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  1. Nick Gillespie: Who’s Better on Race Than Rand Paul?
  2. Forget the VP choice, let's win this poll w 18k! Cruz 39% Rand 37%
  3. Brent Bozell opens fire on Jeb Bush and Karl Rove over ads attacking Rand Paul
  4. Sen. Mike Lee: Ads criticizing Rand Paul’s foreign policy are ‘unfair’
  5. Some good news for Rand, bad news for Hillary
  6. Rand Paul: Voters Crave GOP Nominee Willing To Fight Against Mainstream Media, Democrats
  7. Judge Napolitano: Rand Paul's Base Is Broader Than Any Republican In Modern Times
  8. Fox Business: Will Rand Paul blasting back at media help him?
  9. Sen. Rand Paul Full Interview With Glenn Beck (April 10, 2015)
  10. Rand: College tuition should be tax deductible
  11. If I Were The Mainstream Media...
  12. Rand Paul vs. DNC on Abortion - debbie wasserman schultz
  13. Rand Paul Gains 7 Points in New NH State Poll
  14. The power of Rand Paul's digital brand
  15. Exclusive: South Carolina Democrats Fail to Support Wasserman Schultz in Undermining Rand Paul
  16. Breitbart: Guardian Caught Lying About Rand Paul Walking Out Of Interview
  17. Rand Paul: Voters Crave GOP Nominee Willing To Fight For Conservatism Against Mainstream Media
  18. Rand not uploading his interviews anymore?
  19. [Video] Rand Paul 04-08-15 Milford, NH
  20. What do they mean by "Rand is in all 50 states"?
  21. Why Rand Paul Will Win (funny--Daily Caller's W.James Antle III)
  22. Volunteering for the campaign
  23. Take a look who is dominating the Drudge FB question!
  24. Top 10 Dumbest Dem Attacks on Rand
  25. W. James Antle: The lessons of Rand Paul's pro-life victory
  26. Rand Paul Nevada Rally Official Unofficial Thread
  27. Rand Appearances on Sunday Shows
  28. Comprehensive article(s) on pros and cons of Rand Paul from libertarian standpoint?
  29. Rand Paul Talks Drug War, NSA, and Land Rights in Libertarian-Friendly Nevada
  30. Pics/Vid : Rand Paul in Southern California right before Vegas Announcement
  31. Rand Paul for President Website Link
  32. Ron Paul Promotes Rand's Money Bomb on Facebook
  33. How You Can Help Rand Online (Without Spending a Dime)!
  34. Human Action PAC?
  35. Rand Paul: I'd treat Clinton the same as I'd 'treat a man'
  36. Rand Paul: GOP Hawks Line up With Obama’s Foreign Policy
  37. Rand Paul TV ad: Defeat The Washington Machine
  38. libertynothillary.com
  39. Hillary's Hard Drive now listed in the Rand Paul Store
  40. Rand's store has cool Hillary Gear!
  41. Rand Paul Launching a major offensive campaign today on Hillary. Store items, Ads, website!
  42. PHOTOS: Rand Paul Rallies in New Hampshire, South Carolina, Iowa and Nevada
  43. If anyone knows Rand's social media staff...
  44. Bestest Rand Paul picture thread evaar!
  45. Face the Nation Panel talks Rand Paul
  46. Grassroots for Rand Initiative
  47. Turn off adblock for Rand Paul youtube channel
  48. Bloomberg Poll - Rand in the lead nationally
  49. Mediasplaining
  50. Honest assessment: don't underestimate Cruz, Rand support not as strong
  51. Great Rand Video
  52. Expanding the Base in Iowa and NH (grassroots college outreach campaign)
  53. Bob Schieffer to Rand Paul: Do Some In GOP Not Want To Be More Inclusive?
  54. New GOP Fox Nation Poll between Rand, Rubio & Cruz
  55. No questions on abortion?
  56. [Video] Rand Paul On the Record w/ Greta 4/13/15
  57. Marco Rubio Is the Anti-Rand Paul on Foreign Policy
  58. The Importance Of Rand vs. Hillary in 2016 For Libertarians
  59. Rand Paul, the only front runner
  60. Rand's constant Hillary posts seem to be annoying supporters
  61. Kelley Paul Has a Task: To Make Her Husband More Approachable
