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  1. Rand Paul endorses David Jolly in FL-13 special election
  2. How CPAC 2014 was Randalized
  3. Heads up: Drudge has 2016 Presidential poll going on their site. [Rand currently in 1st]
  4. AP: Rand Paul wins 2014 CPAC straw poll, Ted Cruz finishes a distant second
  5. At CPAC, Rand Paul Stands Ascendant
  6. McLaughlin Group on Rand Paul and compressed primary schedule
  7. Cruz: I don't stand with Rand on foreign policy
  8. So what has Rand been up to?
  9. Peter King: Rand Paul ‘Unfit to Be a Leader of a Party’
  10. Straw poll signals Paul-Cruz showdown
  11. Tea Party Poll: Vote for Rand
  12. Ted Cruz Bashes Obama, Rand Paul: ‘When U.S. Doesn’t Stand for Freedom, Tyrants Notice’
  13. [Video] Rand Paul speech at Berkeley on NSA and privacy rights 3/19
  14. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity 3/10/14
  15. Politico.com ( Vote ) who showed most 2016 potential?
  16. Poll. You know what to do.
  17. Ted Cruz seeks to make peace with Rand Paul
  18. Gun Owners Prepare to Seize Senate from Harry Reid
  19. Need your ideas – What should I build before Rand runs?
  20. Ed Schultz Was Ranting and Raving Today About Rand
  21. LOL @ Peter King: Paul's tactics appeal to lowest common denominator
  22. Son of Ronald Reagan: Rand Paul 'gets' my dad
  23. Rand Paul will be on Michael Medved radio show today 3/11
  24. Forbes Hit Piece on Rand... pretty rough stuff
  25. Tesla: Chris Christie's move is 'affront to the very concept of a free market'
  26. Mother Russia, Alaska, and the Ron Paul Revolution
  27. Rand Paul: Chocolate in the house, chocolate is mandatory!
  28. [Video] Rand Paul w/ Buck Sexton responding to McConnell's "crush the tea party" claim
  29. PPP 2016 GOP Poll - North Carolina (Mar '14)
  30. Doug Wead: Why Rand Paul can beat Hillary Clinton
  31. Can Rand Paul Make It Rain?
  32. [Video] Rand Paul asks if any Senators would buy Ukraine debt 3/12/14
  33. Bill benefiting Rand Paul passes Senate committee
  34. Rand Paul to CIA's Brennan: Will you testify in "least untruthful" way?
  35. Rand Paul’s Crimea Flip Flops Disqualify Him For the Presidency
  36. [New Yorker Humor] G.O.P. Race Turns Ugly as Paul Head-butts Cruz
  37. [Video] Rand Paul on America's Newsroom w/ Bill Hemmer 3/13/14
  38. Grover Norquist: Rand Paul is the only non-Governor that could win in 2016
  39. Sandra Fluke Attacks Rand Paul On Education
  40. Rand Paul eyes election fix to 2016 problem
  41. PPP 2016 GOP Poll - National (Mar '14)
  42. This Week In News For Senator Rand Paul - March 14, 2014
  43. Why Rand Paul will win the 2016 primaries, and the presidency
  44. Rand’s Stand on Foreign Policy
  45. Bill Maher and Real Time Panel Have Effusive Praise for Rand Paul’s Non-Interventionism
  46. Rand Paul backs bill that could lead to crack down on states where voters legalized weed
  47. Rand Paul Wins Northeast Republican Leadership Conference Straw Poll
  48. Rand Paul gets it
  49. Establishment liberals rallying around Rubio
  50. Rand Paul tops CNN poll at 16%, Ryan 15%, Perry 11%, Huckabee 10%
  51. Mother Jones claimed Rand Paul flip-flopped on Missile Defense Shield
  52. Sanctions... Pearl Harbor; and principle.
  53. Rand Paul is the GOP frontrunner
  54. Rand Paul is in California. Eats in n out
  55. Jeb Bush "considering" running for President
  56. Washington Post: "It’s time to start taking Rand Paul seriously"
  57. Rand Paul's positive suggestions in regards to the Ukraine.
  58. Michael Reagan: Rand Paul understands what GOP must do
  59. (DRUDGE) RAND: U.S. intel 'drunk with power'...
