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  8. Learn How to Win
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  14. Statement on Embassy Security Bill
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  16. Watershed Moment for the Liberty Movement Wed 2/6/13
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  19. Karl Rove creates new PAC to defeat Rubio, Lee, Paul and Cruz in primary races
  20. Neocons are getting defensive
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  36. Iowa farmers and Industrial Hemp
  37. Why Rand Paul's Hair Looks Like That
  38. Rand Paul: Sequester Barely Cuts Any Icing From Cake (CNBC 2/07/13)
  39. Rand Paul Brings the Message of Liberty to America
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  42. BREAKING: Rand Paul in Battle for First in Iowa
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  46. The CIA Responds to Rand Paul
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  48. Rand Paul’s Side Effects
  49. antiwar.com vs Rand
  50. 'Rand Paul 2016 or bust'
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  66. Rubio has re-written SOTU response
  67. Rand on Laura Ingraham 2/12/13
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  69. Rand Paul Tells Brody File US Should Stay Out of Israeli Settlement Issue
  70. Conservative Militarists Bemoan Rand Paul's Diplomatic Foreign Policy
  71. [Video] Rand Paul gives Tea Party response to State of the Union address
  72. Sign free Petition: Audit the Fed - Pass S.209 w Rand Paul
  73. [Video] Rand Paul on Immigration Reform: Border Security Before Probationary Legal Status
  74. [Video] Rand Paul: Benghazi Disqualifies Clinton From Security Position - CBN 2/12/2013
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  76. Rand vs. Rubio: The 2016 Republican primary begins tonight
  77. Water Break?
  78. "Rubio's message was important, Paul's message was inspiring"
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  91. Rand Paul endorses filibuster of Hagel (until Hagel releases more information)
  92. Rand not pro marijuana?wth?
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  95. Fox News comprehensive general poll (Rand Paul excluded)
  96. Rand Paul puts hold on CIA nominee Brennan
  97. Come 2016, Rand could be the Anti-Rubio Choice for the Tea Party...
  98. So who owns Randpaul.com?
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  100. Rand Paul on America's Newsroom
  101. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News Sunday w/ Chris Wallace 2/17/13
  102. [Video] Rand Paul: Sequester Doesn't Cut Anything, Just Slows Spending Increases
  103. American Conservative article against Rand's vote on Hagel cloture
  104. Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell introduce Industrial Hemp Farming Act in Senate
  105. Rand Paul's Statement on Hagel and Brennan Nominations
  106. Daily Caller: article on reaction to Rand's cloture vote on Hagel
  107. Hot Air: Rand Paul getting hammered by Ron fans for voting no
  108. Hagel Temporarily Blocked, Paul Permanently Damaged
  109. Rand Paul on NPR's All Things Considered 2/14/13
  110. Rand Paul Is the Republican to Watch in 2013
  111. Calling Wikipedia editors
  112. Rand Paul weekly column 2/15: Who’s next on Obama’s drone hit list?
  113. [Video] Rand Paul on Tea Party, Immigration, Spending, Guns... - USA Toady 2/14/13
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  115. Ugh. If this is true...
  116. Maddow
  117. Rand Paul: Voters ready for Libertarian Republican in 2016
  118. AP puts out fake Rand Paul quote
  119. Rand Paul On FNS: Can President Obama Kill Americans on American Soil With Drone Strikes?
  120. S.C GOP operative 'probably for Paul'
  121. AP Withdraws Bogus Article Claiming Rand Paul Said Voters Want To Round Up Immigrants
  122. Is everything Rand is doing getting unprecedented coverage?
  123. VIDEO: Rand Paul speaks to the Heritage Foundation
  124. Rove: The GOP needs more Rand Pauls and fewer Christine O’Donnells
  125. Why Rand Paul is formidable (by neoconservative Jennifer Rubin)
  126. Does the War Party have a Peace Caucus?
  127. Rand Paul interview in The Sunday Times
  128. Conservative columnist resigns from C-J
  129. Glenn Beck: I'm Done With Establishment Republicans, I Support Constitutonalists Like Rand
  130. Rand Paul: Stop putting people in jail for non-violent drug possession
  131. "Fact Checking" Rand Paul
  132. Fake AP story still on the wires, despite 'kill' order
  133. Sen Rand Paul responds to the President on Sequestration
  134. Rand Paul on WKU Public Radio 2/19/13
  135. [Video] Rand Paul on AC360 w/ Wolf Blitzer 2/19/13
  136. Houston Chronicle blog on Rand Paul running in 2016...hit that comment section!
  137. Kerry slams foreign aid critics
  138. CPAC Straw Poll
  139. [Video] Rand announces 600k in Senate office savings
  140. Paul vs. Cruz - Salon's "let's you and him fight" story
  141. Rand Paul's interesting advantage
  142. HotAir compiles Rand Paul coverage.
  143. The Blaze/Glenn Beck: Rand Paul Ranked 6th Most Conservative Senator
  144. Fox News: The Tea Party has a new leader - Rand Paul
  145. Rand Paul sends 3rd letter to Brennan re drone strikes in the US
  146. Oh Boy! My Professor is back! SEQUESTER!
  147. American Conservative Union: Marco Rubio, Rand Paul perfect vote record
  148. Rand Paul vs. Oliver Stone's Propaganda
  149. Human Action Super PAC Launches New Website
  150. Q&A With Human Action Super PAC - Why We Are Backing Rand Paul 4 President
  151. MSNBC is obsessed with Rand Paul
  152. Rand Paul goes ON THE RECORD w/ Greta van Susteren 2/21/12
  153. Rand Paul endorsing Mitch McConnell (video)
  154. Media going with a "Rand Paul is a cowardly caveman who hates women" meme
  155. [VIDEO] 2/22 Rand Paul on Fox News Happening Now discussing Brennan filibuster
