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  2. WSJ: Rand facing balancing act in 2016 campaign
  3. Rand Paul Cannot Stop Making Ridiculously Glorious Fashion Statements
  4. Paul’s attackers aren’t worried he’ll stop vaccinations. They’re worried he’ll stop wars.
  5. Results from the Glenn Beck 2016 poll.
  6. Rand Paul tailors Iowa speech to liberty movement
  7. Scott Walker could win CPAC Straw Poll - Want to help change that?
  8. Republicans roll out right-to-work bills
  9. Rand Paul receives endorsement of Iowa agribusiness leader Steve Sukup
  10. Audit The Pentagon Introduced To Congress
  11. Audit the Fed money bomb - Randpac - ends Monday
  12. Rand Paul attacks Fed, calls for Audit of Central Bank
  13. Bloomberg New Hampshire Poll Rand 2nd 13%
  14. WaPo: Rand Paul looks for a 2016 opening in Iowa
  15. Rand Paul Money Bomb ends Monday! Falling behind goal!
  16. Rand Paul and Edward Snowden Will Speak at the Same Conference This Weekend
  17. Des Moines Register Op/Ed take on Rand's vaccine position, too much freedom
  18. Rand Returns to His Roots
  19. Rand Paul’s courtship of Silicon Valley paying off in donations
  20. The Rand Paul debate society: Peter King, Lindsey Graham, John Bolton go on the attack
  21. Rand Paul refers to missing 9/11 pages!
  22. The Fed's Fisher says Rand is Wrong on Audit The Fed
  23. Negative articles on Rand Paul
  24. Sources: Inner Circle of Republican Party is Genuinely Fearful of Rand Paul
  25. Understanding Rand Paul: When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong (The Federalist)
  26. Libertarianism Is on the Verge of a Political Breakout
  27. Rand Paul endorses David Vitter for Louisiana governor
  28. Eric Bolling: Wake Up America, It's time to Audit the FED.
  29. Rand Paul: Arm the Kurds [Video]
  30. High Level Fed Employee is Former Lobbyist for ENRON
  31. Rand Introduces Civil Rights Voting Restoration Act
  32. Rand Paul says that Hillary Clinton deserves a lot of blame for ISIS
  33. Paul adviser: The Federal Reserve is “downright scared” of Rand Paul’s Audit the Fed bill
  34. S.353 - Justice Safety Valve Act of 2015 by Sen. Paul
  35. S.226 Regulations From the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act of 2015 By Sen. Paul
  36. S.391 - A bill to preserve and protect the free choice of individual emp... By Sen. Paul
  37. S.457 - A bill to secure the Federal voting rights of non-violent persons... By Sen. Paul
  38. Rand will be answering questions on Facebook in regards to audit the fed this afternoon
  39. Senate Dems come out against audit bill
  40. How to write an anti-Rand Paul attack piece in 4 easy steps
  41. Doug Wead - Going to be Involved in Rand '16?
  42. Rand Paul asks Kentucky GOP leaders for a presidential caucus in 2016
  43. Rand Paul Is Real in New Hampshire
  44. Rand Paul on vaccines, net neutrality and running for president - CBS News
  45. So, Rand Paul and David Koch Walk into a VIP Reception
  46. Rand Paul speech and interview at #RebootCongress [video]
  47. Rand is still an anti-war candidate in a pro-war party
  48. Rand Paul On The Federal Government: ‘Shut The Damn Thing Down’
  49. Acceptance
  50. Rand Paul and Silicon Valley
  51. Rand Paul: Scrap the tax code
  52. [VIDEO] 30 minute interview with Rand Paul at "Reboot Congress" Silicon Valley event
