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  1. Rand leads FreedomWorks moneybomb, raised $100,000 so far
  2. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News Sunday says he may file lawsuit over NSA spying
  3. Rand Paul Interview with Yahoo News on NSA
  4. Why does Obama talk like Rand Paul but govern like Dick Cheney?
  5. Rand Paul at GOP Retreat/Fundraiser in Utah with Romney, Ryan, Christie...and Axelrod?
  6. Fox News airs footage of Rand Paul spitting out food during his filibuster for no reason
  7. Yahoo News: Rand Paul is appalled by NSA actions
  8. Rand's Op-Ed In The Guardian: "How the White House tramples our Constitution"
  9. Rand Paul at FreedomFest 2012 (Nevada)
  10. Rand Paul: Obama Administration Needs ‘Remedial Education’ on the Constitution (Drudged)
  11. Rand heading to Philly
  12. Rand introduces legislation on NSA surveillance
  13. *Photoshop* Time to push RAND over 1 MILLION facebook likes!
  14. Neocons disgusted with Rand's NSA bill
  15. Rand Paul Op-Ed: Retrieving California is the key to the future
  16. Preston Bates, former Democrat and opposition agent!
  17. Rand Paul wants to take the NSA to the Supreme Court!
  18. McCain: Boston Bombings Proved Rand Paul was wrong
  19. [Video] Rand Paul discusses Benghazi and possible gun running on Fox News 6/9/13
  20. Rand Paul says he’s key to uniting Senate, House on immigration
  21. Rand Paul and the rise of the libertarian Republican (Wash Post)
  22. PPP Michigan: Rand Paul tops Republican presidential poll
  23. Rand Paul: Big Brother Says, ‘Open Your Mouth!’
  24. Rand Paul interview with Vice during CA trip
  25. Rand Paul: "Look, I tried"- but I can't vote for Rubiocare
  26. Rand on Hannity radio 6/10/13 (audio added)
  27. ACLU have served papers
  28. Sign up here: Rand's class action lawsuit
  29. Op-Ed: Big Brother Says, ‘Open Your Mouth!’
  30. Howard Fineman @ HuffPo: This Is The Rand Paul Moment
  31. Rand Paul on Hannity TV 6/10/13 (tube added)
  32. Rand Paul Op-Ed in WSJ: Big Brother Really Is Watching Us
  33. Rand Paul ‘reserving judgment’ on Edward Snowden
  34. Snowden and Prism scandal show that Ron and Rand Paul were right
  35. [Video] Rand Paul on CBS's This Morning 6/11/13
  36. Rand Paul in South Carolina
  37. This Week in News for Sen. Rand Paul- June 7, 2013
  38. Rand Paul on The O'Reilly Factor 6/11/13 (video added)
  39. Rand Paul wants to mount Supreme Court Challenge to NSA spying
  40. Beware of hidden cameras
  41. Rand Paul: We Fought a Revolution Over Behavior Like the NSA's
  42. Senate votes 82-15 to invoke cloture on immigration bill (limit debate): Rand votes yes
  43. Washington Post: "Rand Paul’s misguided case against the NSA"
  44. Rand to Headline Immigration Forum (6/12/13)
  45. Road-Tripping With Rand Paul
  46. Neocon Jennifer Rubin: Rand Paul’s dilemma: Selling foreign policy to the left of Obama
  47. Biden says Republicans are scared of Rand and Ted Cruz
  48. Rand Paul at Blaze Event with Senate Colleagues Lee and Cruz
  49. How Rand Paul Can Take On the NSA
  50. should we go ahead and....
