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  1. Illegal immigrant confronts Steve King; Rand Paul walks away
  2. PHOTOS: 2014 Young Americans for Liberty National Convention
  3. Rand Paul Revives Immigration Attack Against Rick Perry
  4. Ralph Nader prefers Rand Paul to Hillary Clinton
  5. MSNBC host: I'm a Rand Fan
  6. Mitch McConnell calls Rand Paul the ‘most credible candidate’ since Henry Clay
  7. Rand The Movie
  8. Rand Paul Tries to Woo Iowa Pastors
  9. Deace: Rand Paul Makes His First Major Play for the Presidency
  10. Sen. Rand Paul Appears on Fox's On the Record with Greta Van Susteren - August 5, 2014
  11. Rand Paul = Democrats’ Enemy #1
  12. PPP 2016 GOP Poll - Arkansas (Aug '14)
  13. Other Ways for Rand to Build a Large Campaign Network Base
  14. In Iowa, Rand Paul previews 2016 campaign message amid dust-ups
  15. Why Rand Paul Is Attacking Hillary Clinton
  16. Rand Paul: The Man Who Wouldn’t Be King
  17. Rand Paul on cover of New York Times Magazine
  18. Hugh Jackman/Rand Paul/ Jon Stewart
  19. Rand Paul Video Sub-forum
  20. 7 take-homes from Rand Paul's Iowa journey
  21. Rand Paul: If Senator had his way, we’d be fighting in 15 different civil wars!
  22. Pause: Why does Rand need a VP for balance when Romney and Ryan were the same?
  23. Rand Paul comments on military strikes in Iraq
  24. Daily Beast author stands with Rand on board certification
  25. [Video] Rand Paul discusses his faith with the American Liberty Association
  26. PPP 2016 GOP Poll - Alaska (Aug '14)
  27. Rand Paul Would Forgo Using Executive Orders as President
  28. By unleashing her inner hawk, is Hillary helping Rand Paul?
  29. Hamptons Scene: Rand Paul Reads (and Kelley is writing a book!)
  30. Rand Paul performs eye surgery in Louisville, plans trip to Guatemala
  31. PPP 2016 GOP Poll - Kentucky (Aug '14)
  32. Is ISIS the perfect opportunity for non-interventionalism to shine?
  33. President Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy
  34. Poll: Rand strongest GOP candidate versus Hillary in Alaska
  35. Rand needs to get to Ferguson MO ****ing NOW
  36. Democrats Give Rand Paul the Beating They Never Cared to Gave His Father
  37. The Obscure Kentucky Contests That Could Alter Rand Paul's 2016 Plans
  38. Rand Paul Leading GOP 2016 Candidates against Hillary
  39. Rand Paul heading to Guatemala to do eye surgeries
  40. Rand Paul: We Must Demilitarize the Police
  41. Rand Paul’s op-ed on Ferguson shows why he is the most interesting voice in the GOP right now
  42. Rand Paul Weighs In on the 'Libertarians Don't Care About Ferguson' Meme
  43. Rand Paul trailing GOP rivals in new Marist poll
  44. With Ferguson essay, Rand Paul proves a very different Republican
  45. Joe Scarborough: Rand Paul moves Republicans on race
  46. Cenk praises Rand's comments on police militarization
  47. Article: Al Sharpton: Rand Paul puts pressure on Democrats and Hillary to speak for civil rights
  48. MSNBC host: Rand Paul breaks the mold of Republicans who never question law enforcement
  49. Politico: Rand Paul’s race moment
  50. Rand Paul Is Making Sense About the Cops
  51. WaPo: "When John Conyers and Rand Paul agree"
  52. Joe Scarborough: Rand Paul's op-ed on police militarization was important
  53. Rand Paul really needs to do the ice bucket challenge
  54. For Rand Paul, the rules of politics just don't apply