  60. In Iowa, Ted Cruz separates himself from Rand Paul
  61. PPP 2016 GOP Poll - Colorado (Mar '14)
  62. Paul to Rebuke Obama on Spying, Citing ’60s Abuses
  63. Kentucky senate passes bill to allow Rand Paul to run for president
  64. Rand Paul's Heading Deep Into Democratic Terrain
  65. Rand Paul gets standing ovation at Berkeley: ‘Your right to privacy is under assault’
  66. Rand Paul calls for bipartisan committee to investigate intelligence agencies
  67. 83 Senators send letter to Obama calling for tougher position on Iran-Rand Paul not on list
  68. Rand Paul to Berkeley: GOP is like bad Domino's Pizza
  69. Randquake Strikes Berkeley
  70. Nice local news report on Rand's visit to Berkeley
  71. Rand Paul: Reid Should Allow Vote On NSA Reform
  72. Rand Paul in Milwaukee?
  73. CNN’s King: Paul ‘The One Republican’ Trying to Attract Young, Women, Minority Voters
  74. My defense of Rand
  75. Rand Paul: Will his star continue to rise?
  76. Rand Paul End of Quarter Push: $150,000 by March 31
  77. Big photo of Rand at top of New York Times today
  78. Beck: If Rand Paul Was a Democrat, ‘They Would Be Calling Him God’
  79. Rush Limbaugh: GOP contenders better take note of Rand Paul's strategery
  80. Democrats on Rand Paul rallies: 'Who are these folks?'
  81. Hardball panel discusses Rand Paul - 3/20
  82. In Kentucky, it’s already all about President Paul
  83. Santorum: Rand Paul's views like Obama's
  84. possible sign "branding " for rand when he runs for POTUS?
  85. Rand Paul: The most intriguing man in today’s Republican Party
  86. Rand Paul Is Sinking the Surgeon General Nominee
  87. politico piece misconstrues and spins Rand's positions
  88. Rand should give a floor speech about inflation soon
  89. When will Glenn Beck stab Rand Paul in the back?
  90. Rand Paul: I’m done answering questions about Ron Paul
  91. Sharpton: 'Where Does Rand Paul Get Off Talking About Civil Rights? Video
  92. Paul Has Ideas, but His Backers Want 2016 Plan
  93. Realistically, can the bill allowing Rand to run for Senate and President pass?
  94. [Video] Rand Paul Keynote Speech at Nelson County Lincoln Dinner 3/21/14
  95. "House of Cards" shout-out to Rand on Twitter
  96. No, Libertarian Does Not Mean Leftist
  97. CNN panel discusses Rand Paul - 3/23
  98. Rand needs to attack Common Core and take no prisoners
  99. Rand Paul signs Rafael Cruz' letter to Harry Reid re IMF and Ukraine
  100. Why Rand Paul’s standing ovation at Berkeley really irritated partisan hacks
  101. Liberals warning each other : "Don't laugh but Rand Paul could be the next President"
  102. Rand Paul most electable by far in key swing state (CO)
  103. Rand is right when he likens Obama-era surveillance to Hoover’s spying on civil rights leaders
  104. On Sean Hannity: Obama supporter loves Rand Paul
  105. I donated to Rand's End-of-the-Quarter Push
  106. Rand Paul: The Pied Piper
  107. Sen. Rand Paul Appears on Fox and Friends with Brian Kilmeade - March 25, 2014
  108. Rand Paul Thinks He Killed NSA Phone Spying
  109. Torture memo author John Yoo attacks Rand Paul's speech at Berkeley
  110. Media Matters founder blasts Rand Paul, 'political smutmongers'
  111. NSA chief: Rand Paul’s anti-surveillance rhetoric ‘disheartening’
  112. The Political Winner From The Proposed NSA Changes? Rand Paul
  113. Rand Paul discussion on Hardball - 3/25
  114. Can we use the 2007 "HOLD!!!" money bomb thread for Rand?
  115. [Video] Rand Paul discusses Obamacare on Hannity 3/26/14
  116. Rand Paul and FreedomWorks offer Obama lawsuit settlement options
  117. Paul lays out plan to revamp Republican party at Maryland fundraising event
  118. Rand Paul endorses Igor Birman in CA-7
  119. Rand Paul builds 50-state network, courts mainstream support for presidential bid
  120. Rand Paul is Politically Divergent. And So He Must Be Stopped.
  121. ‘Forgive Me Father…’: Rand Paul Tweets Confession Idea to Obama
  122. Jennifer Rubin’s Rand Paul obsession
  123. Rand Paul one of only two to vote against Ukraine aid/Russia sanctions bill
  124. A Grand Strategy For Rand Paul (Militarily)
  125. Anti-Randness on RPF reminds me of...
  126. Rand Paul stands alone in Iran Resolutions! 90-1
  127. This Week in News for Dr. Rand Paul- March 28, 2014
  128. As Rand Paul pushes populist campaign against NSA, Rubio warns of 'paranoia'
  129. how does a tom cotton win change the composition of the senate?