  62. KTVN, Nevada news airs Rand's AD but had to add leftist opinion
  63. John Legend's New Fight... Rand Mentioned
  64. [Video] Kelley Paul on Fox & Friends
  65. Kelley Paul on the Toady Show
  66. New Rand Paul Banner at the store.
  67. Bill O'Reilly Watter's World Pro Rand 4/13/15
  68. Article: Rand Would Be Wise To Embrace His Libertarian Roots
  69. Poll in largest NH newspaper - vote Paul
  70. Hillary's Getting Started Video. Support Rand in the Comments Section
  71. [Video] Kelley Paul on Hannity 4/15
  72. Get your Rand Paul comic book here
  73. Kelley Paul on Bloomberg's With All Due Respect (video)
  74. Poll: Which early presidential candidate is winning in the media?
  75. New Video: "The Movement Begins"
  76. Armstrong: Rand Paul had better look elsewhere as Boehner conspired against his father
  77. Kelley Paul on The Real Story w/ Gretchen Carlson
  78. Join the RPFs Rand Paul Writers Team!
  79. Kelley Paul on The Situation Room - Interview with Dana Bash (Best interview yet!)
  80. Rand Paul Is Republicans' Best Hope to Beat Hillary (Article from New Republic)
  81. Megyn Kelly GRILLS Debbie Wasserman Schultz On Abortion, Rand Paul
  82. Just heard Chinese radio pushing Rand Paul over Hillary
  83. Just a thought
  84. Which is the most important poll number?
  85. Rand Paul Delegates just went live!
  86. CBS-New York poll. Please vote to put Rand back in the lead
  87. Rand Paul's plan to win the nomination
  88. Rand Paul Campaign Commercial Ideas
  89. Tech Wars: Rand Paul Digital Strategist Trolls Team Rubio After Website Crashes
  90. Rand Paul Pros and Cons by Chuck Baldwin 4/9/15
  91. Rand Paul blasts Lynch over 'asset forfeiture'
  92. Rand Paul supports the TPP, His father opposes it
  93. Truth about Rand and the "shush" comment
  94. Sites That Need Some Libertarian Input [Mod Edit]
  95. (video) Malzberg | Kelley Paul - On Rand Paul's 2016 Race & Her Book
  96. Conservative group Council 4 Nat'l Policy to meet twice and unify behind 1 conservative
  97. Lessons From Thomas Massie's Primary Win (For Rand 2016)
  98. Rand Paul testifies on asset forfeiture reform before Senate Judiciary Committee 4/15/15
  99. Rand Should Adopt:
  100. Rand Paul Libertarianish?
  101. New PPP poll in New Hampshire, Walker 1st, Cruz 2nd, Rand 3rd
  102. The winning questions for the Republican Nominee
  103. Judge Napolitano: on Rand Paul and The Future of America!
  104. Kelley Paul Appears on Morning Joe- April 15, 2015
  105. Kelley Paul Appears on CNN's New Day- April 15, 2015
  106. Lets talk strategy
  107. Rush Limbaugh: Rand Paul has done something no other Republican has done before
  108. [Video] Rand Paul speaks at Susan B. Anthony List Strategy Summit - 4/16/15
  109. Kelley Paul: ‘I’m going to work hard to elect Rand Paul’
  110. Rand Paul stands out in packed GOP field, analysts say
  111. [video] Fox News: JC Watts on his support of Rand Paul
  112. US Presidential Candidate Rand Paul to Appear at Bitcoin Event
  113. Kelley Paul on The Alan Colmes Show 4/14/15
  114. Kelley Paul on HuffPost Live 4/14/15
  115. Kelley Paul on Inside Edition 4/15/15
  116. Serious question regarding carry over support from 2012 in early states
  117. Hayes: Rand Paul / Wasserman Schultz Debate ‘Might Be a Hinge Point in Abortion Politics’
  118. Jerry Doyle on Rand Paul
  119. Is This Former Democrat, Rand Paul’s OTHER Secret Weapon? [PODCAST]
  120. Rand Paul, not Scott Walker, does the best against Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin
  121. VOA: Rand Paul and the 2016 US Presidential Race (On Assignment)
  122. Rand Paul does retail politics : going back to NH 4/18
  123. [Video] Rand Paul speech at New Hampshire Republican Leadership Summit 4/18/15
  124. Senior Vote Landslide Idea. Is it Doable?
  125. Fox News: Rand Paul says secret scandal will wreck Hillary's campaign
  126. Rand can win nomination by going after H1b visas & illegal immigration
  127. Kelly File: Rand's pushback on abortion has turned into big moment in 2016 race
  128. Rand Paul Scraps with Bush, Rubio, and Graham — on Policy if Not by Name
  129. Rand Paul’s Brother: “No Difference” Between Rand And My Dad On Ideology
  130. Russell Crowe blames Rand Paul for Obama not giving birthday invite?
  131. Does Rand have the mega-donors financial support?
  132. Rand receives standing ovation as he delivers libertarian message to New Hampshire faithful
  134. Washington Examiner Poll Pro Rubio Article
  135. Flipboard: a great way to stay up to date on all things Rand Paul
  136. Rand Paul: Republicans Criticizing Obama, Hillary Over Libya "Would Have Done The Same Thing"
  137. Rand just hit 1.9 Million Facebook Friends! 100k til 2 mill!
  138. Whats the deal with this picture?
  139. Rand Paul features in first sentence of NYT Clinton Cash story
  140. New CNN/ORC Poll: As campaigns launch, poll finds GOP field stays tight
  141. Rand Paul returns to Howard University for criminal justice reform discussion
  142. Rand Paul named one of 20 most influential people in cannabis
  143. Rand Paul to Barack Obama: Do you support civil asset forfeiture?
  144. Vote Studies Track Presidential Hopefuls in Real Time (Video)
  145. The Anti-Rand Paul Primary
  146. Lindsey Graham Takes Shot at Paul: ‘I’m Not Focusing on Kids Who Smoke Dope’
  147. Anarchast - Judge Napolitano: A Rothbardian Anarchist on Rand Paul & The Future of America
  148. One way Rand can appeal to women: child care costs
  149. [video] Rand Paul says Clinton Foundation details are 'alarming' - Hannity - 4/20/2015
