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  1. Rand Paul toasts Thoreau at TIME 100 Gala
  2. Rand Endorses Chris Stearns for VA State Senate
  3. Rand Requesting Declassification of Foreign Aid Violations from Kerry
  4. VIDEO: Ron and Rand Paul Lied Multiple Times According to Lawrence O'Donnell
  5. Lincoln Dinner Sold Out... But Wait...
  6. AmCon: Rand Paul's Realignment
  7. Sen. Paul Speaks @ MOGOP's Spirit of Reagan Event Tonight in St. Louis
  8. The Week thinks Rand Paul will destroy the Republican Party
  9. NRO: Rand Paul embraces Israel
  10. NDJC: Republicans should call out Rand Paul
  11. The Rand Machine Ramps Up - Rand Paul’s top aide prepares for a presidential campaign.
  12. Harry Reid Accedes to Rand Paul on Immigration Bill
  13. Rand Paul: Stemming the flow of wasted foreign aid
  14. Florida nixes early presidential primary
  15. Yahoo! News: Rand Paul the next and last GOP nominee?
  16. Des Moines Register Four Part Series on Rand Paul
  17. Libertarian lawmaker blocks international tax treaties, making strange bedfellows
  18. Ted Cruz
  19. Poll: Rand Paul holds big lead in Iowa
  20. Rand will vote on this: Sen. Menendez intoduces Syria Stabilization Act of 2013
  21. Jack Hunter: Rand Paul shatters left-right paradigm, can help grow GOP
  22. Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton Guilty Of "Dereliction Of Duty" On Benghazi
  23. Bob Costa: Rand Paul's Iowa Dreams
  24. [Video] Rand Paul and John Yarmuth on Kentucky Tonight for full hour (5/06/13)
  25. Rand Paul, Marco Rubio face 2016 bind
  26. [Video] Rand Paul Discusses Immigration Bill at Committee Hearing 5/7/13
  27. Rand Paul: Rubio's bill is like Obamacare
  28. [VIDEO] Cruz gives shout-out to Rand at SC GOP dinner
  29. Rand Paul: Benghazi Failures Show Hillary Clinton Unfit for Office
  30. Rand introduces bill to repeal parts of tax evasion law, citing privacy concerns
  31. On Drudge: Rand Paul On Rubio Immigration Plan: 'A Little Bit Like Obamacare'
  32. Marco Rubio goes full neocon, "America is a battlefield"
  33. Doug Wead: Rand Paul out front in Iowa and nobody’s laughing now!
  34. Did Rand Paul Win the South Carolina Special Election?
  35. Rand Introduces Defense of Environment and Property Act of 2013
  36. Rand Paul Interview on Iowa Public Radio 5/8/13
  37. Rand Paul on The Simon Conway Show discusses Benghazi, Hillary, immigration reform
  38. John Boehner interested in legalizing hemp after meeting, WH officials receptive as well
  39. Rand Paul slams Rubio's immigration bill
  40. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN w/ Erin Burnett discusses Hillary Clinton and Benghazi