  53. Rand Paul Preaches to Techno-Libertarians and the 'Leave Me Alone' Coalition
  54. Rand Paul staff sets up a Valentine's Pinterest board for Hillary Clinton
  55. Rand Paul East Orlando Post Interview
  56. Rand Paul draws applause in Florida for urging change in GOP
  57. Rand Paul Likely to Get What He Wants, Official Says: The Chance to Run for 2 Offices in 2016
  58. Bruce Fein : Only Rand Paul can save us
  59. Rand Paul facebook like bomb on right now! Goal=2 million!
  60. Bruce Fein: Only Rand Paul can save us
  61. [Video] Rand Paul Addresses Agudath Israel of America Board of Trustees Mission in US Capitol
  62. [Video] Derrick Grayson (TMOT) questions Senator Rand Paul on TPP
  63. Meet the man behind Rand Paul’s rise to ‘troller-in-chief’
  64. President Paul? Wall Street on high alert
  65. Rand Paul Draws Liberal Fire As The Left Discovers Its Inner Love Of The Fed, Part Two
  66. NYT: Rand Paul Is Looking to Announce Presidential Run on April 7
  67. Rand Paul on a Homeland Security shutdown, racial politics, and the Atlanta Braves
  68. Two swing states: Rand Paul in dead heat with Hillary Clinton
  69. Is a Rand Paul/Jeb Bush Collision Course Inevitable?
  70. Foster Friess chides Rand Paul in not-so-private email
  71. [Video] Rand Paul on The Rick & Bubba Show
  72. Rand Paul Money Bomb Promotion Planning
  73. Rand's foreign policy advisers?
  74. Rand Paul on Glenn Beck Radio Program discusses Politico's Audit the Fed article
  75. Tax day moneybomb
  76. Jeb's supports "Liberty Diplomacy", trying to mellow out Rand's msg?
  77. Rand Paul eyes debt-ceiling fight in Audit the Fed push
  78. Rand Paul defends his war on the Fed (Video and article)
  79. President Obama Roasts Republicans, Shouts Out Rand Paul 'Interesting Guy' at DNC Meeting VIDE
  80. Rand Paul 2016 Page Turn Kentucky Into A Caucus State
  81. Rand Paul: Federal Government Has Become ‘Enormous Monster With Tentacles Into Every Aspect O
  82. Rand Paul Talks Eggs, Crime, and Second Chances in Alabama
  83. Rep. Clawson: We need to get Rand Paul into the White House
  84. Rand Speaks in Sarasota Florida 2/14/15
  85. Rand Speaks At Ripon Society in DC 1/22/2015
  86. Exclusive — Rand Paul: Jeb Bush Has 'Electability Problem'
  87. Rand Paul: ‘Mistake’ to Question Whether Obama Loves America, Stick to Policy
  88. The Libertarian Network That Rand Paul Hasn’t Walked Away From And Can’t Totally Control
  89. HotAir Primary Survey (Feb Edition) - Vote for Rand NOW
  90. Rand Paul: Democrats Should Get ‘Beyond Partisanship’
  91. Paul to address SXSW music festival
  92. [Video] Yellowhammer's Cliff Sims interviews Sen. Rand Paul
  93. President 2016: WINK News in-depth with Sen. Rand Paul
  94. Out of Darkness, Light by Rand Paul
  95. Sheldon Adelson signals he’ll bankroll effort to stop Rand Paul
  96. President Paul? Wall Street on high alert
  97. Mitch McConnell Endorses Rand Paul's Call for GOP Presidential Caucus in Kentucky
  98. 12-year old CJ Pearson endorses Rand Paul, advises him to stop flip flopping
  99. Chuck Todd: Rand Paul a 'Tier 1' 2016 Candidate
  100. antiwar.com is suddenly very pro-Rand
  101. New Iowa Poll: Walker 25, Paul 13, Carson 11, Huckabee 11, Bush 10
  102. CATO President: Rand Paul Will Be The Next President of the United States
  103. Doug Wead: The Difference between Rand Paul and Ron Paul
  104. Rand Paul Flexes 2016 Muscles On Florida Trip, Campaigns Against DC Political Class
  105. How did Rand's favorability fall from 58% to 42% in a year?
  106. [Video] Rand Paul on The Kelly File 2/25/14