  51. Rand meets Glenn Beck
  52. [Video] Rand Paul on Cavuto FNC 6/12/13
  53. ACLU Suit Challenges NSA Surveillance; Sen. Paul Plans Class Action Suit
  54. Rand Paul and Immigration Reform
  55. Rand Paul: The NSA is Spying on You — Here is How You Should Fight Back
  56. Rand Paul to Illegals: ‘We Will Find a Place for You.......
  57. Mr. Obama, Tear Down This Police State
  58. Rand Paul op-ed on FoxNews.com calls out McCain and Graham
  59. Polls: 2016 National GOP Primary, WFB Poll: NH
  60. Rand joins Glenn Beck on radio
  61. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN w/ Jake Tapper 6/12/13
  62. Rand is everywhere
  63. Stafford is emailing the Neocons!
  64. Rand Paul: "Third Party Records Should Get Fourth Amendment Protection"
  65. Rand Paul on The Michael Medved Show 6/12/13
  66. ABC News: Sen. Rand Paul's Lonely Crusade Against NSA Spying
  67. Bridenstine stands with Rand
  68. Jon Kyl disgusted with "isolationist" streak in Congress; attacks Rand Paul
  69. NEWS CONFERENCE..Rand Paul...FOX reporting....shortly
  70. Rand Paul: Jesus was anti-war
  71. Rand Paul: U.S. is funding a ‘war against Christianity’
  72. Some guy made a Stand With Rand montage
  73. Rand, Massie, Mulvaney, Amash, Gohmert, Sanford (+ 3 other Reps) press conference
  74. Rand Paul Defends Life From Conception to “Last Natural Breath”
  75. Rand Paul Recuits for Class-Action Lawsuit Against NSA
  76. Rand Paul: Tall On The Inside (#TOTI)
  77. Rand Paul: Fighting against injustice
  78. Marco Rubio rebuts Paul on foreign intervention
  79. Karl Rove mentions entire population of Earth as potential GOP candidates except Rand
  80. Rand & arming Al-Queda types in Syria
  81. Rand Paul: Americans who cherish freedom must push back against government surveillance
  82. Rand Paul on Syria: "We simply don't have the money to engage in this foolishness"
  83. Short CBS video of Rand Press Conference 6-13-13
  84. Rand Paul Appears On Two Cable News Channels At Once Wearing Different Shirts
  85. Rand at that Hoover Insititution
  86. Rand Paul: More states will decide to legalize marijuana, they should be free to do so
  87. "Strange Bedfellows: Why Marco Rubio and Rand Paul Need Each Other"
  88. Doug Wead: Rand Paul stands alone for persecuted Christians
  89. This Week in News for Sen. Rand Paul - June 14, 2013
  90. Biden: Rand Paul, Ted Cruz ‘control’ the GOP
  91. Rand needs our help. Become a part of the class action lawsuit against the NSA!
  92. Rand: Neocons Misinterpret Reagan's "Peace Through Strength" As "War Through Strength"
  93. Rand Paul: Neocons misinterpret Reagan
  94. James R. Carroll: Rand Paul is everywhere
  95. Michael Savage makes fun of Rand Paul for being short
  96. Should Rand add this debt reduction idea to his platform? (Nobody is talking about this)
  97. Dick Cheney: Rand Paul is wrong on government surveillance
  98. [Video] Rand Paul Speaks to Orthodox Jews in Private Luncheon 6/10/13
  99. Rand Paul to speak at Nevada Republican Party fundraiser on July 13, 2013
  100. Huge Contrast Between (neocon) Rubio and Rand Paul on Syria
  101. Townhall Presidential Straw poll lists 17 candidates--omits Rand
  102. Watchout for President Rand Paul, warns the New Republic
  103. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity FNC 6/17/13
  104. Rand Introduces ‘Secure the Vote’ Amendment
  105. Rand talks SCOTUS Ruling on Mandatory Minimum Sentencing
  106. Rand to speak at anti-Internet sales tax press conference
  107. [Video] Rand Paul On The Record with Greta 6/18/13
  108. Dems risk 'rising tide' of libertarian GOP 'led by Sen. Rand Paul'
  109. Rand Paul to introduce amendment eliminating path to citizenship?
  110. Rand Paul: Edward Snowden ‘civil disobedient’
  111. Rand Paul’s call to end foreign aid concerns Israel
  112. [Video] Rand Paul on Bloomberg TV 6/18
  113. WashPost: Rand Paul is the most interesting man in the (political) world
  114. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN Situation Room discusses NSA hearing, Clapper lie, Dick Cheney
  115. [Video] Rand Paul on PBS Newshour discusses immigration reform - 6/18/13
  116. Rand Paul: James Clapper was lying
  117. Rand Paul Blasts Cheney: Someone Should've Been Removed From Office For Pre-9/11 Failures
  118. Rand Paul: Youth with me on NSA issue
  119. Rand Paul Immigration Amendment Aims to Prevent Voter Fraud
  120. Rand Paul discusses NSA, Syria/Afghanistan, and shaking up the GOP (Jerry Doyle 6/18/13)
  121. [Video] Rand Paul speaks at Audit the IRS rally on Capitol Hill
  122. Rand leads press conference against Internet Sales tax,w/Cruz, Massie, DeSantis, Norquist
  123. Neocon Rubin: Why is Rand Paul praising a traitor?
  124. Conor Friedersdorf goes to bat for Rand once again, smacks down liberal media distortions
  125. Rand Paul on Fox & Friends w/ Brian Kilmeade - 6/19/13
  126. Sen. Rand Paul on NSA surveillance: ‘I’m not sure when I’m being lied to’ now
  127. WP: 6/19: Is Rand Paul going mainstream, or vice versa?
  128. Rand Paul's Hilarious Answer on the Changing Perception of the Immigration Bill
  129. Rand Paul: Young People Now View Obama As A ‘Hypocrite’
  130. Rand on Hannity Radio Today
  131. Rand Paul on The Mike Huckabee Show re: immigration 6/19/13
  132. Bruce Fein: Rand Paul revives the Fourth Amendment
  133. Rand and the Immigration debate
  134. Senate voted to table Rand Paul's Trust but Verify amendment
  135. Rand Urges Passage of ‘Trust but Verify’
  136. GO RAND!
  137. Rand on Simon Conway show- Iowa radio now
  138. Cover Shot of Rand Paul on TNR
  139. Report: Rand Paul is "a terrible baseball player"
  140. [Video] Rand Paul on Out Front w/ Erin Burnett discussing FBI drone use, NSA surveillance
  141. Two American Patriots
  142. For America Facebook Page Shares Rand Paul for 2016 Photo
  143. Chris Matthews: Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are "traitorous" for trying to abolish the IRS
  144. Rich Lowry: The Rand Paul moment
  145. The New American: Exclusive Interview with Rand Paul
  146. VP of American Enterprise Institute: Rand Paul is like Boromir (NRO: Rand Paul's Party)
  147. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News with Bill Hemmer 6/20/13
  148. Paul votes to table Cornyn border security amendment; amendment tabled 54-43
  149. Sources: PAUL, Lee, Murphy, and Udall to Introduce Bill to Block Funds to Syria
  150. Rand Paul on Jan Mickelson WHO radio show
  151. Rand Paul issues letter to FBI Director Mueller seeking answers on domestic drone use
  152. Rand Paul and three others introduce bill to block military funds to Syria
  153. Rand Paul introduces national ID card amendment
  154. Joe Scarborough: Rand Paul is not ready to be President, but...
  155. Rand Paul Op-Ed: Immigration reform’s fatal flaw
  156. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN's State of the Union w/ Candy Crowley 6/23/13
  157. AEI/National Review Hack Ramesh Ponnuru: Rand Paul will not save Republican Party
  158. [Video] Rand Paul's "thank you" for passing 1 million FB followers
  159. Slate's Yglesias Calls Rand Paul a "White Supremacist"
  160. Rand Paul: I don't believe NSA claim of 50 thwarted terror attacks
  161. Rand Paul helps out at food pantry, meets with African American leaders
  162. Rand Paul on the Mandy Connell Show 6/21/13
  163. Rand Paul will face unprecedented smears going into 2016
  164. Rand Paul on immigration, FBI drone use, & staying out of Syria (Andrea Tantaros 6/20/13)
  165. Sarah Palin: "Rand Paul was right"
  166. Rand discussion on MSNBC with author of New Republic article
  167. Rand Paul vs Rubio. Start the battle now.
  168. Rand Paul: Our DNI Lied, Snowden Told the Truth
  169. Rand Paul: I’m a ‘No’ On Gang of Eight Bill
  170. Congress struggles with ending the war in Afghanistan… and Iraq?
  171. Rep. Peter King calls Rand Paul’s remarks on Snowden ‘absolutely disgraceful’
  172. Sorry, Mr. Obama, the Constitution is not negotiable by Rand Paul
  173. Paul predicts immigration bill already 'dead' in House
  174. This Week in News for Sen. Rand Paul - June 21, 2013
  175. Chamber of Commerce Pro-Immigration Reform Ad Features Rand Paul
  176. Rand Paul: Government should stay out of the way of innovation on the Internet
  177. Rand Paul USA Today op-ed: Drug war targets minorities
  178. Rand Paul Headlines Independence Day Luncheon 7-3-13
  179. Rand to headline fundraiser in Franklin TN July 28
  180. Article On Rand Paul POTUS Campaign Funding
  181. John Bolton being pushed to run for president, neocons alarmed by Rand Paul's rapid ascent
  182. Neocon attacks Rand Paul for Snowden statements, says 2016 presidential hopes now doomed
  183. Yahoo: Why does Obama talk like Rand Paul but govern like Dick Cheney?
  184. Turn on C-SPAN 1.... Rand is on
  185. Are there any nice Rand Paul signs or bumper stickers?
  186. Rand Paul Op-Ed: Why I’m voting no on immigration reform
  187. Rand Paul: Peace thru strength not war thru strength, neocons think war is always answer
  188. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity explains opposition to immigration bill
  189. Rand Paul interview with Newsmax TV 6/25/13
  190. Rand Paul Unloads on Immigration Bill
  191. [Video] Rand Paul grills FEMA's Timothy Manning on government waste
  192. Rand Paul was on Wilkow! Tonight
  193. Ohio (OH) 2016: Clinton 47% - Rand 44%
  194. Rand Paul: Benghazi will haunt Hillary in 2016, could 'preclude' her from presidency
  195. Rand Paul on The Glenn Beck Program 6/26/13 (audio added)
  196. Vote here for Rand to keynote FL-GOP Dinner
  197. [Video] Rand Paul speaks at SC GOP barbecue dinner 6/28/13
  198. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News w/ Megyn Kelly 6/26/13
  199. Rand Paul: On gay marriage, GOP needs to "agree to disagree"
  200. Raw Story Ripping on Rand for his Illegal Immigrant - Obamacare Comment
  201. Rand Paul won't say if he trusts John Boehner
  202. Red State Diary: Rand Paul's TNR Piece Actually Makes Him More Appealing
  203. Sarah Palin: Time to Rubio and Ayotte to be Primaried!
  204. Senator Paul Shows Concern For 'FEMA-Purchased Drones' (video)
  205. Rand Paul's video message to Reddit's Restore the Fourth
  206. Rand Paul holds presser with House members on blocking Syria aid
  207. GOP hawks scared of Rand's foreign policy raise $100k for Rep. Tom Cotton
  208. Rand Paul Is a Savvier Politician Than Karl Rove Would Prefer
  209. [Video] Rand Paul on The O'Reilly Factor w/ Laura Ingraham 6/27/13
  210. VOTE: Who can stop Hillary....
  211. Little Rand in a bow tie
  212. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News right after immigration vote 6/27/13
  213. Rand Paul on NPR discussion Snowden, immigration and gay marriage
  214. Rand Paul ‘pushing hard’ with House
  215. Rand Paul on The Alan Colmes Show discusses immigration bill
  216. CNN: Rand Paul's Republican Balancing Act
  217. Rand Paul: Obamacare ‘is still unconstitutional’ one year after Supreme Court approval
  218. PPP: Rand Paul leads entire GOP field by 8 points in Montana
  219. US Senator Rand Paul's interview on immigration, Syria, privacy
  220. This Week in News for Sen. Rand Paul- June 28, 2013
  221. Rand Paul Meets With Grassroots Activists in South Carolina
  222. Eric Bolling prefers Rand Paul's immigration idea to Marco Rubio
  223. Rand Paul: Sign this petition to abolish the IRS (video)
  224. Rand Paul ‘pushing hard’ with House on immigration bill
  225. [Video] Rand Paul Interview with WND 3/25/13
  226. Rand Paul: "We should audit the Pentagon"
  227. Ted Cruz: Rand filibustered to protect life, Davis filibuster protected ability to take it
  228. In South Carolina, Paul seeks common ground among GOP
  229. Rand Paul: I'm Not My Dad
  230. Rand Paul's Republican balancing act
  231. Rand
  232. Rand is a masterful politician
  233. Rand + Ted Cruz win Nashville GOP Straw Poll
  234. Rand Paul With a Mustache!
  235. Is Rand trying to tell us something? [Virginia IS the battleground email]
  236. America’s Voice/Latino Decisions 2016 Presidential Survey (Not too good for Rand)
  237. "Stop using taxpayer money to aid Egypt's Morsy" By Rand Paul, Special to CNN
  238. Rand Paul Must Balance Dad's Role, Differences in '16
  239. Question for The Collins
  240. Freedom Index: Congressional Scorecard for Rand Paul
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  242. Bizarre C-J Editorial: Kentucky's busy senators
  243. Will Rand vote for an abortion bill with exemptions?
  244. PPP: Rand Paul 3rd in Texas
  245. Snowden lawyer close to Senator Rand Paul's office
  246. Rand Paul On The Issues: Foreign Aid
  247. Rand in Washington Times op-ed: Celebrating American Independence while abetting tyranny
  248. Rand Paul 2016 Facebook status
  249. Sen Alexander Twists Rand Paul's Words; Falsely Implies Endorsement From Rand
  250. This Week in News for Sen. Rand Paul- July 5, 2013