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  1. Ann Coulter says Marco Rubio and Rand Paul are too short to be President
  2. Alex Jones defends Rand Paul and Ted Cruz from Karl Rove
  3. Privately, Team Rubio is freaking out about Rand Paul’s rise
  4. Inhofe joins gun filibuster threat
  5. Senators Moran [KS], Johnson [WI] & Burr [NC] also sign onto Rand's 2nd Amendment letter
  6. The Machiavellian Genius Of Rand Paul?
  7. Drudge Report: Similar to "Planking" a new "Randing" craze is sweeping the nation!
  8. Rand Supports Some Foreign Bases, Big Difference from His Dad
  9. New Rand Paul animation-Betrayed In Benghazi
  10. How can Rand Paul have a more convincing and coherent foreign aid stance
  11. PPP Polling Tweet: Rand at 60% approval among Republicans, Christie at 41%
  12. Rand Paul’s Important Concession on Guns
  13. [youtube] Ben Swann: Rand Paul's 13 Hours That Changed Public Opinion
  14. Rand Paul and Others to Discuss Future of Mass. Republican Party
  15. Rand Paul backed groups attack other Republicans over gun rights, staff says "too bad"
  16. [Video] Rand Paul: Faith And Virtue Crucial to Civilization, Laws Aren't Enough
  17. Quinnipiac: Rand Paul at 15% nationally
  18. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) to speak at Cato University 2013
  19. PPP: Rand Paul on the rise nationally
  20. Marist Poll: Paul trails Clinton 52-41, Biden 50-41
  21. Rand Paul speech at Howard University 4/10/13 (tube added)
  22. Betrayed in Benghazi w/ Rand animation
  23. Rand Paul to speak at major NH GOP fundraiser 5/20/13
  24. There seems to be something discussed more about these polls
  25. Rand's Wikipedia Page
  26. Stand with Rand Rally ft. Rand and Thomas Massie Louisville, KY 4/12/13
  27. Time Magazine: Rand Paul the Rebel
  28. Rigell not happy with Rand Paul (National Journal)
  29. Harper's Magazine: On Rand Paul and the Libertarian–Statist Divide
  30. [Video] At Home with Rand Paul - The Brody File 4/4/13
  31. Rand Paul: Minimizing authority of judges
  32. In a moronic rant, Bill Maher trashes libertarians, dumb enough to include Paul Ryan
  33. What has Rand Done?
  34. Update: Now 12 GOP senators back Rand Paul on gun-control filibuster
  35. Does Rand's Flat Tax raise taxes on the middle class??
  36. Sellout Tom Coburn Criticizes Rand for Defending the 2nd Amendment
  37. Libertarianism goes mainstream
  38. Rand Paul Cautions: Republicans And Some Evangelicals Often Appear ‘Too Eager For War’
  39. McCain: 'I don't understand' GOP filibuster on guns
  40. Rand on Hannity, will announce presidential bid on his show
  41. Idea for Rand
  42. Could Rand propose pay cuts for all federally elected untill budget is balanced?
  43. Scarborough Outraged Over Rand Paul Group’s Planned Gun Filibuster
  44. Justin Raimondo: "The Coup"
  45. Rand Paul to be featured on O'Reilly tonight (4/8)
  46. Rand Paul: Where the policy action is
  47. Rubin Praises Rand re: Drugs/Argues decriminalization wd "make life better" for Americans
  48. Anyone Have Videos Of Rand Talking About Marriage?
  49. Where is Rand?
  50. McConnell to Filibuster Reid Gun Control Bill
  51. David Frum (CNN) not impressed...says GOP "off to a bad start for 2016"
  52. Al Sharpton: Rand Paul worst guy for minority outreach
  53. Reid and Obama are attacking Rand without naming him
  54. More whining in POLITICO about GOA and NAGR
  55. Obama: Gun control filibuster 'not right'
  56. Isakson wants to BREAK Filibuster!
  57. Ayotte says she opposes the filibuster of gun bill
  58. Rand Paul on Harry Reid, gun control filibuster, and protecting the Bill of Rights
  59. Heller not supporting filibuster...
  60. Kentucky PPP Poll: Rand Paul at 46-39 approval with 15% not sure, other nuggets
  61. Rand Paul 2016 Official Merchandise
  62. Hannity program on black conservatives
  64. Max Baucus MAY support filibuster!
  65. Reid is breaking Filibuster
  66. Senate Conservatives Fund are running ads on local stations!
  67. Rand Paul on The Sean Hannity Show 4/9/13 (tube added)
  68. Rand Paul explains his filibuster to defend the 2nd Amendment (Mike Huckabee show 4/9/13)
  70. Matt Welch: Rand Paul’s historic filibuster may have changed American politics
  72. Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) Attacking Rand Paul
  73. Doug Wead: Rand Paul's Defining Moment
  74. Pat Toomey aide: Gun deal close at hand, appearance with Sen. Manchin set for Wednesday
  75. HuffPo: Rand Paul Faces Skeptical Howard University Audience
  76. Rand Paul On The Record with Greta 4/9/13 (tube added)
  77. DC Vote not happy with Rand!
  78. Sources Report Senate Republicans Caving on Guns; Scared of Rand Paul
  79. Rand's Speech At Howard University (transcript)
  80. Rand Paul Says America Needs A "Spiritual Cleansing"
  81. Rand Paul: The government wants your gun rights (CNN editorial)
  82. Rand Paul speech at Howard on Jake Tapper's CNN show
  83. Rand Paul On The Issues: Second Amendment & Gun Control
  84. PPP asks you who they should poll next: CO, HI, NH, NM, OH
  85. USS Cole commander: Rand Paul is ‘new form of Republican leadership’ on defense
  86. Maddow Tears Into Rand For Denying He Questioned Civil Rights Act
  87. NY Times False Transcript Still Being Used to attack Rand Paul
  88. Rand Paul talks to Michael Medved about speech at Howard
  89. Looks like Rand has the strength of the liberty movement behind him..RNC rules nixed!!
  90. Weird Al's (Sharpton) coverage of speech
  91. Would it be good for Rand to use de-sensitization for CRA ?
  92. Rand Paul On The Issues: Marriage
  93. Charles Blow (who blows very much indeed) comes out swinging: Rand Paul goes to Howard
  95. Cruz, Paul, and Lee release joint statement on cloture vote
  96. BREAKING: @SenRandPaul to testify at @SenatorDurbin’s #drone hearing TU 10AM -226 Dirksen
  97. Cruz, Lee, Rand: Gun Bill No One Has Read
  98. Rand Paul Howard University Speech [video]
  99. Rand earns praise from prison reformer
  100. Rand Paul interview with NPR's Michelle Martin 4/11/13
  101. Brian Manifee accuses Rand of being a "product of white privilege"
  102. Rand Paul to speak at historically black Simmons College in Louisville
  103. Rand Paul on Bill Bennett's Morning in America 4/11/13
  104. Bill O ??
  105. 'Stand with Rand' Rally and Reception Fri 4/12/13 Louisville, KY
  106. I Turned On Hannity Tonight...
  107. To Rand Paul: Info on Malcolm X
  108. The 700 Club: Could Rand Paul be the next president of the United States?
  109. Kentucky PPP Poll - 31% Paul, 17% Rubio, 13% Bush, 10% Christie
  110. Jon Stewart pokes fun at Rand's minority outreach
  111. ReasonTV: Reactions to Rand Paul's Speech at Howard University
  112. Jonah Goldberg on Rand's outreach efforts and scorn from the left
  113. The Five discussion of Rand's speech at Howard
  114. Adam Kokesh on Rand Paul's Political Strategy @ Howard University
  115. Colbert goes after Rand Paul for 'selling out'
  116. Video: 'Rand Paul goes Full Auto'
  117. Poll: Rand overtakes Rubio in favorability ratings
  118. Rand Paul Op-Ed - Immigration reform starts with a secure border
  119. [Video] USS Cole Commander Kirk Lippold stands with Rand on foreign policy, not McCain
  120. Rand Paul's last Obstacle to the Presidency is the Primary
  121. Frank Luntz: Rand Paul by far most successful poll-tested platform on immigration
  122. [Video] Rand Paul visits Simmons College in Louisville to seek African American vote
  123. HuffPost Live discussion w/ Radley Balko & Matt Welch on Rand Paul, libertarianism, & GOP
  124. ReasonTV : Reactions to Rand at Howard
  125. RNC keeps Romney Rules
  126. Is Rand Paul in Nashville today 4/13/2013?
  127. Dicky Durbin's drone hearings
  128. Intellectual battle Rand Paul vs Marco Rubio
  129. Ron Paul's legacy could help, hurt son's political rise (USA Today)
  130. Rand Paul gets Alex Jones’ stamp of approval
  131. If Beck is really supporting Rand...
  132. Why Rand Paul got dissed by the SCGOP: Lindsey Graham
  133. What do you think? In a Rand Paul Presidency - where would Ron Paul fit in?
  134. Rand Paul: Kentuckians affected by same issues as all Americans
  135. Rush Limbaugh's take on Howard speech
  136. Karl Rove not a fan of Rand's Filibuster
  137. NYT: Rand Paul stormed out of GOP meeting!
  138. Why Doesnt Rand Talk Like This Anymore?
  139. Rand Paul in Nashville (4/20/13) - I have 9 tickets left!
  140. Rand being used for petitions
  141. Does Senator Rand Paul Have the Right Prescription for America?
  142. What happened to the Terrorists from Bowling Green?
  143. Rand Paul wins significant victory
  144. Rand Paul: Obama Has Used Gun Victim Families As 'Props'
  145. Rand Paul’s favorite Democratic president: Grover Cleveland
  146. [Video] Rand Paul at Christian Science Monitor Breakfast 4/17/13
  147. Rand Paul: Immigration bill would be easier to pass in small pieces
  148. Rand Paul Defends Performance At Howard
  149. Rand Paul might continue to back controversial gun rights group
  150. Rand Paul confirms interest in White House run
  151. Rand Paul: The GOP must evolve, or die
  152. Ron Paul Liberty Forest 2013 Consensus Poll: Will You Stand With Rand In 2016?
  153. Rand Paul: Gun bill is a ‘dog and pony show’
  154. White House criticizes Sen. Paul's 'props' remark
  155. Rand Paul on immigration, education, & filibustering the senate (Dennis Miller show 4/17)
  156. Rand Paul Meets With Anglers
  157. President Obama just called out Rand Paul
  158. Randpaul2016.com
  159. Rand on Geraldo tomorrow?
  160. Rand Paul singled out for defeating gun control in Ron Fournier National Journal Article
  161. Rand Talks with Jerry Doyle (4/17)
  162. Steve Deace and David Brody discuss Rand 2016
  163. [VIDEO] Rand Questions Sec Napolitano at DHS Hearing
  164. Rand Paul FILIBUSTERS STOCK ACT REPEAL (Congressional Insider Trading Ban)
  166. Rand Paul on The Glenn Beck Program 4/18/13 (audio added)
  167. 95-2 (Rand/Lee oppose)
  168. [Video] Rand Paul questions Secretary of State Kerry on foreign aid 4/18/13
  169. Rand Paul on The Peter Schiff Show 4/18/13
  170. Geraldo disagrees w/ Rand on guns but would totally back him for presidency (WABC 4/18/13)
  171. McCain Fuels Intra-GOP Foreign Policy Fight, Blasting ‘Misguided’ Rand Paul
  172. Where does Rand stand on CISPA?
  173. National Jewish Democratic Council Denounces Rand Paul-clearly fearful
  174. [Video] Rand Paul makes Time 100 cover, Morning Joe liberals disappointed
  175. Rand Paul coming to Southern California on May 31st (Fundraiser, book sign, lecture)
  176. Rand Paul: An ill-advised internet tax mandate
  177. ACLU: Will You “Stand With Rand” at Tuesday’s Killing Program Hearing?
  178. Should Rand Paul filibuster CISPA?
  179. Rand Paul (39%) dominates Pennsylvania Leadership Conference Straw Poll (CPAC-type event)
  180. Hypothetical: If Rand doesn't run, would you support Ted Cruz?
  181. Rand Paul Rocks Nashville on 4/20/13
  182. (VIDEO added) Rand Paul on The Aaron Klein Show 4/21/13
  183. It's Official: The War Street Journal Declares the USA a Battlefield
  184. Paul urges Reid, McConnell to stall immigration reform after Boston
  185. for sale on ebay
  186. Sen. Rand Paul Wins Tennessee Presidential Straw Poll
  187. [Video] Rand Paul on Cavuto discussing Boston bomber capture - 4/22/13
  188. WP: Rand Paul comes out against fellow Republicans in Tsarnaev case
  189. WSJ: Rand Paul Tries to Transform a Moment Into a Movement
  190. Rand on Fox's Happening Now
  191. WSJ: For Rand, All Signs Point To 2016 Run (Video)
  192. Drones clarification?
  193. Some Rand interviews today
  194. Jack Hunter: 'Rand did NOT flip-flop on drones, he just misspoke'
  195. Colorado will be a swing state in 2016: Clinton leads Paul 48-45, Rubio 48-44
  196. AmConMag: "No, Rand did NOT just switch his position on drones"
  197. Drudge: Ron Paul fans furious over Rand Paul's drone flip flop. RPF quotes
  198. After this facebook response to M. Bloomberg, is there ANY doubt where Rand Paul stands?
  199. Rand Paul loves the Drone: Drudge Report
  200. Rand Paul Statement on Domestic Drone Use
  201. Rand Paul hearing aides
  202. Rand Paul Clarifies His Position on Drones After Making Waves With Fox Business Appearance
  203. Rand Paul - Liberty's Ally
  204. Trygve Olson joining Karl Rove's Super PAC
  205. (Video) Judge Nap: Rand's stance unequivocally did not change
  206. [PIC] Rand Paul and Kelley at the Time 100 Gala
  207. PPPPolls Rand is leading in New Hampshire on the GOP side
  208. Rand Paul explains drone comments on Hannity radio 4/24/13 (tube added)
  209. Adam Kokesh Very Eloquently Defends Rand Paul
  210. Rand Paul's Written Testimony on Targeted Killing Hearing
  211. Rand Paul on The Jerry Doyle Show re: Drones 4/24/13
  212. [VIDEO] Rand Paul using liquor store example during filibuster
  213. Coburn, Paul Try to Gum Up Online Sales Tax Bill
  214. Matt Larson: Rand Paul Did NOT Flip Flop On His Stance On Drones
  215. Nick Gillespie on Rand's drone comments
  216. Rand Paul on The Michael Medved Show 4/24/13
  217. Rand Paul: Left manufactured drones controversy
  218. PPP Poll - 2016 NH GOP Primary - Rand 1st with 28%
  219. Hawkish Neocon Video: “Rand Is Wrong”
  220. Rand Paul: Immigration Reform Can't Pass Without Conservative Votes
  221. Rand Paul on The Alan Colmes Show discusses drones, Boston bombing, and more
  222. Sen. Paul Advocates for Acceptance of Foreign Drug Studies
  223. NH: Vote for Rand at NHCR Straw Poll (04/27/13)
  224. Should Rand Paul Endorse Mark Sanford?
  225. Ron Paul: Rand and I agree 99% on the issues
  226. WMUR NH Poll: Rand and Rubio tied at 15%
  227. Rand Paul: I'm Against The Abuse Of The Bill Of Rights, Not Any Technology - Hannity 4/25/
  228. Rand Op Ed: Recurring tragedy from a broken immigration system
  229. [Video added] Fox News promo LIES about Rand Paul to make him seem anti-liberty
  230. Jeb Bush gives kudos to Rand Paul
  231. Politico: Rand Paul aims to go mainstream
  232. John Bolton: America's New Isolationists are Endangering The West
  233. Rand Paul on The Glenn Beck Program talks immigration and drones
  234. Sometimes I watch this to cheer myself up...
  235. NY Sun Editorial - Rand Paul's drone
  236. Rand Paul speech from 2007
  237. NPR - A Rand Paul White House Path Complicated By Dad's Legacy
  238. Obama mentions Rand in Correspondants dinner speech
  239. Senator Paul stirs business ire over blocking of US tax treaties
  240. Rand Paul Responds to WSJ on Enemy Combatants
  241. WSJ video: "The dangers of Rand Paul and extreme libertarianism"
  242. Multi-national corporations upset with Rand Paul, lobbyists cannot budge him
  243. Ted Cruz says GOP senators yelled at him, Rand, Lee "at the top of their lungs"
  244. Rand Paul’s ascent brings new scrutiny ahead of possible 2016 campaign
  245. Rand Paul Warns of 1984 Surveillance Scenario (on Drudge)
  246. CNN: Rand Paul laying 2016 groundwork in SC, set to endorse Sanford
  247. Rand to appear at SCGOP fundraiser on June 28
  248. New poll doesn't offer Rand as a choice. 'Other' wins poll.
  249. USA Today: Rand Paul Endorses Mark Sanford
  250. Neocon Tom Cotton disagrees with Rand, confronted Cruz over drones at AEI summit