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  1. [NY Times] Rand Paul Takes On "Eye Roll" Caucus To Oppose Data Gathering In Patriot Act
  2. Paul: Some in D.C. hoping for terror attack to blame him
  3. Americans Call C-SPAN "In Droves" To Support Rand Paul's Stand Against NSA Spying (VIDEO)
  4. Sen. Rand Paul Remarks on Expiration of PATRIOT Act (2nd longer speech)
  5. GOP senators tear into Paul
  6. 12:00AM EST June 1 2015 - The Patriot Act is DEAD
  7. Has Rand Changed Public Opinion on Bulk Collection? A Review of MSM coverage
  8. Raimondo: The Redemption of Rand Paul
  9. [Video] Rand Paul on America's Newsroom w/ Bill Hemmer 6/1/15
  10. Today Show on Rand's Patriot Act battle (video)
  11. Rand Paul on The Laura Ingraham Show 6/1/15
  12. Just a thought on the Establishment's strategy on defeating Rand
  13. Rand Paul is in full on BEAST MODE!!!
  14. What if Rand's poll numbers go UP now?
  15. Erick Erickson: Good for Rand Paul
  16. Feinstein Statement on Expiration of Counterterrorism Programs
  17. Rand Paul Slams Establishment Republicans, Declares Victory Over Nsa, Thanks Matt Drudge
  18. Rand Paul Gets an NSA Win — For Now
  19. Newsweek Piece Echos Paul's Concerns w/o Mentioning him - Rubio linked to McConnell/Burr
  20. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity 6/1
  21. Rand Paul Objects To McConnell Again (6/1/2015)
  22. The Paul, Amash, Massie picture is on the front page of Reddit right now!
  23. Rand top of drudge
  24. Rand Paul on Hannity radio 6/1/15 (audio added)
  25. Media is awash with negativity today.... establishment very upset.
  26. Very Interesting "The Five" Episode On Now - Panel Split on Rand (video added)
  27. Rand on Glenn Beck
  28. Poll: Americans support Rand Paul’s NSA position over Mitch McConnell’s
  29. Mark Levin defends Rand Paul
  30. New Rand Paul ad to air on tv
  31. Well done Rand!
  32. Cenk likes Rand's Patriot Act stand, says he's a real contender
  33. Rand Paul on NewsmaxTV 6/1/15
  34. Rand Paul's Genius Moment
  35. Washington Journal - NOW! Rand vs NSA for next 2 hours
  36. New WaPo poll: Rand 1st nationally tied with Scott Walker
  37. Pew: Paul tied for 2nd with Bush in favorability among Rs, Huck 1st with 53%
  38. Rand Paul on The Alan Colmes Show 6/1/15
  39. New CNN poll: Rand performs best against Hillary among GOP candidates, statistical tie
  40. Let's help push Rand to 2 million likes on FB
  41. Has Rand answered whether he would've kept forces in Iraq?
  42. Nevada Stays With Caucus System in Blow to Jeb Bush
  43. Breitbart: Sen. Rand Paul Sweeps Polls, Fares Best with Independents Against Hillary Clinton
  44. Rand Paul/Fox News Debate with my Uncle
  45. Fascist Peter King
  46. Senate passes NSA reform measure - No Amendments under Amash Threat
  47. Senate approves USA Freedom Act 67-32. Amendments failed. [Mod Edit]
  48. Rand Paul’s Stands Begin Attracting Ron Paul’s Supporters - NY Times
  49. Rand Paul video violated Senate rules
  50. Video: Ron Paul on his son’s chances for the Republican nomination
  51. MMA fighters Pat Miletich and Ben Askren support Rand Paul for president
  52. The campaign is broke
