rand Paul Carries The Torch
  10. [Video] Rand Paul speech in Des Moines, Iowa - new headquarters opening
  11. Rand Paul: I'll defeat Hillary in swing states
  12. PHOTOS Rand in Council Bluff, Sioux City, LeMars, Okoboji, Dubuqe, Cedar, Brooklyn, Des Moines
  13. Rick Perry meanders his way to a Rand Paul rally
  14. Did Rand Paul Meet With Cliven Bundy? Bundy Says Yes; Paul Camp: No
  15. DNC has attacked Rand Paul more than any other presidential candidate: The Hill
  16. How Libertarian Is Rand Paul on Drug Policy?
  17. Concerned American Voters
  18. Rand Paul Interview on Marijuana, Gay Marriage, and Cliven Bundy
  19. Alan Grayson supports Rand over every other GOP Candidate
  20. XKeyscope
  21. Take the Glenn Beck 2016 Presidential Candidate Letter Grade Poll: Round 7
  22. Rand Paul’s Iowa Campaign Should Make the Rest of the GOP Field Nervous
  23. Rand Paul headed to Michigan
  24. Rand Paul on Fox News w/ Bill Hemmer: Did Hillary lie to congress about arms shipments?
  25. Change your router SSID
  26. WND uncovers evidence backing up Rand on Hillary's weapons to jihadists
  27. Rand Paul op-ed: Oppose the Washington Machine Education Bill
  28. How Rand Paul Could Ride the Maharishi Effect to Victory
  29. Rand Paul on The Laura Ingraham Show 7/8/15
  30. Rand Paul Exposes $25,000 Federal Grant for Oscars Museum
  31. Rand Paul Comes Out Swinging Against Sanctuary Cities
  32. Rand Paul leads candidates in WA GOP straw poll
  33. Rand tied for 2nd nationally in YouGov/Economist poll
  34. PPP NC 7/2-7/6 Trump-16,Bush/Walker-12,Huck-11,Rubio/Carson-9,Rand-7
  35. [Video] Rand Paul On The Record w/ Greta 7/9/15
  36. Rand Paul and 4 other senators introduce marijuana banking bill
  37. Rand comes in second in Glenn Beck July Poll
  38. Rand Paul lights fire to giant tax code inside wheelbarrow: ‘Join me’
  39. Is it bad news Rand hasn't released his fundraising numbers?
  40. Petitions Explode To Ban Conf. Symbols.......(NEVER NEGOTIATE W/ TERRORISTS)
  41. KBUR/WAA Iowa 6/27-6/29 Walker-18, Bush-12, Rand/Huck-10
  42. Rand Paul Raises $7 Million In Second Quarter With Overwhelming Grassroots Support
  43. Jennifer Jacobs of Des Moines Reg. says Rand is lagging in IA cuz of Bernie
  44. Rand Paul's Innaugural Speech
  45. NH The Taxpayers Picnic Straw Poll: Rand 39% / Carly 15% / Cruz 11% / Trump 8% / Carson 5%
  46. Summer Sale at Rand's official store
  47. Tom McMillin stands with Rand
  48. UFC Hall of Fame introduction in RAND shirt!
  49. How will Rand vote on Iran nuclear deal?
  50. Rand Paul responds on Twitter to Clinton about Uber
  51. Rand in Louisville yesterday, some local news coverage
  52. How do you know if you're too hardcore Rand Paul?
  53. Rand Paul Responds to Donald Trump's Immigration Comments
  54. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity 7/14
  55. Rand needs to fire back up the abortion debate
  56. John Stossel Endorses Rand Paul for President
  57. Rand Paul Visits Michigan on Campaign with Justin Amash
  58. Rand Will Vote Against Nuclear Deal
  59. Non-violent drug offenders - How much does this cost?
  60. Straw Poll : GOP of Orange County, CA (Rand in close 2nd, get him to 1st)
  61. The non jiggerypokerycandidate
  62. Rand Paul, sniping with Ted Cruz, heads to Houston for “Stand with Rand” rally
  63. Rand Paul sues Obama over foreign banking law
  64. Obama Agrees With Rand Paul That Mandatory Minimums Should Be Abolished
  65. Rand Paul's campaign targeting reporters with Twitter ads
  66. Rand Paul on The Brian Thomas Show 7/15/15
  67. Congressman Cynthia Lummis endorses Rand Paul, joins leadership team
  68. Fox News poll (7/16/15): Rand Paul 4th, behind Trump, Walker, Bush
  69. Rand's July 2015 FEC report (details)
  70. Rand Paul Asks Supporters To Sign ‘Defund Planned Parenthood’ Petition
  71. Paul vows push to defund Planned Parenthood next week
  72. Rand Paul: Restrict Immigration from Muslim Countries
  73. Really good article about Rand's campaign and the perception it is losing steam
  74. A really good article that gives insight into Rand's upcoming debate skills vs Cruz and others
  75. In Houston, Rand Paul Calls for "Hardball" Against Clinton
  76. Interesting article about Rand's statement on immigration from Muslim countries
  77. Military Donations Thread
  78. Campaign is missing out on donations during stops
  79. Rand Paul Rallies Houston For Real National Security: ’We Can’t Project Power From Bankruptcy
  80. Libertarians shouldn’t automatically trust how the media portrays Rand Paul
  81. Ron digs Rand's filibuster and says nobody else comes close in 2016 field
  82. Rand Paul traveling to Haiti to perform pro bono eye surgeries
  83. Here's who is bankrolling the top presidential candidates (Good news for Rand)
  84. Why is Rand skipping events in Iowa?
  85. Monmouth Iowa 7/16-7/19 Walker-22,Trump-13, ..., Rand-5
  86. Rand Paul readying Hill push for guns on military bases and in recruiting stations
  87. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News w/ Bill Hemmer 7/21/15
  88. CNN explains Rand's "absence"
  89. Watch Rand Paul literally shred the US tax code with a chainsaw
  90. Rand Paul gets pulled into the Trump whirl
  91. Hillary's New Poll Numbers Shock MSNBC Hosts ... Rand left out of a poll yet again
  92. Rand Paul Says He Supports Military Force Against Iran If They're Building Nukes
  93. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity 7/22
  94. NSA whistleblower William Binney is advising Rand Paul
  95. New PPP poll: Rand only at 4% (5?) but does the best against Hillary
  96. How about Rand Paul host a sweepstakes on products purchased from his website?
  97. Rand Paul leads GOP in another national poll
  98. Rand Paul on CBS News 7-22-15
  99. Strategy on Christie?
  100. Rand Paul Hits U.S. ‘Over-Criminalization’ System
  101. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News Sunday w/ Chris Wallace 7/26/15
  102. Rand Paul On the Record w/ Greta tonight
  103. (Video) Rand Questions Sec Kerry on Iran Deal
  104. [Video] Rand Paul on Illegal Immigration, Iran Deal, and Flat Taxes – Lou Dobbs Tonight
  105. Rand's data war with GOP
  106. Rand is 4th in odds on Betfair
  107. Is this a thing? Rand Paul vs Bernie Sanders Debate Tour?
  108. Rand Paul super PACs raise $5 million
  109. Tried to make donation just now - payment page kept throwing back error.
  110. [Video] Rand Paul on Face the Nation w/ John Dickerson 7/26/15
  111. Rand Paul Pushes Ahead To Defund Planned Parenthood, Circumvent McConnell Blocking
  112. CAV-SPAC Spending
  113. Rand Paul's Super PAC is Powered By Whole Foods and Pot
  114. Rand Paul Launches Snapchat Ads
  115. Lumberjacks judge Rand Paul's chainsaw skills – CNN
  116. Fox News Cashin' In discusses Rand's tax plan
  117. McConnell Silences Rand Paul During Ex-Import Bank Vote
  118. Rand 8% Trump 18% on Fox Poll 7/25 -Santorum/Kasich tie for debate 10th spot
  119. Rand Paul in New Hampshire this weekend
  120. J.C. Watts, stumping for Rand Paul, talks criminal justice reform
  121. [Video] J.C. Watts stumps for Rand Paul in Iowa City, IA - 7/25/15
  122. "Come to Jesus" meeting with the Rand Paul supporters. Have you forgotten?
  123. America's Liberty SPAC Spending and Contributions:
  124. CNN/ORC Poll (7/26/15) - Rand tied for 5th
  125. Super PAC supporting Rand Paul goes all-in on Iowa
  126. Overview of Rand's Tax Plan
  127. FiveThirtyEight blog analyzes Rand Paul's poll numbers
  128. Feeling a little pissed off? Let's do something about it...
  129. PurplePAC launches, 3rd Pro Paul PAC
  130. Rand Paul says the GOP can defund Planned Parenthood before the recess
  131. Pro-Santorum PAC attacks Rand Paul
  132. Rand Paul won't attend Koch Brothers 2016 summit
  133. just wow - they are really trying to hammer Rand before August debate
  134. Rand's bill will force planned parenthood vote
  135. Bill de Blasio Rips Rand Paul for Trying to Defund Planned Parenthood
  136. Rand Paul calls on Hillary Clinton to refund Planned Parenthood donations
  137. Rand Paul tells veterans why America should avoid wars in the Middle East
  138. Rand Paul invokes Obamacare as a reason to defund Planned Parenthood
  139. Rep. Lummis: Rand Paul GOP’s Best Hope For Beating Hillary Clinton (Breitbart op-ed)
  140. Rand Paul returns to Iowa for campaigning, baseball (Friday & Saturday)
  141. Rand Paul on The Glenn Beck Radio Program 7/28/15
  142. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity 7/28
  143. Brian Doherty not buying into media drama
  144. Rand has had the most Fox appearances of any candidate
  145. Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose
  146. How Rand Paul can stir up his dad's supporters without offending conservatives
  147. Rand Needs To Hit the Big Parasite
  148. Ron received 23% in Iowa.
  149. politico & mother jones tweet contradictory Rand Paul smears
  150. Is it too late for Rand to do this?
  151. In Iowa, Rand Paul’s unofficial army plans to win the summer
  152. New Poll: Rand Paul holds Hillary Clinton to only 47% in Illinois
  153. Rand Paul has this big disadvantage with his core base that no other GOP candidate ever will
  154. Rand Paul getting IA Ron's supporters
  155. How Rand Plans to Win in 2016: Inside Rand Paul’s Presidential Campaign Machine
  156. Rand-CISA
  157. A New Super PAC Filing Reveals Rand Paul Is Getting Some Big Support From Silicon Valley
  158. Vote For Rand In This Poll!!
  159. Rand Paul will participate in August 3rd Voters First Forum in NH - 6:30 pm ET on C-SPAN
  160. New Quinnipiac National Poll: Rand at 6%
  161. Printable Flyer from RandPaul.com
  162. Latest Rasmussen national poll
  163. Calm Down: Rand might've just confirmed that he made the debates
  164. Rand Paul Speaks at Planned Parenthood Conference!
  165. Polls show Rand Paul has a better chance of beating Hillary than any other Republican
  166. Rand Paul on Trump's Surge: 'Brief'
  167. New Rand Paul ad
  168. Why aren’t libertarians rejecting Rand Paul’s fight against Planned Parenthood?
  169. Rand Paul Reports Relatively Modest Personal Wealth
  170. Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton's State Department 'admonished' ambassador for improper email use
  171. Reuters poll has Rand Paul in 3rd Nationally
  172. How is someone who inherits money and goes bankrupt more impressive than being a surgeon?
  173. Rand Paul on The Laura Ingraham Show 7/30/15
  174. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN w/ Wolf Blitzer 7/30/15