  55. WaPo stumped by Rand Paul because he’s shattering media narratives about the Tea Party
  56. Has Rand Paul raised 2016 prospects with fiery Ferguson response?
  57. Rand Paul may be Changing the way Republicans Talk About Race
  58. [Video] Nick Gillespie discusses Rand Paul on MSNBC 8/15/14
  59. What states can't Rand win; and who should spoil the Neocon vote?
  60. Odds of Rand being elected president just improved from 22-1 to 15-1
  61. Are you saving up yet?
  62. It’s time to stop calling Rand Paul a tea partier
  63. S. King on Rand: Wasn't going to be a constructive place for him to be if he wants to be POTUS
  64. Former George W. Bush Speechwriter: Rand Paul Gave 'Aid & Comfort' To Rioters
  65. Rand Paul should defend Rick Perry (updated)
  66. CA Democrat paper agrees with Rand WRT police militarization.
  67. Steele: Rand Paul is most dangerous man in politics right now to break left-right paradigm
  68. What other issues can Rand hit 'em from the left with?
  69. It's Time to Start Preparing Yourself for President Rand Paul
  70. Rand Paul's Foreign Policy Team...So Far
  71. Cato: Republicans Should Offer Rand Paul as a Real Alternative to Hillary Clinton
  72. Rand Paul’s pursuit of black voters splits GOP
  73. What Rand Paul Can Teach The Republican Party About Race
  74. Inside the World of Rand Paul Swag
  75. Free Beacon hit piece accusing Rand of having "Putin apologists" as FP advisors
  76. Rand Paul’s eye-opening summer recess
  77. Sen. Rand Paul makes use of surgical skills in Guatemalan operating room
  78. Rand Paul Secures Review of Strict Guatemalan Adoption Policy in Meeting with President
  79. [Video] Meet the Press covers Rand Paul's humanitarian mission in Guatemala
  80. Rand Paul to introduce police militarization bill?
  81. PolitiFact rates Rand Paul TRUE on whether Washington incentivizes militarization of police
  82. Rand Paul’s Latin American Campaign Stop
  83. Rand Paul: A Modern Day Jack Kemp
  84. Rand Paul comments on his Time op-ed to Breitbart
  85. Rand Paul, Team of Surgeons Give Sight to Blind on Guatemalan Mission
  86. 3 memorable moments from Rand Paul’s trip to Guatemala
  87. Democrats attack Rand Paul for criticizing Obama abroad
  88. Tally of Sunday morning talk show appearances
  89. Rand Paul Warns Dems What Will Happen if They Nominate ‘War Hawk’ Hillary Clinton
  90. Rand Paul wide ranging interview in Futures Magazine
  91. Video: Rand Paul’s First On-Camera Comments About Ferguson
  92. Rand on NBC Meet the Press 08.24.2014 - live links ?
  93. America's eyes opening to opthalmologist
  94. Kelley Paul interviewed on Kentucky NPR
  95. 2016 Watch: Rand Paul Is on Vacation in Guatemala, Performing Free Eye Surgeries
  96. Rand Paul restores eyesight to those in need - NBC Nightly News
  97. Ben Swann interviews Jack Hunter on NewsmaxTV 8/22/14
  98. Rand Paul and Drudge
  99. Rand Paul: Dems afraid I'll run in 2016
  100. The inevitable Hillary will lead to President Rand Paul (DU!)
  101. Rand Paul: Why Are We Spending $8M in Fargo To Fight Terrorism?
  102. Missouri Dem: ‘Rand Paul was right’
  103. Realistically, who is likely to be Rand's VP choice?
  104. Kevin D. Williamson contrasts Rand Paul vs. Obama, Biden, & Hillary
  105. Morning Joe discussion: Democrats who underestimate Rand Paul are making a mistake
  106. [Video] MSNBC airs half-hour special on Rand Paul's medical mssion in Guatemala