  150. [Video] Rand Paul on America's Newsroom w/ Bill Hemmer 4/21/15
  151. Rand Paul: Lindsey Graham and McCain ‘Lapdogs for Obama’
  152. Presidential Candidate Rand Paul Impresses at the NY Bitcoin Event
  153. Rand Paul Says He Was Briefed by Clinton Author About Book's 'Unseemly' Details
  154. Rand Paul to join 2016 hopefuls at Faith & Freedom forum
  155. [Video] George Carlin talks about the people attacking Rand
  156. Play Paul! Rand to Play in Congressional Baseball Game
  157. Will Rand Paul's movement build the broad movement for liberty?
  158. Rand Paul, May, and the Future of Money Bombs
  159. "Rand Paul Will Be There" - Pastor Jerry Stephenson
  160. Sens. Paul, Wyden and Rep. Lofgren Introduce Bipartisan, Bicameral Aaron’s Law
  161. Vote for Rand in Daily Caller poll
  162. John Stossel: I plan to vote for Rand Paul
  163. What Rand Paul is doing is more important than trying to be a pure libertarian
  164. Paul Ryan speaks of Rand Paul
  165. Gravis Iowa Poll Apr 13, 2015 - JEB:16,Walker:13,Rubio:12,Paul:9,Huck:8,Cruz:6
  166. McCain: "Paul Worst Possible Candidate"
  167. Ted Cruz joins the establishment on TPP important article. Rand's position?
  168. Media Bias Watch/Alert System
  169. Rand Paul puts on sunglasses, fist bumps on Senate floor
  170. Rand: Our Founding Fathers Would Be Mortified By NSA...Top of Drudge
  171. Dont Drone Me Bro - Innocent American Droned Down
  172. Expanding Rand Paul Forum - seeking input
  173. randpaulforums.com
  174. Rand Paul: Obama White House, Congress Should Both Consider Investigating Hillary
  175. Rubio votes yes & Rand votes no on Vitter Obamacare small business subpoena
  176. Fox News poll (April 19 - 21)
  177. Rand Paul, Superhero
  178. Why doesn't Rand Paul just say "We are all individuals"?
  179. Hardball : Chris Matthews - Rand Paul's "war" over war
  180. Tom Cotton preparing for battle against Rand Paul and GOP libertarian wing over Patriot Act
  181. Rand Paul’s Internet Army Welcome to the front lines of the battle for your Facebook news feed
  182. Rand Paul Daystar TV Interview
  183. Rand Paul opposes online gambling restrictions
  184. Rand plays poker with Dan Bilzerian, snapchats about it
  185. Ray-Ban dims Rand Paul's hopes of making GOP cool
  186. Don't freak out, there will be money. Kenneth Garaschina is still alive
  187. -campaign. Make your ad bigger-
  188. Mischief in Media- 2016 Rand Paul
  189. Harry Reid Expressing Heartfelt Gratitude to Rand
  190. Rand "The Lion" Paul
  191. Smart Photos of Rand
  192. Craig Lang, Former president of Iowa Farm Bureau endorses Rand Paul
  193. Rand Paul, Hawk or Dove?
  194. [Video] Rand Paul speech at Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition 2015 Spring Kickoff
  195. Rand Paul targets Obama, Jeb Bush in NSA rant
  196. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz sign pledge not to raise taxes
  197. Rand Paul Lauded by R & B Singer John Legend for His Criminal Justice Work
  198. Dan Bilzerian endorses Rand Paul
  199. Announcement Rally Recap - Louisville, KY
  200. Rand Paul interview w/ Jan Mickelson 4/21
  201. is it possible for the campaign to get something on netflix?
  202. Cenk Uygur predicts Rand nomination
  203. Rand Paul supporter interviewed on Fox & Friends 4/26
  204. Rand Paul interview w/ Simon Conway 4/21
  205. Rand Paul Instagram
  206. Add an Owl to Liberty Torch in RAND LOGO
  207. Rand Paul having new fundraiser NOW! BRING IT ON BLITZ! 16k donated so far!
  208. Rand Paul Supporter Blasted Online [by Democrats] Because She's Black
  209. Gravis Poll: Rand Paul at 15% in NH
  210. [Video] Rand Paul Accepts Constitutional Champion Award
  211. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox & Friends 4/27/15
  212. Rand Paul Tells Jewish Audience It Was a ‘Mistake’ to Topple Saddam Hussein
  213. Rand has a design shirt contest going now. 2 winners have their shirt in campaign store!
  214. The Rand vs Hillary 2016 Matchup Tracker
  215. *Vid* Jews excited for Rand This is my "ITS HAPPENING" moment
  216. Another Conservative Web Poll
  217. Interview "Will disaffected moderates, independents and progressives get behind Rand Paul?"
  218. Chuck Baldwin: Praying for Rand Paul
  219. Rand Paul, in Iowa, Courts a College Crowd
  220. Rand Paul on The Laura Ingraham Show 4/28
  221. Rand Paul Featured in Top Trending Tweet
  222. Rand Paul Earns Endorsement From Conservative YouTube Star (But He Can’t Vote Until 2020)
  223. Anyone else noticing the constant MSM promotion of Rubio & Jeb, and Rand as footnote?
  224. Rand Paul, DHS chief tangle on encryption
  225. Rand Introduces Joint Resolution of Disapproval to Repeal Internet Regulation
  226. Rand Paul Links Baltimore Riots to Breakdown of Family Values and Morals
  227. Rand Paul coming to Grand Rapids MI with Justin Amash, Monday May 4th
  228. Communist News Network: "Rand Paul: Now is not the time to discuss causes behind Baltimore"
  229. Chris McDaniel of MS: Rand Paul is right: "Lindsey Graham and John McCain are “lapdogs"
  230. Rand Paul Welcomes Hillary Clinton to the Fight for Criminal Justice Reform
  231. Today's 2016 Poll
  232. Wheres the criminal justice ad
  233. What needs to happen for Rand to poll better than he does now?
  234. Black conservative & libertarian millennials launch Pro-Paul Super PAC
  235. Paul: Justice equals peace in Baltimore
  236. Rand Paul: Super Bubba
  237. Iowa Poll (PPP): Rand in Top Tier in Clinton Match-ups
  238. Rand Paul and The Matrix Videos
  239. 2016 hopefuls may skip Nevada caucus because it's "rigged" for Rand Paul
  240. Is there a schedule of events?
  241. Post something positive about Rand Paul and receive (+) rep from me.
  242. Justin Amash endorses Rand Paul for president, a "once-in-a-generation sort of candidate"
  243. Paul on Urban Protests: 'We Need to Understand Where It's Coming From'
  244. Sen. Rand Paul to visit Bay Area on May 9
  245. NBC/WSJ Poll: Rand tied for 4th at 11%
  246. Last chance to get a Stand With Rand T-shirt
  247. Rand polls best versus Hillary in new national WSJ poll
  248. Sens. Paul, Ernst, & Boxer Introduce Legislation to Arm the Kurds in Support of Fight Against
  249. [Video] Rand Paul On the Record w/ Greta Van Susteren 5/5/15
  250. How can I vote for Rand in 2016 in NYC, NYS?