  41. (VIDEO) Rand Speaking at Spirit of Reagan Award Ceremony
  42. American Conservative Union (ACU) announces CPAC St. Louis this September
  43. Will Rand target Hillary in Iowa?
  44. POLITICO: Rand's staff are a bunch of amateurs
  45. Rand Paul: The moment of responsibility for Hillary Clinton
  46. Rand does snobby John Kerry impression
  47. Rand Paul speech at Iowa GOP Lincoln Day Dinner (tube added)
  48. Rand Paul Bucks GOP Social Conservatism
  49. Rand Paul: Clinton should never hold high office
  50. Rand will lead the charge on Benghazi
  51. Rand's Iowa Trip - May 10
  52. Rand Paul takes anti-Hillary Clinton Benghazi battle to Iowa
  53. Audio of Rand answering questions from reporters today in Cedar Rapids
  54. Paul gets standing ovation in Iowa
  55. Rand Paul criticizes Obama on drug war and medical marijuana crackdown
  57. I want to work for the Next President Of The United States, Rand Paul.
  58. Sen. Rand Paul aggressively courting evangelicals to win over GOP establishment
  59. Rand - Obama Working With ‘Anti-American Globalists'
  60. Rand Paul, in Iowa, Rips Clinton on Benghazi
  61. NR: Rand Paul in Iowa
  62. Rand Paul in Iowa - Marriage is a state issue
  63. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity discusses IRS scandal, Benghazi, UN gun grabbers
  64. Rand's Reading List
  65. Neocon blogger: I'll vote Democrat before voting for Rand
  66. Rand Paul interview by African American Conservatives (audio)
  67. [Video] Alex Jones still likes Rand Paul
  68. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox re: IRS, Ron Paul's view on Benghazi 5/14/13
  69. Rand meets up with Laura Ingraham at FOX News Studio in DC
  70. Rand Paul wants criminal charges against officials involved in IRS targeting
  71. Rand Paul: I'm Not a libertarian...
  72. I don't care about auditing the Fed
  73. Rand Paul: Beyond the Left-Right Paradigm
  74. While Rand Paul Mines Iowa, Marco Rubio Looks to New Hampshire for 2016
  75. Rand Paul on One to One with Bill Goodman 5/14/13
  76. Carol Paul robo-called for Clark County, NV Chairman re-election race
  77. Rand Paul on IRS & DOJ abuses of power, failure & cover-up in Benghazi (Medved show 5/14)
  78. Rand Paul: I am lobbying to include hemp legalization in farm bill this year
  79. PPP 2016 Republican Primary Poll (May 2013)
  80. Daily Beast (Gillespie): Rand Paul Plays the Maverick at CPAC and the Evangelical in Iowa
  81. NH poll from people I never heard of. No idea of methodology.
  82. Rand Paul on Hannity radio 4/15/13 (tube added)
  83. NRSC give Rand a shoutout
  84. Senate Democrats Block Sen. Paul’s Resolution to Condemn & Investigate IRS
  85. Senate Democrats Block Sen. Paul’s Resolution Condemning IRS
  86. Sen. Paul Introduces Legislation to Prevent ‘Milk Cliff’
  87. Rand Paul on The Glenn Beck Program 5/16/13 (audio added)
  88. [Video added] Rand Paul speaks at tea party press conference on IRS abuses
  89. Rand Paul on Fox News w/ Bill Hemmer discussing Benghazi 5/16/13
  90. Rand Paul CNN editorial: IRS scandal needs more than a scapegoat
  91. Washington Examiner: Rand raised $1.5 million since beginning of year, events are sold out
  92. [Video] Rand Paul on The Situation Room w/ Wolf Blitzer 5/16/13
  93. Will Rand call out Bob Corker (R-TN) for supporting Syrian terrorists?
  94. Rand Paul bill to pay for Brent Spence Bridge with lower foreign investment tax
  95. PAUL: A staggering abuse of power - Obama acts as though we no longer have a Constitution
  96. Rand Paul on The Mike Huckabee Show 5/16/13
  97. Letterman hates Rand
  98. Rand Paul on New Hampshire Now Radio 5/16/13
  99. Alex Jones: “I want Rand Paul to become President”
  100. Neocon tactic: Stop Rand Paul with... satire?
  101. Rand Paul editorial: Limiting Foreign Access To Your Bank Accounts
  102. Rand-hater Santorum heavily considering 2016 presidential run
  103. Rand Paul on Huckabee's Fox News show Saturday at 8 pm ET
  104. This Week in News for Senator Rand Paul- May 17, 2013
  105. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN's State of the Union w/ Candy Crowley 5/19/13
  106. [VIDEO] Grassroots Rand Paul 2016 Ad
  107. New Super PAC launched "Rand PAC 2016"
  108. Rand Paul Did Not Say That!
  109. Yahoo Targeting Rand?
  110. Rand Paul claims revealing memo exists in IRS scandal
  111. [Video] Rand Paul speaks at New Hampshire GOP Liberty Dinner 5/20/13
  112. Rand Paul: Government Is Larger Today Than In Any Time In Our History
  113. Joseph Gerth: Rand Paul could run for both Senate and President despite law
  114. Weigel: How Lazy Reporting Made Rand Paul Look Like a Conspiracy Theorist
  115. Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul Push For Hemp Legalization In Senate Fight
  116. Why Rand Paul Should Join the Council on Foreign Relations
  117. What has Rand Paul done to represent the interests of citizens concerned with Monsanto?
  118. Forbes: Does Rand Paul's Rise Signal A Broader Libertarian Moment?
  119. Rand Paul Tweet Storm Re: Apple
  120. Rand Paul blasts Senate for bullying Apple
  121. [Video] Rand Paul blasts Apple "show trial", says Congress should be on trial instead
  122. Rand Paul op-ed: Shame on Senate for harassing Apple
  123. Rand Paul was right? Benghazi consulate was working with al-Qaeda
  124. McCain vs. Paul: The Senate’s Generational Grudge Match
  125. Rand Paul on Cavuto 5/21/13
  126. Doug Wead: The House of Rand Paul is coming.
  127. RAND PAUL on Mark Levin
  128. Rand Paul Opposes Sending Arms to Syrian Rebels in Committee.
  129. Rand Paul: My colleagues just voted to arm the allies of al Qaeda
  130. RINO McCain Opposes Motion by Senator Paul to Instruct Conferees on Debt Ceiling.
  131. Is Rand Paul A Radical?
  132. techCRUNCH on Rand Paul
  133. Rand Paul’s Risks - ...reforming the GOP demands creativity—and maybe contradictions.
  134. Rand Paul met with Judge Nap today....and took an awesome picture
  135. Rand Paul on CNBC discussing the Fed-audit it
  136. Rand headed to Nevada
  137. Sen. Paul Introduces Bill to Protect Americans Against Unwarranted Drone Surveillance
  138. WDRB: Rand Paul speaks out about possible presidential run (VIDEO)
  139. Me-too-bio cuts out Rand - Rubio-Cruz-Lee caucus forms?
  140. Rand Paul on Schiff radio
  141. Colbert gives Wag of the Finger to senators from Kentucky "Mitch and Chong"
  142. Rand Paul Is Right: Republicans Need A Crash Hipster Outreach Program
  143. Obama called Rand Paul's drone concerns 'outlandish'
  144. Rand Paul issues statement in response to Obama's speech on drone policy
  145. Do you support Rand Paul for president?
  146. Rand on Hannity radio 5/23/13
  147. Rand on Hannity FNC w/ Eric Bolling 5/23 (tube added)
  148. 'Rand Paul' in over 500 articles?!
  149. IOWA: Rand Paul is GOP's best candidate for 2016
  150. Gillespie: Rand Paul's Hipster Outreach Mofo Party Plan
  151. Rand Paul Op-Ed - Blocking the pathway to a national ID
  152. [Video] Rand Paul on ABC's This Week discusses drone policy, IRS scandal, immigration
  153. Sen. Paul Introduces Fourth Amendment Preservation and Protection Act of 2013
  154. Rand Paul uses 2016 bully pulpit to push Obama on drones
  155. Over the mountain - take me across the sky
  156. This Week in News for Sen. Rand Paul- May 24, 2013
  157. Rand's comments to the Zionist Organization of America
  158. The Official Rand Paul Media Bias Thread
  159. Rand Paul to Seek Re-Election for Senate, Not Ruling Out Presidential Run
  160. Yahoo! News: Clinton leads 2016 poll in Iowa, but Rand Paul is close!!
  161. Clinton leads 2016 poll in Iowa, but Rand Paul is close
  162. Rand Paul Million Member Facebook Sweepstakes
  163. Rand recommends IHS's Learn Liberty
  164. AP: 'Thousands of bridges at risk of freak collapse'...
  165. Rand Paul: Obama's Drone Policy Involves 'Looking At Flashcards' Instead Of Due Process
  166. Rand Paul Voted NO on the "Monsanto Protection Act"
  167. Rand Paul's endorsement of Mark Sanford 'turning point'
  168. Rand Paul "Open to Voting for Senate Immigration Bill"
  169. Rand Paul: Senate Is Arming Al-Qaeda and Rushing to War in Syria
  170. Rand Paul on The Aaron Klein Show discussing drones and Benghazi (5/26)
  171. Alien backs Rand Paul!
  172. Rand Paul claims Obamacare has codes for turtle injuries, lampposts, burning water skis
  173. Rand Paul: Obama in danger of losing his ‘moral authority’ to lead the nation
  174. Rand Paul Bolsters Libertarian Bona Fides, Delays Decision on 2016
  175. DRUDGE
  176. Martha Raddatz "interviews" Rand Paul
  177. Rand Paul: Abolish IRS and Repeal 16th Amendment (October 2010)
  178. Rand Paul Visiting Facebook and Google on Fundraising Tour
  179. Extra! Extra! Rand Paul makes front page of the Louisville Courier-Journal
  180. [Video] Rand Paul: You Will Be Voting To Fund And Send Arms To The Allies Of Al-Qaeda
  181. Chris Matthews: Hopefully, Hillary Clinton is "lucky enough" to face Rand Paul in 2016
  182. Rand Paul - Video of the Day on Hannity
  183. National Review: Rand Paul’s Iowa Coup
  184. Rand voted no on GMO labeling (a year ago)
  185. Brookings thinks Rand Paul and the Tea party will kill the GOP
  186. Rand Paul Op-Ed @CNN: Helping Syrian Rebels a dangerous risk
  187. Alex Jones: The next President will be even worse than Obama, unless it's Rand Paul
  188. Rand Paul Was Right to Vote Against Mandatory GMO Labeling
  189. Wired: Rand Paul Talks Tech, Civil Liberties, and Keeping the Government Out of Your Email
  190. Scholar bemoans Rand Paul
  191. CEI dinner announced with featured speaker Rand Paul
  192. Me Too Rubio Eyes Adding (Rand's) Enforcement Plan to Immigration Bill
  193. Rand Paul Q&A on Wired!
  194. [Video] Rand Paul speaks at the Reagan Forum 5/31/13
  195. Rand Paul visits Facebook, gets surprise visit from Zuckerberg
  196. Rand Paul was asked about Paul Broun
  197. Rand was in San Francisco, and so was McCain!
  198. Rand's net national favorable rating: +8
  199. Live #Randchat at 3:45pm ET
  200. PPP: Rubio leads VA (17%), Paul 5th with 10%
  201. Rand Paul Op-Ed: Security precautions for immigration reform
  202. DNC ATTACKS RAND PAUL: Your Party Is No Longer The Party Of Ronald Reagan
  203. Rand Paul Op-Ed: How Republicans Can Win California
  204. Give me liberty or give me death!
  205. Rand Paul goofs on John McCain for posing with Syrian rebels
  206. DNC comment squad out in force tonight
  207. Rand Paul: Austerity Doesn’t Pass Smell Test (Stossel 5/30/13)
  208. An interview with Rand Paul @ The Reagan Library 5/31/13
  209. Matt Welch discusses Rand Paul vs. John McCain
  210. Will Rand Paul take up the cause of online poker?
  211. This Week In News For Senator Rand Paul - May 31, 2013
  212. FNC: Divide within GOP hilighted by Rand vs McCain
  213. Will Jim Bunning run for president?
  214. Rand Paul Reaches for Reaganesque Performance in Simi Valley, Plays Politics
  215. Rand Blasts McCain - How can you vet Syrian Rebels When you get pictured with kidnappers??
  216. Rand Paul[isms]...
  217. Rand Paul: Congressional leader!
  218. Rand Paul on Kentucky Newsmakers 5/26/13
  219. Does Plouffe fear Rand Paul more than Ted Cruz? (re: This Week roundtable)
  220. Sen. Rand Paul: Dynamic tech sector must be Free of Government Interference
  221. Paul/Otter Ticket?
  222. Reason's #Randchat
  223. Media Blackout?
  224. ROTFL! This guy thinks McCain is a Tea Party Republican
  225. David Brody: Rand Paul and Ted Cruz To Headline Iowa Evangelical Pastors Event
  226. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity (FNC) 6/4
  227. Mission accomplished: Rand Paul draws raves during tour of deep-blue California
  228. Rand Paul Interview with California's Flash Report
  229. Rand Paul, the Crunchy Con
  230. Rand to Introduce ‘Trust but Verify’ Amendment to Immigration Reform Bill
  231. Can Rand beat Booker?
  232. Rand Paul Posts on Facebook how Marijuana Laws Disproportionately Target Blacks
  233. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News w/ Martha MacCallum 6/05/13
  234. Rand Paul’s Impressive Evening
  235. Rand Paul: 'I Wanted To Like' Obama, But He's Fostered 'Culture Of Corruption'
  236. Rand Paul on The Glenn Beck Program 6/5/13
  237. Rand Paul to introduce 3 additional amendments to immigration bill
  238. Romney, Ryan, Paul, Christie having a pow wow
  239. Rand Paul, Condoleezza Rice top Republican presidential poll
  240. Rand Paul calls for spiritual revival during visit to California church
  241. [Video] Rand Paul: President Struggling To Regain Moral Authority To Lead Nation
  242. Rand Paul calls for flat tax and end of IRS
  243. Rand will not vote for the Gang of 8 immigration reform
  244. Rand introduces Senate resolution condemning the targeting of Tea Party groups by IRS
  245. Rand Paul statement on NSA surveillance revelations
  246. Rand Paul: Is 1984 now? Big Brother is watching
  247. FLASHBACK: Rand Paul voted against FISA re-authorization
  248. Sen. Graham dismisses NSA Verizon surveillance, "Rand Paul's World"
  249. Rand hangs out with Levin
  250. Rand to Introduce 4th Amendment Restoration Act of 2013