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  1. Rand eats chocolate, drinks Big Gulp and holds puppies with Cuccinelli
  2. Rand Paul hones presidential campaign strategy in Kentucky - good article
  3. The Doctor Steps In: Rand Paul's Hero Move
  4. [Video] Rand Paul speech at Liberty University 10/28/13
  5. Maddow accuses Rand of plagiarizing Wikipedia
  6. Is Rand Paul the next generation-defining senator on American foreign policy?
  7. GOP presidential hopefuls Cruz, Paul coming to SC -- again
  8. Mike Church: Maybe Rachel Maddow Should Look Up The Definition of "Plagiarism" on Wikipedia
  9. [Video] Rand Paul discusses Obamacare on Hannity FNC 10/29/13
  10. Rand Paul will place hold on Janet Yellen nomination
  11. Hahaha
  12. [Video] Rand Paul on Erin Burnett OutFront discusses NSA spying and hold on Yellen nomination
  13. Rand Paul's letter to Harry Reid requesting Audit the Fed vote
  14. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News with Gretchen Carlson 10/30/13
  15. Stephen Colbert Defends Rand Paul Against Maddow Plagiarism Accusations
  16. Rand Paul Addresses Plagiarism Claim
  17. Rand Paul "Money Bomb" for Audit The Fed Fight Ads
  18. Morning Joe roundtable likes Rand's hold on Yellen nomination
  19. Now Harry Reid
  20. Ron Paul interviews Rand Paul on fight to audit the Fed
  21. Paul demands Obama answer to charges of Pope spying
  22. Rand Paul: NSA may spy on Obama
  23. Rand Paul to speak in Detroit and offer plan to 'get government out of the way'
  24. Rand Paul on The Peter Schiff Show re: Janet Yellen and Audit the Fed 10/30/13
  25. Rachel Maddow mocked Rand Paul for plagiarism, but she’s been accused of it too
  26. [Video] Rand Paul on ABC's This Week w/ George Stephanopoulos 11/3/13
  27. Rand Paul pledges caution amid more borrowed language
  28. Rand Paul: Enough is enough — it’s time to end the secrecy at the Federal Reserve
  29. This Week in News for Senator Rand Paul - November 1, 2013
  30. [Video] Rand Paul on Bloomberg TV's Political Capital w/ Al Hunt 11/3/13
  31. Rand Paul Sounds Off On Biggest Obamacare "Whopper" (VIDEO)
  32. Rand Requests Information About Alleged NSA Targeting
  33. Rand Calls for the Release of Pastor Abedini
  34. Ted Cruz: Rand Paul Can't Win Because of Ron Paul
  35. Maddow Hits Back With Another Rand Plagiarism Segment
  36. Rand Paul on cover of Newsmax magazine November 2013 edition
  37. Rand should post a bibliography for each speech.
  38. Rand Paul: Put 'Somebody New in Charge' of Intelligence
  39. McLaughlin Group: Rand Paul Will Be The Nominee
  40. Who Should President Paul's first pardons be?
  41. Rand Paul urges libertarians to vote for Cuccinelli (Virginia Tuesday NOV 5th)
  42. [Video] Rand Paul discusses Obamacare lies on Hannity FNC 11/4/13
  43. PPP 2016 GOP Presidential Primary Poll - Oct 2013 / Rand Paul 1st with 16%
  44. After Plagiarism Charges, Paul Announces Office Restructuring
  45. [Video] Rand Paul On The Record with Greta 11/5/13
  46. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN's Situation Room 11/5/13
  47. Rand Supports Military Justice Improvement Act
  48. [Video] Rand Paul Questions Sandy Relief Spending and Attacks Christie 11/6/13
