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  1. Rand Paul just trolled the hell out of Cruz and Rubio on the defense budget
  2. ‘Recipe For Disaster’: Rand Paul Attacks Rubio’s Seriousness On Deficit
  3. Doug Wead: The difference between Rand Paul and Ted Cruz
  4. Judge Napolitano: "Rand Paul is more faithful to the Constitution" than Ted Cruz
  5. Watchdog Group Names Patrick Leahy and Rand Paul as "Constitutional Champions"
  6. End of Quarter Push
  7. Sen. Rand Paul on opposing Loretta Lynch nomination and civil asset forfeiture (VIDEO)
  8. Make Rand Paul go Viral (vaccinated first)
  9. Rand Paul 2016 Victory Tour - Full schedule, how to register, free events!
  10. Rand Paul and the Koch Brothers Are Having a Nixon-in-China Moment
  11. Would Rand change to Independent if not Republican nominee ?
  12. Rand Paul's Presidential Potential
  13. CBS Poll: Rand moving up as a voting possibility among GOP voters
  14. Franklin Pierce-Herald poll: Bush, Walker, and Paul lead NH
  15. Rand opposes GOP budget, says it’s ‘irresponsible’ to add to debt
  16. Stand With Rand #LibertyKaraoke in a city near you (04.07.15)
  17. Why Rand Paul stands out
  18. Ron Paul less friendly to gay marriage than Rand Paul
  19. Rand Paul’s Big, Risky Bet on Youth
  20. Rand Paul: Democrats Taking African-American Vote ‘For Granted’
  21. Perfect timing-Undefeated Kentucky favorited to win on 4/6/15.
  22. Rand Paul: Tax Day Money Bomb Promotion Video
  23. POLL (Quinnipiac): Rand Beats Hillary in PENNSYLVANIA (!)
  24. Poll: Rand Paul does best against Clinton in Ohio
  25. Rand Paul finds way to champion Iowa ethanol
  26. Why Rand Paul stands out
  27. Vote in this Grassroots poll Rand vs. Cruz (elimination poll final showdown!)
  28. Paul and Grassley Introduce Fuel Choice and Deregulation Act of 2015
  29. New Hampshire conservatives plan anti-Jeb Bush caucus
  30. [April Fools Joke] Ron Paul Endorses Ted Cruz - Says Rand Paul ‘Not a True Libertarian’
  31. Sean Hannity goes snow skiing with the Pauls.
  32. The only way that Hilliary would be "inevitable"
  33. Jim Webb: Dems have ceded to GOP on criminal justice reform, Rand Paul is running with it
  34. Rand Paul #StandwithRand MONEY BOMB Promotion Video (April 7th Recut)
  35. Rand Paul signs pollster for presidential campaign
  36. Rand Paul taking media time-out
  37. New PPP Poll: Rand tied for 4th at 10%
  38. Yahoo! Politics says Rand's Appeal to Racial Inclusiveness makes him a Legitimate Threat
  39. Vote Now: Who Should Be on the 2015 TIME 100?
  40. POLITICO: Insiders view Paul as strong early state contender (A lot about Ron)
  41. J.C. Watts to endorse Rand Paul
  42. Doug Stafford on The Hugh Hewitt Show 4/2/15
  43. Rand Paul's Team Shopping for TV Time In Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina
  44. Rand Paul stands alone at events
  45. Rand Paul's campaign kick-off message: 'Expanding the Republican Party'
  46. Hannity goes to Kentucky for exclusive Rand Paul interview on April 7th
  47. Jennifer Rubin, James Kirchick, David Frum, Rachel Maddow and the NYT are busy
  48. United For Rand PAC Launches In Advance Of Presidential Campaign Announcement
  49. [VIDEO] Conversation with Rand Paul - Manchester, NH
  50. Vote in Fox News poll
  51. The improbable rise of Rand Paul
  52. Which big endorsements will Rand open his campaign up with?
  53. Rand Paul Events
  54. Rand Paul announcement live stream?
  55. Rand Paul Announcement Tease (Video)
  56. WaPo: Rand Paul’s delicate balancing act
  57. Wall Street Journal: Rand Paul’s Challenge: Charting His Own Course
  58. Rand is the only one running that would not support military intervention in Iran
  59. Kentucky’s On Board the Rand-Wagon
  60. Rand Paul Taps House GOP’s Troublemakers to Boost 2016 Campaign
  61. Did Rand Paul Get Campaign Contributions from Halliburton?
  62. Top of Drudge this morning
  63. White House Brief: Things to know about GOP Sen. Rand Paul
  64. Bloomberg: Rand Paul and the GOP's New Civil Rights Movement
  65. Paul seeks Republican revolution
  66. Conservative Review poll: Rand Paul vs Ted Cruz. Rand losing big time
  67. Rand Paul unveils populist, anti-establishment slogan
  68. Message from Rand
  69. The Dawn Of Rand Paul’s High-Tech Presidential Campaign
  70. WaPo: Will Rand Paul Inherit the Energy From his Father's Campaigns? (cites RPFs)
  71. New Rand Paul for President site is up (splash page only)
  72. Mark Serrano [Video] Rand hasn't changed, just broadened his message
  73. Vote in NEW FOX Poll "Would you consider voting for Rand Paul for President?"
  74. News: Dr. Ron Paul to attend Rand Paul 2016 Announcement.
  75. Wall Street Journal Video: Like Father, Unlike Son: Where Ron and Rand Paul Differ
  76. Rand changes Twitter Handle to 'Dr. Rand Paul'
  77. Politico: Rand Paul unveils populist, anti-establishment slogan
  78. Amash, Massie, Sanford, and Labrador to endorse Paul
  79. The Paid Anti-Rand Trolls Are Out In Full Force
  80. Anyone hear about Rand getting new gear to sale for tomorrow?
  81. Bloomberg Video : Rand Paul's data strategy
  82. Paul blazes new path on pot
  83. Kentucky Republicans line up behind Paul
  84. Rand Paul aspires to get name on Republican nomination ballot in all 50 states
  85. Rand Paul sees gold in Silicon Valley
  86. Meet Rand Paul (Yahoo video)
  87. Rand research : the most conservative voting record
  88. I've waited since I was 14 for this moment
  89. Jesse Benton not part of Rand Paul campaign, will head up pro-Rand super PAC instead
  90. J.C. Watts surrogates for Rand Paul on MSNBC
  91. Rand 2016 Gear?
  92. [Video] Rand Paul announces candidacy for President of the United States - 4/7/15
  93. New campaign; Don't repeat history, be nice & civil.
  94. Fox Business : 2016 is outsider's year. Google advisers attending KY announcement
  95. The Rand Paul Reading List [from Bloomberg's Brand Paul Series]
  96. Rand Paul and the Art of the Presidential Money Bomb
  97. Kelley's Words - Kelley talks about Rand in new campaign video
  98. RandPaul.com
  99. WSJ Calls Rand a "Non-Interventionist" not an "Isolationist"
  100. Check out Rand's official Store! It's sick!
  101. It's official: Rand is running
  102. The "Stand with Rand" Money Bomb is underway! Tracking thread
  103. Youtube live stream of announcement speech
  104. Rand Paul is trending, Site and donation ticker is up, Facebook likes rising,
  105. Mark Sanford to campaign with Rand
  106. Bitcoin Donations - Accepted at randpaul.com
  107. Rand Paul is currently trending on Twitter & Facebook
  108. Predictions: How much money will Rand raise today? (4/7)
  109. I’ll donate my entire salary
  110. TONIGHT: Who is going to Stand With Rand #LibertyKaraoke?
  111. this is one of Rand's best speeches
  112. Vote Rand Greta Poll
  113. Rand Paul Blogger Network
  114. *** Rand's Choice for VP? ***
  115. vote in this poll. MSNBC
  116. RandPaul2016.com (Senate page) now redirects to RandPaul.com
  117. YOUTUBE BLOCKING Rand Paul's Presidential Annoucement
  118. Chris Matthews rails against ‘GOD DAMN’ anti-Rand Paul ads
  119. Letter Grade Poll with a ton of candidates
  120. Is Facebook Blocking the Money Bomb?
  121. Rand Paul Stories about today's Announcement
  122. Money Bomb Yooohooo !!!
  123. I have still not received any emails asking to donate
  124. Rand Paul speaks, DC loses power. Coincidence?
  125. Vote in Gretawire poll, Rand vs Cruz vs a Democrat
  126. Washington Post: How Rand Paul can Win
  127. Who will be volunteering?!
  128. Why Rand's chances are statistically much better this time
  129. Endorsements for Rand Paul
  130. Issue Videos From Rand's New Website
  131. Contact your representatives and tell them to endorse Rand Paul
  132. Need some feedback on a Rand Paul Grassroots kickstarter project page
  133. Rand Paul Could Be Your President and Your Eye Doctor - Inside Edition
  134. ROLLNATING - The new way of donating...
  135. New Rand Paul Support Song
  136. Will Aimee Allen be active in Rand '16?
  137. Rand Paul Got Stung By YouTube's Copyright Algorithm
  138. Why J.C. Watts is supporting Rand Paul’s presidential bid
  139. +rep to the first person that posts a photo of The Collins at the Rand event today
  140. Rand Paul Ad with Pastor Jerry Stephenson intro
  141. Rand has a new youtube channel
  142. Toady is the day!
  143. Did anyone notice...
  144. Observations At Rand's Announcement (plus pictures, video)
  145. Rush Limbaugh and Rand Paul Had A Meeting!
  146. Washington Post article on Money Bomb (there is a shout out to this forum!)
  147. Mark Levin goes after anti-Rand SuperPacs
  148. Stewart Mocks Rand Paul’s Long, Slow Buildup to 2016 Announcement
  149. Rand Paul let it be known that he is No Mitt Romney or John McCain.
  150. PPP Poll: Rand Paul leads Clinton among Independents by 14%
  151. Vote for Rand in Right Scoop poll
  152. MoneyBombs Are Stale - The Campaign Should Try Something Different
  153. George Will: Rand Best Positioned to Attack WH ‘Caesarism’
  154. [Video] Rand Paul on The Today Show w/ Savannah Guthrie 4/8/15
  155. Operation Endorsement - lets help Rand Paul get some big names in his corner!
  156. Frank Luntz very impressed with Rand announcement speech: "one of the most powerful I've seen"
  157. Democrats look to tarnish Rand Paul’s reformer image early
  158. Rand Paul and Christie Left Out at Primary NRA Event in Nashville
  159. What Does Rand Paul's Presidential Campaign Mean For A Nervous Fed?
  160. Bloomberg Politics: Rand Paul's Secret Weapon Kelley Paul
  161. Looking for large car window vinyl stickers with official logo.
  162. Rand Challenges Press: Ask DNC Head ‘If It’s Okay To Kill A 7-Pound Baby In The Uterus’
  163. Murdoch Warming Up to Rand Paul?!?!??!?
  164. Rand Paul is going to win
  165. Limbaugh Defends Rand Paul from ‘Disrespectful’ Savannah Guthrie
  166. Erick Erickson: Thank You, Senator Paul
  167. Paul raises $1 million since launch
  168. Rand Paul Celebrity Endorsements?
  169. [Video] Rand Paul on The Kelly File plus follow-up discussion - 4/8/15
  170. Rand Paul on The Situation Room w/ Wolf Blitzer today
  171. PHOTOS: Rand Paul Presidential announcement in Louisville
  172. Democrats level lethal attack against Rand Paul
  173. Rand taking out google ads for the moneybomb
  174. The Rand Revolution is already here says MSNBC
  175. Rand Paul New Hampshire announcement news clips
  176. #LibertyKaraoke Raises 1,000 Volunteers, Big Bucks for Rand Paul
  177. Rand Paul: Mugged by reality?
  178. RAND logo 1920x1080
  179. Rand Boxes DNC Chair In On Abortion, She Won’t Answer Questions About Her Stance
  180. Rand Paul enters 2016 fray: how Big Money changes GOP calculus
  181. Rand Paul best candidate against Hillary Wins Colorado and Iowa (brand new poll)
  182. How much of a bump in the polls did Rand just get?
  183. Troll The Dem Party Twitter Bomb
  184. the neocons
  185. Idea (REDEEM act)
  186. Rand Paul Blooms As Clinton Wilts In Virginia, Colorado, Iowa,
  187. Glenn Beck LOVED Rand's Speech
  188. First ever favorable REUTERS headline?!: "Rand Paul up, Clinton down in polls"
  189. Rand Paul Presidential Campaign Logo Download
  190. Rand Paul's ‘I Paid for This Microphone’ Moment
  191. Drudge is having way too much fun with Rand Paul today
  192. "Special Report Online" Panel: Rand Paul Fires At Neo-Cons, Neo-Cons Fire Back
  193. Paul Blooms As Clinton Wilts In Colorado, Iowa, Virginia, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds
  194. Rand Paul Topic of Nightly Show Larry Wilmore 4/8
  195. Rand Paul in Charleston?
  196. Mark Levin Supports Rand Paul in his Fight Against the Wayward Republican Party
  197. Rand shows calm, poise and a clear head at press conference
  198. Rand Paul on The Mark Levin Show 4/8/15
  199. W. J. Antle: Rand is now guaranteed to win
  200. POLL: Rand defeating Hillary in Swing States
  201. Rand and the Torch? WTF?
  202. RedState is loving Rand Paul's abortion comments (2 front page articles)
  203. The Glenn Beck Program: Abortion: Rand Paul vs. Debbie Wasserman Schultz 04-09
  204. Quinnipiac - Rand Beats Hillary in IA and CO (While Every Other Republican Loses)
  205. CAIN TV - Rand Paul's spectacular answer to an abortion question smacks both Democrats & media
  206. Rand Returns Fire: Dems Have Left Party Over ‘Extreme’ Abortion Stance
  207. Rand Paul NSA Data Collection: Phone Records “Are None Of Their Damn Business”
  208. REUTERS: Rand Takes Lead In Iowa As the Presstitutes Smear His Name
  209. Rand Paul Campaign Sends Cease-And-Desist To Stations Running Iran Attack Ad
  210. Rand Paul Tells Republican Critics: ‘War Is Not a Game’
  211. Tom Davis “Stands With Rand”
  212. Rep. Mick Mulvaney Welcomes Rand Paul to South Carolina
  213. Glenn Beck Fantasizes That Rand Paul Will Nominate Andrew Napolitano To SCOTUS
  214. [Video] Rand Paul foreign policy speech in Mount Pleasant, SC - 4/9/15
  215. Rand Paul is too strong on the Second Amendment, according to the NRA
  216. Do we want to run against Hillary?
  217. Rand Paul ad Video help
  218. MMA Legend Don Frye endorses Rand Paul for President, says Ben Carson for VP
  219. [Video] Rand Paul Rally In Milford New Hampshire 4/9/2015
  220. Okay guys want tips on the incoming election for my community. Time has come!
  221. Rand Paul's biggest brawls
  222. Nuclear Explosion Ads: Bipartisan PAC targets senators on Iran bill
  223. Chris Matthews Goes Nuclear on Ads Attacking Rand Paul
  224. DRONE Interrupts Rand Speech In South Carolina
  225. 2016 Candidate Twitter Follower Comparison
  226. JC Watts: What Makes Rand Unique
  227. Fox News on The Kelly File tonight has literally spend over 30 minutes on Rand's temper...
  228. Rand Paul shunned by NRA Meetings
  229. Recent Nightly Show covers some Rand
  230. Idea: Drudge Report Exclusive Interview
  231. Pardon me while I don my tin foil hat, but something doesn't add up
  232. Meet the controversial Republican going after Rand Paul
  233. Rand Paul Iowa tour Live on MSNBC (4/10) 10AM
  234. How young people can get involved
  235. Rand Returns Fire: Dems Have Left Party Over ‘Extreme’ Abortion Stance
  236. I want to contribute, but I'm British
  237. who is paying for the swiftboating vs Rand?
  238. Lindsey Graham's 2016 Strategy? Take down Rand Paul
  239. Rand Periscope interview w/ Paul Lewis
  240. How do I get in touch with the campaign?
  241. NH Dems - Rand Doesn’t Want Us To “Live Free”… Thank Goodness He’s Gone
  242. [Video] Rand Paul on Face the Nation w/ Bob Schieffer 4/12/15
  243. Rand Paul up, Clinton down in 2016 presidential poll
  244. [Video] Rand Paul on Meet the Press w/ Chuck Todd 4/12/15
  245. [Video] Rand Paul on State of the Union w/ Dana Bash 4/12/15
  246. What did the Average Joe think about Rand Paul's Announcement Speech the other day? Check this
  247. April 7th moneybomb compared to Ron Paul 2011 moneybombs
  248. Rand being falsely accused of walking out of interview
  249. Frum: Rand Paul is a media darling who's getting much better news coverage than Cruz
  250. The Best Reason to Take Rand Paul Seriously Has Nothing to Do With His Politics