  130. WPA Opinion Poll: Rand Paul Leading Nationally
  131. GOP donors reportedly working to draft Jeb Bush for 2016 presidential run (scared of Paul)
  132. [VIDEO] Rand at YAL South Carolina Convention
  133. GOP donors pledge to 'take down' Rand if he comes close to winning nomination
  134. Free Republic Repeats AEI and Rubin Exagerration of Paul's words
  135. GOP Hawks Prepare for War—Against Rand Paul
  136. Why Not Rand Paul?
  137. It's up to us. Benton: Role in Rand 2016 campaign doubtful if Bevin wins
  138. Suggestions for what Randal should say when asked about the RJC meeting.
  139. Slate Exonerates Rand Paul after Rubin's WW2 Criticisms
  140. [video]Rand in Maryland (3/26)
  141. Weigel: "Paul, Inc."
  142. In secret recording, Dick Cheney blasts GOP isolationists
  143. Bolton Takes Shot at Rand Paul for Being Soft on Snowden
  144. Glenn Beck and Kevin Williamson Discuss How Rand Paul is at a Disadvantage For Being Genuine
  145. Rand Paul Interview w/Matt Kibbe
  146. Rand On Hannity 4-1-14
  147. Rand is about to be eliminated from this crucial Iowa-based poll
  148. Rand Paul goes On The Record w/ Greta - rescheduled for Friday night 7 pm ET
  149. Laura Ingraham "super disappointed" in Rand Paul for opposing mass deportation
  150. Rand & "the Independents" media
  151. SE Cupp: Why the GOP needs Rand Paul
  152. This Week In News For Senator Rand Paul - April 4, 2014
  153. [Salon]10 reasons Americans should be wary of Rand Paul’s libertarianism — especially millenni
  154. Rand to Speak in Idaho at State Republican Convention
  155. Rand coming to Maine GOP convention the 26th.
  156. Rand Paul considering expanded whistleblower laws for contractors
  157. Rand Paul at 3 New Hampshire events April 11-12, 2014
  158. Rand Paul To California Republicans: Evolve, Adapt, or Die
  159. Reading comments after a nice article about Rand is the same as cutting
  160. Rand Paul Says Dick Cheney Pushed for the Iraq War so Halliburton Would Profit
  161. Rand Paul raises $1.6 million in first quarter of 2014
  162. Rand Paul's Travel Schedule Looks Presidential
  163. Forbes' take on 2012 Rule Change and what it means for 2016 candidates
  164. Hardball on Rand Paul vs. Dick Cheney (video)
  165. MSNBC pundit claims Rand fired a truther from his staff
  166. VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul Questions Sec. Kerry at Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing
  167. What the Rand Paul vs. Dick Cheney kerfuffle says about Republican soul searching
  168. Trey Grayson is Leaving Harvard and Hopes to Return to Kentucky
  169. Chris Matthews: Battle between Dick Cheney and Rand Paul is getting personal
  170. Attention Displaced Rand Fans from the DP
  171. Rand Paul May Have Been Right That Congress Was 'Complicit' In Torture
  172. Will Rand Paul’s Unorthodox Foreign Policy Fit in the GOP?
  173. Suffolk University 2016 Iowa GOP Poll (Apr '14)
  174. PPP 2016 GOP Poll - Michigan (Apr '14), Rand Paul in 1st at 16%
  175. Rand Paul's Secret Weapon: Hillary Clinton
  176. Conor Friedersdorf nails it again with this column about Dick Cheney and Rand Paul
  177. [Video] A conversation with Rand Paul at UofChicago Institute of Politics 4/22/14
  178. Rand Paul on Hannity tonight - Fox News 10 pm ET
  179. Paul: Lerner refusing to cooperate in IRS probe 'appalling'
  180. Rand Paul: GOP Should Reject Cheney for Defending "Torture"
  181. Rand Paul’s Hostile Takeover of the Republican Party Is Getting More Hostile
  182. Rupert Murdoch has a problem with Rand Paul
  183. PPP 2016 GOP Poll - North Carolina (Apr '14)
  184. Rand needs to pounce on the Nevada rancher situation
  185. Chris Matthews: Ron Paul vs. Rudy Giuliani battle foreshadows the 2016 debates
  186. [Video] Rand Paul on ABC's This Week w/ Jonathan Karl 4/13/14
  187. [Video] A Public Address by Senator Rand Paul at Harvard Institute of Politics 4/25/14
