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  5. Drudge again....
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  11. Joseph Gerth: Rand Paul seeks a bridge to nomination
  12. Rand Paul and McCain praise each other
  13. PHOTOS: Rand Paul in Arizona - Physicians mtg, breakfast, leadership mtg, GOP & Goldwater Inst
  14. Rand Paul was against Christie's Sandy bailout before it was cool
  15. Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) attacks Rand on Fox
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  17. Rand Paul brings pre-presidential campaign to Atlanta
  18. Washington Post Today Ranks Rand Paul #2 GOP Contender for 2016
  19. Rand with DeMint at launch of Heritage's IEF 2014
  20. Kentucky Felon Voting Rights Bill's Hopes Rest on Rand Paul's Support
  21. Who But Christie Can Beat Hillary?
  22. Rand Paul: Christie Scandal Is ‘A Bigger Issue Than Just Traffic’
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  25. Rand Paul 2016 has $1.7M cash on hand at end of 2013
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  28. RNC to join Rand Paul’s fight to protect privacy of Americans overseas
  29. Rand Paul moons the NSA
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  31. Standing With Rand has broadened the liberty movement
  32. PPP 2016 GOP Poll - North Carolina (Jan 14) / Rand in 2nd at 14%
  33. Rand Paul Rethinks the Art of Diplomacy
  34. [Video] Rand Paul On The Record w/ Greta discusses Obama's executive power grab and NSA
  35. Rand Paul Pulls Rhetorical Judo on Foreign Policy Foes, Calling Them "Isolationist"
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  37. Rand Paul’s College Newspaper Writings
  38. This Week in News for Senator Rand Paul- January 17, 2014
  39. Rand Paul's an idiot...because MSNBC said so.
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  42. Can someone explain why Rand Paul is aligning himself with Mitch McConnell?
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  47. Huffpost Commentors Intentionally misunderstand Rand
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  62. Could A Rand Paul Candidacy Be The Best Thing Ever For Liberals?
  63. RNC just passed New Rules 153-9
  64. Sen. Paul Again Calls for the Release of Pastor Abedini
  65. New Study: UBI Reforms in NC INCREASED Employment
  66. Rand Paul still mulling presidential bid as unofficial campaign blooms
  67. Dartmouth Review: President Paul?
  68. Rand Paul: Bill Clinton Is a Sexual Predator
  69. How's the fundraising going?
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  73. Huckabee leading 2016 race?
  74. Erick Erickson & Rand Paul
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  76. Paul: Hillary Clinton ‘big proponent of the surveillance state’
  77. Senator Rand Paul to Offer Amendment Allowing Guns in Post Offices
  78. Anyone have word on when Rand Paul's response will be posted?
  79. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News w/ Bret Baier following SOTU address
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  91. Republican Senator Announces Opposition To New Iran Sanctions
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  93. Paul really does have a shot at winning the 2016 presidential nomination: Foreign Affairs says