  53. BBC: Could Rand Paul inspire the UK government?
  54. APP game- Election: Battleground
  55. Rand Paul, with overheated rhetoric, pummeled by conservative media over NSA
  56. Hannity praises Rand over Patriot Act fight?
  57. Roll call vote on Rand's amendments to "Freedom" Act?
  58. Big GOP Donors Shun Rand Paul
  59. Let me Finish... Chris Matthews "I'd like to salute Rand Paul"
  60. NYT: Rand Paul makes father's supports believers
  61. Someone help explain these weird Freedom Act Senate votes?
  62. BBC Asks "Could Rand Paul inspire the UK government"?
  63. Mark Levin: Rand Paul is doing nation a great service with fight against NSA data collection
  64. Civil War Breaks Out Over Rand Paul On Fox's 'The Five' (VIDEO)
  65. Judge Nap: Rand Paul succeeded politically, but NSA data collection will continue
  66. Rand Paul TIME op-ed: Don’t Trust a Lying Government
  67. Rush Limbaugh caller not looking forward to having Rand Paul in the debates
  68. Rand Paul should attend a UFC
  69. Robert Duvall might vote for Rand Paul
  70. Rand Paul calls out Jeb Bush for defending NSA
  71. How will Rand Paul defeat Radical Islam?
  72. The Rand Paul game-plan in one picture
  73. Reuters/Ipsos national poll: Bush 10%, Huckabee 9%, Paul 8%, Rubio 6%, Walker 6%
  74. Countdown to 2 million likes on FB!
  75. June 9 = "Stop the NSA" Moneybomb
  76. Is Fox News Ignoring Rand Paul? Help Change It!
  77. [Video] Rand Paul: Not Going to Take it Anymore
  78. [Video] Thomas Massie introduces and endorses Rand Paul at StandWithRand Rally in KY - 5/30/15
  79. Go vote for Rand! RightScoop poll!
  80. Rand Paul playing cards?
  81. Fox News Poll - Rand in 4th with 9% (Ties 1st for 2nd choice)
  82. Is This the Last Chance at the White House for the Paul Family?
  83. Rand Paul on Blocking the Patriot Act, GOP Hawks, and Edward Snowden (ReasonTV interview)
  84. I Just Made A Contribution
  85. Inspirational Rand Paul Video PLEASE SHARE!
  86. Has Rand Paul ever tried seeking a donation from Richard Branson?
  87. VIDEO: Labrador named Western chairman on Rand Paul's presidential campaign
  88. Packed house at Grand Opening of the Rand 2016 New Hampshire office!
  89. Fareed's Take on Rand Paul's Politically Courageous Conservative Realism
  90. Rand Paul more favorable than Rubio/Walker/Bush among independents in NC
  91. 19 Things in Rand Paul’s New Book No Other GOP A-Lister Would Be Caught Dead Saying
  92. Meet Rand Paul’s Nerd Army: Like Mathletes, but for Liberty
  93. Hundreds Pack Manchester Office To Hear Rand Paul Bash ‘arrogant Washington Machine’
  94. How Harry Reid just helped out Rand Paul
  95. What Matt Drudge Can Do for Rand Paul
  96. Video - The politics of Rand Paul's standoff
  97. Video - Sen. Rand Paul speaks at Simmons College (2013)
  98. Rand Paul seeks to tie Pentagon funding to release of classified 9/11 docs
  99. [Video] Rand Paul speaks at press conference for declassifying 28 pages of 9/11 report
  100. Rand Paul Slams Rubio Over Obamatrade: ‘We Should Read Legislation Before We Vote On It’
  101. [Video] Rand Paul speaks at "Pints for Liberty" event in Greenville, SC - 5/29/15
  102. Rand Paul demands White House release trade deal text immediately
  103. Rand Paul Demands White House Release Trade Deal Text Immediately
  104. Rene Plummer hosted dinner for Rand in NH tonight
  105. Barron's Cover Story has Rand in Top Tier, but thinks he is "isolationist libertarian rerun"
  106. satire and destroy
  107. Cato: Rating GOP Candidates on Taxes
  108. JON VOIGHT on Rand "He’s a little controversial... and that's good too"
  109. Breitbart Presidential Primary - Vote For Rand!
  110. Man cited by Rand Paul in press for criminal justice reform dies
  111. Lindsey Graham comes out against Rand Paul's Kurdistan Idea
  112. Rand Paul ~Natal Horoscope.
  113. Why we should listen to Rand Paul
  114. Rand Paul's Off GOP Message Again, This Time on Gitmo
  115. Rand Paul bitcoin moneybomb July 4th
  116. Rand Paul's civil liberties breakthrough
  117. Rand Paul Establishment Derangement Syndrome
  118. NH Gravis Poll: Rand tied for 2nd at 13%
  119. BRUCE FEIN: Rand Paul is right: Neocons created ISIS
  120. Why is this campaign so quiet?
  121. An idea on how to get the issue of blowback in Rand Paul's favor within GOP
  122. Rand Paul in Baltimore: Kalief Browder shows why urban communities are angry
  123. Rand Paul should host his own debate and webcast it
  124. Rand Paul leads Hillary 44-41 in Ohio, no other republican (except Kasich) beats her
  125. Money bomb on Ron Paul's birthday?
  126. Rand Paul: ‘White Kids Don’t Get the Same Justice’ as Minorities
  127. Rand staffer botches tweet about burden of proof. Outrage ensues (tweet deleted)
  128. Ted Cruz’s Analytics-Driven Plan to Steal the libertarian Vote from Rand
  129. Rand Paul’s disdain for international adventurism was once mainstream conservatism
  130. Kelley Paul shakes off negativity
  131. Rand Paul and 4 Other Senators Introduce Amendment To Protect Against Indefinite Detention
  132. vote for Rand in Virginia GOP straw poll
  133. Rand Paul Signs on to Amendment Barring Ground Troops Against ISIS
  134. Time: How Rand Paul Has Already Changed the 2016 Race
  135. Rand Paul Voter Fraud Primaries
  136. Video - Rand Paul Chairs FSO Hearing on Wasteful Government Spending - June 10, 2015
  137. [video] Rand Paul, compilation of best media from campaign so far.
  138. Rand Paul rising on Breitbart
  139. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox Business w/ Kennedy 6/11/15
  140. TPP/TPA could be the biggest issue separating Rand from the rest
  141. Rand Paul Opposing ObamaTrade - A Great Article To Send To Your GOP Friends!
  142. Quiche
  143. Rand Paul Is Gonna Shred It in the Debates
  144. Rand Paul @ Orange County, CA GOP Flag Day Dinner
  145. Politico: Rand Paul doesn’t run with the herd
  146. [Video] KCAL9 Los Angeles reports on Rand Paul's visit to California
  147. [Video] Kelley Paul on Fox Business w/ Kennedy 5/27/15
  148. Rand Paul, the NSA, John McCain, and Salon.com
  149. Sheldon Adelson In Trouble
  150. 19 Things in Rand Paul’s New Book No Other GOP A-Lister Would Be Caught Dead Saying
  151. Rand Paul's trust
  152. Rand Paul's long game
  153. Prediction markets on Republican candidate chances
  154. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity 6/15
  155. Rand Paul: Obamatrade Tax Hikes Mean Republicans Should Oppose Revival Efforts
  156. PHOTOS: Rand Paul in Orange County & San Diego
  157. Should Rand start using a slogan "because I'm the only one you can trust.."
  158. Rand Paul Says No Bushes, No Clintons in 2016: People Want New Leadership From This Century
  159. It will Rand PAUL VS the field
  160. [VIDEO] Rand Paul on 'World Over' 6-11-2015
  161. Rand Paul criticizes federal government’s power during Lexington speech to veterans
  162. Brian Doherty article on Rand's foreign policy in Reason Magazine
  163. Rand Paul on Lindsey Graham
  164. Poll Watch: Morning Consult, Iowa and New Hampshire Republican Primary (2nd and 3rd)
  165. Reason on C-SPAN NOW! - talking about Rand
  166. Another poll for us to vote in!
  167. Quinnipiac: Paul +1 vs Clinton in PA, Tied OH
  168. Rand's WSJ Op-Ed: Blow Up the Tax Code and Start Over
  169. Rand Paul makes cameo in Schmoyoho's Songify the News #8
  170. Matt Kibbe Leaving FreedomWorks for Super PAC Backing Rand Paul
  171. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox & Friends 6/18/15
  172. 12-year-old YouTube Star Explains What Millennials Think About Rand Paul
  173. [Video] Rand Paul speech at Faith & Freedom Coalition Conference 6/18/15
  174. Rand Paul to raid cannabis summit for campaign cash
  175. Rand Paul Wants Internal GOP Debate Over Taxes
  176. America's Liberty PAC releases new ad ("How Rand Rolls")
  177. Rand Paul Names Hedge Fund Chief Mark Spitznagel as Economic Adviser
  178. WHAT?! Krauthammer agreeing with Rand Paul ON A FOREIGN POLICY ISSUE?!
  179. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News Cashin' In w/ Eric Bolling - 6/20/15