  49. Writer Plagiarized in Rand Paul Op-Ed: ‘I’m Rather Flattered’
  50. Rand Paul to stop playing nice with media
  51. Rand Paul slams Chris Christie on Sandy ads
  52. Rand Paul moves opinion column to Breitbart News
  53. Prominent African-American Leaders Discuss Rand Paul's Outreach to Black Voters
  54. Rand Paul labels Chris Christie a moderate
  55. Rand Paul on NewsmaxTV / The Steve Malzberg Show 11/6/13
  56. Rand Paul on The Wilkow Majority discussing Audit the Fed 11/6/13
  57. PPP 2016 GOP Presidential Primary Poll - Texas
  58. Rand Paul on The Mike Huckabee Show 11/7/13
  59. Vote For Rand in this Poll!
  60. Rubin attacks Rand again for his Board certification
  61. Rand Introduces Legislation to Enact Congressional Transparency
  62. Whenever Rand Paul starts polling well, the smears and attacks ramp up
  63. This Week In News For Senator Rand Paul - November 8, 2013
  64. Rand Paul will be on Univision's Al Punto Sunday 11/10/13
  65. Can someone please ask Rand Paul to talk to Ted Cruz and convince him to not support war?
  66. Media Distort Rand Paul Address By Cribbing Off AP Report
  67. Rachel Maddow's attacks seem strangely personal
  68. Rand Paul visits South Carolina again Monday
  69. [Video] Rand Paul speech at The Charleston Meeting 11/11/13
  70. [Video] Rand Paul speech at The Citadel 11/12/13
  71. Should I not shave my beard until Rand Paul is elected President?
  72. Rand Paul: Congress should be restricted from writing bills about multiple subjects
  73. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz Attended the Koch 2014 Strategy Meeting
  74. PPP 2016 GOP Presidential Primary Poll - Maine
  75. PPP 2016 GOP Presidential Primary Poll - North Carolina
  76. [Video] Rand Paul Grills DHS Nominee re: Privacy, Due Process, Targeted Killings 11/13/13
  77. Ted Cruz Backs Rand Paul’s Strategy for Audit the Fed Vote
  78. Rand Paul speaks to cadets at The Citadel, blasts Hillary for failures in Benghazi
  79. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity FNC 11/13/13
  80. Rand Asks DHS Nominee Johnson: "If 4th Amendment Applies To Visa Purchases?"
  81. Rand Paul's Plagiarism Scandal Explained
  82. Rand Paul: Sandy cash spurred Chris Christie win
  83. Rand Paul op-ed: C-J's characterization of senators' votes was shameful
  84. [Video] Rand Paul speaks on Senate floor on Obamacare 11/14/13
  85. Yellen against Rand Paul’s ‘Audit the Fed’ bill
  86. Rasmussen 2016 GOP Primary Poll
  87. Rand Paul on Hannity radio today
  88. Rand Paul to speak at Idaho GOP State Convention in June 2014
  89. [Video] Rand Paul 'Center Seat' interview on Fox News Special Report 11/18/13
  90. This Week In News For Senator Rand Paul - November 15, 2013
  91. Paul calls Bevin 'good, honest, Christian man'
  92. Politico: Get Mitch-details McConnell's relationship with Rand, other issues
  93. Wouldn't it be cool if Rand Paul were to open up his medical practice in the White House?
  94. [Video] Rand Paul on returning money to taxpayers - Cavuto FBN 11/15/13
  95. Kirsten Gillibrand, Rand Paul shed bipartisan tears over Marine wife’s rape
  96. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul will Make Appearance at Summit Arena in Hot Springs December 6th
  97. Rand Paul and James Comer might be Kentucky's next dynamic duo
  98. [Video] Rand Paul Speech at Charles Koch Institute | War on Syria, Foreign Policy
  99. [Video] Rand Paul: Government Shutdown Strategy Was a ‘Dumb Idea’
  100. Rand Paul: Christie probably a conservative ‘if you have a very loose definition'
  101. Fox News Special Report Highlight's Sen. Paul's Recent Visit to South Carolina - 11/14/13
  102. Bill Maher: Rand Paul Only One 'Who Gives a Damn' on Civil Liberties
  103. Rand Paul ally Sen. Mike Enzi correctly predicts consequence of Obamacare
  104. Rand Paul: Only I Can Say I Misspoke
  105. [Video] Rand Paul on Erin Burnett OutFront 11/19/13
  106. Rand Paul: Chris Christie embraces Obamacare
  107. Rand Paul: "We want our freedoms back"
  108. Rand Paul On Obamacare Rollout: This Is Worse Than I Ever Thought It Would Be (Greta 11/20/13)
  109. Rand Paul Aids Surprise Guantanamo Bay Win For Obama
  110. Quinnipiac: Paul leads Hillary 47-44 in Colorado
  111. Sen. Rand Paul Proposes Trio of Bills to Restore Order to Lawmaking
  112. Merkley, Wyden, Lee, Paul: Senate odd bedfellows join on Afghanistan measure
  113. [Video] Rand Paul discusses nuclear option on CNN w/ Wolf Blitzer 11/21/13
  114. Paul on Reid: ‘We’ve got a big bully’
  115. Rand Paul to Chris Christie: Let’s have a Twinkie
  116. Sen. Rand Paul to help open Republican outreach office in Detroit
  117. This Week in News for Senator Rand Paul- November 22, 2013
  118. [Video] Sen. Rand Paul Supports the Keystone XL Pipeline
  119. Interventionists Attempt to Isolate Rand Paul Over Iran Deal
  120. POLL: Rand Paul vs. Wendy Davis-TIME Person of the Year
  121. Sign the Fourth Amendment Protection Act Petition
  122. Miss you, Rand Paul | 'He desperately needs to get to Northern Kentucky'
  123. PPP 2016 GOP Presidential Primary Poll - Pennsylvania
  124. Will Ted Cruz and Rand Paul split on Iran? Americans back Iran deal
  125. 11/26 - Harper Iowa poll - #1 Christie, #2 Cruz, #3 Paul, #4 Santorum
  126. CNN National Poll: Rand in 2nd with 13%
  127. Forbes: Call Your Congressman In Favor Of Rand Paul's Fed Audit
  128. Sen. Paul calls for release of Pastor Abedini
  129. Rand Paul staffer running for WV State Senate (Lance Wheeler)
  130. PPP 2016 GOP Presidential Primary Poll - Illinois
  131. Rand Paul's Audit the Fed Bill Gains Mainstream Support
  132. Rand Paul: Americans Trading Liberty For False Security
  133. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News Sunday w/ Chris Wallace 12/8/13
  134. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity FNC 12/4/13
  135. Rand Paul one of the 100 Leading Global Thinkers of the year, Foreign Policy Magazine says.
  136. Rand Paul's speech in Detroit will be on C-SPAN 12:35 ET
  137. Rand Paul Signs Up for Obamacare
  138. This Week in News for Senator Rand Paul - December 6, 2013
  139. Sen. Rand Paul: Wife is saying no to presidential bid
  140. Wenzel, of EPJ, on Rand Paul's Detroit proposal:
  141. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News Cashin' In w/ Eric Bolling 12/7/13
  142. Rand Paul on The Bill Cunningham Show 12/4/13
  143. Rand Proposes Billion Dollar Free Market Stimulus Plan for Detroit
  144. If you have a HotAir.com account, 'Quotes of the Day' focuses on Rand's plan to save Detroit
  145. Rand Paul: Long-term unemployment benefits are disservice to workers
  146. Paul says public life can be an 'ordeal'
  147. Sen. Rand Paul: Supreme Court needs to re-examine Fourth Amendment
  148. In Detroit, Rand Paul says justice system treats minorities unfairly
  149. PPP 2016 GOP Presidential Primary Poll - Colorado
  150. Drudge...
  151. Why some black voters say they're listening to Rand Paul
  152. Largely White Audience Turns Out To Hear Rand Paul Speak At African-American Outreach Event
  153. Ron Paul: Rand Paul will likely run in 2016
  154. Rand Paul holds up NDAA deal, wants debate on indefinite detention and NSA
  155. Rand fails to get into TIME Person of the Year finalists list, Sebelius, Cruz & Obama do
  156. [Video] Rand Paul on NewsmaxTV 12/10/13
  157. Ron Paul: Rand Will ‘Probably’ Run For President
  158. Jon Huntsman hits Rand Paul on welfare
  159. Rand Opposes Budget Deal
  160. Rand Paul Gets the Scrooge Award
  161. PPP 2016 GOP Presidential Primary Poll - Michigan / Rand in 1st with 18%
  162. Rand Paul on WMAL discussing opposition to budget deal 12/11/13
  163. Daily Caller: McConnell will vote against budget deal brokered by Paul Ryan
  164. Rand Paul: Budget deal 'shameful,' 'huge mistake'
  165. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News w/ Cavuto 12/11/13
  166. RNC’s plan for 2016: Fewer debates, later primaries, and a convention in June
  167. Rand Paul Quotes Popeye Cartoon Charater - Includes Footnote Citation
  168. PPP 2016 GOP Poll - North Carolina (Dec 13)
  169. Rand Paul on The Mike Huckabee Show 12/12/13
  170. Rand: 'I Can't Believe Any Conservative Would Consider This Budget Deal'
  171. [Video] Rand Paul on Senate floor speaks against nuclear option 12/12/13
  172. Rand Paul Op-Ed: Budget 'Surrender' a Step 'Backwards'
  173. Any opinions on how...
  174. Politico Magazine: The Divided House of Paul
  175. This Week in News for Senator Rand Paul - December 13, 2013
  176. Rand Paul endorses Steve Stockman (unofficially)
  177. Drudge: Ted Cruz 3rd most influential world leader...
  178. Rand Endorses Amash Moneybomb
  179. Rand Applauds the Protection of 4th Amendment (NSA Decision)
  180. Peter King Takes on Rand Paul, Ted Cruz With New Anti-Tea Party PAC
  181. Pro-Mitch McConnell ad links him to Rand Paul
  182. Paul threatens to keep Senate from Christmas vacation over Fed fight
  183. Rand Paul Plots NSA Class-Action Lawsuit Options
  184. What Is Rand Paul Doing to Attract Asians?
  185. PPP: Kentucky Republicans like Rand Paul better than Mitch McConnell by a 59/27 margin
  186. PPP 2016 GOP Poll - National (Dec 13)
  187. Rand Paul: End of the Filibuster, Beginning of 'Ironfisted Rule'
  188. [Video] Rand Paul on The Situation Room w/ Wolf Blitzer 12/18/13
  189. MSNBC attacks Rand Paul for wanting to audit the Fed
  190. Paul: Clapper should resign for 'lying to Congress'
  191. Rand Paul reaches out to Dems to find common ground
  192. [Video] Rand Paul On The Record w/ Greta discusses Clapper lie
  193. A Liberty Christmas
  194. Peter King says Rand disgraced his office and owes Clapper an apology
