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  1. Rand Paul: War on drugs 'overboard'; police, Obama overreaching
  2. Rand Paul: Eric Garner Chokehold Officer Shouldn't Be a Cop Anymore
  3. McConnell: 'I'm Almost Certainly' Going to Support Rand Paul in 2016
  4. Rand Paul: I won’t vote for spending bill that funds #Amnesty
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  6. Rand will not vote for CROmnibus "Abomination"
  7. [Video] Rand Paul Questions John Kerry 12/9/2014
  8. Marco Rubio Says Rand Paul's Islamic State Plan Would Micromanage Military
  9. PPP 2016 GOP Poll - North Carolina (Dec '14)
  10. Rand Paul And Apple Have The Same Strategy
  11. The Hobbit's Smaug Endorses Rand Paul for President
  12. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity 12/12/14
  13. Anthony Weiner praises Rand Paul's 2016 strategy
  14. Rand Introduces Bill to Prevent President Obama’s Executive Amnesty
  15. [Video] Rand Paul On The Record w/ Greta 12/10/14
  16. McConnell Addresses Rand's Dual Presidental/Senate Run
  17. The Courtship: How Rand Paul Became a 'Chamber Republican'
  18. Why Elizabeth Warren and Rand Paul offer glimmers of hope — but not for 2016
  19. Human Action Super PAC Launches Rand16.org Beta
  20. Reason Jan. 2015 Issue Interview: Rand Paul on Foreign Policy Realism
  21. Jennifer Lawrence, Rand Paul among most Googled
  22. Rand is already running an ad against Jeb Bush!
  23. Rand Paul: Jeb Bush’s Common Core support would be ‘big problem’ in primary
  24. Libertarian takeover: Thaddeus McCotter predicts a new world order for GOP
  25. Rand Paul Interviewed By Megyn Kelly 12/16/2014
  26. Alison Lundergan Grimes: Rand Paul can’t run for president and Senate
  27. Rand Paul's comments on Cuba on Tom Roten Morning Show 12/18/14
  28. Grimes threatens to take Rand Paul to court if he tries to run for two offices
  29. Merry Christmas from Rand and Kelley Paul
  30. Rand Paul Breaks With Rubio and Bush Over Cuba
  31. Marco Rubio Slams Rand Paul On Cuba: ‘He Has No Idea What He’s Talking About’
  32. Rand Paul says Marco Rubio is acting like an isolationist re: Cuba
  33. Rand Paul TIME op-ed: Cuba Isolationists Just Don’t Get It
  34. Rand Paul Is More Right About Cuba Than Marco Rubio
  35. Actually, Rand Paul Knows Exactly What He Is Talking About
  36. [Video] Rand Paul on The Kelly File discusses Rubio's isolationism
  37. Cruz & Lee vs Rand and Krauthammer over how Harry Reid got Senate nominees
  38. Rand Paul: "I Won't Shy Away From A Battle" Over Rubio's "Isolationism" on Cuba
  39. Rand Paul wins victory for Parents
  40. Rubio slams 'Obama-Paul' Cuba policy
  41. If Rand loses the GOP Primary to a status quo Republican?
  42. Rand Paul Will Bring Up The Senate Debate Over Police Militarization Next Year
  43. *Video* GOP Bundler, Jack Oliver on Christie and Rand in 2016
  44. Rand Paul: Isn't Likely that KY Legislature Going to Change law to Allow Dual Run in 2016
  45. GOP Won't Forgive Rand For Cop Critique
  46. The Oddest Bedfellows? Try Obama and Rand Paul
  47. Rand Paul, Marco Rubio debate in spirit of Founding Fathers
  48. Washington Times: Rand Paul knocks out Marco Rubio like Ali over Foreman
  49. Rand Paul airs his grievances for Festivus 2014 on Twitter
  50. Poll: Americans overwhelmingly back normalizing relations with Cuba
  51. Rand Paul Will Bring Up The Senate Debate Over Police Militarization Next Year
  52. Some politicians spoke the truth in 2014
  53. How Rand Paul said the 'politically bravest thing' in Washington
  54. Pro Embargo - Anti Rand Article in Towhhall
