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  1. New McClatchy-Marist 2016 GOP Primary Poll (Rand tied for 2nd)
  2. [VIDEO] Civil war inside the Republican Party
  3. A Democrat is on Rand Paul's bipartisan reading list
  4. Mike Gallagher: I like Rand Paul for president, he's someone who can electrify young people
  5. David Stockman: Rand Paul is the one guy in Washington speaking truth to power
  6. Rand's "Plan B" for pro-life critics (contraceptive)
  7. Must Conservatives Be Cop Lovers?
  8. C-SPAN: October 1, 2014 Senator Rand Paul in North Carolina
  9. Rand Paul To Prospective 2016 Field: If You Support Common Core, You Will Lose GOP Primary
  10. Bill Maher meets for drinks with Rand Paul, still not ready to vote for him
  11. Rand Paul on Hannity 10/6
  12. Why Rand Paul Is Different
  13. Alex Jones: “Rand Paul is better than Ted Cruz”
  14. What can I do to help Rand Paul?
  15. Rand At Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit (10-8-14 in San Francisco)
  16. Capitol Hill Staffer Survey: Cruz the "biggest disappointment"; Rand Paul top "rising star"
  17. Rand to attend 3 NH rallies and a pizza party on 10-16-2014
  18. Rand Featured At Larry Ellison Republican Fundraiser, Woodside, CA. 10-8-14
  19. Rand Paul meets with black leaders in Ferguson
  20. [Video] Rand Paul interviewed from Ferguson on CNN 10/10/14
  21. Rand Paul is in Ferguson. Here’s why.
  22. A Man Coming Over The Hill, Singing – Dave Weigel on Rand Paul's trip to South Carolina
  23. Rand's Public Relations
  24. [VIDEO] Rand Paul speaks at LPAC 2014:
  25. Meghan McCain: My dad hates Rand Paul; could beat him up in a fight
  26. Congressman: Rand Paul has a "special ability"
  27. Rand Paul hits NIH funding claims at Virginia rally: 'Have you seen what NIH spends money on?'
  28. Rand Paul is right to question sacrosanct 'truths' on classroom size and student performance
  29. 2016 Iowa GOP Favorability Ratings
  30. Doug Wead: Rand Paul defends Houston pastors under attack
  31. Rand Paul on cover of TIME: 'The Most Interesting Man in American Politics'
  32. Morning Joe discusses Rand Paul on cover of TIME Magazine
  33. Rand Paul on Bloomberg News 10/16/14
  34. Rand Paul: 2016 GOP nominee could get a third or more of black vote
  35. Rand Paul Engages in Blatant Fearmongering By… Accurately Citing CDC Advice on Ebola Exposure
  36. Rand Paul, Chris Christie Laid Out Plans for Black Voters at Penthouse Forum
  37. CBS journalist deletes embarrassing tweet about Sen. Rand Paul
  38. Rand Paul to Michelle Obama: Look at me — I’m at Dunkin’ Donuts
  39. Has Rand or Ron ever spoken or had a rally at an Ivy League school?
  40. Ron Paul lets cat out of the bag on Rand Presidential Run: ‘I Think It's Great He's Doing It’
  41. Rand Paul's youtube account
  42. Steele: TIME calls Rand Paul most interesting man in politics, I call him most dangerous man
  43. National Poll: Rand Paul at 9% if Romney's Running; Tied For First if Romney Doesn't Run
  44. Rand Addresses American Academy of Ophthalmology Conference
  45. 2016 Presidential Campaigns Are Staffing Up Already
  46. Rand Paul: Religious Freedom Dying at the Altar of Political Correctness
  47. Using Logic To End The Racism Canard
  48. Paul emails!!! Unsubscribe?
  49. Rand Paul on The Tavis Smiley Show 10/17
  50. Rand Paul Summons Political Operatives for 2016 Strategy Session
  51. Rand Paul to lay out foreign policy vision
  52. PHOTOS: Rand Paul at the University of Northern Iowa
  53. New Senate Minority Leader?
  54. Rand Paul gives foreign policy address at Center for the National Interest (vid + transcript)
  55. After reading Rand's transcript and looking at 20 news articles…
  56. PHOTOS: Rand Paul at MobileDemand tablet company in Hiawatha, Iowa
  57. Rand Paul just gave one of the most important foreign policy speeches in decades
  58. PHOTOS: Rand Paul at BBQ fundraiser with State Rep. Bobby Kaufmann in Wilton, Iowa
  59. PHOTOS: Rand Paul & Joni Ernst at the University of Iowa
  60. ‘We Can’t Have Perpetual War': The Realism of Rand Paul by Justin Raimondo
  61. Libertarians May Co-Nominate Rand Paul in 2016
  62. [Video] Rand Paul On The Record w/ Greta 10/27
  63. Here’s How Rand Paul’s Conservative Realism Could Change the GOP
  64. How to save Rand's senate seat
  65. Rand calls for libertarians to join GOP, run for office:
  66. Rand Paul: Conservative Realist?
  67. The FAIR Act - Stop Illegal Government Property Seizure
  68. Rand smartly supports other Senate candidates
  69. Rand Paul Leads The Way Toward 2014 GOP Victory
  71. Obama Campaign Turnout Director: Rand Paul Best Postioned to Win 2016 Battleground States
  72. Rand Paul: ‘Huge Percentage’ Of Washington Elites Are Neoconservatives, Hardly Any Are Realist
  73. Rand Paul: Master of Political Message-Switching
  74. Grover Norquist Has Seen the New Reagan and It’s Rand Paul
  75. How Rand Paul’s foreign policy speech proves he’s the tea party’s last hope
  76. Rand Paul: Republicans should back California Proposition 47
  77. From World War I to Rand Paul -- The rise and fall and rise of America’s anti-war right
  78. Rand Paul is like Nigel Farage – except he might win
  79. Rand Paul pushes back on Chris Christie claim that next president needs to be a governor
  80. Rand Paul speaks out for Houston pastors and religious liberty (video)
  81. How Rand Paul Threatens Left and Right
  82. [Video] Rand Paul on Face the Nation w/ Bob Schieffer 11/2/14
  83. [Video] Rand Paul on State of the Union w/ Candy Crowley 11/2/14
  84. Rand cuts ads with the Chamber of Commerce
  85. [Video] Rand Paul on Meet the Press w/ Chuck Todd 11/2/14
  86. Rand supports TPP?
  87. Never go on O'Reilly
  88. Rand Paul Sunday Show Roudup (11/2/14)
  89. Would Rand Look Good Bald?
  90. Rand Has a Better Shot at POTUS than Ron Ever Did
  91. Rand Paul, not just McConnell, has a big stake in Kentucky’s election
  92. Jack Welch to GOP: Run Paul or Cruz in 2016
  93. Rand Discussed on Fox's "Outnumbered"
  94. Former RNC chair Steele: Rand Paul is the 2016 Republican frontrunner
  95. Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell Share Skepticism of Ted Cruz's Obamacare Plan
  96. Do you want Rand Paul to win?
  97. Rand is the most interesting man in politics:
  98. Gary Johnson plans to run against Rand in 2016
  99. Rand Paul speaks at annual Eisenhower Luncheon - PA county GOP
  100. Rand Paul Is Go-To Republican for 2014 Candidates
  101. Rand Paul 'ducks' on D.C. pot measure
  102. Results for Kentucky State House races
  103. Rand Paul has better approval ratings than Grimes among women in Kentucky
  104. [Video] Sen. Rand Paul reacts to Mitch McConnell's win
  105. Is Rand going to push through his version of immigration reform?
  106. Paul calls Dem Senators Candidates 'Hillary's losers' #hillaryslosers
  107. would Rand back a liberty candidate against McCain?
