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  1. Florida GOP Primary a Big Win for Rand Paul
  2. VIDEO: Sen Rand Paul Fires Back Against Frm Sen Bob Dole Over "Experience" America's Newsroom
  3. Rand Paul remarks on abortion
  4. Vice President Rand Paul?
  5. Why Rand Paul Matters
  6. Rand Paul to hit New England Friday and Saturday
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  9. Why Rand Paul is the real hard-liner on national security.
  10. Colorado 2016 poll: Rand Paul beats Hillary Clinton
  11. Open Registration at HotAir.com
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  13. Rand Paul slams Cliven Bundy's racist rant
  14. Latino Groups Criticize Rand Paul for 'Work Visas' Suggestion
  15. Paul and Wealthy Libertarians Connect as He Weighs Running
  16. Rand Paul on Boston Herald Radio 4/25/14 (audio added)
  17. Paul and Paul
  18. Video: MSNBC coverage of Rand's critique of Reagan deficit spendings
  19. GOP candidates appear to be copying phrases from Sen. Paul's websites
  20. Rand Paul Raises Big Dollars From Small Donors
  21. Divided Party Waits To Hear From Rand Paul At Maine GOP Convention
  22. Cenk weighs in on Rand's Reagan remarks
  23. Iowa Republicans Replace 'Liberty' Faction on State Central Committee
  24. Rand Paul Endorses Sen. Susan Collins
  25. MSNBC: Rand Paul leading the way on drug sentencing reform
  26. Rand Paul is Polling Higher than Hillary --Politico
  27. Rand Paul Primary Map
  28. Rand Paul wins Maine straw poll
  29. 2016 poll: Jeb Bush withers, Rand Paul soars
  30. Rand, Straightforwardly Libertarian, Gets a Warm Reception at Harvard
  31. Rand to introduce pro israel legislation
  32. Rand Paul Questions Sec. Kerry at Foreign Relations Committee (Video)
  33. Satire: Christie PAC running ads against Rand Paul
  34. [Video] Google Hangout w/ Sen. Rand Paul on privacy and civil liberty issues
  35. Politico: Wall Street may back Hillary if Rand Paul gets the nomination
  36. So Rand Has Been Following Paul Ryan's Lead???
  37. Rand Paul builds support in the Northeast, wins straw poll
  38. What happens if Rand actually wins the nomination but loses the pres
  39. Rand: Privacy is Hillary's weak point
  40. Minimum Wage Hike Hurts 'Minorities and Youth' Job Chances, Says Rand Paul
  41. Nader says: Rand Paul Leads; Unite Progressives and Libertarians; Impeach Obama
  42. NYT: Rand winning support for cutting military aid to Egypt
  43. ABC News/WaPo: Rand leading another national poll
  44. What if Rand Paul is right about foreign policy?
  45. Rand Paul to plunge into North Carolina Senate race
  46. Rand Paul at the Time 100 Gala
  47. Rand Paul’s Flatizza Run Causes Near Riot
  48. Another poll by Fox News with Bush, Christie and Paul as top picks
  49. 47 Percent: A Good Number For Rand
  50. Bill Scher tries to convince libs to avoid Rand
  51. Rand Paul and the techies: A love story
  52. Rand Paul Has An Idea For Improving Bitcoin
  53. PPP 2016 GOP Poll - Arkansas (Apr '14)
  54. AIPAC opposes Rand Paul's bill to cut aid to Palestinians
  55. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity discusses Benghazi and bill to cut foreign aid
  56. Poll: Rand Paul beats Marco Rubio in his own state
  57. [Video] Rand Paul introduces bill to cut aid to Palestinian government 5/1/14
  58. Is it Time to Destroy the Huckster?
  59. Justin Raimondo praises Rand Paul's strategery on "Stand With Israel" Act
  60. Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul split on N.C. Senate race
  61. Rand Paul Takes on AIPAC for Opposing Palestinian Aid Cut
  62. Trey Grayson: Rand Paul has ‘Real Shot’ at GOP Nomination
  63. Rubin: "Rand Paul’s phony pro-Israel bill"
  64. Rand Paul Equals Barack Obama
  65. Rand Paul Should Go on Offense
  66. [Video] Senator Rand Paul at the 2014 Maine Republican Party Convention
  67. Rand Paul slips to #2 in Chris Cillizza presidential power rankings, Jeb Bush from #9 to #1
  68. Extensive research that backs up rand's claim that weapons were moving in libya
  69. Obama takes on Rand Paul at White House Correspondents Dinner (VIDEO)
  70. Thoughtful pro-Paul article on Jewish news website
  71. At Derby Day With Murdoch, Rand Paul Goes Through His Paces
  72. Rand Paul blocks nomination of judge who authored secret drone memos
  73. Obama Files to Dismiss FreedomWorks-Rand Paul NSA Lawsuit
  74. HotAir 2016 GOP Primary Poll - Go Vote For Rand Paul
  75. Ron Paul Shuns Florida, Rand Paul Cultivates It
  76. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity discusses Benghazi and Brannon endorsement