  55. Rand Paul Does Best of GOP Candidates in NBC/WSJ Survey DEC 10-14
  56. Rand Paul's Break With Conservative Correctness On Cuba Could Play Well In Iowa
  57. George Will Disapproves Of Both Rand's And Rubio's Cuba Talking Points
  58. Rand Paul 11th most 'Drudged' person of 2014
  59. Rand Paul Deserves Thanks for Focus on Police Militarization (Redstate)
  60. Rand Paul and 2016 (National Review Article)
  61. Rand Paul MLK day outreach
  62. Rand #1 US News
  63. Kelley Paul releasing book April 2015
  64. Just Asking: Rand Paul on why helping people see again is easier than politics
  65. Who's going to Iowa?
  66. A Thought - Something Rand Could Learn From Ron
  67. Mega Rich GOP Donors Afraid of Rand Paul
  68. Rand Paul sits down with Erick Erickson
  69. Sunday's Wash Post Mag Interview with Rand Paul
  70. Challenges Loom for Rand Paul as He Speeds Toward 2016
  71. Rand Paul launches preemptive strike against Huckabee
  72. Double Dip: How Rand Paul Can Legally Tap His Biggest Donors Twice
  73. Politico: The Rise of Rand Paul, loss of Cantor worry pro-Israel donors.
  74. Rand Paul Versus Rubio: Some Libertarian Air Is Good for Cuban-American Politics
  75. [article] Rand Paul's Passive-Aggressive Trolling Campaign
  76. [Video] Rand Paul's Health Care Suggestion: 'We Could Try Freedom' on Greta
  77. Rand Paul: GOP Senate Will 'Vote, Vote, Vote'
  78. Rand Paul 2016: 8 Facts About Personal Life of GOP Presidential Hopeful
  79. Congressman Curt Clawson votes Rand Paul for Speaker of the House
  80. NEWSMAX POLL RAND PAUL Losing to Romney. VOTE!
  81. Rand Paul $ ELizabeth Warren: Populist dissent grows among Republicans, Democrats
  82. Congressman Clawson press release on Rand Paul vote: GOP Cannot Be the Grand Party of Old
  83. Chipin For Rands B-Day?
  84. Rand introduces bill to defund Palestinian foreign aid
  85. Sen. Rand Paul Appears on CNN's OutFront with Erin Burnett (video) January 6, 2015
  86. Rand Paul's New Tech Guru Wants to Build a 'Crowdsourced Campaign'
  87. Will opposing Boehner's weak leadership be a litmus test for Presidential Candidates?
  88. Everything You Need to Know About Internet Regulation According to Sen. Rand Paul
  89. Sen. Rand Paul Appears on CNN's OutFront with Erin Burnett - January 6, 2015
  90. Rand Paul to visit NH next week
  91. Rand Paul inches closer to a 2016 bid, emphasizes the need “reasonable” foreign policy
  92. Rand Paul Slams ‘Moderate’ Bush, Christie, Pushes Cuts To Obama Spending
  93. Yahoo! News : Book tour puts Rand Paul's 'secret' weapon on national stage
  94. Rand Quixote Paul says he won't run if he can't win
  95. (Not that it matters) How Glenn Beck thinks Rand Paul will be wiped out by MSM?
  96. Rand Paul v. Hillary Clinton: Will Pot Give Him the Electoral Edge?
  97. Will Ron Paul Haunt Rand in 2016? - TIME -
  98. Rand Paul Skipping Joint Republican Retreat
  99. Rand Taps Veteran Adviser for Likely 2016 Campaign (Chris LaCivita)
  100. Rand Paul on Mitt in 2016: If Romney Runs To The Right of Jeb Bush, He Will Still Be To The Le
  101. If Mitt Romney Challenges Jeb Bush, Rand Paul Stands to Gain
  102. Paul: Romney is 'yesterday's news'
  103. Rand Paul hires 33 year old Chip Englander as 2016 campaign manager
  104. Rand Paul Speaks at Conservative Policy Summit
  105. Rand Paul looks to steal 2016 spotlight
  106. Today’s News Rand Paul Calls Mitt Romney ‘Yesterday’s News’
  107. Kentucky Makes It Almost Impossible for Felons to Vote. Rand Paul Wants to Change That.
  108. (HuffPo) Rand Paul: Disability Insurance Wasted On People With Anxiety And Back Pain
