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  1. Quinnipiac Iowa Poll Rand tied for second with 13%
  2. Rand Paul's Early Fundraising: Small Town Appeal, More Than 10 Percent of Donors Gave to Ron
  3. Sens. Paul, Schatz & Rep. Ellison Introduce RESET Act
  4. Rand Unveils ‘The Waste Report’
  5. How To Help Beat Any Rand Paul Media Blackout In A Few Easy Steps
  6. Glenn Beck Presidential Letter Grade Survey Poll Round #5. Go Vote!
  7. Rand Paul Leads The Endorsement Race
  8. Rand Paul's Digital Chief Says Plea for Ideas Is Crowdsourcing
  9. Rand Paul Celebrates Ruling Against NSA's Bulk Data Collection
  10. Rand Paul Apparently Paid $100,000 for RandPaul.com
  11. Rand Paul set to open office in San Francisco
  12. Rand Paul Slams Jeb Bush For Agreeing With Obama’s NSA Data Collection
  13. For Those With Tickets For Rand Event Saturday In S.F.
  14. Major changes to Iowa straw poll. Will this hurt or help us?
  15. The Economist/YouGov Poll: Rand 2nd Nationally
  16. WMUR/UNH Poll: Rand Leads Clinton by 4% in NH
  17. GOP consultant on hot seat with Mitch over Rand Paul attack
  18. "Run Paul"
  19. Do you know what I miss? Live streams
  20. Members of Congress pulled a huge fraud so they could get ObamaCare subsidies (Rand Related)
  21. This Could Be Huge for Rand IF We Get Involved NOW
  22. Rand Paul has best week ever with anti NSA ruling
  23. [VIDEO] Rand Paul reacts to McCain on NSA / Rand in AZ
  24. PHOTOS: Rand Paul at Arizona State University
  25. Court Ruling on N.S.A.’s Data Collection Jolts Both Defenders and Reformers
  26. Rand Tied for first in NH in lastest Bloomberg poll!
  27. Shakil Afridi - major new developments from Seymour Hersch
  28. Rand Paul vows to filibuster 'patriot act' reauth
  29. HotAir Primary Survey (May Edition) - Vote for Rand *NOW*
  30. Rand Paul Appoints Bitcoin-Friendly Overstock CEO To Tech Counsel
  31. What has Rand Paul *done* so far, for liberty?
  32. Rand Paul Courts San Francisco’s Techies
  33. Paul picks up endorsements of 20 NH state reps
  34. Paul opposes granting Obama fast-track trade authority
  35. Rand Releases Newest Edition of ‘The Waste Report’
  36. Rand Paul Digital: Apps/MicroSites for Next-Gen Grassroots
  37. Interview With Kelley Paul About Upcoming Presidential Campaign (Great Interview!)
  38. Rand Paul desperately needs a body language consultant.
  39. Sen. Rand Paul Visits Secret Room To Read Obamatrade, Calls For Public Release Of Deal Text
  40. Rand Paul Appears on The Situation Room w/ Wolf Blitzer - May 13, 2015
  41. New Google+ Rand Paul Community
  42. New campaign video "Sanctity of Life"
  43. 18 Year Old Rand Paul Supporter
  44. Fox News excludes Rand in head to head polling against Hillary Clinton
  45. The Kelly File - Rand Paul Reacts To Jeb Bush on Iraq
  46. Rand hits Jeb over Iraq comments, Rubio over foreign aid (Politico interview)
  47. Zippy 1-liners for discussing with our skeptical brothers
  48. Andrew Napolitano: Rand Paul Versus Ted Cruz on the Fourth Amendment
  49. Rand Paul's Comments On The Donations By George Stephanopoulos
  50. RNC Online Straw Poll! Go Vote! Let's Have A Good Showing!
  51. Rand Paul's Official Website Provides These
  52. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity discusses Stephanopoulos 'breach of journalistic etiquette'