  107. W. James Antle: How Rand Paul's GOP opponents will use his minority outreach against him
  108. Who Is Rand Paul?
  109. Rand Paul statistically tied for first in Massachusetts poll of GOP presidential contenders
  110. Senator Rand Paul performs eye surgery in Guatemala - The Today Show
  111. Rand Paul says he scares Democrats. Should he?
  112. Democratic Underground freaking out about Rand Paul
  113. What if Rand is president and we can't find a decent fed chairmen to prevent then real crash?
  114. Chris Matthews: Next presidential election may be between a Democrat hawk and Republican dove
  115. Is Senator Rand Paul the Leader of the New Civil Rights Movement? (BenSwann.com)
  116. Jennifer Rubin on the Washington post
  117. Rand and the Catholic vote in 2016
  118. Rand Paul takes aim at "war hawk" Hillary Clinton - Fox News Special Report
  119. MSNBC's Krystal Ball: Rand Paul is courageous, Hillary cowardly in addressing Ferguson events
  120. LibertyHQ Launches Rand Paul's efforts for 2016 (08.28.14)
  121. Rand Paul: Hillary's 'War Hawk' Policies led to Benghazi Attack, Rise of ISIS
  122. Is Rand Paul's wife ready for his possible 2016 White House bid?
  123. Iowa Poll: Romney at 35%; No Other Candidate In Double-Digits
  124. Rand Paul Op-Ed: How U.S. Interventionists Abetted the Rise of ISIS
  125. Rand v Romney's third time in Iowa
  126. Should Rand Paul announce early?
  127. [Video] Rand Paul on Greta discusses executive orders, war hawk Hillary, and Guatemala mission
  128. DNC response to Rand Paul’s foreign policy op-ed in WSJ
  129. Santorum Slams Rand Paul For Advocating ‘Obama’s Failed Isolationism’
  130. The most important word in Rand Paul’s attack on Hillary Clinton
  131. MSNBC: Rand Paul vs. The Hawks
  132. Ezra Klein: The DNC's braindead attack on Rand Paul
  133. Why Are Democrats Sliming Rand Paul?
  134. Rand Paul: Was I right or was I right about Syria last year?
  135. Would Rand Paul open up a doctors office at the White House doing pro-bono work?
  136. RAND PAUL UPCOMING APPEARANCES [Updated periodically]
  137. Rand Paul should bring up Secretary Clinton's advocacy for Intervention in Libya
  138. PBS FRONTLINE; Kentucky Prison Reforms "Prison State"
  139. Rand Paul continues attacks against Hillary Clinton
  140. Paul and Clinton blur partisan lines on foreign policy
  141. KY Poll: 66% oppose changing law to allow Rand to run for President and Senate
  142. Rand Paul on taxes, markets, economy, money and more
  143. Rand Paul has to have Doug Wead as a media person for 2016
  144. Rand Paul on The Sean Hannity Show discusses ISIS 9/2/14
  145. Rand Paul will be in New Hampshire right after the 9/9/14 primary election
  146. Rand should help Pat Roberts beat RINO third party candidate
  147. vote for Rand
  148. Rand on Hannity now
  149. Steve Scalise hires Rand Paul’s press aide Moira Bagley
  150. Jacob Sullum on Rand Paul's foreign policy
  151. Rand Paul: 'Maybe Democracy Is Not Going To Be Possible' In Iraq
  152. Rand Paul: Saving sight on my recent medical mission trip to Guatemala
  153. Norquist wants Rand Paul on his Burning Man 'dream team'
  154. Why Bill Maher hates Rush Limbaugh and admires Rand Paul
  155. [Video] Sen. Rand Paul Appears on Fox's Hannity - September 3, 2014
  156. A Best Case Scenario for a Rand Paul Presidency
  157. Rand Paul tops Politico 50 list - "The Most Interesting Man in Politics"
  158. The Genius of Rand
  159. What Do Libertarians Think About Rand Paul and ISIL? Let's Ask Them
  160. Rand Paul meets with Nigel Farage
  161. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News discusses ISIS 9/5/14
  162. Santorum op-ed: Rand Paul's neo-isolationism must be rejected
  163. W. James Antle: Rand Paul Is No "Flip-Flopper"
  164. RandPAC needs to stop interfering in local races!
  165. Jack Hunter: Rand Paul has not “flip-flopped” on foreign policy
  166. Looking for Rand Paul activists in IA, NH, NV, SC, NC, CO, MN, UT, MI
  167. Why do the videos on Rand Paul's youtube channel look like crap?
  168. W. James Antle: Can Rand Paul Open the GOP’s Foreign-Policy Mind?
  169. Justin Raimondo Defends Rand's Recent ISIS Comments
  170. Bill Kristol belittles the Rand Paul wing of GOP; says Syria bombing will show how small it is
  171. Rand Paul to New Hampshire (Drudged)
  172. [Video] Rand Paul speaks out against police militarization at senate hearing 9/9/14
  173. Bill Maher: ‘Rand Paul Could Possibly Get My Vote’
  174. Rand vs. Rubio on Islamic State Intervention
  175. Rand Paul mulls medical mission in China
  176. Rand Paul interview snippet on NBC Nightly News
  177. Bring on the Hillary Clinton–Rand Paul smackdown
  178. [Video] Christian Broadcasting Network covers Rand Paul's medical mission in Guatemala
  179. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity reacts to Obama foreign policy speech