  156. Rand Paul heading to IL in honor of Sen. Mark Kirk
  157. Rand Paul fears ‘hellfire missiles’ in U.S.
  158. RandPaul Column in Washington Times 2/22-Why an education system to leave everyone behind?
  159. Scientist hits back at Rand Paul
  160. Write in leads Marco R. in Townhall strawpoll 29% to 26%
  161. Rubio vs. Rand vs. Ryan: The race for conservative mantle in 2016
  162. [Video] Rand Paul on 2nd amendment: Founders' answer to tyrannical government
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  164. Rand introduces sequester bill
  165. Will Sen. Rand Paul Filibuster Brennan Confirmation?
  166. ACU: Rand Paul, Marco Rubio Have Perfect Voting Records
  167. Glenn Beck: Sen. Rand Paul writes a $500,000 check to the U.S. Treasury
  168. Bill O'Reilly: Rand Paul More Conservative Than 'Moderate' Marco Rubio
  169. Rand Paul pens two op-eds today: one on school choice, another on race and GOP
  170. Rand Paul: GOP rooted in push for racial progress
  171. Glenn Beck: Rand Paul the only politician with a spine
  172. [Video] Glenn Beck Defends Rand Paul Against... Libertarians?
  173. 65% support for legalizing hemp in Kentucky
  174. The Republican Future: Maybe It Has To Be About Ideas, Not Just Technology
  175. Glenn Beck: Rand Paul's plan to grow the economy
  176. Poll: Who should Rand's VP pick be in 2016 if he wins the GOP nomination?
  177. The Blaze interviews Human Action PAC founder about Rand Paul 2016
  178. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity 2/25/13
  179. Maddow Blog criticizes Rand Paul's fish claim
  180. Rand Paul: Obama has prerogative on appointees
  181. Rand, Rubio, Jindal to speak at Pastors and Pews, an evangelical event
  182. Sens. Paul, Wyden, Lee, Udall form 'Checks and Balances Caucus'
  183. Rand Paul votes NO on Hagel cloture (update: votes YES on confirmation)
  184. Immigration Xenophobes: Listen Up and Support Rand Paul
  185. RAND PAUL SLAMS GOP LEADERS: 'We Announce Our Surrender Before Every Battle'
  186. Tim Scott votes with Rand 91% of the Time
  187. Rand Paul votes YEA on Confirming Hagel
  188. Rand Paul and Ron Wyden: The Drone Odd-Couple
  189. VIDEO: Rand Paul on Hannity (Fox News) "Country going bankrupt if we dont cut spending"
  190. "Sequester Without Layoffs" - not on govtrack?
  191. VIDEO: Rand Paul returns 600k Savings in Office Budget 2-27-2012
  192. VIDEO: Rand Paul on Fox's America's Newsroom w/ Bill Hemmer
  193. Glenn Beck Poll: Is Rand Paul a Constitutionalist, Conservative, Republican or RINO?
  194. Rand Paul, Realism and Republican Reform (NYT)
  195. Beck Not Freaking Out About Final Confirmation Hagel Vote by Rand Paul
  196. Rand votes to confirm Jack Lew as Treasury Secretary
  197. Rand Paul talks to Glenn Beck about his votes on Hagel confirmation (tube added)
  198. Why Rand Paul needs to be attacked by (some) libertarians
  199. New Rand Paul for President Website
  200. "Judging Rand Paul: Not Just the Distance of the Apple From the Tree"
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  205. [Video] Rand Paul on the Stossel Show 2/28/13
  206. Rand Paul: 'We Shouldn't Be Crisscrossing the Skies With Drones'
  207. White House Adopts Portions Of Rand Paul’s ‘A Sequester Without Layoffs’
  208. Man says free cataract surgery by Sen. Rand Paul a gift from God
  209. Rand Paul: It's not Our Business Where Israelis Build
  210. Rand Paul Will Stall Brennan Even Without A Filibuster
  212. Marco Rubio, Rand Paul differ on Middle East
  213. just received my Rand Paul 2016 bumper sticker!
  214. Reid: Senate to consider nominations this week, including Brennan
  215. Rand Paul: Action Hero, Or Political Performance Artist?
  216. [Video] Rand Paul on Cavuto regarding sequestration and economy 3/05/13
  217. Rand Paul Draws Large Crowd for Northwest (Chicago) Suburban GOP Dinner
  218. Activism Alert: Contact These Senators to vote NO on Brennan
  219. Glenn Beck was going to have Rand Paul on his radio program today about Drones
  220. Breaking: Statement on targeted killings of Americans with drones
  222. Five Reasons to Support Rand Paul for President
  223. [VIDEO] 3/5 Cut National Security Working Group
  224. (2011) TYT: Rand Paul
  225. Rand receives letters from Holder and Brennan on drone strikes
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  227. [Audio] Rand Paul on Hannity radio talking about drones
  228. Sen. Rand Paul: Is Obama Administration Hiding Arms Trade to Jihadists?
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  231. F I L I B U S T E R !!!!.....Rand Paul in historic moment
  232. EVERYONE Call Mike Lee and Ted Cruz NOW!
  233. RAND PAC 2013 - I can has bit coin-profits donation?
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  239. First a Randslide now a Randpage! What's next?
  240. R A N D P A U L !!!!!
  241. #StandwithRand is Number One
  242. PLEDGE $1-10 for every hour of Rand's #FILIBLIZZARD!
  243. VIDEO: Atn Gen Holder Makes Capitol Hill Statement, "No intention of Drone strikes in US."
  244. Any choices for Rand campaign songs after this historic evening . . . ?
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