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  1. [Video] 3/13 Rand Paul makes a statement on defunding Obamacare
  2. Rand Introduces the "Accountability in Grants Act"
  3. Op-Ed: "I filibustered to defend millennials" - Sen. Rand Paul
  4. Question: Could Rand call on Obama to pardon non-violent drug offenders?
  5. Big Politico article on CPAC, discusses GOP divide, mentions Rand Paul a lot
  6. The CPAC 2013 Thread
  7. That filibuster set a grass fire in the minds of many... what other "broad" fires?
  8. Politifact: Rand Paul says CIA Director John Brennan claimed no geographic limit on drone
  9. Alan Colmes interviews Rand Paul, congratulates him for filibuster & doing the right thing
  10. WATCH LIVE CPAC 2013 - Streaming now
  11. Fox Poll - Who will win the CPAC poll?
  12. Rand Paul, the "most moderate Republican" at CPAC
  13. [YouTube] Rand Paul CPAC speech 2013
  14. ‘Stand With Rand’ volunteers promoting Sen. Rand Paul at CPAC
  15. PHOTOS: Rand Paul at CPAC 2013
  16. Too early?
  17. Media response to CPAC. So far Rand > Rubio
  18. Weekly Standard - Paul: Liberty Must be GOP's 'Backbone'
  19. Sen. Rand Paul calls for new Republican Party
  20. Time: Rand Paul Steals Show From Marco Rubio at CPAC
  21. Salon (gasp!): Rand Paul wins Day 1
  22. Daily Kos Not Thrilled with Theoretical Dissolution of DoE
  23. Doherty: Rand Paul Speaks to CPAC, Defends Filibuster, Constitution
  24. HotAir's analysis of speech
  25. Straw Poll
  26. Rasmussen favorables: Rand, McCain, Graham
  27. What's in Rand's Binder?
  28. Judge?
  29. CPAC Younger Voters: Rand Paul Is So Hot Right Now
  30. Key Conservatives Want Rand Paul to Run for President
  31. Very accurate analysis from NYT: Paul vs. Rubio [YouTube]
  32. CPAC to Paul: ‘Don’t Drone Me, Bro!’
  33. AmCon: Paul Victorious, Breitbart Bitter
  34. VIDEO: Napolitano: Paul/Rubio "These guys were superstars".
  35. when does voting take place at CPAC . . . Saturday deadline ?
  36. Has the Blackout already begun for Rand ?
  37. Rubio during Hour 5 of the filibuster on March 6
  38. Freedom Movement Adopter Chasm chart.
  39. Rand Paul featured in TheBlaze documentary "Surveillance State" about the NSA
  40. CPAC Crowd Takes A "Stand With Rand"
  41. AmConMag: Rand Paul at CPAC, Annotated
  42. Marco Rubio vs Rand Paul (Washington Post)
  43. Marco Rubio, Rand Paul Bring Charisma, Red Meat To Receptive CPAC (NPR)
  44. At CPAC, McConnell Embraces Rand
  45. At CPAC, The Future Looks Libertarian(Time editorial)
  46. Conn Carroll: Rubio is a big government crony capitalist like Bush
  47. NYT: In Republican Party, Schism over America's Role Abroad
  48. Raimondo: Rand Paul shows the way forward
  49. Raw Video from CPAC 2013 / iroots.org Live Blog
  50. [Video] ReasonTV @ CPAC on Rand Paul and libertarians rising
  51. Brian Doherty from Reason
  52. Rand Introduces the Life at Conception Act:
  53. Rand Introduces Legislation to Protect Americans from Invasive Survey:
  54. The Brody File: Mr. Paul Goes To Washington - March 14, 2013
  55. McCain Apologizes For Calling Rand Paul, Ted Cruz 'Wacko Birds': 'That Was Inappropriate'
  56. Rubio follows Rand's lead and introduces bill to block aid to Egypt
  57. Commentary: The Paul Doctrine in Practice
  58. Saturday 1pm ET CPAC voting closes . . .
  59. Scarborough Praises Rand Paul After Trashing Ted Cruz
  60. Rand Paul, Rock Star: Libertarians Run the Show at CPAC
  61. Kentucky Derby?
  62. CPAC - Straw Poll Today (update: Rand Paul wins!)
  63. He's Back: Bill Kristol "The GOP of Old" Praises Tom Cotton, Warns of Rand Paul
  64. When are CPAC 2013 results announced?
  65. CPAC 2013 one hour till voting closes 1pm ET
  66. How will you celebrate tonight when Rand wins CPAC 2013 ?
  67. Politico: Lots of love for Rand Paul at CPAC
  68. Breitbart Whines That CPAC Poll is Rigged Against Hawks
  69. Priebus honors Paul and new 'liberty-minded' GOP generation (video)
  70. Rand Paul Just won CPAC
  71. Huffpo: CPAC Straw Poll Results 2013: Rand Paul Wins Conservative Vote
  72. Rand Wins CPAC Facebook Promo Poster
  73. [Video] Rand Paul announced as winner of CPAC 2013 straw poll
  74. Activism: Make and Upvote good Rand Paul comments in articles
  75. I'm A Rand Fan - [Grassroots Facebook Page]
  76. NBC Nightly News just lead with Rand as CPAC victor
  77. Rand Paul tweets out CPAC win, compares himself to Reagan
  78. On FOX News, Senator McCain apologizes to Senators Cruz and Paul for 'wacko birds' comment
  79. USA Today: Rand Paul edges Marco Rubio
  80. Activism: Graham, McCain, and Benghazi
  81. Antiwar.com: The Politics of Anti-Interventionism - Justin Raimondo
  82. Rand Paul wins CPAC (links from around the net)
  83. Rand's critics
  84. POLITICO: Rand Paul CPAC superstar
  85. Rand needs to work on his hair
  86. Bill Kristol attacks Rand Paul for running ‘to the left of the Obama administration’
  87. [Video] NRA President David Keene: GOP must embrace leaders like Rand Paul, or "it dies"
  88. An attendees take on my first CPAC conference
  89. National Jewish Democratic Council denounces Rand Paul’s CPAC straw poll victory
  90. Fox News Poll (Rubio currently beating Rand)
  91. Did Sunday morning talk shows mention Rand's CPAC victory?
  92. Rand Paul headed to Columbus, Ohio
  93. CPAC 2013: Rand Paul's Jeans Prove He's One Of Us
  94. Newt Gingrich Stands With Rand at CPAC
  95. Walter Russell Mead Slams Rand Paul in latest essay
  96. Now that Rand is a GOP heavyweight...
  97. Washington Times Contrasts Rand & Rubio
  98. Post CPAC 2013 Photos
  99. Is Rand Paul the Next Robert Taft?
  100. Steven Rattner makes fun of Rand Paul on Morning Joe
  101. Rand Paul to outline immigration policy platform on Tuesday 3/19
  102. Conservative Radio Host Slams Rand Paul on Immigration and Foreign Policy/Security
  103. Krauthammer labels Rand 'socially liberal'; immediately dismissed
  104. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity Fox News show 3/18/13
  105. Rand Paul advisor: He’s already laying the groundwork for a presidential bid
  106. Rand Paul Keynote Address at Northwest Republican Club (Illinois) 3-4-2013
  107. Pat Buchanan on Laura Ingraham Show: Anti-interventionism catching on
  108. [Video] Ben Carson likes Rand Paul in 2016, praises his courage and intelligence
  109. so does rand support gay marriage? or is it a states issue?
  110. FreeRepublic: Rand Paul to Embrace Amnesty in Tuesday Speech
  111. Rand about to be on FOX
  112. When . . . and where would you expect Rand to announce his candidacy for 2016
  113. Rand Paul Endorses Path to Citizenship (CBS News)
  114. Katie Pavlich on Sen. Rand Paul Winning CPAC Straw Poll - Neil Cavuto - 03-18-13
  115. Rand Paul to Headline Lincoln Day Dinner
  116. HotAir's Allahpundit weighs in
  117. Erickson: Erica Werner of the AP Reads More Into Rand Paul’s Speech Than is There
  118. Rand Paul extended interview on Hannity radio 3/19/13 (tube added)
  119. Rand Paul does not support pathway to citizenship
  120. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN w/ Wolf Blitzer 3/19/13
  121. Rand Paul Squashes AP's 'Wrong' Report
  122. 'Stand With Rand' T-Shirt with any donation of $50+ to Rand's 2016 Senate Campaign
  123. Photos: CPAC 2013 (full conference)
  124. Rand was on Hugh Hewitt Today (Transcript-DOMA and Immigration)
  125. Rand Paul on The Mike Gallagher Show 3/19/13
  126. Dana Milbank: Standing with Rand, nervously
  127. Rand Paul on The Mike Huckabee Show 3/19/13
  128. How and when should Rand deal with the CRA issue ?
  129. 23 Kitties of Congress (off twitter)
  130. Hawaii Democrat senator on Rand filibuster: 'it was a historic moment'
  131. Rand Paul: Restoring Economic Freedom @UK Gatton College of Business 3/27
  132. No wait--Could Rand Paul actually win?
  133. Will Rand campaign with McConnell if a conservative primary candidate steps up?
  134. Great Rand Paul Video
  135. Nate Silver: Rand Paul chances for 2016 are not as bad as others are projecting
  136. Rand Paul aborts his own pro life views live on cnn
  137. Mediate: GOP Must Not Adopt The Moral Vacuity+Historical Ignorance Of A Libertarian FP
  138. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News w/ Cavuto 3/20/13
  139. Rand Paul & Patrick Leahy introduce sentencing reform bill for mandatory minimum cases
  140. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News Sunday w/ Chris Wallace 3/24/13
  141. Esquire Magazine Attacks Rand Paul
  142. Rand Paul on The Glenn Beck Program 3/20/13
  143. Key House Republican See's Support for Rand's Plan
  144. Rawstory lies about Rand's abortion position - quell surprise
  145. The Future of the GOP, Post CPAC...
  146. Marco Rubio spent almost $100,000 on consultants already
  147. Rand Paul's 2013 Budget Proposal
  148. Politico: "It's the Rubio and Rand Party, now"
  149. Rand Paul op-ed: Trust but verify to reform immigration
  150. Morning Joe Segment: Can Rand Paul's Foreign Policy vision succeed in GOP
  151. Rand vs. Rubio on Immigration
  152. Entire Room Of Tea Party House Members Agrees With Rand Paul On Immigration
  153. On immigration, Rand Paul offers contrast to Gang of 8 plan
  154. From McConnell's Facebook Page...
  155. Rep. Raul Labrador backs Rand's "Trust but Verify" immigration plan
  156. Rand Paul Budget Thread
  157. [Video] Rand Paul discussing immigration on America's Newsroom FNC 3/21
  158. Ben Carson supports Rand, opposed Afghanistan/Iraq wars from the beginning.
  159. [Video] Rand Paul's Immigration Reform Speech at USHCC 3/19/13
  160. [VIDEO] Rubio responds to Rand's immigration speech
  161. Senator Rand Paul giving back $600,000 to US treasury
  162. Rand Paul: The GOP's Great Hope on Immigration
  163. Rand Paul dismisses Ann Coulter on immigration
  164. Rand Paul, Jeff Merkley And Sherrod Brown Urge Obama To End Afghanistan War
  165. PPP: Rand Paul (11%) 3rd in Florida behind Jeb (30%) and Rubio (29%)
  166. Alan Keyes: "Rand Paul's misplaced confidence"
  167. After Controversy, Rand Paul Clarifies He’s 100% Pro-Life on Abortion
  168. New Gingrich: Rand Paul is a Pioneer of the Future
  169. Sen. Paul Introduces the Bonuses for Cost-Cutters Act
  170. Sen. Paul Introduces Amendment to Fix America's Infrastructure Problems
  171. Cruz, Rand, and Lee all vote against Ryan budget and Stabenow amendment in budget debate
  172. 6 House Republicans send letter to Rand on Immigration
  173. Paleoconservatives at VDare.com Critique Rand's "Change of Heart" on Immigration
  174. Debate about Rand on HuffPost Live w/ John Bush and Jordan Page
  175. Senate votes today
  176. Rand Introduces Amendment to Restrict Government Domestic Drone Surveillance
  177. GOP Senator Sponsors Measure Calling For U.S. Withdrawal From The U.N.
  178. Rand Introduces Amendment to Privatize TSA
  179. Obama announces $200m for Jordan
  180. Sen. Paul Introduces Amendment to Privatize the TSA
  181. Rand Introduces Amendment to Redefine “Navigable Waters”
  182. Rand Introduces Amendment to Restrict Foreign Assistance to Egypt
  183. Tom Tancredo No Longer Supports Rand
  184. Senators McCain and Graham back Rand on immigration
  185. Vote Happening Now on Paul Budget (update: defeated 18-81)
  186. Rand Paul extended interview on The Sean Hannity Show 3/19/13 (VIDEO)
  187. When Senator Rand Paul Said This....
  188. Straw Polls etc
  189. 'Mommy' Graas: Rand Paul Bringing Reefer Madness to Kentucky with Hemp Push
  190. Rand Paul: I don't promote marijuana
  191. Rand Paul: Obama, Bush ‘lucky’ they weren’t arrested for smoking pot as kids
  192. ThinkProgress: Rand Paul Is Right On Marijuana, And That Should Scare Dems Into Action
  193. The left-right paradigm
  194. Rand Paul All Right With 'Neutral' Federal Gay Marriage Law
  195. Sen. Rand Paul: Congress "Ten Years Behind The American Public"
  196. Rand 2016? Sen. Paul signals interest in presidential run
  197. Rand Paul: My border security plan ‘only way’ to pass immigration bill
  198. HuffPo headline: "RAND GETS REAL ON DRUGS"
  199. VIDEO: "Rand Paul could put together Libertarian and Christian conservative ideals".
  200. Can computer geeks save the GOP? Meet the guys trying to give the party a digital edge
  201. Two new interesting Facebook pages
  202. Official Stand With Rand gear
  203. Rand Paul Filibuster Seems to Have Killed 24% of Support for Drone Attacks on Americans
  204. NMA does Taiwan cartoon on Rand Paul (Ron had one too)
  205. Paging drake... wikipedia again.
  206. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee threaten filibuster on guns
  207. Rand Paul discussion coming up on O'Reilly
  208. Has Rand Flip-flopped on Illegal Immigration?
  209. Guns 2 jihadists?
  210. VIDEO: Rand Paul vs Paul Ryan (Paul-Bearers?)
  211. Rubio in Rand's Stomping Grounds Promoting an Aggressive Foreign Policy
  212. Ann Coulter says Rand is not the guy for 2016 because he just wants to legalize weed
  213. Rand Paul's more in-depth interview about immigration reform with WND
  214. New Gun Control Legislation? Cruz and Rand Will Filibuster
  215. NYT: Rand Paul's Loopy Ascent
  216. Rand Paul performs cataract surgery in Kentucky
  217. Rand Paul Strategy Explained, as by a Rand Supporter - in depth.
  218. Time-The Gentlemen from Kentucky: Inside the Partnership of Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell
  219. Cenk: Better to have Rand Paul in office than typical corporatist Democrat
  220. Pro Rand Article In New Jersey Star-Ledger (Disagrees With NYT)
  221. "I am liking Ron Paul's son"
  222. Rick Sanchez: Rand Paul is "El Hombre!"
  223. #StandWithRand Part 2? Filibuster Could Be Coming Soon!
  224. CNN Opinion: Rand Paul can shape the future of conservatism
  225. The Atlantic Takes On NYT "Loopy Ascent" Article Point By Point (Pro Rand)
  226. White House warns GOP against filibuster on gun control bill
  227. McCain Getting Slaughtered in TheHill Article Replies After Wacko Bird Apology
  228. Kentucky Hemp Bill Passes Legislature
  229. CJ: Rand Paul not deciding until 2014
  230. Factcheck.org: Rand Paul Exaggerates his Filibuster Victory
  231. Breaking: Rand Paul Officially Endorses McConnell, Will NOT Support a Primary Challenger
  232. Randy & Andy Tag Team in 2016?
  233. Hemp bill backed by Rand Paul passes Kentucky state legislature (video)
  234. Two Responses to the NYT Article: From Reason and The Economist
  235. Jesse Benton on David Adams
  236. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity discusses his plan to filibuster gun control
  237. Rubio joins the pack pledging to filibuster gun control legislation
  238. National Review: Inside the GOP’s Filibuster Plot
  239. Pew poll: Just 43% support a path to citizenship for illegals
  240. Dan Carlin discussing Rand Paul
  241. TIME: Rand Paul wants to close overseas military bases
  242. Op-Ed: A duty to preserve the Second Amendment - Sen. Rand Paul
  243. Fixing Rand's Wikipedia page on abortion
  244. CNN GOP Poll Shows More People are Familiar with Rand than Rubio
  245. Hypocrisy of Rich and Powerful People with Armed Guards Trying to Restrict Gun Ownership
  246. TIME 100 List 2013: Vote for Rand
  247. Will Rand go to the next Louisville game?
  248. Armslist stands with Rand.
  249. Reflecting on the Iraq War by Ignoring the Iraq War
  250. Michael Savage Dismissive Of Rand Paul