  94. Just a few questions and about Rand Paul 2016
  95. This Week in News for Senator Rand Paul- January 31, 2014
  96. Jezebel: Rand Paul Wants Poor, Unmarried Women To Stop Having Sex
  97. [Video] Rand Paul discussion at State of the Net Conference 1/28/14
  98. Defend The Fourth Amendment
  99. Rand Paul on NPR's All Things Considered 1/29/14
  100. US Sen. Rand Paul: Spying scandal helps GOP
  101. Maureen Dowd: The Gospel According to Paul
  102. Claire McCaskill: Rand Paul remarks ‘infuriating’
  103. Do you want to work for Rand Paul in 2016?
  104. Can Rand Paul Get Votes From Women? (Hint: He Already Has)
  105. Rand 2nd in Oklahoma - Harper Jan 30-Feb 1
  106. CNN/ORC national poll (1/31-2/2) - Rand in second at 13%
  107. MSM Black Out Of Rand 2016 Accelerates
  108. Rand 2016 Money bomb?
  109. [Video] Rand Paul at hearing on Iran's nuclear program 2/4/14
  110. Rand Paul to Present Keynote Speech at Harris County GOP Lincoln-Reagan Dinner (Houston area)
  111. Richard Epstein: Why classical liberalism is superior to hard-core libertarianism
  112. [Video] Rand Paul on The Situation Room w/ Wolf Blitzer 2/4/14
  113. [Video] Rand Paul speaks at Freedom Summit in New Hampshire 4/12/14
  114. I want to know that if Rand runs, what can I do to help him win?
  115. Wolf Blitzer Pesters Rand Paul With Pro-ObamaCare Spin
  116. Haaretz: Unlike Kerry, Rand Paul won't flinch on Israel
  117. PPP 2016 GOP Poll - Alaska (Feb '14) / Rand in 2nd at 14%
  118. [VIDEO] 2/5 Rand Paul interview with NewsmaxTV
  119. 2/5 Laura Ingraham interview with Rand Paul (17 min)
  120. Rand Paul’s case: ‘Libertarian’ isn’t ‘libertine’
  121. Rand Paul: Ky.'s perseverance won the fight to reintroduce use of industrial hemp
  122. Rand Paul's amendment to allow guns at post offices fails
  123. [Video] Rand Paul's speech at American Principles Project's gala 2/5/14
  124. Smart money says that Rand is a more likely nominee than before
  125. Rand Paul demands Dems return money raised by ‘sexual predator’ Bill Clinton
  126. Senators to Obama: Get approval before keeping troops in Afghanistan
  127. Bill Clinton Will Campaign for Alison Grimes in Kentucky as Feud With Rand Paul Escalates
  128. Rand Paul is pitching libertarian ideas to social conservatives. And they're listening.
  129. 56 percent of Kentucky Republicans think Rand Paul should run for president
  130. [Video] Rand Paul on C-SPAN Newsmakers 2/9/14
  131. Rand Paul on The Glenn Beck Radio Program 2/7/14
  132. This Week in News for Senator Rand Paul- February 7, 2014
  133. Now is the time for Rand to rescind his McConnell endorsement
  134. Rand Paul: When Will Obama Start Caring?
  135. Rand Paul rips Jeanne Shaheen for health law lies
  136. Rand Paul, George P. Bush talk Hispanic outreach
  137. In Texas, Rand Paul meets Cruz
  138. Rand Paul: I only endorsed Mitch McConnell because nobody else was running at the time
  139. Rand leads in Nebraska - Harper 2/6
  140. ChipIn: Help send Rand Paul photographer to CPAC 2014
  141. New Jersey Star Ledger "Blew It" Endorsing Christie. Then Severely Bashes Rand
  142. Forbes Op/ed: Rand Paul vs. Hillary Clinton? Election Likely To Be Radically Transformative
  143. Rand Paul’s tepid McConnell endorsement: ‘He asked me when there was nobody else in the race’
  144. 3 Awesome/Interesting Segments on Hardball today about Rand (2/10/2014)
  145. Chris Matthews: Rand Paul is like "Tarzan" should be played by Robert DeNiro
  146. Rand beats Clinton in Colorado 47-43
  147. Rand Paul broke with GOP senators to oppose failed Iran sanctions bill
  148. Rand Paul will file NSA lawsuit on Wednesday
  149. Priebus: Bill’s Impeachment, Lewinsky Affair Are Fair Game if Hillary Runs
  150. Rand Paul Suing President Obama
  151. re: Defendthe4th.com - Rand's WebTeam needs 2 watch this video by Head of Obama's WebTeam ASAP