  107. Crunch Time for Rand Paul at CPAC
  108. The Official Rand Paul CPAC Thread
  109. TYT : Will Rand Paul's ISIS Policy Help Him Beat Hillary in 2016?
  110. Rand Paul: CPAC More ‘Difficult’ for ‘Moderates’ Like Jeb
  111. Rand Paul Interview with Katie Couric
  112. Feisty Rand Paul eats up CPAC
  113. Human Action Super PAC Produces Rand Paul for President Video
  114. 2016 Primary schedule List : NV before SC/FL = Good for RAND
  115. [Video] Rand Paul interviewed by Hannity at CPAC
  116. Politico : Feisty Rand eats up CPAC /w exclusive excerpt from speech
  117. [Video] Rand Paul speech at CPAC 2015
  118. Could POTUS Rand Theoretically Declassify Controversial Documents From Previous Admins?
  119. CPAC Hails ‘President Paul’
  120. Rand Paul: GOP needs to care about more than gun rights
  121. Rand Paul questions Gen. John Allen
  122. Will Rand Paul Win 2015 CPAC Straw Poll? (update: Rand WINS!)
  123. Rand Supporters Walk Out On Jeb Bush
  124. [Video] Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) Keynote at the 27th Annual Benefactor Summit
  125. Rand Paul wins CPAC 2015!
  126. After CPAC win, prepare for attacks on Rand Paul gear up
  127. Rand Paul On His CPAC Straw Poll Win: ‘Constitutional Conservatives Have Spoken’
  128. Rand's walking-on-stage-music at CPAC?
  129. Bankers join Fed against Rand Paul
  130. What do the results mean?
  131. CNN Inside Politics Covers CPAC/ Ignore Rand until end of show!
  132. Why do leftists hate Rand Paul more than any other candidate?
  133. "President Paul" Chanting Ringtone
  134. New RandPAC video promoting CPAC three-peat
  135. Get Sen. Paul to chicago, ASAP.
  136. Pro Rand Media: Writer Paul Mulshine possible ally
  137. "CPAC Straw Poll Winner Rand Paul Battles The Bush Machine—Goldwater style"
  138. PHOTOS: 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference - All major speakers
  139. Maybe it’s time to elect a senator rather than a governor
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  141. Independent.com Poll: Which Republican Are you Voting For President?
  142. Georgia Poll Shows Scott Walker Leading Field, Rand Paul At 4 Percent
  143. Foster Friess: 'Rand Paul is one of my heroes'
  144. (Oh Brother) Unenthused Rand Paul Lifelessly Applauds Netanyahu Speech
  145. what Obama states would Rand realistically carry?
  146. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity 3/3/15
  147. The official "Stand with Rand" moneybomb thread is here! April 7th!
  148. Conservatives deeply divided on defense - only Rand Paul gets it right (Mulshine)
  149. Rand Paul 2016: A Clear Message - Supporter Ad
  150. Vincent Harris wants to hire Pro Rand digital/marketing/ folks for Austin Texas work
  151. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox & Friends 3/4/15
  152. Run Rand run, take up the torch of liberty, do what your daddy done.
  153. Lamest Rand Bashing Ever Read
  154. With Eye on 2016, Rand Paul Courts Sheldon Adelson
  155. Rand Paul Hits Back at Faux-Outrage over His ‘Unenthused Claps’
  156. National Defense Ad
  157. [AUDIO] Rand Paul interview on "Jewish Moments in the Morning"
  158. Moneybomb idea for the future
  159. Rand was going to be on Parks and Rec but backed out at the last minute
  160. Quinnipiac March 2015 Walker, Bush Lead (Rand 5th)
  161. Help Mail 40,000+ Rand Paul Super Brochures and Stickers
  162. RandPac Looking for Rand Paul Bloggers
  163. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News Special Report w/ Bret Baier 3/6/15