  109. New Republican Primary Poll (YouGov/Economist)
  110. Drudge asks if you agree with Rand Paul or Mitt Romney
  111. Rupert Murdoch comments on 2016 field
  112. Rand Paul: Another Mitt Romney Run Is the Definition of Insanity
  113. Rand Paul’s Tough Sell: Judicial Activism can be Good for Conservatives
  114. Paul Says He'd Be "Happy" to Dissolve the U.N.
  115. Rand Paul on Romney: `We Weren't Successful' in 2012
  116. Rand Paul Rejects Judicial Restraint, Says 'I'm a Judicial Activist'
  117. Rand Paul Setting Himself Apart From 2016 GOP Field
  118. MSNBC Poll re Rand's Comments re Disability Insurance - VOTE NOW
  119. Senator Rand Paul blasts Common Core education program in New Hampshire swing
  120. Rand visits Nevada (Las Vegas Fri. 1/16; Reno Sat. 1/17)
  121. Rand Paul ranks as most conservative 2016 candidate–and the most liberal?
  122. (National Review) Rand Paul Is Right: Judicial Restraint is Wrong
  123. Rand Paul on Immigration: 'The 11 Million Are Never Going Home'
  124. Why a Crowded Field Helps Rand Paul
  125. As Bush and Romney Battle, Can Rand Paul Sneak Through In New Hampshire?
  126. Live from RNC Winter Meeting - 2016 Primary & Debate Schedule + tidbits
  127. US Rep. McHenry says NC voters should take a look at Rand Paul
  128. Mark Levin interviews Rand Paul
  129. Rand Paul: 'Thanks for the Hemp Jacket!'
  130. Rand Paul statement on DOJ reform of civil asset forfeiture program
  131. Rand Paul, Ron Wyden, and Jeff Merkley introduce hemp legislation in senate
  132. PHOTOS: Rand Paul visits Arizona, holds physician roundtable, grassroots meeting
  133. If Rand does well in the 2016 primaries, what excuses can be used to dismiss his showing?
  134. The Endgame
  135. PHOTOS: Rand Paul visits Las Vegas
  136. Rand Paul says he's made up with McCain over ISIS photo feud
  137. Rand Paul Makes Headway in Longshot Bid To Win Jewish Support
  138. Rand finds support in Reno
  139. Rand Paul on MTV for MLK day
  140. [VIDEO] NBC Phoenix affiliate interviews Rand Paul
  141. Rand Paul 'confused' by Romney 2016 speculation (Interview with local NH station)
  142. Sen. Rand Paul: Break Down the Wall That Separates Us From the ‘Other America’
  143. Sen. Rand Paul: Break Down the Wall That Separates Us From the 'Other America' - TIME #MLK
  144. 4 GOP Hopefuls expected to Attend Koch Event (Rand Paul)
  145. [VIDEO] Rand Commemorates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  146. Rand Issues SOTU Response 2015 (LIVE Video)
  147. Rand Paul’s Latest Hire: Give Edward Snowden the Nobel Peace Prize
  148. "Paul open to working with White House" 1/21/15
  149. Ouch!
  150. National Journal: A Summary of Rand Paul’s Staffing Strategy
  151. Kentucky State AFL-CIO throws its support behind Jack Conway's gubernatorial campaign
  152. How Rand Paul Is Helping To Reinvent Republicans
  153. Rand Paul trash talks Bush over Common Core, again
  154. Barbara Boxer, Rand Paul work together on Iran bill
  155. [VIDEO] RandPAC Pro-Life Ad
  156. Rand Paul to open political office in Austin, Texas!
  157. Rand Paul to be in first 2016 campaign smackdown
  158. Sen. Rand Paul: Dem Admendment on Property Rights Key Step in Reversing Kelo
  160. IA Freedom Forum will start in 10 min on C-SPAN
  161. Rand Paul ‘clarifies’ remarks about disabled
  162. How do I secure a Rand Paul radio interview?
  163. Sen. Rand Paul: Democrat Amendment on Property Rights Key Step in Reversing Kelo
  164. Deace's Iowa odds for Rand
  165. Audit the FED Rally FEB 6th Des Moines Iowa with Rand Paul
  166. Rand Paul at ISU Student Rally FEB 7th
  167. Paul, Cruz and Rubio debate LIVE NOW 1/25/15 11:30pm ET
  168. Walter Block Supports Rand Paul
  169. Rand Paul headed to Iowa
  170. Rand Paul Stands Apart in His Pitch for Koch Brothers Cash
  171. Soundbite for Rand Paul
  172. Rand: 'Saudi Arabia Needs to Quit Funding Radical Islam'
  173. (Business Insider) Here's Why Rand Paul Might Be The 'Frontrunner' In The 2016 GOP Primary
