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  1. RightWingNews famous blogger poll: Rand Paul surprisingly strong in it
  2. [Video] Sen. Paul Seeks Bipartisanship on Immigration Reform (STEM Jobs Act)
  3. Paul Sponsors Census Bill for Service Members
  4. The New American says Feinstein amendment positive step forward (interviews Rand's COS)
  5. "Human Action Super PAC" ? Anyone heard of these guys? Responsible for Rand getting...
  6. PPP 2016 National Poll: Rand 7%, +31 Favorability
  7. Rand on Peter Schiff Show Warns Boehner, Cantor 12/6/12
  8. [Video] Rand Paul on Kudlow advocates in favor of "Doomsday Scenario"
  9. Roll Call article says Rand has changed stance on Israel aid
  10. Rand Paul says we should let the Democrats have a vote on raising taxes
  11. Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy
  12. Former Senate GOP Leader Lott criticizes Rand for filibustering NDAA
  13. Limbaugh: Rand Paul Joins the "Let Democrats Raise Taxes and Own It" Crowd
  14. Rand explains vote for NDAA '13
  15. Rand Paul on GOP Purging
  16. Rand Endorses Ken Cuccinelli for Governor of Virginia
  17. Rand Paul Highlight Links
  18. Some new polls to win :)
  19. How to change the left's perception of Rand?
  20. RedState Endorses Rand Paul's idea
  21. Rand Paul to join Tea Party event protesting House GOP Leadership Tax Deal (video added)
  22. Rand has a +31 favorability rating among Republicans, compared to -21 for Ron in 2011
  23. 77% of Latino voters favor tax hikes= Rand's amnesty plan
  24. [Video] Rand Paul on Cavuto 12/11/12
  25. Rand Paul: Pakistan Must Stand Up For Malala
  26. McConnell needs Rand Paul
  27. Rand's Statement on Michigan Right to Work Law
  28. Six Reasons to Support Rand Paul for President
  29. [Video] Rand Paul On The Record w/ Greta talks fiscal cliff and corporate tax loopholes
  30. [video] Why Do We Give Egypt F-16s?
  31. RAND PAC email (w/ petition to reinstate the 4 purged conservatives)
  32. Clinton leads Rand in Ky
  33. Rand Pac Email - Egypt
  34. GOP Foreign Policy: Rand only one with identity
  35. Rand's Speech About Ending Blindness
  36. Rand Paul on The Mark Levin Show 12/12/12
  37. Rand Paul on the rush to war In Syria (The Jerry Doyle Show 12/12/12)
  38. Rand Paul targets Paul Ryan for ‘purge’ of House conservatives
  39. Rand Paul: Deterring the nuclear option
  40. Rand Paul on The Brody File 12/13/12
  41. Rand Paul insists he'll be on ballot for Senate in 2016
  42. Rand Paul op-ed: Legalize hemp to aid Kentucky economy
  43. [Video] Rand Paul speaks at Tea Party News Network Press Conference
  44. Speaker Boehner doesn't like two bill solution
  45. Now is the time for a Rand Paul flyer bomb
  46. What states can Rand win in 2016?
  47. Speaker moving towards Rand Paul plan
  48. [Video] Rand Paul on CNBC's Closing Bell 12/18/12
  49. Feinstein-Lee Amendment Removed from NDAA Conference
  50. Rand Paul op-ed: Tim Scott right pick for Senate
  51. John David Dyche: Rand Paul has it right on the fiscal crisis
  52. RandPAC attacks Obama on civil liberties
  53. Rand Paul op-ed: Fiscal Cliff's Dirty Secret
  54. Should Rand go after private prisons?
  55. Rand Paul: McCain-led NDAA Conference Committee Strips Right to Jury Trial
  56. Rand Paul on Cavuto 11/19/12
  57. Rand Paul: Call McCain
  58. Daily Kos Enraged at what Rand Paul said re: New Businesses Opening in Canada" Comments
  59. Rand Paul to introduce "Fourth Amendment Protection Act"
  60. NDAA debate and voting right now
  61. Rand Opposes NDAA After Right to Jury Trial Amendment Stripped
  62. NDAA: First they came for the Japanese
  63. Courier Journal: Rand Paul's Mideast Trip Fuels Presidential Speculation
  64. What to do to make Rand win the presidency if he runs in 2016
  65. Merry Christmas from Rand, Kelley & Boys
  66. [VIDEO] The NDAA Amendment is Bogus (Ben Swann)
  67. Political Insider Poll for 2016
  68. [Video] Rand Paul discusses his amendment to FISA 12/27/12
  69. Rand Paul Introduces 4th Amendment Protection Act
  70. Senator Rand Paul: Overcriminalization Champion
  71. Gateway Pundit likes Rand Paul: Featured story
  72. [Video] Rand speaks against Davis-Bacon wages for Sandy recovery 12/28/12
  73. [Video] Rand on offsetting Sandy funds with foreign aid cuts 12/28/12
  74. [VIDEO] The NDAA Amendment is Bogus Part 2 (Ben Swann)
  75. Rand Paul On The Record with Greta van Susteren
  76. Rand Paul ranked the most conservative Senator of 112th Congress
  77. 2016 CNN/ORC Poll: Rand with 48% approval of Republicans and Republican leaning indies