  53. Meet Rand Paul Monday May 18th in Philadelphia! (Independence Hall)
  54. Rand's Upcoming Book Taking a Stand is #1 New Release under "Democracy"
  55. Black Caucus Members, Sen. Rand Paul Meet on Justice Reform
  56. Rand Paul Tries to Stake Territory as Lone Candidate Who’d Guard Civil Liberties
  57. Rand Paul TIME op-ed on Patriot Act
  58. Rand Paul in Jupiter, FL Next Thursday!
  59. Rand Paul picks up another 25 endorsements
  60. [Video] Rand Paul on Meet the Press w/ Chuck Todd 5/17/15
  61. NewsMax.com Pres Poll - VOTE FOR RAND!
  62. Latest Rand message / fundraising appeal contains pithy image
  63. Rand Paul rips Jeb, Hillary over foreign policy
  64. You Can Become A Delegate
  65. user asks /r/politics y no rand threads
  66. Rand Paul’s NSA Filibuster Vow Complicates Senate’s Memorial Day Getaway
  67. Rand and Neck Tilt
  68. Would Edward Snowden be able to return under a Rand Paul Presidency?
  69. Rand Paul dings NSA for tracking 'innocent Americans'
  70. Rand Paul Asks: What Happens When We Topple Secular Dictators?
  71. Rand Paul Dings NSA For Tracking "Innocent Americans"
  72. This week has been historic with American Foreign Policy
  73. Rand Paul just got vindicated BIG TIME!!!
  74. Watch Rand Paul Live Today @ 1100 A.M. EST
  75. Rand Paul: Iraq War Architects Shouldn’t Get To Keep Going On Sunday Shows
  76. Rand Paul's new book "Taking a Stand" due out on May 26th
  77. Rand Releases Third Edition of ‘The Waste Report’
  78. In Philadelphia, Rand Paul Talks Privatized Amtrak and Criminal Justice
  79. Rand Paul: Bill Clinton put ‘generation’ of black men in prison
  80. Outside Independence Hall, Rand Paul Calls On Obama To End NSA Program
  81. PHOTOS: Rand Paul in Burlington, Fairfield, Oskaloosa & GOP Lincoln Dinner
  82. Rand Paul filibusters Patriot Act renewal and yields floor after 10.5 hours - Official thread
  83. Is Rand the only Republican senator against renewal of the Patriot Act?
  84. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN's New Day 5/19/15
  85. Great Rand Paul Video - Post On Social Media!
  86. Rand Paul filed Audit the Fed as amendment to Trade Promotion Authority bill
  87. Wrong Narrative Coming Out Of Rand's Campaign
  88. [Video] Rand Paul interview at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia 5/18/15
  89. Live Now Rand Paul Filibusters NSA metadata and badly named 'Patriot Act'
  90. McConnell and Cotton Look to Block HoR NSA Reform Bill
  91. TONIGHT: Supporters will Stand With Rand on Capitol Hill
  92. keep retweeting every 5 minutes. ...