  174. [Video] Rand Paul on Kennedy's Fox Business show 1/27/15
  175. CNN exclusive: Historic Snapchat Interview with Rand Paul (VIDEO)
  176. Paul, Walberg Introduce the FAIR Act
  177. Rand Paul: Obama Needs to Tell Saudis To "Step Up And Be On Our Side" Against ISIS
  178. Rand Paul: Obama Behavior Towards Netanyahu ‘Childish’
  179. Rubio wins Koch Straw Poll; Rand comes in Last
  180. Rand Proposes an Audit of the Federal Reserve
  181. Poll: Rand Paul Has 58% Favorability Rating Among GOP Primary Voters (Jan. 2014)
  182. Rand reminds us that Jeb's brother doubled the size of the Education dept,
  183. All of Randal's answers from the Koch get together
  184. Frank Luntz' on Koch Poll: "It wasn't a poll, it was a random question, pay no attention"
  185. Rand Paul's Difficult Romance With Kochworld [Dave Weigel in Bloomberg Poltics]
  186. Rand Paul’s foreign policy roils 2016 race, rivals attack as Obama light
  187. David Letterman: Rand Paul Makes 'Pure Good Sense'; Maddow Kind of Agrees
  188. Rand Paul: If You Fly a Drone Over My House, I Will Shoot It Down With My Shotgun
  189. Hollywood screenwriter of Hunger Games, Empire: Positive on Rand
  190. Rand Paul ‘secret tape’ dings Jeb, Hillary on d\Dynasty
  191. Rand Paul's Dream of a Libertarian-Democratic Alliance on Civil Rights Is Actually Happening
  192. GOP Primary: Rand tied for 2nd at 11%
  193. Texas GOP Chairman Steve Munisteri leaves role, joins Rand Paul political team
  194. Rand: At meeting with GOP, Obama defended Hillary's war in Libya
  195. Rand and Boxer Announce the Invest in Transportation Act
  196. Rand and Flake Issue Letter of Support for U.S.-Cuba Policy Reform
  197. Anyone near Des Moines, Iowa?
  198. Is Lindsey Graham running for president to Troll Rand Paul?
  199. Rand Paul Emerges As The Successor To Daniel Patrick Moynihan
  200. Rand Paul says Earned Income Tax Credit has 25% fraud rate that costs up to $30 billion
  201. Rand Paul: How feds can legally steal your money via the IRS
  202. Bloomberg Politics : With Romney out, Paul leads New Hampshire
  203. Paul slams Bush "Hypocrisy"
  204. What soundbite should Rand Paul use?
  205. PHOTOS: Rand Paul at the 2015 Reagan Dinner in Dallas County, Texas
  206. When will we next see/hear from Rand?
  208. Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Iowa Poll Rand 2nd 15%
  209. Rand Paul is Making His Play for Texas
  210. CNN: Jeb Bush & Rand Paul's post-Romney moves
  211. Rand Paul slams Bush 'hypocrisy' on pot
  212. Washington Post Page 1 Hits Rand Paul
  213. Vote in Drudge poll!
  214. Another Poll To Vote in (NOT Drudge)
  215. Rand 2016 Liberty football
  216. Rand Paul just smacked down Kelly Evans on CNBC (video)
  217. VOTE: Drudge Poll
  218. Did Rand Paul Use The Super Bowl To Announce A 2016 Run?
  219. Rand: Most vaccines should be voluntary
  220. Poll: Young People More Likely To Support Freedom of Choice; 65+ Support Mandatory Vaccines
  221. Likud Campaign Hires GOP Digital Media Guru Vincent Harris
  222. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity, hits Jeb on medical marijuana
  223. PHOTOS: Rand Paul at Fort Worth Lincoln dinner, physician breakfast, lunch fundraiser
  224. John Bolton Is Considering Running For President…And Debating Rand Paul
  225. Rand Paul is currently trending on Twitter
  226. Rand interview that started the vaccine controversy
  227. Flying Coach with Rand Paul (from The Hill)
  228. Dondero: "The State doesn't own your child" is now controversial according to MSNBC
  229. Rand Paul Gets a Booster Vaccination
  230. Latest Polls - Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio
  231. Rand Paul being praised at Age of Autism...
  232. Daily Beast Editor Crudely Lashes out at Paul and then Apologizes
  233. Rand Paul's Wardrobe Upset GOP Donors
  234. Rand Paul Linked to Controversial A.A.P.S.
  235. Rand Paul: We can have modern medicine and freedom
  236. [Video] Rand Paul On The Record w/ Greta 2/5/15
  237. Mike Pence touted as VP candidate by media consultant aligned with Paul
  238. Nick Gillespie Weighs In On the Rand Paul Vaccination issue
  239. Rand Paul Comes Out Swinging Against Loretta Lynch’s Nomination for AG
  240. UFC superstar Chael Sonnen endorses Rand Paul 2016
  241. How Rand Paul trolls his rivals
  242. The Fed blinks....
  243. Federal Reserve fires back at Rand Paul over audit
  244. Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul push legalizing hemp growth
  245. Poll: Rate 2016 candidates by letter grade. To be discussed on Glenn Beck Radio show tomorrow
  246. Michael Savage doesn’t hate Rand Paul anymore
  247. Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak discussing Rand Paul's appearance and voice on their radio show
  248. Black Caucus slams Rand Paul for opposing AG nominee Lynch
  249. Rand Paul seeks to smooth rumblings of Iowa trouble
  250. Michael Savage endorses Rand Paul and Ted Cruz 2016