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  1. Rand Paul: Kentucky Democratic candidate must ‘disown the president’ (Gage's pic)
  2. VIDEO: Harry Reid attacks Rand Paul, defends Patriot Act (5/25/11)
  3. FBI hasn't responded to Rand Paul's demand for 'prompt' answers on drones
  4. Investment in the Majority Minority Community
  5. Will Rand Paul Distance Himself From Lamar Alexander? I hope so.
  6. Rand Paul should partner up with McCain...
  7. AP: Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul Forge Mutually Beneficial Alliance
  8. Rand Paul blasts neocons for supporting military junta in Egypt
  9. Washington Monthly: The Education of Rand Paul
  10. Neocon: Rand Paul Is Likely to Improve as a Warmonger (with practice)
  11. Rand on Hannity w/ Bolling at 9:15 7/8 to talk Egypt
  12. Oops, Rand Paul can’t remember 3rd reason Rick Perry could be president
  13. Hit Piece Time: Washington Free-Beacon plays up Rand's neoconfederate ties w/Jack Hunter
  14. Rand Paul: American Taxpayers Shouldn't Be Forced To Pay For Military Coup in Egyp
  15. Sen. Paul Appears on Fox's America's Newsroom with Martha Maccallum- 7/9/2013
  16. Rand Paul Threatens to Filibuster James Comey's FBI Nomination
  17. Washington Free Beacon vs. Jack Hunter
  18. Rand Issues Second Letter to FBI Director Seeking Answers on Domestic Drone Use
  19. Rand getting attacked from everywhere
  20. Judge Napolitano: A word about Jack Hunter…
  21. Tom Woods defends Jack Hunter
  22. My first Rand Paul 2016 sighting
  23. WaPo - Rand Paul's Neocon Claim - Check out this lady's spin!!
  24. [Video] Rand Paul On The Record w/ Greta discusses government waste overseas
  25. HuffPo interviews Rand Paul about standing by Jack Hunter
  26. PolitiFact: Rand Paul is right, Egyptians don't want our foreign aid
  27. Rand Paul: Obama climate policy declares war on coal, us
  28. PPP: Rand tops Republican field in Iowa
  29. Rand Paul: I've got Mike Enzi's back vs Liz Cheney
  30. Rand Paul introduces legislation to stop Egypt aid
  31. Rand Paul interview with Las Vegas Review-Journal
  32. Rand Paul: New $34 Million Afghan HQ Will Never Be Used
  33. Rand Paul Q&A with Las Vegas Sun
  34. 'The Atlantic' Calls for Jack Hunter Resignation
  35. Rand's "bold" and "aggressive" stand -- Life at Conception Act
  36. Rand Paul Nevada GOP Summer Fundraiser registration link (Saturday, July 13, 2013)
  37. Rabbi Rand Paul
  38. Breitbart interview: Rand Paul likely to make decision shortly after 2014 midterms
  39. Rand Paul Op-Ed: The coup that isn’t...
  40. This Week In News For Senator Rand Paul - 7/12/13
  41. Who Wins in a Clinton/Christie(/Paul) Showdown
  42. Jennifer Rubin Now Writing Multiple Anti-Rand Articles Per Day For Washington Post
  43. In Las Vegas, Rand Paul laments dangers of a ‘surveillance state’
  44. Photos: Rand Paul at FreedomFest 2013, July 10-13, 2013
  45. 2016 General Election Voter Demographics
  46. Anybody know Rand's Las Vegas schedule?
  47. Rand Paul Warns Of 'Grand Spymaster' While Addressing Surveillance Programs
  48. Who Is Rand Paul? Google Rand Paul
  49. Paul Krugman attacks 'Libertarian Populism' & Rand Paul
  50. Fight back against the Rand Paul smears!
  51. Rand Paul digs deeper
  52. Former Rand Paul staffer Joe Sonka
  53. [Video] Rand Paul discusses civil liberties with FreedomWorks on Tap 7/17/13
  54. Orwellian Doublespeak and Being Barack Obama
  55. Pat Caddell: Rand Paul not charismatic enough to be President
  56. Rand Paul on Aaron Klein's show questions Hillary Clinton's veracity 7/14/13
  57. Photos: Rand Paul at Nevada Republican Party fundraisers, July 13, 2013
  58. Jennifer Rubin’s War On Rand Paul
  59. Floundering Old Guard Republicans re-launch attacks on Rand Paul
  60. Rand Paul’s wife leaves GOP consulting firm
  61. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz join Kirsten Gillibrand push on military sexual assault
  62. Whoever is Running Rand Paul's Facebook: STOP POSTING PICTURES WITH RAND 2016 IN THEM!
  63. [Video] Rand Paul at press conference re: Military Sexual Assault 7/16/13
  64. Rand Paul lays groundwork for another filibuster on drones
  65. [Video] Rand Paul's thoughts on Gold Commission and US dollar
  66. [Video] Rand Paul at Nevada GOP fundraiser on drones and surveillance 7/13/13
  67. Rand Paul: I Want To Know If FBI Is Following The Bill Of Right When Using Drones
  68. Rand Paul mocks Liz Cheney’s Senate bid
  69. Rand's Iconic Hair As Pop Art
  70. Rand Paul's Paleo Problem-Neocon hit piece
  71. [Video] Rand Paul grills Samantha Power at Foreign Relations hearing 7/17/13
  72. Rand Paul heads to Iowa to meet with evangelical, black and Latino leaders
  73. [Video] Rand Paul at hearing for Ambassador for Global Women’s Issues 7/17/13
  74. Weigel: Cheney vs. Paul
  75. Rand Paul to Mike Enzi: ‘I’ll do anything I can’
  76. Rand Paul, Marco Rubio Mike Lee and Mike Enzi slated for Tea Party Meeting
  77. Rand Paul: Obama "has much less regard for civil liberties" than Bush
  78. Kristol: Paul and Cruz are anti military
  79. Keep America Safe From Liz Cheney
  80. Rand Paul: Aid to unknown rebels in Syria carries U.S. threat
  81. A Liz Cheney Senate run could save --- or kill --- neoconservatism
  82. Sen. Rand Paul: War can’t make the world a ‘great groovy place’
  83. Rand Paul on GOP neocon wing and why he opposes Liz Cheney for senate (video)
  84. Mark Levin: Rand Paul endorsed Mike Enzi because "he hates Cheney"
  85. Alexander's attempt to exploit Paul backfires
  86. Rand Paul interview on The Takeaway w/ John Hockenberry 7/18/13
  87. Rand Paul interview with Michelle Fields on Next Generation TV
  88. MSNBC: Can Rand Paul beat back Liz Cheney and resurgence of GOP neoconservatism?
  89. ‘Warlord’ Liz Cheney, Taking Back the GOP From Rand Paul?
  90. Rep. Peter King on 2016 - Don't want Rand Paul to be face of GOP
  91. Peter King: Paul and Cruz are 'isolationists' whose policies would be very damaging...
  92. Is Dick Cheney Behind the Latest Attacks on Rand Paul?
  93. Who should Rand pick as his VP in 2016 if he wins the GOP nomination?
  94. RNC CHAIRMAN REINCE PRIEBUS Hitches On To Rand's Event
  95. 50 Politicos to Watch: Doug Stafford (Rand PAC Executive Director)
  96. Yet Another Neocon Rand Hit Piece Today In Washington Post 7-18-13
  97. Rand Paul Op-Ed: A union cloud over Obamacare
  98. Rand Paul: Obama will bail out Detroit ‘over my dead body’
  99. Gerson: Rand Paul Can Never Become a Mainstream Republican
  100. Rand Paul on Jan Mickelson's show 7/19/13
  101. Rand Paul in 2nd, 1% from 1st in VA 2016 PPP poll
  102. Fear of Rand Paul's Rise
  103. Rand Paul in Iowa: ‘America needs a revival’
  104. Peter King denies being part of conspiracy to rough up Rand Paul
  105. Rand and Cruz at DC airport
  106. Rand Paul second at 12% in WY 2016 poll, also Liz Cheney down 34%
  107. Rand Paul Brings Black, Hispanic Leaders Together with RNC in Iowa
  108. Rand Paul: College is so expensive because government keeps handing out subsidies to pay f
  109. Rand Paul: Obama Will Bail Out Detroit 'Over My Dead Body'
  110. Rand Paul Blasts Dick Cheney: ‘Someone Should Have Been Removed From Office’
  111. This Week in News for Senator Rand Paul- July 19, 2013
  112. Peter King: Hillary Clinton would destroy an isolationist like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz
  113. 7/20/13-Rand Paul on The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla!
  114. Apparently, the 2016 presidential campaign is already in full swing
  115. Hannity endorses Liz Cheney in Wyoming
  116. DRUDGE: Iowa pastors pray and lay hands on Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Reince Priebus...
  117. Steve Deace Show discussion of Rand's speech to Iowa evangelical leaders
  118. 'Warlord' Liz Cheney: Taking Back the GOP From Rand Paul?
  119. Poll: Rand Paul leads in New Hampshire at 19%
  120. Wyoming GOP primary pits neocons vs. libertarians
  121. Rand Paul in committee questions new UN ambassador and her interventionist approach
  122. Jack Hunter Resigns
  123. Rep. Mark Sanford Statement on Jack Hunter
  124. Gunny?
  125. Why They Hate Rand Paul
  126. Rand invited to foreign policy event by Indian-American conservative group
  127. Rand Paul: I won't be held hostage by Democrat threats
  128. [Video] Rand Paul speaks at the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention 7/22/13
  129. Iowa Trip Sows a Tea-Party Rivalry
  130. Rick Perlstein: Rand Paul's Detroit Shock Doctrine
  131. Rand Paul: America's mission is to keep the peace, not police the world
  132. Rand Paul on Jack Hunter (video)
  133. Article: The ruling class on the right should give Rand Paul a fair hearing
  134. Rand To Host School Choice Forum (7/30/13)
  135. Rand Paul 'endorses' Sarah Palin for Senate
  136. Evangelical leaders not happy with neocon-led attack on Rand Paul and Jack Hunter
  137. Antiwar: Paul, Cruz Show Backbone on Military Rape Issue
  138. Rand Paul: Changes needed in military handling of sex assault
  139. Justin Raimondo: Why they hate Rand Paul
  140. Brody File: Rand Paul Says Republican Party Needs "Community Organizers"
  141. Brody File: Rand Paul Takes Shot At Neocons "Some Of The Most Dangerous To Our Country"
  142. Brody File: Rand Paul Calls On Churches To Challenge The IRS
  143. PPP 2016 Republican Primary Poll - Wyoming / Rand Paul 1st with 19%
  144. Rand Paul: I'm not encouraging or discouraging Matt Bevin
  145. 2016 Primary Map Thread
  146. Rand Introduces Amendments to Transportation-HUD Bill
  147. Rand Paul on Huckabee Audio (7/24)
  148. Rand Paul LOLs at idea Republicans have courage to defund Obamacare
  149. Rand Paul wants State officials at Egypt hearing
  150. [Video] Rand Paul: 'ObamaCare Will Cause States to Go Bankrupt'
  151. Rand Paul slams Obama’s plans for military involvement in Syria
  152. Rand Paul: I don’t think there’s anyone in Congress who has a stronger belief in minority
  153. 7/24 National Poll by Marist
  154. Rand Paul Between a Rock and a Hard Place with Bevin Emergence
  155. PPP 2016 GOP Primary Poll - July 2013 / Rand Paul 1st with 16%
  156. [Video] Rand Paul at Senate Hearing on Egypt 7/25/13
  157. Rand Paul maintains hold on FBI nominee
  158. Chris Christie attacks libertarians
  159. Rand Issues Response to FBI Correspondence on Drones
  160. Daily Kos Diary Cheers on Christie/RINO Attack on Rand Paul & Co.
  161. Rand Paul to Chris Christie
  162. GOP hawks: This will not stand, Rand
  163. This Week in News for Senator Rand Paul- July 25, 2013
  164. Rand Paul Op-Ed: Health care for seniors
  165. Blaze's "Real News" Discussing Christie/Rand Paul Confrontation
  166. Eric Bolling "done" with Chris Christie after attack on Rand Paul (video)
  167. Krauthammer: Christie’s Remarks on Paul ‘Electrifying,’ ‘Extremely Important Moment’
  168. Paul Spars With Christie on Nat'l Security While Ignoring Pete King
  169. Matt Welch and Eric Bolling on Fox Business defend Rand Paul and 4th amendment (video)
  170. Rand's Heathcare Plan for Seniors
  171. Rand slams Christie on Twitter
  172. Weigel: Is Rand Paul in a fight w/ Chris Christie, or w/ the entire GOP mega-donor class?
  173. Election Night 2016...
  174. Looks like I'm all ready for 2016
  175. North Carolina 2016 Presidential Primary moves to February
  176. Daily Caller: Rand Paul top pick for Republicans in 2016
  177. Rep. King blasts Rand Paul ‘madness’: This is the anti-war left-wing Democrats of 1960s
  178. Hume: On Christie vs. Paul, ‘The Party’s Going to Have to Have This Out’
  179. surge in facebook likes...
  180. Mark Levin: "Ron Paul is different than Rand Paul"
  181. Bloomberg.com: Chris Christie's DUMB Attack on Libertarians
  182. See Rand Paul, Cruz, Lee Wednesday, July 31st in Arlington, VA by Sponsoring a YAL Student
  183. Please Spread Far and wide ! This is how things really change!
  184. "If they want to make me the target, they will get it back in spades"
  185. Christie vs. Madison: '9/11!' he thundered - Union Leader sticks up for Rand
  186. Rand's "Rogue NSA Approach" Affords Republicans Chance to Recover Party
  187. Cruz Takes Rand Paul's Side in Christie Tiff
  188. Audio: Ted Cruz won't say Chris Christie was "wrong" to attack Rand Paul
  189. Rand Paul On The Issues: Government Surveillance & The Fourth Amendment
  190. Tongue-in Cheek Proposal
  191. Paul Egypt plan could get vote
  192. Paul and Yarmuth hosting golf tournament to help wounded veterans
  193. Michael Grimm attacks Rand Paul
  194. Vote Monday could end Paul's hold on Comey confirmation (update: hold dropped)
  195. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity: 'sad and cheap' for Christie to use cloak of 9/11 victims
  196. Charles Murray hits back against Krauthammer’s view on Rand Paul
  197. O'Reilly plans to ask Rand about the following 2 issues during tomorrow's (7/30) interview
  198. Hippo RINO Christie wrong on Rand Paul, issues
  199. Tantaros: Rand Paul is right on foreign policy, Kristol & neocons are the new fringe
  200. Rand Paul's Interview with the KING DUDE (Transcript of the Gentlemanly Exchange)
  201. Rand Paul wants more school choice for poor, minority students
  202. Sen. Paul: "We Need To Have Republican Community Organizers"
  203. AP - Paul 'supportive' of Alexander, but won't endorse
  204. [Video] Chris Hayes and Matt Welch discuss Rand Paul and foreign policy battle in GOP
  205. Michael Grimm asks Manhattan GOP to rescind Paul invitation to fundraiser
  206. Rand Paul to NYC fundraiser in August
  207. Rand on Tantaros show right now
  208. Rand on Huck right now
  209. [Video] Rand Paul on the The Situation Room w/ Wolf Blitzer 7/30/13
  210. [Video] Chris Christie hits back at Rand Paul, accuses him of 'bringing home the bacon'
  211. Rand Paul on Hannity radio today
  212. Rand Paul on Chris Christie: "I didn't choose this fight...but he WILL lose"
  213. from the Atlantic: 'Rand Paul's Weird Fixation on Slashing Bike Lane and Sidewalk Funding'
  214. Rubin: Christie flattens Rand Paul
  215. Rand: Christie is the king of bacon
  216. Senate to Vote on Paul Egypt Aid Amendment (update: defeated 86-13)
  217. When Rand is asked about the drug war.
  218. Michael Grimm Complains To NYC GOP Bosses About Rand Paul
  219. O'Rand Paul
  220. O'Reilly Factor poll to be read at end of show, vote NOW!
  221. Lawrence O'Donnell covers Paul/Christies feud with such petty narcissism
  222. Senator Rand Paul should request a private meeting with Governor Chris Christie
  223. Hillary vs. Rand Paul would be ‘tough choice,’ McCain quips
  224. National Review: From Rand to Mitch (Jesse Benton)
  225. Rand Paul on New Hampshire Today radio show 7/31/13
  226. [Video] Rand Paul urges Senate to end aid to Egypt 7/31/13
  227. Senate kills Rand Paul attempt to cut Egypt aid
  228. Rand Paul offers Chris Christie ‘infighting’ truce [article and interview]
  229. Rand Paul coming up on Fox News with Cavuto
  230. Sean Hannity: "I find myself more on Rand Paul's side" than Chris Christie
  231. Stockman and Rand team up to stop Obama power grab
  232. Rand Paul offers to buy Chris Christie a beer: “We’re going to have to patch things up”
  233. [Video] Rand Paul on NewsmaxTV re: Christie and NSA 7/31/13
  234. [Video] Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz roundtable discussion at YAL convention 7/31/13
  235. Chris Christie's Bogus Attack on Rand Paul
  236. Christie downplays rivalry with Rand
  237. Glenn Beck Trio Discusses Rand Paul/Chris Christie Feud
  238. Chris Matthews: Rand Paul, Ted Cruz "political terrorists" on a mission to blow up America
  239. Lonegan: Rand Paul is Defending Our Freedom
  240. O'Donnell's smugness towards Rand Paul continued tonight...
  241. Pew Research poll: Rand Paul 2nd most favorable Republican
  242. Buffalo Wild Wings #StandwithRand
  243. Of ants and the NSA
  244. Yahoo! News: Republican Party split between Chris Christie and Rand Paul
  245. Gingrich stands with Rand
  246. Christie not interested in making up with Rand Paul
  247. Can Jesse Benton Bring Together The Paul and McConnell Wings of the GOP?
  248. Rand Introduces Medicare Reform Plan: The Congressional Health Care for Seniors Act
  249. Newt Gingrich: I’m on Team Paul-Cruz
  250. Rand Paul kept out of Obama's meeting on surveillance