  164. Is there excitement on the ground in Iowa for Rand?
  165. Rand Paul: American Jewry May Start Voting Republican
  166. Vote for Rand on Fox News Special Report Poll
  167. Would anyone be interested in Rand 2016 t-shirts?
  168. Stand with Rand? How about "Win with Rand!" or Rand Paul FTW
  169. As he prepares to run for president, Rand Paul seeks clear path for dual campaigns
  170. The Rand Paul clap gap: Why the GOP is afraid to have a real debate about foreign policy
  171. Who Got the Most Bang out of CPAC?
  172. Kentucky GOP approves Presidential caucus
  173. Rand Paul on why Republicans should care about Selma
  174. Rand Paul 2016 - A New President [Ad]
  175. Rand Paul coming up on Foxnews MediaBuzz Btw 5-6pm 3/8/15
  176. Rand email - Roe v. Wade's Protection of Abortion-on-Demand
  177. Rand Paul and Cory Booker to introduce bill legalizing medical marijuana (CARERS Act)
  178. Positive Front-Page WSJ article about "Odd Couple" Rand Paul partnership with McConnell
  179. Rand Paul launches campaign against proposed ATF bullet ban
  180. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox & Friends discusses medical marijuana & asset forfeiture
  181. [Video] Rand Paul on The Kelly File 3/10/15
  182. Rand Paul Exclusive: Arm the Kurds To Battle ISIS and Reward Them With Kurdistan
  183. Rand talks about why he signed the letter to Iran
  184. Rand Paul pushes repeal of Obama tax law despised by Americans living abroad
  185. Rand Paul’s Epic Rant: ‘I’m Not Particularly Happy With Being Lectured to by the Administratio
  186. Rand Paul's Austin Office Set to Open Monday
  187. Paul: Clinton emails an 'abuse of power'
  188. New respect for Rand's word-fu / poliy-jitsu
  189. Rand 3rd in CT, ahead of Christie; Walker and Bush tied for 1st
  190. Rand Speaking at Bowie State University Re: criminal justice reform [VIDEO]
  191. Another former Cruz staffer hired by Rand
  192. How Chuck Grassley, Rand Paul, and 80,000 Other Americans Clobbered an Ammo Ban
  193. Rand Paul will speak at SXSW and will participate in a twitter Q&A
  194. Rand wins brownie points with marijuana talk show hosted by Doug Benson
  195. VICE Season 3, Episode 2: Rand Paul
  196. Rand Paul Is Right—Give The Kurds A State
  197. Rand coming to NH
  198. Rand Paul Amasses Influence At South By Southwest In Austin
  199. Livestream: A Conversation with U.S. Sen. Rand Paul @ SWSX
  201. Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton 'Clearly Broke the Law'
  202. Rand Paul Leads Texas Young Republican Federation Straw Poll
  203. What the media is overlooking
  204. Positive articles on Rand's SXSW appearance in The Hill, Yahoo, Bloomberg, USA Today
  205. Nigel Farage (UKIP leader) praises Rand in his new book
  206. PHOTOS: Rand Paul at pvt receptions, Liberty Action TX, SXSW, Twitter townhall, office opening
  207. Why did Rand open an office in Austin?
  208. Why libertarians who want to write off Rand Paul over the Tom Cotton letter are ...
  209. And he's off: Rand Paul preps for April announcement
  210. So what's the latest legal word on Rand running dual senate/prez ??
  211. New CNN national poll: Bush 16, Walker 13, Paul 12/ Paul performs best against Clinton
  212. Veteran GOP operative David Chesley in line to head Rand Paul’s NH campaign
  213. Maybe Rand should
  214. Rand considers attaching Audit The Fed to debt ceiling vote!
  215. Harry Reid thanks Rand Paul for help with eye injury
  216. MTV: Rand Paul Talks Tech, Social Media And Youth Issues At SXSW
  217. Rand Introduces Economic Freedom Zones Act of 2015
  218. How Rand Paul's Digital Team Helped Re-Elect Bibi
  219. Rally with Rand (04.08.15)
  220. Rand got a pretty awesome MTV piece written about him.
  221. Breaking: Rand Paul Files For Presidency [mod note: not exactly]
  222. On Facebook, Rand Paul is clobbering his 2016 competition
  223. Bloomberg GOP focus group: "Rand's got the fight!"
  224. Rand Paul: Foreign donations to Clinton Foundation ‘thinly veiled bribes’
  225. Cool sign bro
  226. Rand Paul: 'We Should Be Boycotting Saudi Arabia'
  227. Time to revive #NoOneButPaul?
  228. Rand Paul interviews Sean Hannity
  229. Rand Paul to kick off 2016 bid April 7 with ambitious five-state tour
  230. Bunch of kids wear Rand Paul shirts at Cruz's announcment
  231. Hey, libertarians: Don't give up on Rand Paul!
  232. The 'Live And Let Live' Philosophy That Informs The Policies Of Rand Paul
  233. [Video] Rand Paul on The Kelly File reacts to Cruz announcement
  234. Two New Books by Rand and Kelley Paul (covers and release dates)
  235. Rand Speaks at Cato
  236. Alex Jones Talks Rand and Cruz (worthwhile even if you don't like Alex Jones)
  237. Media Running With Paul/Cruz Feud Narrative
  238. Rand Paul invites supporters to campaign announcement, rollout
  239. Rand Paul to court young voters at first official campaign rally in Iowa
  240. In New Hampshire, Rand Paul Reimagines Government Off the Top of His Head
  241. Watch: Rand Paul Explains the Difference Between Himself and Ted Cruz
  242. Rand Paul says he would tie Gay Rights to human aid NGO funding
  243. Dinner with Rand Paul Miramar Beach, FL March 30th! (Northwest Florida)
  244. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity 3/25
  245. Kelley Paul gets ready for her media blizzard
  246. A list of bills Rand Paul has sponsored
  247. Singer from Disturbed is "backing" Rand
  248. Rand Paul - Defense Spending Bill
  249. Rand Introduces Bipartisan Legislation To Help Expand Use of Police Body Cameras
  250. Paul Courts Christian Conservatives