  93. rand paul is on the same side as jeb bush now
  94. Yes, Sen. Rand Paul’s latest filibuster is a filibuster
  95. Rand's filibuster totally ROCKS! C-SPAN2 - NOW!
  96. Ted Cruz is AWOL on Rand Paul's Filibuster
  97. First GOP Debate limited to top 10 - Will Rand qualify?
  98. 10 Great Points in Rand Paul’s Patriot Act Attack
  99. Peter King: Rand Paul Filibuster is 'Putting Our National Security at Risk'
  100. Rand Paul filibuster fundraising
  101. Hillary deploys pollsters to discover her position on Rand Filibuster
  102. Rand Paul's Smedley Butler Dog Whistle to the Antiwar Libertarians
  103. FULL 10.5 HOUR VIDEO – Rand Paul speaks against Patriot Act renewal on senate floor 5/20/15
  104. Rand Paul separates himself from GOP
  105. NY Times: 2016 Prospect Rand Paul in New Book: GOP Willing to Change
  106. Congressman Raul Labrador discusses Rand's filibuster with Hannity
  107. Rand Paul was right: Rifles, RPGs and missiles flowed from Benghazi to ISIS ports
  108. Rand Paul, we owe you a debt of gratitude for all you have done for us
  109. How Lindsey Graham's blustery neocon nonsense could help Rand Paul
  110. Rand Paul Filibuster: 'Your Rights Are Many and Infinite... You Do Have a Right to Privacy'
  111. Rand Paul Declares Victory In First Post-filibuster Interview, Fires Away At Jeb Bush
  112. Snowden on Rand's filibuster
  113. [Video] Rand Paul and The Judge on Fox News w/ Andrea Tantaros 5/21/15
  114. See how the conversation around Rand Paul's filibuster unfolded on Twitter (140,000 tweets)
  115. Favorite part of the Filibuster speech?
  116. New York Times editorial board stands with Rand on filibuster
  117. A Message From Rand (re: Patriot Act)
  118. Join the Rand 2016 50 State Facebook Network!
  119. [Video] Rand Paul on America's Newsroom w/ Bill Hemmer 5/22/15
  120. Sens. Rand Paul and Brian Schatz Introduce the Stop Militarizing Our Law Enforcement Act
  121. Sens. Rand Paul & Mark Warner Introduce the Bonuses for Cost-Cutters Act of 2015
  122. [Video] Rand Paul on The Lead w/ Jake Tapper 5/22/15
  123. Edward Snowden Reacts to Rand Paul’s Patriot Act ‘Filibuster’
  124. Can you see this with Rand Paul debating Hillary?
  125. Filibuster Round 2
  126. Rand Paul votes against "fast track" legislation
  127. Roll Call: Freedom Act & Section 215 Ext Votes by Senator
  128. TLDW Rand Paul blocks patriot act extension
  129. Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell's Relationship
  130. i Love Rand Paul
  131. PATRIOT Act on life support after Rand Paul stymies renewal efforts
  132. Feud between John McCain and Rand Paul worsens after NSA reform fiasco
  133. Full video of senate proceedings last night
  134. Christie slams Paul for Patriot Act failure
  135. ~Activism Alert! Senate Outreach Project - Time is Short, Need Help!~
  136. Lindsey Graham's Eyeroll of Rand's Filibuster
  137. Want to Phone from Home for Rand? (Post if interested)
  138. Rand Paul discussed on ABC's This Week 5/24/15
  139. The people that criticize Rand Paul's sincerity on Filibuster
  140. Use White House Website to show public support for 'Bonuses for Cost Cutting Act"
  141. Stop the NSA’s spying on Americans - by Rand Paul and Mark Sanford
  142. Fighting Terrorism the American Way
  143. New Poll, Rand Paul leads GOP field in Washington State with strong support among gun owners
  144. [Video] Rand Paul Appears on Fox and Friends- May 26, 2015
  145. [Video] Sen. Rand Paul on CBS This Morning - May 26, 2015
  146. Rand Paul Breitbart op-ed: The Patriot Act Provides No Security At The Cost Of Our Liberty
  147. Sen. Rand Paul joins Varney & The Judge - May 26, 2015
  148. Rand : we had over 1 million people sign our patriot act petition
  149. [Video] Rand Paul on The Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart 5/26/15