  180. Rand Paul accomplishment.
  181. Presidential hopeful Rand Paul talks about campaign, Charleston shooting (VIDEO)
  182. NPR profiles Rand Paul, talks about his upbringing (AUDIO)
  183. Weigel: A New ‘Pro-Rand Paul’ Super PAC is Making Paul’s Official Super PAC Nervous
  184. Rand Paul On His New Flat Tax Plan: ‘It’s The Boldest Plan Out There’
  185. Rand Paul performs some more pro bono eye surgeries
  186. Herman Cain: Rand Paul nails it with his tax code replacement proposal
  187. Rand Paul dominates the Republican presidential pack on Facebook
  188. Rand Paul doubles down on bill to make Congress more transparent
  189. Rand Van Helsing driving a steak through the heart of Count IRS!!
  190. Joe the Plumber reposts: Why the Patriot Act is Tyranny and Rand Paul is a hero
  191. Rand Paul's Father's Day Tribute to Ron Paul
  192. Doing radio interview on Rand Paul Monday morning
  193. Pro-Rand Paul Super PAC attacks Jeb ‘Bailout Bush’
  194. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox Business w/ Trish Regan 6/22/15
  195. Bill O'Reilly and Charles Krauthammer discuss Rand's tax plan (video added)
  196. Rand Paul Gets Ready For GOP Debate Fight: "I know how to mix it up"
  197. The campaign spent $6 in stamps alone to send me an envelope
  198. I am an evangelical minister and I support Rand Paul
  199. Rand Paul: Confederate flag is “inescapably a symbol of human bondage and slavery”
  200. Rand Paul Reminds Us Why Questioning 9/11 Still Matters
  201. PPP surveys Rand's favorability in Kentucky and senate matchups vs. Dems
  202. Breaking: Rand Paul to sue IRS, U.S Treasury
  203. New WSJ/NBC poll: 45% of Republicans won't consider voting for Rand Paul, 75% for Jeb
  204. New Fox News poll: Rand tied for 4th at 9%
  205. Anyone else seen this?
  206. New Hampshire Primary Source: Rand Paul rolls out 50 supporters; many backed his Dad
  207. YouGov poll: Rand tied for first at 11%
  208. VIDEO: "Rand Paul's plan to rewrite the tax code" (On the Record with Greta Van Susteren)
  209. Rand Paul op-ed: No sane reason for making trade treaty classified
  210. Rand Paul's Flat And Fair Tax: Even Better Than Reagan Plan
  211. NH WMUR/CNN Granite State poll 6/25
  212. Rand Paul reacts to Obamacare ruling on Fox News and CNN
  213. Justin Raimondo really likes Rand Paul's new book
  214. End of Quarter Push: Post your receipts here!
  215. Rand Paul gets highest marks in Marijuana Policy Project’s presidential voter guide
  216. An idea for a Rand Paul commercial to get youth vote
  217. Rand Paul Calls Mass Incarceration The “New Jim Crow” While Slamming Clinton
  218. What is your prediction on Rand Paul's tax plan if he becomes President?
  219. Why has Rand not released a statement on the same sex marriage ruling?
  220. It's the Economy, Stupid!
  221. Rand Paul fundraises off promise to defeat ObamaCare
  222. [Video] A Conversation with Senator Rand Paul on C-SPAN - 6/23/15
  223. Rand Paul to Visit Nevada on Monday (6/29)
  224. Rand Paul to visit Denver on Tuesday (6/30)
  225. Rand Paul to visit Iowa on Wednesday and Thursday (7/1-7/2)
  226. Have Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders worked together much in the senate?
  227. McCain Pretending to Be Rand Paul On Christians in ME
  228. Rand considers his response
  229. New Grassroots Rand Paul 2016 Video
  230. Rand Paul TIME op-ed: Government Should Get Out of the Marriage Business
  231. Here’s What Happens When Rand Paul Hosts a 24-Hour ‘Hackathon’ for Liberty
  232. [Video] CJ Pearson on Fox & Friends says Rand Paul is best candidate for president
  233. Read These Email Headlines from Rand Paul: Is He Gonna Be OK?
  234. Rand should sue for Constitutional Carry on the same grounds as gay marriage did
  235. Super PAC CAV spending $261K in IA for Rand Paul Outreach
  236. Rand Paul to raise money with marijuana industry in Denver
  237. Good to see Doug Wead named Senior Advisor
  238. MSNBC video of Rand Paul's Hackathon
  239. Video of Rand Paul answering Ryan Bundy's Question
  240. Video of Rand Paul talking about the role of government.
  241. The ultimate tax cut
  242. PHOTOS: Rand Paul visits Las Vegas 6/29/15
  243. CNN/ORC 6/26-6/28 Bush-19,Trump-12,Huck-8,Paul and Carson-7
  244. 1 million
  245. Judge Napolitano: Hillary lied in her testimony to Rand Paul and should be prosecuted
  246. Two recent state polls (MI and KY)
  247. Matt Kibbe on NewsmaxTV talks about Rand Paul and 2016 field
  248. Rand Memes
  249. Rand Paul Wants To Sell Off America’s Public Lands
  250. Rand Paul Predicts Possible Stock Market Crash Because of Fed