  175. Media uses Ron Paul as a pawn against Rand
  176. Debate watching party in a city near you
  177. I will stand with Rand for the next 9 years
  179. One America News Network Polling Results for Iowa 7/31/2015
  180. ICYMI: Rand Paul Continues to Poll Best Against Hillary Clinton in 2016 Presidential Polls
  181. Pro-Marijuana PAC Backs Libertarian-Minded Rand Paul
  182. Rand Paul appears on Daystar Christian TV
  183. [Video] Rand Paul on State of the Union w/ Jake Tapper 8/2/15
  184. What are some of the best quotes and stories from Taking A Stand
  185. Rand Tops Hillary In Kentucky
  186. Let me give you a perfect example of why the recent polling is GARBAGE
  187. The interesting thing is...
  188. Rand Paul Takes the Lead on Defunding Planned Parenthood - CBN video
  189. Rand Paul -on criminal justice reform
  190. As debate looms, Rand Paul sees a chance to be the GOP dove
  191. Rand Paul takes batting practice on U.S. tax code (video)
  192. [Video] Rand Paul at NH Voters First Forum 8/3/15
  193. WMUR NH 7/22-7/30 Trump-24; Bush-12; Walker-11; Paul/Christie-7
  194. If today's Bloomberg GOP Poll were deciding: Rand would be in the debates
  195. [Video] Rand Paul on America's Newsroom w/ Bill Hemmer 8/4/15
  196. [Video] Rand Paul speaks out for defunding Planned Parenthood on senate floor 8/3/15
  197. $10,000 For Activists Who Can Help Elect Rand Paul!
  198. Reason making sense again
  199. Game on! Support Rand Paul in the August 8th debate
  200. Clinton name checks Republicans -- doesn't mention Rand Paul
  201. Rand Introduces “Audit the Fed” Amendment to Cybersecurity Bill
  202. The award for GOP policy substance goes to Rand Paul
  203. CNN interview regarding Planned Parenthood videos . . .
  204. Money Bomb for the debate thread! Game on!
  205. Hillary 43, Rand 42 in Minnesota
  206. [Video] Rand Paul on TheBlaze TV w/ Glenn Beck 8/4/15
  207. Strategy for the type of questions Rand will get at Thursday debate.
  208. Rand returned $1.8 million to US Treasury
  209. Rand should get a rescue dog (or two)
  210. Rand Paul Is Faulted in Ad Over Previous Calls for Iran Talks
  211. Ready for the Debate? Rand is...
  212. 99% of Rand-related news stories are negative (new idea to change that, need your thoughts)
  213. Rand Paul reveals his favorite movie
  214. Rand Paul winning in Pennsylvania???
  215. Rand Paul leads Hillary Clinton 45%-43% in latest New Hampshire poll - wins independents by 8%
  216. #TeamRand's social media strategy for the debates.
  217. 8/6 First GOP Debate thread (links)
  218. Rand Paul Has Arrived in Cleveland for the Debate! (Snapchat)
  219. Luntz Focus Group on Hannity
  220. I really hope Rand goes hawkish on ISIS tonight
  221. Rand Paul's SuperPACs Aren't Worried About Thursday's Fox News GOP Presidential Debate.
  222. Rand on CBS "I am ready to mix it up... Call out empty suits without ideas"
  223. FOX: How is Rand Paul preparing for his first national debate?
  224. Rand Paul talks to One America News about upcoming debate
  225. Will this Jesse Benton mess hurt Rand?
  226. Rand Paul radio ad: "Waters Of The U.S."
  227. Rand Paul super PAC aides take ‘leave of absence’
  228. Rand stalls CISA vote
  229. Download The Fox News Election HQ 2016 App and Vote For Rand During the Debate!
  230. John Bolton Launches Dramatic Anti-Rand Paul Ad Over Iran Deal
  231. Rand Paul on The Glenn Beck Radio Program 8/6/15
  232. Vote for Rand in This Poll!
  233. How to help Rand tonight
  234. Fox News 2016 Republican presidential debate in Cleveland - Official Thread
  235. Unofficial official thread for the debate toady
  236. 9pm Debate - Time Per Candidate Prediction
  237. Vote for Rand in this poll
  238. Vote for Rand as the winner of the debate!
  239. Reason: Matt Kibbe and other SuperPACS weigh in on Rand's debate strategy
  240. "It's the voting record, stupid!"
  241. [Video] Rand Paul vs. Chris Christie on the 4th amendment
  242. Rand 2nd place in Drudgereport live debate poll
  243. 3 Places To Vote For Rand As The Debate Winner (CONSOLIDATE HERE)
  244. Drudge Poll Up
  245. Senior Rand Paul campaign official says Trump 'is going to dive eventually'
  246. Rand Paul had his moment tonight... The debate with Christie will not be forgotten
  247. Full Debate Video & Rand Highlights
  248. Was Rand the only candidate to mention guns at the debate?
  249. To All Of Those That Proclaimed "They Won't Be Able To Ignore Rand In The Debates!..."
  250. Morning News on the debate..