  188. One of the biggest weaknesses of Hillary Clinton. Grown up gamers.
  189. Rand Paul: Bush Immigration Remarks "Well-Intentioned"
  190. Union Leader: Rand Paul offers his 'libertarian twist' on conservatism
  191. Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton 'as bad or worse' than Obama on government surveillance
  192. [Video] Rand Paul on Cashin' In w/ Eric Bolling 4/12/14
  193. WSJ: Tea-Party Favorite Rand Paul Aims to Woo GOP Stalwarts for 2016 Bid
  194. Rep Marsha Blackburn considering a run for President in 2016 [not running]
  195. Signing in for duty.
  196. Rand Paul in SNL opening skit
  197. Rand Paul Explains His Controversial Comments About Dick Cheney
  198. From a "Great Society", "Welfare State", "Era of Good Feelings", and etc to a "Free Society"
  199. Rand Paul has a plan to win over the country
  200. Rand Paul vs. the money men
  201. Rand Paul under attack from establishment media
  202. Discredited Conservatives Attack Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy as Naive
  203. Rand Paul comments on Bundy Ranch
  204. The Neocons Lose Their S*** Over Rand Paul
  205. Rand Paul: Foreign policy is no place for "red lines."
  206. Peter King: Rand Paul Isn’t ‘Capable’ of Having ‘an Intelligent Debate’
  207. W. James Antle: GOP Hawks Gear Up for War on Rand Paul
  208. Fox News Poll: Christie, Bush and Paul are top GOP picks -- today -- for 2016
  209. Morning Joe panel discusses Rand Paul foreign policy 4/16
  210. Rand Paul backs Teri Lynn Land
  211. PPP 2016 GOP Poll - Texas (Apr '14)
  212. Bolton: Reagan Wouldn't Be Comfortable With Rand Paul Praising Him
  213. Rand Paul on Hannity tonight to discuss Ukraine and Bundy
  214. Rand Paul Sounds Presidential in The Washington Post
  215. KY bill allowing Rand Paul to run for Senate and President dies in session
  216. Peter King and the Hawks’ Hysterical Attacks
  217. How Rand should/could respond to recent wave of attacks from NeoCons & Establishment
  218. Rand Declines To Publicly Explain Reasons for McConnell Endorsement
  219. Raimondo: The Establishment’s War on Rand Paul
  220. Rand Paul responds to a citizen's question on the FED
  221. Previewing Kentucky's 2016 U.S. Senate Race
  222. This Week in News for Dr. Rand Paul - April 18, 2014
  223. There Is An Epidemic Of Republicans Plagiarizing From Rand Paul
  224. Rand Paul’s Winning Presidential Ticket Is All In The “Jeans”
  225. VIDEO: Rand responds to Harry Reid's comments on Bundy matter
  226. Poll Watch: UNH/WMUR New Hampshire 2016 Republican Primary Survey [Paul first...again]
  227. Rand Paul to Meet Top Romney Donors in Boston
  228. Rand Warned 'Gun Registration Is Confiscation' !
  229. Rand Paul facing more intense criticism from right and left — which he says is sign of success
  230. There Is An Epidemic Of Republicans Plagiarizing From Rand Paul
  231. Rand Paul Bids To Loosen Democratic Hold On African-American Vote
  232. [Video] Rand Paul On The Record w/ Greta discusses Bundy Rand and government overreach
  233. Ron/Rand Being Accused of Supporting Snowden Because Of Business Ties To Russia
  234. I want Rand Paul to say war, kill, Iran, Nukes, Israel
  235. MSNBC panel discusses Rand Paul 4/21
  236. Michigan Affirmative Action Case
  237. NAACP Head Praises Rand Paul
  238. Rand Paul op-ed in National Review responds to foreign policy critics
  239. Rand Paul Appeals to Democratic Base in Obama’s Hometown
  240. [Tube] Kelly File: Deadly & Violent Weekend In Chicago Leaves 9 Dead & 5 Injured - Rand Paul
  241. Bob Dole: Rand Paul Doesn't Have Experience to Run in 2016
  242. How Rand Paul may owe his presidential bid to Hall of Fame journalist Mark Hebert
  243. Is Paul really plausible?
  244. Rand Paul Taps a New Constituency
  245. Rand Paul on Education: "I Don't Think You'd Notice If The Whole Department Was Gone Tomorrow"
  246. Rand Paul: Feds Caught David Petraeus Affair By Spying On His Email
  247. HuffPo: There Is One Campaign Finance Regulation That Rand Paul Supports
  248. Rand Paul Once Blasted Reagan’s Deficit Spending; Here Comes Conservative Outrage?
  249. Rand Paul's Compassionate Conservatism
  250. VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul Appears on Fox's The Kelly File with Megyn Kelly - April 22, 2014