  180. NPR: A New Brand of Paul Gains Support in Iowa
  181. Paul: Targeting dictators led to ISIS threat
  182. Rand Paul Opposes Obama's Plan To Arm Syrian Rebels In Fight Against ISIS
  183. Rand Paul Calls Obama’s ISIS Plan ‘Unconstitutional’
  184. Rand Paul can attract black voters. Hillary Clinton should take notice.
  185. Rand Paul turns down Burning Man invite, says he'll be 'pretty busy next summer'
  186. Endorsing Scott Brown
  187. Rand Paul and Richard Branson meet to discuss war on drugs
  188. Join Rand Paul for a Unity Rally in New Hampshire on 9/12/14
  189. Bluegrass Battle -- Rand Paul's feud with a powerful Kentucky Republican.
  190. Rand interview with NPR
  191. Rand Paul Vows to Repeal Every Prior Executive Order if Elected President
  192. Sell me on Rand's foreign policy
  193. WSJ/NBC Poll: Many Rand Paul Supporters Want U.S. to Step Up Fight Against ISIS
  194. The Secret to Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy: His Father
  195. Rand in 3rd with 7% in New Iowa Poll
  196. [Video] Rand Paul on CBS This Morning 9/15/14
  197. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News w/ Martha McCallum 9/15/14
  198. CNN New Hampshire poll: Rand Paul 15%, Bush 10%, Ryan 10%, Christie 9%, Huckabee 9%
  199. Thoughts on Rand Appearing on "The Huckabee Report" Weekly?
  200. Rand Paul attacked by mainstream media: liberals are running scared
  201. McCain Gaffes Going After Rand Paul: ‘Has He Met With ISIS?’
  202. Cenk Uygur Would ‘Lay Money on Rand Paul Being the Next President’
  203. Looking Strong In 2016, Rand Paul's Record Comes Under A Microscope
  204. Rand Paul praises the Free State Project
  205. Al Sharpton: Rand Paul could be a real threat in the general election
  206. Rand Paul Responds To His Critics On ISIS And Foreign Policy
  207. Morning Joe discusses the most interesting man in politics
  208. Rand Paul to keynote California GOP convention - Saturday 9/20
  209. Does Rand only want intervention against ISIS only to rescue American hostages?
  210. Rand Paul vs. John Kerry at foreign relations committee hearing 9/17/14
  211. Is Rand Going to Filibuster ISIS Funding Bill Tomorrow...
  212. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity 9/17
  213. Rubio takes thinly veiled shot at Rand 2014 flip flop, after 2013 Rubio flip flop
  214. [VIDEO] Cenk: Will Rand Paul's ISIS Policy Help Him Beat Hillary in 2016
  215. [Video] Rand Paul foreign policy speech on senate floor 9/18/14
  216. Rand Paul: 'We Need to Stay the Heck Out of Their Civil War'
  217. Rand Paul on Syria: ‘No one really knows where all these arms are going to wind up’
  218. Rand Paul says Dems are ‘intellectually dishonest’ by claiming war authority
  219. Rand Paul's Sound Foreign Policy Instincts
  220. Here's an idea for a new bill: American weapons may only be used by American military
  221. Rand Paul vs. The Cowards
  222. [Video] Rand Paul speech at LPAC 2014
  223. NeoCons: bash Rand Paul for slur against John McCain, Israel Lobby Getting Desperate.
  224. Stemwinder: Rand Paul rips Obama’s Syria plan, McCain, Kerry, Hillary, interventionists...
  225. Rand Paul to co-host 2nd Amendment tele-conference tonight
  226. Rand Paul opens Bay Area office to reach Silicon Valley
  227. Justice Department Halts Rand Paul’s NSA Lawsuit
  228. Rand Paul: 'Constitution Requires' Congressional Authorization for Obama to Attack ISIS
  229. PHOTOS: LPAC 2014 09/18/14-09/20/14
  230. Rand campaign song suggestions - now playing
  231. Top Obama Aide: Rand Paul Is The “Most Interesting” Republican
  232. Raimondo: How John McCain Wound Up Canoodling With Terrorists (Rand Paul was right)
  233. Rand Paul To Stress ‘Fusionism’ At Values Voters
  234. VIDEO: Rand Paul Speaks at Values Voter Summit 2014
  235. My Coffee Klatch With Rand Paul
  236. In the Office of Rand Paul -- An intern's perspective
  237. Does Rand really want to get involved in Iowa 2014 election races ?
  238. Should Rand do Ernst or Miller-Meeks endorsements in Iowa Nov 2014 race ?
  239. AceOfSpades Blog Poll
  240. The New Yorker: The Revenge of Rand Paul
  241. Audit the Fed: Rand Paul + Elizabeth Warren?
  242. McCain says he would support Rand Paul for president
  243. Rand Paul facebook group with no Off Topic discussion
  244. Rand: Block Next Att General Pick If Nominee Supports Executive Amnesty
  245. OCT 12: Rand BBQ Event in Bowling Green, KY
  246. It is time for a frank conversation
  247. Rand Paul on The Glenn Beck Radio Program 10/1/14
  248. Sen. Paul taking heat for Ebola stance (Links)
  249. Rand Paul Rallies With 400 N. Carolina Pastors, Discusses Why He's Pro Life
  250. Tech exec to host fundraiser with Rand Paul