  77. Is Rand Paul’s North Carolina visit a preview of 2016?
  78. NYTimes issues correction on type of suit Rand wore to derby, BUT...
  79. Rand Paul's 2015 could get very complicated
  80. Why Rand is Wrong on Bitcoin
  81. Attorney General Jack Conway to run for governor
  82. CNN national poll: Rand Paul 13%, Bush 13%, Ryan 12%, Huckabee 10%, Christie 9%
  83. Rand Paul Rejects White House Drone Memo Offer
  84. Rand Paul endorses Thom Tillis
  85. [Video] Rand Paul speech at the Leadership Institute 5/7/14
  86. Rand Paul Fights Tax Treaties Citing Privacy Concerns
  87. RCP average now has Paul and Huckabee tied for first place for GOP nomination
  88. Rand Paul: Middle-Income Wage, Not The Minimum, Needs To Be Raised
  89. Grassley joins Paul in fight over drone memos
  90. [Video] Fox News special on NSA that Rand Paul was interviewed for
  91. Rand Paul skips Ukraine hearing
  92. [Video] Rand Paul on America's Newsroom w/ Martha MacCallum 5/9/14
  93. RNC Changes 2016 Debate Rules
  94. Politico: GOP leaders reconsider Rand Paul
  95. Rand Paul in Memphis, meets with black pastors
  96. Rand Paul to GOP: Our voter ID push is “offending people”
  97. MSNBC discussion of Rand Paul's minority outreach efforts
  98. Rubio ready to run for president, takes shot at Rand Paul
  99. Rand Paul to President Obama: Show Us the Drone Memos (NYTimes op-ed)
  100. Rand Paul is right: Republicans need to cool down on voter ID
  101. 2016 Presidential Match-Ups
  102. Rand Paul threatens to hold Fed nominees for audit bill vote
  103. Fox News begins the push for Rubio
  104. Paul only GOPer to best Clinton in 2014 New Hampshire State of the State Poll
  105. Will you support Ted Cruz if he does not endorse Rand?
  106. Got a minute? Simple things to do for Rand Paul or other liberty candidates
  107. [Video] Rand Paul On The Record w/ Greta discusses Voter ID
  108. Hannity wants Rand to Police the world
  109. PPP 2016 GOP Poll - North Carolina (May '14)
  110. Did the RNC Just Set the Table for Rand Paul?
  111. Paul: Look for 2016 decision early next year
  112. PPP 2016 GOP Poll - Alaska (May '14)
  113. Rand Paul’s Jewish outreach finds receptive if wary audience
  114. Rand Paul: With Barron Nomination, Does Obama Even Believe We Have a Fifth Amendment? (VIDEO)
  115. Iowa activist: Rand Paul called me to say he's serious about 2016
  116. Rand Paul to filibuster
  117. Kirsten Gillibrand And Rand Paul, The Senate's Odd Couple, Team Up Again
  118. Rand Paul struggles with hawkish GOP donors
  119. Black leaders divided on whether to view Rand Paul as friend or foe
  120. Try It: Find a Senate Dem Who Would Make This @SenRandPaul Speech on Mandatory Minimums
  121. Politico poll on Rand's filibuster... need votes!
  122. ACLU lines up behind Paul on new filibuster threat
  123. Video - WHAS on Rand Paul's minority outreach, state senator Gerald Neal not happy
  124. Rand Paul draws record crowd at Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner in Cincinnati, OH
  125. Rand Paul on secret drone memos and why he is opposing David Barron nomination
  126. Poll: Rand Paul leads Hillary Clinton in state of Kentucky and gets 29% of black vote
  127. Rep. Peter King Would Run in 2016 Just to Prevent President Paul
  128. Rand Paul tops 2014 campaigns’ wish list
  129. Dick Cheney: Rand Paul is 'not familiar with the facts'
  130. Rand Paul ,Chris Christie beer summit , Sarah Palins endorsment, & agreeing to disagree
  131. Rand only Repub. to lead Clinton in 3 States...Help get Drudge to cover it
  132. There’s a Better Way to Measure Who Has Raised the Most Money
  133. Ron's Influence in Rand's 2016 aspirations... (So far)
  134. Rand Paul is getting more black support than almost any other Republican
  135. FreedomWorks, Rand Paul Push Back on Efforts to Dismiss the NSA Lawsuit
  136. Question for people skeptical of some of Rand's endorsements
  137. Rand Paul Op-Ed: Barron not qualified for fed bench
  138. Paul Should Offer This Economic Plan
  139. National Journal: Mitch is no longer the king of Kentucky
  140. Chamber of Commerce to Rand Paul: Drop hold on Federal Reserve nominees
  141. Rand Paul to take the floor Wednesday to contest drone policy - Live NOW on CSPAN2
  142. Rand Paul: Do We Continue To Arm The Enemies Of Israel And The U.S. In Syria?
  143. AP Sources: Justice Dept. to Reveal Drone Memo
  144. Rand Paul joins Tavis Smiley on PBS to talk criminal justice reform - Wednesday 5/21
  145. Will the Son of Paul Stump For the Swamp Turtle in the Kentucky Senatorial Battle?
  146. VIDEO: Rand Paul Protests Judicial Nominee’s Writings on Drones
  147. Rand Paul: Can you Pick Up the Phone?
  148. Rand Paul: 'Drone judge' betrayed Bill of Rights, promotes 'vigilantism'
  149. Drudge: NAT HENTOFF: I'm for Rand 2016...
  150. [Video] Rand Paul discusses drone policy and due process on The Lead w/ Jake Tapper
  151. Is Rand Important to Anyone?
  152. PPP 2016 GOP Poll - Iowa (May '14)
  153. Should Rand endorse Sam Clovis (U.S. Senate Iowa)?
  154. IT'S HAPPENING!!!!
  155. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity w/ guest host Eric Bolling 5/22/14
  156. NYT: G.O.P.’s Foreign Policy Hawks Wary of Paul’s Evolving Views
  157. 2014 Republican Leadership Conference in NOLA -- Where is Rand?
  158. rand paul signs on ebay
  159. Rand Paul Performs Free Eye Surgery For Uninsured Patients
  160. Rand Paul: The Founding Fathers Would Have Protected Your Smartphone
  161. President Obama’s West Point speech reads like a takedown of Rand Paul
  162. Should Rand Paul endorse Mia Love?
  163. Wikipedia Editors Needed For Rand Paul!!
  164. PPP 2016 GOP Poll - Oregon (May '14)
  165. Bill Clinton vetoed an anti-whistleblowers bill in 2000
  166. Rand Paul bets his future on redefining the political center
  167. [Video] Rand Paul addresses Lincoln Labs 2014 Reboot conference in San Francisco 7/19/14
  168. 11 reasons Rand Paul will win the GOP Nomination and the Presidency in 2016
  169. Rand Paul 2016 vs Ron Paul 2012?
  170. [Video] Rand Paul delivers keynote speech at Texas GOP convention 6/6/14
  171. Rand Paul Vows To Repeal ‘Illegal’ EPA Climate Rule
  172. Republicans Grapple With the Rand Paul Conundrum
  173. How do we combat the "War on Women" meme?
  174. Rand Paul’s Unlikely Enthusiasts Now Include Nat Hentoff and Ana Marie Cox
  175. Rand Paul on Cavuto 6/3 (tube added)
  176. U.S. Senator Paul won't budge on blocking tax treaties
  177. Hillary vs. Rand: Battle Royal for the Millennials
  178. PPP 2016 GOP Poll - Pennsylvania (Jun '14)
  179. Rand's view of rights
  180. Paul Weighing Dual Run for White House, Senate
  181. Rand Paul endorses Steve Daines for US Senate in Montana
  182. Dems: Paul's trade remarks 'out of line'
  183. Rand Paul: ‘Chamber of Commerce Republican’ can’t win
  184. Seems like Rand Paul excited himself while talking about drones
  185. Rand Paul plans heavy summer travel, foreign-policy speech
  186. Rand Paul helps open new GOP engagement office in West Louisville, KY
  187. WaPo/ABC News national poll: Rand Paul best polling GOP candidate against Hillary Clinton
  188. Rand Paul will be on Univision's Al Punto Sunday morning
  189. On the hypothetical that Rand Paul Becomes President...
  190. In Defense of Rand Paul's Foreign Policy - by Bruce Fein
  191. Rand Continues to Object to Federal Reserve Nominations
  192. Hillary Clinton says Rand Paul will be 'fair game'
  193. [Video] Rand Paul discusses tax repatriation plan on CNBC w/ Sara Eisen
  194. Rand Paul to Hillary: Take Your 'Sad Song' of Financial Difficulties to the American People
  195. Tweet from Buzzfeeder about Brat win & Rand conference call tomorrow on immigration
  196. Rand Paul to Discuss ‘Need for Immigration Reform’
  197. Rep. Peter King fears Ted Cruz, Rand Paul stronger
  198. Rand on immigration w/Norquist-Bloomberg 6/11
  199. Rand Paul Press Release on Immigration (6/12)
  200. PPP 2016 GOP Poll - Florida (Jun '14)
  201. Rand Paul op-ed: No Aid to Our Enemies
  202. Did Rand borrow from Newt Gingrich's 2012 immigration plan?
  203. AllahPundit analyzes Rand Paul's immigration plan, agrees it is not "amnesty"
  204. Rand Paul raises eyebrows in West Louisville community as he seeks to rebrand Republican Party
  205. [Video] Rand Paul discusses Iran and Iraq in Foreign Relations hearing 6/12/14
  206. Sean Hannity tries to convince Rand Paul that it would be a good idea to re-invade Iraq
  207. Rand Paul heads to Idaho to keynote state GOP convention - Friday 6/13
  208. Rand Paul heads to Iowa to address state GOP convention - Saturday 6/14 (live on C-SPAN)
  209. Rand Paul, Marco Rubio differ on Iraq action
  210. Ron Wyden and Rand Paul, the Senate's NSA-Busting ‘Ben Franklin Caucus’
  211. Rand visits with Romney and GOP donors, along with other potential 2016 candidates
  212. Rand Paul: Moderates aren’t GOP’s future
  213. Iowa GOP takeover: The implications for 2016
  214. POLE POSITION -- CNN poll 2016 GOP Nomination: Paul +2; RCP Average: Paul +1
  215. Rand Paul, Ron Wyden, and Mark Udall op-ed: How to end the NSA dragnet
  216. Rand Paul's Iowa Inroads
  217. Reince Priebus: Want to grab lunch with Paul, Rand, and me?
  218. Senators Question Obama’s Authority For U.S. Military Strikes In Iraq
  219. Rand Paul Tackles Prisons 'Full Of Black And Brown Kids' Amid GOP Reach For Minority Votes
  220. Rand Paul Wants Raul Labrador As Majority Leader
  221. How much support did Ron Paul get from black voters?
  222. Dick Cheney’s new group is all about Rand Paul
  223. Radley Balko: Rand Paul’s drug war talk in Iowa was important
  224. Teatopia: What would happen if Tea Partiers controlled Congress and Rand Paul was president?
  225. Rand Paul's New Confidant: Nate Morris
  226. Rand Paul and Cory Booker to offer amdt to protect state medical marijuana laws
  227. Rand Paul Op-Ed: America Shouldn't Choose Sides in Iraq's Civil War
  228. [Video] Rand Paul discusses Iraq on Hannity 6/19
  229. [Video] Rand Paul speech at Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference 6/20/14
  230. Rand Paul: 'I Would In No Way, Shape or Form Put American Troops in Iraq'
  231. Rand Paul makes religious case for foreign restraint
  232. Rand Paul Offers Amendment to Stop Eric Holder’s Operation Choke Point
  233. [Video] Rand Paul on State of the Union w/ Candy Crowley 6/22/14
  234. Rand Paul: Dick Cheney brought about chaos in Iraq, not Obama
  235. Forbes Hit Piece - "Rand Paul Sees No Threat From Terrorist Safe Havens in Iraq"
  236. Throwback Vids to all the doubters
  237. GOP gives Rand a head start in 2016:
  238. [Video] Rand Paul on Meet the Press w/ David Gregory 6/22/14
  239. Suffolk/Boston Herald NH GOP nom 2016 poll: Rand/Christie tied at top; RCP: Paul +1.5
  240. GOP Wonders What The Hell It Will Do About Rand Paul's Foreign Policy
  241. Rand Paul: 'The Enemy Is Too Often Us'
  242. Jennifer Rubin Hit Piece - "Rand Paul: So What If There Is An Al-Qaeda State?"
  243. Rand Paul: US has been arming ISIS in Syria
  244. Dick Cheney: Rand Paul ‘Basically an Isolationist’
  245. Politico: Rand Paul seeks to expand voting rights, rein in asset seizures by law enforcement
  246. Rand Paul: 'Redskins' name none of federal government's business
  247. Marco Rubio: Rand Paul Wrong on Iraq
  248. Adam Kinzinger: Rand Paul wanted to halve military but represents important part of GOP
  249. Raimondo: Rand Paul's rise to prominence a "sea change in American politics"
  250. Paul, Carson Are Now Hillary's Closest GOP Challengers