  78. Best Rand Paul Moment(s) of 2012
  79. Rand's Statement on Fiscal Cliff Negotiation
  80. If Rand Paul wins the GOP nomination, who should speak at the Convention?
  81. [Video] Rand Paul speaks on fiscal cliff negotiations 12/31/12
  82. Rand Paul slams 'spending bill'
  83. [Video] Rand discusses fiscal cliff on CNN and Bloomberg 12/31/12
  84. [Video] Rand Paul: Taking More Money Out Of The Private Sector Is A Bad Idea - 31/12/2012
  85. [Video] Rand Paul: The President Is The One Who's Created This Fiscal Cliff - 12/31/2012
  87. Rand's Facebook likes are going through the roof!
  88. New Facebook Page Up: Grassroots for Rand Paul 2016
  89. OBAMA: "We can't cut our way to prosperity"
  90. Rand Paul/Mike Lee 2016
  91. Rand Paul for Speaker of the house! Bump if you agree
  92. Rand Receives Committee Assignments for 113th Congress
  93. Rand on Hannity (1/3/13)
  94. John McCain, Rand Paul bring different perspectives to Senate Foreign Relations Committee
  95. Call Rand's office Now!
  96. Jewish Democrats slam Paul addition to key panel
  97. Rand Paul again hints at presidential bid, also says he differs from father on some policy
  98. Rand Paul on Debt Ceiling, Foreign Policy, and 2016 - Andrea Tantaros Show 1/4/2013
  99. Freedom Works Poll: Rand in tight race with Rubio
  100. Rand in Israel
  101. Rand Paul in Israel: US Foreign Aid Can't Be One-Way Street (Jerusalem Post article)
  102. US senator calls for gradual cut in aid to Israel
  103. Toady is Rand Paul's 50th birthday!
  104. Rand Paul "open minded" on Hagel
  105. Glenn Greenwald tweet:
  106. Rand Paul Coming To South Carolina (January 21)
  107. Rand should DEFEND Hagel...
  108. Rand Paul in Israel: End All Foreign Aid Gradually
  109. PHOTOS: Rand Paul Visits The Western Wall
  110. Rand Paul Meets with Jordanian Senate President Taher Masri
  111. Rand Paul calls on Netanyahu to reject U.S aid
  112. Rand's GOA amendment is getting blocked by McConnell and McCain! Please read!
  113. Rand Paul's Mideast tour fuels talk of 2016 run [on Drudge]
  114. PPP: Rand polling at 5% in the GOP field
  116. Anyone have a "Why Rand Paul 2016" article written up?
  117. Rand Paul on Debt Ceiling
  118. David Lane: "This is absolutely the first step in his 2016 White House campaign"
  119. "BREAKING NEWS: Rand WILL Run For Prez in 2016" - tweets Eric Bolling
  120. Rand Paul speaking at Southeast KY Chamber of Commerce Jan 15. in Pikeville, KY, 11:30am
  121. Hilarious photos: Rand Paul swims in the dead sea
  122. The Rand Paul Doctrine
  123. Rand Paul talks about Israel/Palestine conflict and his suggestions
  124. Sen. Rand Paul in the Mideast: ‘… I am not anti-Israel’
  125. Rand PAC supports Iowa GOP
  127. Rand will have to put forth monetary/banking policy
  128. Tea Party leader: Israel’s policies are not our business
  129. [Video] Rand Paul on Gun Control Executive Order: Obama is Not 'King' - CBN News 1/14/2013
  130. Rand Paul 2016
  131. Demand Sen. Rand Paul Gives GOP Response to State of the Union
  132. Rand Paul confirms he will speak at Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2013
  133. Rand Paul's Three Sons
  134. Double Rainbow when Rand visited the Sea of Galilee
  135. Rand Paul plans to hammer Clinton
  136. That's Okay Rand: Gurley Martin Returns!
  137. Rand Paul Nullify Threat Goes Mega Viral
  138. PPP 2016 FL Poll
  139. Rand Paul: I'm Afraid President Obama Has A King Complex Developing
  140. Rand Paul and Chuck Hagel
  141. Strange email about 2016 Rand Campaign
  142. Joseph Farah endorses Rand Paul 2016
  143. Rand Paul advocates armed teachers and principals
  144. Rand's Haircut
  145. Did Tim Kaine Just Suggest that Rand Paul is a Racist???
  146. [Video] Rand Paul: Raising Debt Ceiling Doesn't Pay Bills - WHAS11 1/17/2013
  147. Get ready for the Yahoo! hate...
  148. Rand Paul on the Laura Ingraham Show (hits Christie on 2nd Amdt and Sandy aid)
  149. Rand Paul on Hannity radio 1/18/13 (audio added)
  150. Al Sharpton attacks nullification
  151. Rand Paul Slams Gov. Christie For NRA Attack
  152. Ableman v. Booth: The best response to the "racist" attacks on nullification
  153. Rand Paul passes half a million facebook likes:
  154. [Video] Rand Paul: If Obama Tries To Legislate or Contravene Second Amendment We Will Sue
  155. Online 2016 straw poll
  156. Make this Rand Meme go viral
  157. Weekly Report for GOP Candidates (Rand, Rubio, McDonnell, Cruz, and Martinez get A's)
  158. Does anyone have a Hi-Res photo of a "I'm a Rand Fan!" button?
  159. Rand Paul in South Carolina today
  160. Rand Paul 2016 ad ALREADY on youtube
  161. 1/20/13: Ashley Judd says she's examining Senate race
  162. Rand Paul: House leaders retreated on debt
  163. [Video] Rand Paul on Gun Control: Do You Think That Criminals Are Worried About The Law?
  164. Rand Paul, Ron Paul (and Gingrich) not endorsing in RNC Chair race
  165. [Video] Rand Paul Grills Sec. of State Clinton on Benghazi: I Would Have Relieved You
  166. Rand Paul to Clinton: "Had I been president... I would have relieved you of your post"
  167. Media mischaracterizes Rand's position re: RNC Chair!
  168. Rand Introduces Default Prevention Act
  169. Rand is convincing rank-and-file GOPers against Israel foreign aid
  170. Daily Caller "Why Rand Paul should skip the 2016 presidential race"
  171. Rand Paul on Wolf Blitzer 1/23/2013
  172. Rand talked with Levin Tonight
  173. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity talking about his exchange with Hillary Clinton - 1/23/13
  174. Rand Paul’s Clinton attack enrages Boxer
  175. Rand v Liberals: U Mad, Bro?
  176. How dare Rand Paul question Hillary, It’s not like she supported the Iraq war…Oh, Snap!
  177. What will Rand ask John Kerry?
  178. Rand Paul draws blog love, hate
  179. Megyn Kelly Discussing Rand w/ Michelle Malkin on Fox (video added)
  180. [Video] Rand Paul Questions Sec of State Nominee John Kerry 1/24/13
  181. Twitter liberals fall for Rand Paul joke
  182. [Video] Rand Paul: Disturbing No One Lost Their Job Over 9/11 and Benghazi
  183. Article mentioning Turkey Ambassador & Stephens
  184. CNN Article Speculates On Rand vs. Hillary in 2016.
  185. Rand Paul is Giving a Foreign Policy Address - Feb. 6
  186. Rand Paul vs. Hillary Clinton: A preview of 2016?
  187. No one has posted the Rand vs. John Kerry dustup from today yet?
  188. Rand's Statement on Senate Rules Change
  189. What will Rand learn from his father's campaign?
  190. Michelle Malkin: Rand Paul Raised Hope Among Tea Party Conservatives With Clinton Exchange
  191. [Video] Rand Paul: 'President Paul'? I Like The Ring Of That
  192. Rand Paul On The Record with Greta van Susteren 1/24
  193. WHAS featuring Rand Paul
  194. Rand Paul on The Glenn Beck Program 1/25/13 (video added)
  195. CNN: 'Clash of Titans' Referring to the Rand Paul/Hillary Exchange
  196. The Hill: Rand Paul/Joe Miller 2016
  197. [Video] Rand Paul speaks at March for Life rally on National Mall 1/25/13
  198. I just got banned from Daily Paul
  199. Rand's VP
  200. Beck comes close to endorsing Rand in 2016
  201. Bill Maher attacks Rand Paul
  202. Rand Paul to Kerry: If it was wrong to bomb Cambodia without Congress’s approval...
  203. [Video] Rand Paul Defends Aggressive Questioning of Hillary Clinton
  204. If Rand Paul Becomes President, he will break down the door for the liberty movement.
  205. Paul vs. Rubio on Foreign Policy
  206. Rand Paul: Time for GOP to soften war stance
  207. The New York Times has spoken: Rubio is a neocon
  208. