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  1. Trey hosting Rand again - July 25th Chamber of Commerce event
  2. Cheney interview with Jennifer Rubin, comments on Rand Paul
  3. Rand Paul featured in upcoming D'Souza documentary on Aaron Swartz
  4. Rand Paul's recent comments are resonating with blacks, young voters
  5. Rand Paul, Criminal Justice Hero
  6. MSNBC: Is Rand Paul a new voting rights advocate?
  7. Chris Matthews: Rand Paul leading an insurgency within GOP over foreign policy
  8. Crossfire’s Van Jones Is ‘Loving’ This Rand Paul Guy Right Now
  9. Cheney Pours Cold Water On Rand Paul 2016: ‘Isolationism Doesn’t Work’
  10. Rand: 'US Govt Armed ISIS in Syria'
  11. Steve Schmidt admits calling Rand an isolationist might not be such a good idea anymore...
  12. Cenk: Rand Paul will win foreign policy fight and maybe nomination
  13. GOP strategist: Labeling Rand Paul "isolationist" isn't going to work anymore (video)
  14. Allen West calls Rand Paul a "simpleton"
  15. Rand Paul to address Urban League in Cincinnati at the end of July
  16. Liz Cheney vows to fight "isolationist" trend in GOP and focus on 2016 nominee
  17. Glenn Beck attacking Rand for not blaming Obama about Iraq
  18. Best Choice For President Of The United States In 2016
  19. Cheney vs. Paul - the battle continues for the future of the Republican party
  20. Rand Paul on Mississippi: ‘I’m for more people voting’
  21. after Cochran win, Rand has to have 3rd party option
  22. Who should Rand pick as Supreme Court justice if he becomes President?
  23. Top 10 Fittest Senator - Rand Paul
  24. Glenn Beck Speculates That Rand Paul is Simply 'Acting' To Satisfy Party Elites and Sponsors
  25. Mother Jones: Rand vs Cheney continues
  26. Why Rand Paul is palling around with Wall Street this summer
  27. WSJ: Iraq War Poses a Test for Rand Paul
  28. Rand Paul teams up with Lamar Alexander for healthcare roundtable (Breitbart)
  29. Rand Paul robbed in Congressional Baseball Game?
  30. 2nd End of Quarter Push
  31. Iowa GOP replaces state party chairman
  32. Hillary's Leads Over Jeb Bush and Rand Paul Narrow
  33. Why Republicans Need Rand Paul’s Help With Iraq
  34. Bill Clinton- re: Rand Paul and The Benghazi Obsessed Republican Party (mod edit)
  35. Caliphate Created: ISIS declares Islamic State, 'new era of intl jihad'
  36. Rand Paul — the doctor, not the senator — prepares for a unique summer trip
  37. 2016 watch: Rand Paul's PAC hires Iowa's Steve Grubbs
  38. Sean Hannity vs. Rand Paul on Iraq
  39. What the hell happened in Iowa?
  40. The Dick and Liz Cheney recovery tour
  41. Rand compared over and over again to Barry Goldwater in Panel Discussion
  42. In 1980 Reagan had 14% of the African American vote.
  43. Rand Paul will speak at Fancy Farm picnic
  44. Rand Paul visits Shelbyville, speaks of need for broader GOP
  45. Paul steps up call for cutting off Palestinian aid after Israeli deaths
  46. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity w/ Eric Bolling 7/02
  47. Rand Paul op-ed: USA Beacon For Illegal Immigration
  48. Bruce Fein: Does upheaval in Iraq vindicate Rand Paul’s foreign policy?
  49. Can Rand Paul break past controversy over Civil Rights Act comments?
  50. PPP poll shows Rand Paul trailing Hillary 47-37 in Michigan, but there's a catch
  51. A few things we can all start doing NOW to build support for Rand
  52. More Republicans Line Up With Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy Views
  53. Rand Paul to visit Iowa in August
  54. Rand Paul celebrates the Civil Rights Act
  55. Rand brings people together on Hobby Lobby issue
  56. The Five debate 2016, focus on Rand
  57. NYT: Are Neocons Getting Ready to Ally With Hillary Clinton?
  58. Americans for Tax Reform Straw Poll - Vote NOW!
  59. Rand's foreign policy outreach
  60. Ted Cruz proposes "Stand with Israel Act" on Levin Show today
  61. Democrats attack Rand Paul for outreach efforts
  62. How Rand Paul won the GOP’s war on foreign policy
  63. Corker blocks Paul’s bill to end aid to Palestinian Authority
  64. Fmr. McCain COS: If Paul is 2016 nominee, national security Republicans must support Hillary
  65. isidewith poll...
  66. Sens. Cory Booker and Rand Paul Team Up On Nonviolent Offender Rules
  67. Quinnipiac national poll: Rand Paul 11%, Christie 10%, Huckabee 10%, Bush 10%
  68. In 2016 move, Rand Paul's PAC hires Biundo, RightOn Strategies for New England
  69. PPP 2016 GOP Poll - Louisiana (Jun '14)
  70. Rand's 2016 Platform: Ideas For Politically Palatable Fiscal Reforms
  71. RNC Committee Recommends Cleveland for 2016 GOP Convention
  72. [Video] Politico presents Playbook Cocktails w/ Senators Rand Paul and Cory Booker - 7/9/14
  73. Florida (SurveyUSA): Clinton 46% Paul 42%; Clinton 47% Bush 41%
  74. Rand Paul: "Amazing resistance from both republicans and democrats" to the Stand With Israel
  75. Zogby national poll: Rand Paul 20%, Christie 13%, Bush 13%, Walker 8%, Rubio 7%
  76. [Video] Rand Paul On The Record w/ Greta 7/10/14
  77. Rand Paul most competitive against Hillary in Florida and beats Biden easily
  78. Rand Paul on Eugenics at Liberty University
  79. Rand Paul: Warnings of ISIL Threat to US 'Conjecture'
  80. Rand Paul Inches Closer to White House Bid, Plans 'Big' Foreign Policy Speech
  81. Selling a Slender Foreign Policy
  82. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN's New Day to discuss REDEEM Act
  83. Greta Van Susteren traveling with Rand Paul on trip to Guatemala
  84. New Hampshire (WMUR): Christie 19% Paul 14% Bush 11% Rubio 8% Cruz 5%
  85. Anyone in Iowa?
  86. Ted Rall: Rand Paul can defeat Hillary and I might vote for him
  87. MSNBC on Rand Paul / Cory Booker bromance made in heaven
  88. Weekly Standard: Rand Paul's "revealing" reading list
  89. Rand Paul Makes Pitch for Iowa Social Conservatives with New YouTube Ad
  90. Rand Paul’s bipartisan strategy is working
  91. Incredible Lies In Latest Jennifer Rubin Hit Piece
  92. Rand Paul op-ed: Give kids a second chance after drug crime
  93. Rick Perry slams Rand Paul's 'isolationist policies' in Washington Post op-ed
  94. Anti-Fed, Populist Movement Growing Explosively in Europe; US version could make Rand Paul
  95. McCain: Rand Paul part of ‘Fortress America’ wing of GOP
  96. MSNBC: Rand Paul and Cory Booker address incarceration crisis in America
  97. Rick Perry on Face the Nation criticizes Rand Paul's 'isolationism' some more
  98. Raimondo: Rick Perry, Neocon Tool
  99. Shockingly, Rand Paul Could be the GOP Nominee and Trouble for the Dems
  100. Rick Perry is Dead Wrong | by Sen. Rand Paul
  101. Paul vs. Perry, Round 2: Rand says Rick is ‘stuck in the past’
  102. Rand Paul's facebook page UNDER ATTACK by Rick Perry supporters - split thread
  103. Rand Paul and the Gutless Generation
  104. NEWSMAX: Rand Paul Surge Sparks GOP Rush to Find 2016 Alternative
  105. Rand Paul Meets Privately with Mark Zuckerberg and Peter Thiel
  106. What Rick Perry's Iraq Attack Says About Rand Paul
  107. Gingrich Outlines Paul's 'Challenge'
  108. Memo to Jewish donors: Rand Paul would be good for Israel
  109. GOP Foreign Policy Fight: Rand Paul vs. Rick Perry Edition
  110. Morning Joe panel: Mitt Romney likely top GOP contender to prevent a Rand Paul nomination
  111. How Rand Paul’s presidential bid could fundamentally transform the GOP on foreign policy
  112. Cheney Family Says Rand Paul Is 'Out To Lunch' On Foreign Policy
  113. Why is the GOP Establishment Afraid of Rand Paul (Bloomberg TV)
  114. The Hippie Punching of Rand Paul
  115. Chris Matthews: Put your money on Rand Paul winning GOP nomination
  116. Politico: The Rand Paul pile on
  117. More Rand Paul in the media recently
  118. Lawrence O'Donnell: Rand Paul wins battle of op-ed pieces with Rick Perry
  119. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity discusses Iraq 7/15
  120. Rand Paul featured at Bongino fundraiser
  121. CNN: Why Is Rick Perry Being Mean to Rand Paul?
  122. At Least 7 GOP Presidential Contenders Have Showily Attacked Rand Paul's Foreign Policy
  123. Is Rand Paul’s Silicon Valley Charm Offensive Working?
  124. Rand Paul fundraiser for Steve King for Congress in Iowa
  125. Bill Maher wishes Democrats were more like Rand Paul on foreign policy
  126. A.B. Stoddard on Rand Paul's pwnage of Rick Perry
  127. AllahPundit on Rand Paul 2016
  128. Colorado (Quinnipiac): Paul 46%, Clinton 43%
  129. Iowa (NBC News/Marist): Paul 45%, Clinton 45%
  130. NH Primary (NBC News/Marist): Paul 14, Christie 13, Bush 10, Cruz 9, Rubio/Ryan 7
  131. NBC News: Rand Paul is your early GOP front-runner
  132. PPP 2016 GOP Poll - Mississippi (Jul '14)
  133. Rand Paul is right where he wants to be in the 2016 race
  134. Why Rand Paul Loves to Fight Over Foreign Policy
  135. Rand Paul vs. Marco Rubio on cover of Townhall Magazine - August edition
  136. Rand Paul: The Republican Candidate Whom Young Non-Republicans Fear the Least
  137. Rand Paul eyes tech-oriented donors, geeks in Bay Area
  138. Rand Paul and Cory Booker's Washington Love Affair
  139. Rand Paul Review Facebook Page turning off Many Rand Paul Supporters
  140. Can Rand Bring Blacks Back to the GOP?
  141. Gallup: The most well known and well liked GOP contenders are… Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul
  142. Roland S. Martin: Senator Rand Paul Is Not Afraid of Black People
  143. Rand Paul coming to Arlington to meet Republicans in swing state of Virginia
  144. Senators Rand Paul and Ben Cardin to Host Bipartisan Briefing on Voting Rights Restoration
  145. Rubin Hit piece compilation in one article
  146. Kellyanne Conway has good things to say about Rand Paul - NewsmaxTV interview
  147. Rand Paul at Reboot Conference: Idiots and Trolls in Washington Can't Outthink the Market
  148. Rand Paul is a Republican with an eye on the world
  149. Pat Buchanan bets on Rand Paul to win the GOP nomination
  150. Could Paul/Sanford be a good ticket?
  151. Meet the Press: Rand Paul is the 2016 Republican frontrunner
  152. Rick Perry "Loser of the Week" after picking foreign policy fight with Rand Paul (VIDEO)
  153. Progressives urge Elizabeth Warren to run for president in 2016
  154. Rand Paul pitches limited government message at tech conference in San Francisco (VIDEO)
  155. Paul hits Obama on Minimum Wage (Politico Article)
  156. Rand Paul's intellect vs. Rick Perry's intellect (YouTube)
  157. Inside Rand Paul's Jewish Charm Offensive
  158. Rand Paul 2016 Buzz Is Buzzier Than Senate Colleagues
  159. Sen. Rand Paul Is Killing It On Twitter: 10 Tweets You Should See
  160. Chuck Todd: Rand Paul is best GOP candidate to beat Hillary
  161. Rand Paul short interview with TheBlaze TV
  162. [Video] Rand Paul interview on One to One w/ Bill Goodman (taped 7/21/14)
  163. Poll showing Romney beating Paul in NH was rigged
  164. Can Rand Paul win support from both Republicans and Redditors?
  165. What happened?
  166. House Republican leader takes a swipe at Rand Paul in Paul's hometown
  167. Video: Rand Paul on Obama's handling of Putin, Malaysia crash (On the Record with Greta)
  168. Drudge headline: Silicon Valley Techies 'Like' Rand Paul... 'Conservatarian' Movement
  169. Pentagon Official: Why Rand Paul's Foreign Policy Scares the Hell out of Me
  170. Rand Paul op-ed: U.S. drug policies, legal system hurt African Americans most
  171. Rand Paul under attack on his Facebook Pages, your help is needed.
  172. POLITICO Poll: Only 22% want military to "protect democracy around the globe"
  173. [CNN] Rand Paul and his Democratic buds
  174. Rand Paul is the Big Political Winner in Israel-Hamas War
  175. RAND PAUL RIPS OBAMA on Immigration (Breitbart)
  176. Rand has some work to do, Darth Vader is polling higher than all potential 2016 candidates
  177. [Video] Rand Paul addresses National Urban League convention in Cincinnati 7/25/14
  178. Rand Paul Veers Off Party Line on Sentencing, Voting Rights
  179. Rand Paul interview with Nick Gillespie of ReasonTV
  180. Cavuto: Rand Paul a Hit in Silicon Valley?!
  181. Rachel Maddow called Rand Paul a thief last night
  182. [Video] Rand Paul speaks to Northern Virginia audience about civil liberty issues
  183. Rand Paul introduces FAIR Act to protect against asset forfeiture without due process
  184. Rand Paul Proposes Measure To Shield State Medical Marijuana Laws From Feds
  185. Rand Paul talks up the ‘third way’ as his vision to extend the GOP’s appeal
  186. [Video] Laura Ingraham and Bill O'Reilly discuss Rand Paul's foreign policy views