  195. Rand Paul on Boston Herald Radio 12/19/13
  196. This Week in News for Senator Rand Paul - December 20, 2013
  197. [Video] Rand Paul discusses drone filibuster on Stossel's 2013 year in review show
  198. Rand Paul's allies say Ky. law can't stop him from running for senator and president
  199. Steve Deace - "What the Liberty Movement could learn"
  200. Politico: Rand Paul’s play to expand the GOP’s tent
  201. John Heilemann on Today's 'Morning Joe': "I'd Tell Rand Paul To Stick That Where It Belongs"
  202. Happy Holidays from Dr. and Mrs. Rand Paul
  203. Rand Paul celebrates ‘Festivus’ with ‘airing of grievances’ against DC
  204. Seinfeld creator mocks Rand Paul
  205. Do you want Rand Paul to be the headline speaker at CPAC 2014? VOTE!
  206. Anyone see this poll after Huckabee included?
  207. Rand very well could be next President
  208. CFR: Rand Paul/Tea Party a Threat to GOP's "Great Tradition of Internationalism"
  209. [Video] Alex Jones Endorses Rand Paul 2016: I would support Rand Paul for President
  210. Tea Party Express defends Rand Paul, calls him a "Reagan conservative"
  211. AmConMag: Rand Paul and the Christian Right
  212. Rand Paul is The Wire's No. 3 "Best 2016 candidate of 2013", behind Christie & Clinton
  213. Jeffrey Tucker: Rand Paul has real chance to get the nomination
  214. Rand Paul, Cory Booker plan to take on drug war in 2014
  215. Rand Paul rounds up Top 5 google searches for male politician for 2013
  216. Mitch McConnell pays a visit to Rand Paul, James Comer for filing signatures
  217. Biggest Stories of 2013: Rand Paul’s Epic 13-Hour Filibuster
  218. Rand Paul one of the winners of The Root's "Political Winners of 2013"
  219. Rand boo-hoos lack of Burgoo
  220. Rand Ghayad angry at Rand Paul for referencing his work
  221. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul rank among most searched politicians in 2013
  222. [Video] Rand Paul on ABC's 'This Week' w/ George Stephanopoulos 1/5/14
  223. PPP 2016 GOP Poll - Kentucky (Dec 13) / Rand leads with 34%
  224. Rand Paul to sue Obama NSA Spying - Class Action Suit
  225. Senator Rand Paul's Year in Review for 2013
  226. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity discusses plans to file lawsuit against NSA
  227. Huckabee puts 2016 poll on his site with every candidate but himself
  228. [Video] Rand Paul - Liberty University Convocation
  229. ‘It’s a Mess’: Rand Paul’s Son Erroneously Enrolled in Medicaid
  230. Peter King: "Rand Paul hates America"
  231. Rand Paul is in SIX articles on the front page of TheHill!
  232. [Video] Rand Paul speaks in opposition to Yellen nomination 1/6/13
  233. Rep. Peter King: Rand Paul creating 'hysteria'
  234. [Video] Fox News panel agrees Peter King's comments over the line
  235. Cuccinelli to be lead lawyer in Rand Paul NSA lawsuit
  236. Happy Birthday to Senator Rand Paul!
  237. New year, new poll: Who will be sworn in as Rand Paul's Vice-President?
  238. Msnbc Chris Hayes defends Rand, attacks neocon king and Christie
  239. Mother Jones accuses Rand Paul of lying about his son's auto-medicaid enrollment
  240. Obama Slams Rand Paul’s Comments About Extending Unemployment: ‘Sells American People Short’
  241. NRSC: Wish Senator Rand Paul A Happy Birthday
  242. Breakfast with Sen. Rand Paul in Scottsdale, AZ this Friday!
  243. [Video] Rand Paul responds to Obama's unemployment comments 1/7/14
  244. Huff Post's Sam Stein semi-sort of agrees with Rand Paul on unemployment benefits...
  245. Wall Street Journal: Rand Paul ‘Unsuitable To Be Commander In Chief’
  246. Rand Paul on The Laura Ingraham Show 1/7/14
  247. Rand Paul Will File Suit Against the NSA "Soon"
  248. [Video] Rand Paul On The Record w/ Greta 1/8/14
  249. Rand Paul to make move to repeal Iraq War law
  250. Obama's Promise Zones (Special Economic Zones?)