  150. Brat and Paul: FREEDOM Act won't fix government overreach
  151. Committed to Rand Paul
  152. Watch McConnell Try To Extend Patriot Act And Rand Paul Object
  153. White House Implies Rand Paul Puts ‘Political Ambition’ Above National Security
  154. [Video] Rand Paul on Morning Joe 5/27/15
  155. [Video] Rand Paul and Kelley Paul on The Kelly File 5/26/15
  156. Obama and Rand Paul face off over the Patriot Act
  157. Snowden Revelation 2 year anniversary money bomb 1.1k invited
  158. The Time is NOW! RandPaulDigital grassroots project needs help!
  159. Do you think there should be a docudrama about Ron and Rand Paul
  160. [Video] Rand Paul and Judge Napolitano on Varney & Co. 5/25/15
  161. Rand Paul stokes feud with GOP leaders over NSA: 'We are on opposite sides'
  162. Rand Paul: Republican hawks created ISIS by giving out arms indiscriminately
  163. Hopes dim for the Patriot Act
  164. Rand Paul in Chicago Today!!!!!!!! 5/27/15
  165. Christie: Rand stands with 'criminal' Snowden
  166. Standing With Rand at the Strand
  167. Rep. Labrador signs on for official role in Rand Paul's presidential campaign
  168. Bobby Jindal slams Rand Paul as unfit to be commander-in-chief
  169. Turn $$$ Into Activism in 33 Hours
  170. Rick Santorum Slams Rand Paul on ISIS: 'I'd Expect to Hear That From Maybe Bernie Sanders
  171. Rand Paul to Christie: 'That wasn't very nice'
  172. The Patriot Act: A debate that's dangerous for Chris Christie
  173. Bobby Jindal Attacks Rand Paul, Violates The Louisiana Constitution In The Process
  174. Truth about Rand Paul's interviews with the media
  175. Sen. Rand Paul on Hardball 5/29/15
  176. MSNBC host praises Rand Paul's leadership on Patriot Act filibuster
  177. Lawrence O'Donnell Talking about Rand Paul vs Perry
  178. National GOPR 2016 Poll Show Huckster and Carson Ahead of Rand. WTF?
  179. I will be on the radio this morning discuss Rand Paul & the Patriot Act
  180. Senator Rand Paul Cuts His Own Hair: 25 Things You Don't Know About Me
  181. Scarborough: "If We Followed Rand Paul's Foreign Policy There Would Be No ISIS"
  182. Rivals lash Rand Paul on security
  183. Rand Paul on Fox News w/ Gretchen Carlson 5/27/15
  184. Want to Run For President But Lack Momentum? Attack Rand Paul!
  185. ‘Rand Paul Should Just Run as a Democrat': The New GOP Talking Point
  186. Peter King: "Rand Paul doesn't belong in the GOP"
  187. Paul: Providing arms to Syrian rebels led to ISIS growth
  188. Rand Paul to push for declassification of 28 pages of 9/11 report
  189. Follow "Team Rand" on twitter
  190. Dave Brat... possible VP material?
  191. ‘Severe Case Of Amnesia': Chris Christie Rips Rand Over Patriot Act Opposition
  192. Honest mistake! Fox News excludes Rand from poll yet again
  193. Chris Matthews: Rand Paul Is America's No. 1 Whistleblower
  194. Please send an email to yourcomments@foxnews.com to criticize their treatment of Rand
  195. Bill Press: I have a man crush on Rand Paul
  196. Hardball: Rand Paul calls out GOP hawks over ISIS and Iraq
  197. How much money has Rand Paul raised in donations so far?
  198. Yes, Rand Paul made a mistake in blaming the GOP for ISIS
  199. Make Rand Not War
  200. Republican rivals gang up on Rand Paul - CNN video
  201. Will Rand attack the Fed next?
  202. Pro-Paul group unleashes fiery attack ad
  203. Rand Paul's money problem
  204. [Video] Rand Paul on Hardball w/ Chris Matthews 5/29/15
  205. How Rand Paul should campaign
  206. Republican Hawks created ISIS: Bush 41 vs. Bush 43
  207. FW: Please contact FirstName LastName
  208. Fox News Explains Why Rand Paul Was Left Out of 2016 Poll Graphic
  209. Some friendly comments for Rand over at The Blaze on an article criticizing his foreign policy
  210. "Only way Patriot Act to be saved in time is for establishment to cut a deal with Rand"
  211. Rand Paul gets high marks from pro-marijuana groups
  212. Joe Walsh on ISIS: "Rand Paul is Right. The GOP Hawks Created ISIS"
  213. Rand Paul ascending to his top secret Presidential Campaign Office
  214. Rand Paul's 'Spy Showdown Sunday' Looms in Senate
  215. Rand Paul’s Secret Weapon Is George Pataki
  216. Insiders: Rand Paul's foreign policy views are a serious liability
  217. Rand Paul Strikes a Nerve in Bastion of Liberal Manhattan
  218. Rand Paul: 'I will force the expiration' of the PATRIOT Act
  219. Lol. Get your Rand Paul Filibuster Starter Pack.
  220. [Post here!] Thank Rand (#StandWithRand) donation thread
  221. The Patriot Act May Be Dead Forever
  222. Rand Against the Machine: Chris Hayes reports on Fox News bias and Rand's Patriot Act battle
  223. The moment Rand Paul has been waiting for
  224. Liberty and Justice for all.
  225. MSNBC panel discusses fiery Super PAC ad
  226. [Urgent] Twitter Idea - John Oliver - NSA
  227. Targeted article on metadata for Rush Limbaugh fans
  228. Des Moines Register poll; Paul in 2nd
  229. On Lindsey Graham's Turf, Rand Paul Begins Patriot Act Endgame
  230. Rand Paul TIME op-ed: Tomorrow I Will Stop the Illegal NSA Spying
  231. Money is coming in
  232. Thomas Massie endorses Rand Paul for president
  233. If Rand doesn't win Iowa or NH, is his campaign over?
  234. *LIVE STREAM* Rand Paul to end Patriot Act - Sunday 4pm EST
  235. Rand Paul on Drudge Report - NSA meets its maker
  236. Vote on Patriot Act in poll
  237. Military members supported Ron Paul and Spy Agency members should support Rand
  238. We need the elderly in Iowa
  239. Rand Paul and Terrorism
  240. I met Rand yesterday!
  241. Rand Paul blasts PATRIOT Act Surveillance on Senate Floor During Last Minute Debate (VIDEO)
  242. McCain, Paul scuffle amid NSA debate
  243. Rand Paul's Army Gathers in the Capitol to Help Him Block Patriot Act
  244. [Video] "Rand Paul: Filibuster for the Fourth Amendment"
  245. Patriot Act provisions set to expire
  246. Rand, Massie, Amash caption contest:
  247. Rand Paul has defeated the Patriot act! Freedom act is next!
  248. Vote for Rand in this Fox POLL!
  249. Vote in this CBS Poll!
  250. Rand, McCain caption contest: