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  1. Rand Paul
  2. Glenn Beck: Rand Paul Leads Old School Filibuster Against Nomination of John Brennan
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  4. Where to get the best Rand Paul 2016 bumper sticker?
  5. Rush Limbaugh: Rand Paul Filibusters Brennan
  6. Rand Paul Launches Old Fashioned Filibuster - CNN's Erin Burnett 3/6/2013
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  11. Rand Paul has held it in for 13 hours, his office says
  12. HuffPo: Democrats Absent During Rand Paul Filibuster Of John Brennan Nomination
  13. How Twitter Helped Drive Rand Paul's Filibuster To The National Stage [must read]
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  15. Rand Paul's Filibuster Gives Civil Liberties A Rare Washington Moment
  16. Rand Paul is a genius
  17. Rand Paul best filibuster in USA history
  18. Full-length video of Rand Paul filibustering Brennan confirmation (12h 52m 11s)
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  21. How many Twitter followers did Rand Paul gain from his epic filibuster?
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  24. 10 Ways the Rand Paul Filibuster was a WIN!!
  25. Rand Paul on The Glenn Beck Program 3/07/13 (tube added)
  26. CS Monitor: Brennan may turn drone program over to Pentagon
  27. Amy Goodman: America is shamed that only Rand Paul is talking about drone executions
  28. During Filibuster, Sen. Rand Paul Highlights Work of Journalists & Writers on Drones
  29. Post Coverage of the Filibuster Here!!!
  30. John McCain thoughts on Yesterdays Events.
  31. What did Rand Paul accomplish last night? (a lot according to Timothy Carney)
  32. Salon: Republicans rally around Rand
  33. McCain, Graham...you sorry sacks of garbage.
  34. Sen. Pat Toomey gives Rand some Milky Ways
  35. Michelle Malkin: Did Rand’s Filibuster Refurbish The GOP’s Tarnished Brand? (video)
  36. Rand Paul says he's heard from White House after filibuster
  37. Rand's Stand Against Drones Reverberates in Iowa- TIR
  38. Rand Paul's moment and the end of Obama envy
  39. Rand Paul on The Rush Limbaugh Show 3/07/13 (tube added)
  40. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN w/ Dana Bash discussing filibuster 3/7/13
  41. Rand Paul "amazed" by support for filibuster CBS news
  42. Associated Press does some selective editing of Rand's finale of the Filibuster
  43. Well done Senator Paul!
  44. Herman Cain Tweet
  45. #9 Longest filibuster
  46. Petition to have president respond to rand
  47. NPR: Rand Paul talks his way into the political big time
  48. HuffPo is really pushing the drone debate after Rand's filibuster
  49. White House responds to Rand Paul: No authority to drone-kill Americans on US soil
  50. REDDIT
  51. Paul, Cruz Introduce Bill to Prohibit Drone Killings of US Citizens in US
  52. So....
  53. What Was Rand Paul's Filibuster Really About?
  54. AG Eric Holder/White House responds to Rand... We can kill you if we think ur a combatant
  55. Salon: Craftier Than His Dad
  56. A few liberals are cheering on Rand
  57. McConnell Proud of Rand Paul, Crushes Obama "PR Gimmick" Dinner with Establishment
  58. WaPo on the attack: Why the Rand Paul filibuster might not be such good news for the GOP
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  60. Representatives who decided to #StandWithRand
  61. Politico: Rand Paul's Moment.
  62. Why are people claiming that Rand voted for indefinite detention?
  63. Rand Paul Filibuster Leaves Senate Democrats Struggling To Explain Absence
  64. Rolling Stone: Why Rand Paul's Filibuster Matters
  65. Rand's stand: How the filibuster made the Senate (briefly) a better place
  66. Rand Paul's Filibuster Reading List
  67. CNN : Rand Paul scores points with father's skeptical supporters
  68. McCain and Lindsey Graham: Rand Paul Should Shut Up Because He Is Not McCain or Graham
  69. Someone already cybersquatting on "StandWithRand.com"
  70. Rand Paul: Pro-drone Republicans are on the wrong side of history
  71. Rand Paul v Dick Durbin -- Durbin stands for "hearings" instead of constitution
  72. Has Rand's Filibuster Been Blacked Out?
  73. If Anyone has a chance to catch Ed Schultz....
  74. VIDEO: E.Holder Issues Letter to R.Paul "NO" Drones Srikes on US Soil (CNN)
  75. [Video] Rand Paul ON THE RECORD w/ Greta van Susteren 3/07/13
  76. VIDEO: Gingrich: "We need more Rand Pauls" (Hannity)
  77. Rand's filibuster in two minutes.
  78. Our Old Nemesis Comments on the Stand-With-Rand Phenomenon and Why You Shouldn't
  79. Lawrence O'Donnell freaks out over people standing with Rand (video)
  80. Justin Raimondo: The Libertarian Moment has arrived-thanks to Rand Paul
  81. The Power of One Man's Conviction by Daniel Horowitz
  82. [Video] Rand Paul on Lou Dobbs Tonight 3/07/13
  83. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN w/ Erin Burnett 3/07/13
  84. Cenk praises constitutional hero Rand Paul, says he's glad Rand beat Democrat in 2010
  85. BBC Report mentions filibuster
  86. House Votes to Force Pentagon to Disclose Drone Operations
  87. Joe Arnold (WHAS11) exclusive phone interview with Rand Paul following filibuster
  88. Twitter: ‘Over a million tweets sent’ about Rand Paul filibuster
  89. Stand with Rand artwork
  90. Graham (Michael not Lindsey): Rand Paul Points Way for Mass GOP
  91. Van Jones: Rand Paul a Civil Liberties Hero But also a Civil Rights Villain
  92. McCain Unleashes Fury on Rand Paul and Co.
  93. On Drones: It's (Rand) Paul vs The Polls
  94. Ask a few people if they've heard of Rand Paul today
  95. Newt Gingrich: John McCain attack on Rand Paul 'sad'
  96. RNC Chairman: Rand Paul’s filibuster ‘completely awesome’
  97. Good Piece in Chicago Tribune: Kass: A Senate battle between a libertarian whippersnapper,
  98. Rand Paul: ‘Seriously’ weighing 2016 bid
  99. Op-Ed: Paul's beautiful anti-drone filibuster shows how civil liberties can revive GOP
  100. Reason TV: #StandWithRand
  101. Rush Limbaugh: Rand Paul upset the power structure. Neo cons are paranoid
  102. Washington Post: Don't Overlook Rand Paul for 2016
  103. new twitter hashtag #ImAWackoBirdBecause
  104. Lawrence O'Donnell: Rand Paul is "Sick", "Paranoid" and "Ridiculous"
  105. Full Video of Rand's post-filibuster interview with Politico
  106. Rachel Maddow crowd out to sway political discourse now . . . v. Rand
  107. Rand's Milky Way Commercial
  108. Senator Mark Kirk (R-Illinios) gesture during Stand with Rand filibuster
  109. Rand Paul on The Sean Hannity Show 3/08/13 (tube added)
  110. So, Who Is Lying, Rand Paul or Jesse Benton?
  111. Site freaking out that McCain's reaction to Rand's filibuster may end GOP interventionism
  112. Rand Paul 2016 VP brainstorming . . . woman hispanic Californian . . .?
  113. Caption This: McCain Stuck On Elevator With Rand
  114. Rand Paul on The Mike Huckabee Show 3/08/13
  115. Holy Smokes, Batman! McCain just got called an 'interventionist' on Fox!
  116. Laura Ingraham: Neoconservative view has clearly hurt the GOP (Rand Paul interview 3/8/13)
  117. Rand being discussed for 2016 on Hardball
  118. New leader of the GOP: Rand Paul (CNN)
  119. Rand Paul Column in Washington Times 3/8: Rising in defense of the Constitution
  120. Rand Paul Op-ed in WaPo: My filibuster was just the beginning
  121. Rand Paul: John McCain Doesn't Always Respect Me
  122. Angry McCain Ups Ante, Calls Paul, Cruz "Wacko Birds"
  123. Source: Paul has sights set on 2016
  124. Randslide Documentary - Has Anyone Seen This?
  125. John Podheretz: Rand Paul is Extremely Talented But DANGEROUS
  126. Fox Panel Rips ‘Deplorable,’ ‘Ridiculous’ NY Times, MSNBC Over Rand Paul Coverage
  127. [Video] Laura Ingraham subbing for O'Reilly shreds McCain/Graham in opening monologue
  128. Geraldo: Rand Paul's credibility enormously enhanced, "I was so proud of him"
  129. What’s ‘Cooler’ Than Being ‘Cool’? Rand Paul’s Filibuster, According To Fox News’ The Five
  130. [Video] Morning Joe Blasts ‘Insulting’ McCain/Graham Response To ‘Fearless’ Rand Paul
  131. Dondero: Those Who Joined Rand Paul's Filibuster Are The Senate 'Libertarian Caucus'
  132. Impossible for them to ignore CPAC wins
  133. McCain and staff keep dumping on Rand Paul
  134. Code Pink founder on RT discussing Rand's stand
  135. Mike Lee gets the short shrift?
  136. Demand an Apology from Senator McCain
  137. CPAC's Just Around the Corner...
  138. Bill Maher and Real Time panel discusses Rand's filibuster and use of drones overseas
  139. Stand With Rand Moneybomb for 2016 has begun!
  140. Just made this #wackobirdmccain 'meme'
  141. McCain Says He, Not Rand Paul, Represents ‘Party Of Ronald Reagan’
  142. Can someone make a chart of this?
  143. at the market yesterday - A liberal is converted to Rand Paul
  144. Senator's Speaking Time during Rand's Filibuster!
  145. Half a Million People Talking About Rand Paul on Facebook
  146. Kristol and Neocons in Panic mode
  147. 'Rand Paul's Filibuster Divides Left and Right'
  148. Support for Rand in progressive articles
  149. EPJ: Neocons Reel In The Ron Paulians
  150. Filibuster's Top 10 winners (apart from Rand Paul) and losers
  151. Ed Schultz & James Carville Rant About The Filibuster
  152. NRO POLL: Should Rand Paul run for president?
  153. Salon: The submissive, indifferent Democrats
  154. Rand's been in office for two years already, do you expect him to keep pushing on drones?
  155. The Legend of Rand Paul - Hannity Forums
  156. "Rand Paul a New Breed of Republican" (had some fun w/ photoshop)
  157. [Video] Huckabee on Fox tips his hat to Rand for defending the constitution!
  158. The Lew Rockwell Crowd Just Don't Get It!
  159. Rand Paul Reaction to Graham and McCain Criticizing Drone Filibuster
  160. Politico Poll: Does Rand Paul have a chance at Republican Nomination?
  161. John Yoo to Rand Paul: Leave Barack Obama Alone on Targeted Killing!
  162. Geraldo just now on Fox: Rand's filibuster best thing out of congress in years
  163. Rand Paul VP Poll: Congress and Senate only edition
  164. [Video] 3/9 Now with Alex Wagner and panel discussing Rand Paul and gop rift
  165. Young Turks: Rand Paul's Filibuster Angers Establishment
  166. Young Turks: Does Fox News Want to Use Rand Paul for GOP Interests?
  167. New York Sun: Rand Paul's Beginning
  168. (not Bill) O'Reilly: GOP can learn from Rand Paul
  169. Deace: If the Iowa Caucus was Tomorrow there would be a RANDSLIDE
  170. Discussion of Rand Paul foreign policy split from Ron Paul grassroots thread
  171. Douthat: What Hath Rand Paul Wrought?
  172. Sunday Morning Filiblather
  173. Glenn Greenwald 3/10: Three Democratic myths used to demean the Paul filibuster
  174. Greta's not happy with McCain and co
  175. could someone make an edited video of Rands speach/pundits talking
  176. Rand Paul Moneybomb site confirmed as legit
  177. Rubin to the Rescue??? She's Obviously feeling the heat!
  178. Digital Journal: Why Rand Paul was not being 'ridiculous' about drones, Mr. McCain.
  179. Kentucky's Establishment GOP Jumping on Rand Train With Party Resolution.
  180. Krauthammer: Of all issues, Rand Paul's drone concern most ridiculous and absurd
  181. Can we get 1000 "I #StandWithRand" Stickers at CPAC 2013?
  182. Rand Paul will be a major player in 2016.
  183. [Video] Rand Paul Seriously Considering Presidential Run - WHAS11 3/9/2013
  184. List of CPAC speakers now includes Jeb Bush
  185. Rand Paul: Pro Bono Eye Surgery
  186. FreedomWorks: Tell Your Senator to Support Rand Paul!
  187. Rep. Conyers stands with Rand Paul on drones – briefly
  188. Clift: Rand Paul "Trying To Stir A Revolt Against The U.S. Government"
  189. What Santorum is doing at CPAC
  190. Student calls on CPAC attendees to stand through duration of Sen. Rand Paul’s speech
  191. Jeb Bush
  192. Gov. Huckabee: Thank you, Rand Paul
  193. Rand Paul Cartoons
  194. Antiwar.com: Neocons and Obamaites Unite Against Rand Paul - Justin Raimondo
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  196. Rand Paul Wikipedia Viewed 165,000 Times
  197. #StandWithRand at CPAC 2013
  198. Rand Paul VS Establishment Candidates
  199. David Frum takes cheap shot at Rand and Liberty Movement
  200. Disgusting Salon calls Rand racist and misogynist
  201. Media Compilation of Reactions to Rand Paul's Filibuster
  202. Laura Ingraham makes surprising concession on drones
  203. Senior admin. official: Holder’s letter to Rand Paul implies no change to our drone policy
  204. Fundraising for Rand
  205. RE: EPJ: Neocons Reel In The Ron Paulians
  206. Donald Trump: "Rand Paul's filibuster did nothing"
  207. The Atlantic: How the Establishment Press Got Rand Paul Wrong
  208. [Video] Rand Paul Steals The Spotlight - CNN's State of the Union 3/10/2013
  209. Best progressive defense of Rand I have ever read - Conor Friedersdorf in The Atlantic
  210. Reason.com: How the Media Botched Coverage of Rand Paul in 2010
  211. [Video] Rand Paul w/ Wolf Blitzer discussing Afghanistan, foreign aid, and entitlements
  212. 3/11 Rand was with Michael Medved 2:20-2:29pm
  213. Human Action Super PAC Explodes Past 25,000 Facebook Since the Filibuster
  214. Some thoughts on The Atlantic article
  215. Rand's meeting the president this week...
  216. STAND WITH RAND STICKERS 4 SALE - 5 for $11 | 30 for $50 | 100 for $100
  217. Beck can't stop talking about how important last week's filibuster was
  218. Former George W. Bush Ambassador appointee Holds Big Fundraiser for Sen. Rand Paul!
  219. Rand Paul masks his true worldview (LOL)
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  223. HotAir's analysis
  224. Rand Paul on The Peter Schiff Show 3/12/13 (tube added)
  225. Yahoo Front: Who Speaks Now for the GOP?
  226. Stand With Rand Petition / Moneybomb
  227. Who will win the CPAC straw poll this weekend ?
  228. Merriam Webster defines "filibuster" as Rand Paul
  229. Potential Rand Paul Presidency vs. Federal Reserve Economic Intervention
  230. Rand Paul Cool on Breaking Up Big Banks, Open to Starving Them
  231. Rand Paul wants AUMF (Afghanistan) repealed, not just Iraq.
  232. Rand Paul vs. the "Forever War"
  233. Rand Paul on The Steve Deace Show 3/12/13 (tube added)
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  238. (3/09) Hardball w/ Chris Matthews: Disscusses Drones, Rand Paul
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  241. Top 5 Filibusters of all Time (Rand Paul #1)
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  243. HuffPo: Senate Dems confront Obama on drone policy during closed-door meeting
  244. Rand Paul talks McCain, John Yoo, Hagel, gay marriage, Ryan plan, presidential run
  245. CPAC establishment is using Rand's speech to fill the hall for Rubio
  246. Rand Paul ties for second with 17% in PA GOP Primary Poll --PPP
  247. Rand Paul: I Filibustered to Defend Millenials
  248. Rubin: Rand Paul is right on marriage
  249. Rand and Rubio’s war for the future of war
  250. Frothy is back, and he won't Stand with Rand either