  187. Jennifer Rubin: "Run, Mike Bloomberg, Run"
  188. Rand Paul hits the road eyeing 2016 bid
  189. Rand Paul to Urban League: Laws still unjust
  190. Rand Paul’s Pitch to Black Voters
  191. Top Obama Aide: Rand Paul Is ‘Most Intriguing’ Republican
  192. Is it too early to start talking Moneybomb for Rand?
  193. Rand Paul's Quiet Weed Overture
  194. Rand Paul introduces RESET Act to address drug sentencing disparities
  195. Rand Paul, Senate Torch-Bearer on Pot Reform, Wants Colleagues on Record
  196. Vote for Rand in this poll
  197. Rand Paul revolution in Silicon Valley
  198. Washington Times editorial board praises Rand's bill to rein in asset forfeiture
  199. Sen. Rand Paul: Competing for the African-American vote
  200. Rand Paul Stands Out in Courting Black Voters (NY Times)
  201. Radley Balko praises Rand's bill to rein in asset forfeiture
  202. Cher Rants on Twitter About Rand Paul: ‘Minorities Beware’
  203. CNN National Poll: Christie First (13), Rand and Huckabee Tied For Second (12)
  204. MSNBC: Rand Paul is talking about issues even Democrats won't talk about
  205. Rand Paul 2016 video by Patrice Thibodeau
  206. Rand Paul hiring top Michigan GOP strategist
  207. When Harry Met Rand: Political Odd Couple Seeks Mutual Benefit
  208. Crew of 42 praises Rand Paul and calls out hypocritical Democrats again
  209. Sen. Rand Paul Hires John Yob Ahead of Potential 2016 Bid
  210. HotAir 2016 Survey (Open Voting)
  211. Check out this Rand Paul hit piece
  212. Best 1:30 of Video I have seen yet for Rand Paul (Donna Brazile on CNN Roundtable)
  213. Rand Kicks off State Wide Tour of Iowa
  214. Roland Martin: Stuck on stupid partisans who attack Rand Paul need to stop tripping
  215. Rand Paul has a new book coming out in 2015
  216. Rand Paul is #9 on The Hill's 50 Most Beautiful list for 2014
  217. [Video] Rand Paul appears on Fox News Special 'Policing America' with John Stossel
  218. [Video] Rand Paul and Cory Booker on PBS NewHour discuss REDEEM Act - 7/29
  219. Rand versus Hillary in Florida Poll Numbers July 24th
  220. Michael Scheuer goes after Rand
  221. FOX National Poll - Bush, Perry tied for first, Rand in second
  222. Rand Paul's Theft Protection Plan
  223. Chris Matthews on Rand Paul: Why aren’t Democrats thinking of this?
  224. [Video] Rand Paul and Cory Booker discuss REDEEM Act on MSNBC, Rand blasts MSNBC hacks
  225. [Video] Rand Paul speech at YAL national convention 7/30/14
  226. O'Donnell: Rand Paul speaks eloquently for criminal justice reform while most Dems won't touch
  227. Chris Matthews praises Rand Paul's push for criminal justice reform
  228. Ohio (Quinnipiac): Clinton 46, Paul 42 - Everyone else FAR behind
  229. Matt Bai: Why is Rand Paul Reaching Out to Black Voters (front of Yahoo now)
  230. Apparently Justin Amash is Rand Paul's Real Father.
  231. Does Rand Paul inspire you?
  232. Rand to speak at Fancy Farm Picnic (2014)
  233. Compilation of Rand Paul-Related News, Media, and Opposition Research
  234. Rand Paul Wants MSNBC To Spend 24 Hours Apologizing To Him.
  235. Rand Paul Op-Ed: The Unintended Consequences of Interventionism
  236. O'Reilly: Why Will Rand Paul Go On MSNBC, But Not 'The O'Reilly Factor?'
  237. Friends With Benefits – Rand Paul and Cory Booker’s convenient bromance
  238. Rand Paul: CIA Director John Brennan Should Be Fired
  239. 2016 Swing States
  240. Sen. Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton not "fit to lead the country"
  241. OK, Rand Runs for President in 2016. Great. But...There's One Important Question.
  242. Rand Paul, Still Mum, Lays 2016 Groundwork
  243. Rand Paul busts a rhyme against Grimes
  244. Ralph Nader Would Prefer This Republican over ‘Generalissima’ Hillary Clinton
  245. John Legend a fan of Rand Paul-Cory Booker duet
  246. Rand Paul campaigns for Ben Sasse in Nebraska
  247. Rand Paul's Audacious Outreach
  248. MSNBC host praises Rand Paul's principled leadership
  249. Paul / Carson 2016 ? Carson speaks about Rand
  250. LIVE VIDEO: Rand Paul in Cedar Rapids, IA