  152. Rand Paul, Matt Kibbe, Ken Cuccinelli Op-Ed: Stop the NSA while we still can
  153. Washington Post: "Rand Paul’s Bill Clinton-bashing is political. But he has a point"
  154. PPP 2016 GOP Poll - North Carolina (Feb '14)
  155. Allahpundit thinks Cruz isn't going to run (HotAir - 2/12/2014)
  156. Rand Paul Falsely Accused of Plagiarizing NSA Lawsuit by Mattie Fein
  157. Rand Paul Defends the 4th Amendment [VIDEO]
  158. Inside scoop update on Bruce Fein and Rand Paul NSA lawsuit flap:
  159. Bruce Fein denies Mattie's allegations, says her quotes didn't represent his views
  160. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity FNC 2/12/14
  161. [Video] Rand Paul on OutFront w/ Erin Burnett 2/12/14
  162. [Video] Rand Paul On The Record w/ Greta 2/13/14
  163. Rand Paul hits Bill Clinton with an eye on the midterms
  164. [Video] Rand Paul on The Situation Room w/ Wolf Blitzer 2/13/14
  165. Paul drafts bill to restore voting rights for ex-cons
  166. Rand Paul breaks bread with Eric Holder after suing Obama administration
  167. Is the GOP Now Rand Paul’s Party?
  168. [Video] Rand Paul on TheBlazeTV w/ Glenn Beck 2/13/14
  169. I got this e-mail from Susan Day, Co-Chair of the RNC....
  170. Rand Paul: Without change, GOP will "not win again in my lifetime"
  171. Rand Paul: Bevin’s Credibility Hurt by Inconsistency on Bailouts
  172. Paul, McConnell help announce new hemp projects in Kentucky
  173. Rand Paul’s Republican revolution
  174. Chuck Schumer Reveals How He's 'To The Right' Of Rand Paul
  175. RAND PAUL: Texas is going to be a Democrat State in 10 years if we don't change
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  180. [Video] Rand Paul at KY Senate Hearing on Felon Voting Rights 2/19/14
  181. Georgia Secretary of State Proposes March 1 Southeastern Primary for 2016
  182. Rand Paul fights for felon voting rights
  183. Rand Paul: "It's Time To Trash the NSA's Mass Surveillance of Americans, For Good"
  184. Rand Paul and The End of The Republican Party (And the Dems Too)
  185. Rand Paul: Ted Nugent should apologize
  186. Rand Paul Plays Ted Nugent Like a Fender Stratocaster
  187. Ted Nugent apologizes for calling Obama 'subhuman mongrel'
  188. This Week in News for Senator Rand Paul- February 21, 2014
  189. NAACP wants Rand Paul to speak
  190. Why Rand Paul’s denouncement of Ted Nugent matters
  191. Rand Paul works to widen GOP's appeal to minorities
  192. PPP 2016 GOP Poll - Kansas (Feb '14)
  193. Paul asks Republican Senate for help in 2016 quandry
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  196. Rand gets 3rd in Club for Growth ratings at 97%
  197. Rand Paul Is the GOP's Early Presidential Front-Runner
  198. Rand Paul Weighs In On Debt Ceiling State Of The GOP & Boehner's Leader - Hannity
  199. Jeb Bush, Rand Paul top GOP's 2016 presidential wish list: CBS Poll
  200. Sen. Paul tries to block Obama's 'political' surgeon general nominee
  201. Democrats Might Just Be Hypocrites In the ‘War on Women?’
  202. Rand Paul on The Mandy Connell Show 2/25/14
  203. Rubin and Co. Attack Paul for Thoughtful Comments on Ukraine
  204. Tim Scott succeeds at historically black college where Rand Paul failed
  205. PPP 2016 GOP Poll - Iowa (Feb '14), Rand in 2nd at 14%
  206. Rand Paul vs. Ted Cruz: Why one of them is winning over the press
  207. Rand Paul to Tea Party: Watch what you say
  208. Rand Paul wins straw poll at NY-24 GOP Congressional Candidate Forum!
  209. Why Rand Paul opposes Obama's pick for surgeon general
  210. Rand Paul: Obama surgeon general nominee ‘truly a basher of the Bill of Rights’ (video)
  211. Chris Matthews: "Rand Paul the man to beat" in 2016
  212. Author Trevor Loudon pitches Rand Paul as Secretary of Treasury
  213. VIDEO: Morning Joe "Rand Paul emerging as a fascinating political figure".
  214. How Rand Paul is winning
  215. Democratic Super PAC hits Rand Paul with “Back to the Nineties” ad
  216. Rand's Statement on Situation in Ukraine
  217. Rand Paul golfs with Donald Trump
  218. This Week In News For Senator Rand Paul - February 28, 2014
  219. Tomorrow is the LAST day to buy tickets to CPAC at YAL's discounted rate!
  220. Rand Paul continues to support privacy rights by blocking "tax evader treaty"
  221. Rand Paul Seeks To Change KY Law To Allow Presidential Run
  222. Eric Holder and Rand Paul Unite to Soften Sentencing Laws
  223. Jim Rogers: Rand Paul 'gets it right'
  224. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News Sunday w/ Chris Wallace 3/9/14
  225. Will Putin Destroy Rand Paul? (neocon ultimatum/hysterics)
  226. Holy cow. It's already been one year? Rand Paul's filibuster.
  227. Official CPAC 2014 open discussion thread
  228. PPP 2016 GOP Poll - Arizona (Mar '14), Rand Paul in 2nd at 14%
  229. [Video] Rand Paul speaks in support of Military Justice Improvement Act 3/6/14
  230. Suffolk: Paul 1st in NH
  231. Rand Paul on Hannity tonight to preview his CPAC speech
  232. Atlantic Political Writer: CPAC May Have Raised Ticket Prices To Thwart Rand Paul
  233. Rand Paul Currently Leading CPAC Straw Poll By Double-Digits
  234. Rand Paul upcoming guest on ABC's This Week 3/9/14 (update: cancelled)
  235. Sen. Rand Paul to keynote Ohio county GOP dinner
  236. Paul: Bill Clinton a 'throwback to a sort of troglodyte time'
  237. Rand Paul to GOP rivals: Sell your own ideas and stop mischaracterizing mine
  238. [Video] Rand Paul On The Record w/ Greta 3/7/14
  239. Rand Paul Is the King of CPAC
  240. Rand Paul at CPAC: What you do on your cell phone is none of their damn business
  241. Rand Paul thrills libertarians and unites CPAC with anti-NSA stemwinder
  242. Rand Paul Mixes Pink Floyd And The Constitution At CPAC
  243. [Video] Rand Paul full speech at CPAC 2014
  244. DRUDGE: "Rand Rocks The House."
  245. At CPAC, Rand Paul Blasts Obama on Civil Liberties
  246. On CPAC Day 2, the Libertarian Wing Takes Over
  247. Rubin: "Rand Paul may be swell at CPAC, but speech reveals his huge flaw as a GOP pres. can."
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  250. This Week In News For Senator Rand Paul - March 7, 2014