  108. Meet Tom Cotton: Ark's next Senator & Rand Paul's worst Nightmare
  109. Sen. Rand Paul Appears on Fox's America's HQ- November 5, 2014
  110. Sen. Rand Paul Appears on CNN New Day- November 5, 2014
  111. My experiment: I avoided political news for 19 months like a normal voter - Why Rand CAN WIN
  112. Will Rand have subpoena power? Chair of Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations?
  113. RNC Rule 16
  114. Kentucky looks at primary change that would help Rand Paul
  115. Rand Paul's Just In It For the Money - Not
  116. Can Rand Paul End the Fed?
  117. [Video] Rand Paul on CBS election night coverage
  118. The Rand Paul election? by Jack Hunter
  119. Rand Paul's Plan Would Help Detroit
  120. Rand Paul can "count on" Mitch McConnell
  121. Elise Jordan on The Cycle: "I helped w/ Rand's recent speech"
  122. Rand Paul Brochures
  123. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox & Friends 11/7/14
  124. [Video] Rand Paul on The 700 Club w/ Pat Robertson 11/7/14
  125. [Video] Rand Paul on Real Time with Bill Maher 11/14/14
  126. BBC Radio profiles Rand Paul
  127. Rand Op-Ed: Obama’s ISIS War Is Illegal
  128. Frist unoffical Rand v. Hilary debate occured on CNN...
  129. Will Allison Lundergan-Grimes run for Senate in 2016?
  130. Rand Paul Supporters!
  132. You don’t say: Rand Paul’s 2016 plans may not feature his father
  133. Rand Paul Tells GOP to Say 'No' to Omnibus
  134. Rand Paul, advisers meet to strategize on 2016 Presidential bid
  135. Bloomberg clip : Rand Paul and the Clintons
  136. Bloomberg profile on Rand's Iowa Senior Strategist : Steve Grubbs
  137. Win the CPAC 2015 Straw Poll for Rand Paul 2016
  138. HuffPost: Why President Rand Paul Will Keep America Safer Than Bush, Obama, and Hillary
  139. Rand Paul and Lobbyists
  140. Rand hammers EEOC for harassing small businesses
  141. Article: Rand Paul to oppose Senate NSA reform bill, aide says
  142. Politico: Rand Paul gathering leaves little doubt on '16
  143. POLITICO: Rand Paul's Greatest Weakness
  144. (The Hill) Rand Paul's correct: Sending Americans back to Iraq is illegal
  145. I just got back from the Bill Maher taping with Rand Paul on
  146. Randall Cobb Stiff Arm
  147. Something is brewing
  148. Blaze article about Rand Paul on Maher... Comments are surprisingly encouraging
  149. Rand Paul 2016 on SNL
  150. Judge Nap not much interested in running for office, on board for Rand Paul 2016
  151. Will Rand enforce unconstitutional laws as President?
  152. I'm a Liberal Democrat. I'm Voting for Rand Paul in 2016. Here is why.
  153. Rand Paul 2016 Facebook Page is front for Rare website at expense of Rand
  154. Electability
  155. Does anyone have a link....
  156. Lexington Herald-Leader: Will Rand Paul's New Friends Show Him the Money?
  157. Rand Paul: Take Obama To Court Over Executive Amnesty
  158. The Dems Have Become So Useless It's Making Young Liberals Look Longingly at Rand Paul
  159. Rand Paul: “I haven’t joined the neocon cabal”
  160. Rand Paul calls Jonathan Gruber admission a 'disgrace' (Hannity interview 11/17)
  161. Mitch McConnell to stand with Rand Paul on NSA bill
  162. The Hill - Rand Paul Steals Ted Cruz's Digital Strategist Ahead of 2016
  163. You know Rand's winning when someone has to write a book
  164. VICE: The One War Rand Paul Wants to Fight
  165. Rand Paul close to announcing reelection bid
  166. Rand Blocks the Renewal of Patriot Act
  167. I don't believe him, but some guy said....
  168. A couple of questions (regarding exploratory committee and other)
  169. *Vid* WSJ Panel - US Chamber Senior Strategist : Rand was secret weapon
  170. [YouTube] Bill de Blasio on Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and Rand Paul
  171. Rand Paul Coin?
  172. Why Bill de Blasio Is Worried About Rand Paul in 2016
  173. I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major Candidate
  174. [Video] Rand Paul on Greta discusses Obama's executive amnesty
  175. Fivethirtyeight : The ‘Rand Paul Will Win Over Young Voters’ Myth
  176. EXCLUSIVE: Rand Paul sounds off to Salon on race, 2016, Hillary and Republicans
  177. Rand Paul Just Had A Sitdown With Al Sharpton in DC
  178. RAND PAUL: Obama will "Rue The Day" he Tried to Destroy Separation of Powers
  179. Rand Paul: No ‘Bigger Defender of Minority Rights in the Congress than Myself’
  180. Rand Paul #53 on The Cannabis Business Executive 100 Most Influential People
  181. Vote Now: Who Should Be TIME’s Person of the Year?
  182. After the USA Freedom Act fails, those who voted against it explain why
  183. Jon Stewart mentions Rand Paul in an interview with Howard Stern
  184. Zerohedge: This Is Why Rand Paul Is Hillary Clinton's Worst Nightmare
  185. Rand Paul on NewsmaxTV 11/20
  186. Rand Paul on The John Gibson Show 11/20
  187. 5 Reasons Liberals Tired of War Should Vote for Rand Paul Over Hillary Clinton
  188. Rand in Time: What I’m Thankful For
  189. PHOTOS: Rand Paul at KACo Conference, Federalist Society of NKU & Boone Co. GOP Christmas Gala
  190. BREAKING: Rand Paul Calls for a Formal Declaration of War Against ISIS
  191. Rand Paul Shows Early Strength in New Hampshire Poll
  192. Rand Releases Declaration of War Against Islamic State [full text]
  193. Al Sharpton: Rand Paul’s outreach to blacks could hurt Democrats in 2016
  194. Jack Hunter uses Rand Paul 2016 Page to defend Ferguson Protestors
  195. Why Rand Paul Wants to Declare War on ISIS
  196. Rand Paul's Not-So-Secret Plan to End the War on Terror by Declaring War in Iraq
  197. Rand Paul Op-Ed: The Politicians Are To Blame in Ferguson
  198. Rand Paul on Ferguson: Criminal justice reforms part of answer
  199. Rand's victory speeches
  200. Rand Paul: Partisan Primaries Are ‘Biggest Obstacle’ to Attracting Nonpartisan Voters
  201. I Applaud Hillary for Visiting Ferguson and Meeting Al Sharpton. Oh Wait, That Was Rand Paul.
  202. Rand w/ Greta Van Susteren 11/25/14 "I Don't Want Perpetual War"
  203. Will Obama nominate a lot of liberal black/women nominees to make Rand vote them down?
  204. Quinnipiac poll: Rand Paul at 8% Nationally; Ted Cruz Collapsing
  205. Al.com poll for president, vote now
  206. Rand Paul invokes Georgia in Ferguson response
  207. Here’s why a surprising number of liberals are supporting Rand Paul
  208. Polls, Hires Going Rand Paul’s Way As 2016 Talk Fires Up
  209. Buy Rand Paul Swag Gifts and help the 2016 Campaign
  210. Rand Paul: 'Benghazi was the definition of an intelligence failure'
  211. Huge Grassroots MoneyBomb Right After Rand Announces?
  212. Inside Rand Paul's Plan to Run for Senate and President at the Same Time
  213. Rand Paul to seek re-election to US Senate, presidential run pending
  214. So, can Rand still run for both seats? Logistically, how might that work?
  215. Rand Paul: McCain Wants "15 Wars More"
  216. WaPo: Paul is running for reelection. He’ll also run for president. Here’s how that’s possible
  217. [Video] Rand Paul on The Kelly File 12/2/14
  218. Rand Paul: I'll have to fight "caricature" of my foreign policy views in 2016
  219. McCain Disses Rand Paul's Foreign Policy But He's 'OK' With Hillary's
  220. Rand being interviewed on hardball now
  221. A "Profound" interview w/ Rand Paul on Hardball (12/3/2014)
  222. Rand Paul at Foreign Relations Hearing on Iran 12/3/14
  223. Rand Paul Thinks Taxes Are Partly To Blame For Eric Garner's Death
  224. Rand Paul Opposes Net Neutrality Rules
  225. Rand Paul is one of Four Republicans who worry Hillary Clinton
  226. Rand Paul: "No Excuse" For Someone To Die Over A Cigarette Tax
  227. Like a Man Coming Over the Hill Singing - Rand Paul at the WSJ CEO Council
  228. Balko: Rand Paul is right that seemingly innocuous laws are enforced with violence
  229. Politico: Kentucky black leaders v. Rand Paul
  230. Rand Paul invites Hilary Clinton to work on criminal justice reform #EricGarner
  231. [Video] Rand Paul on The Situation Room w/ Wolf Blitzer 12/4/14
  232. [Video] Rand Paul discusses Eric Garner case on Hannity 12/4/14
  233. [VIDEO] Sen. Rand Paul Speaks Out Against Sexual Assault in the Military - December 2, 2014
  234. Walter Block praises Rand Paul's declaration of war bill
  235. Nat Hentoff praises Rand Paul's constitutional consistency and vote against NSA bill
  236. Rand Paul Expands the Political Dialectic – And That's a Good Thing
  237. Jonah Goldberg: Rand Paul Is Right about Eric Garner
  238. Rand Paul Forces Last-Minute Debate On War Authorization
  239. is "stand with rand" slogan dead?
  240. Paul vs Clinton Poll Tracker
  241. I'm hawkish about the Constitution
  242. Rand Paul is right about police brutality: our laws are a huge part of the problem
  243. Rand Paul vaults back to top of Chris Cillizza's presidential power rankings
  244. Faux Newz piece
  245. AFP Profile on Rand Paul: Ophthalmologist turned US Constitution guardian
  246. Rand Paul on WHAS11's Powers That Be 12/6/14
  247. Poll: Paul Tied With Bush and Christie vs. Clinton in 2016; Cruz Does Worst
  248. Rand Paul: Ophthalmologist turned ‘libertarian-ish’ foe of government overreach
  249. Rand Paul: Explain to me when Terrorists are going to attack Fargo
  250. Rand Paul Is Demanding a Real Debate About Going to War: We Should All Pay Attention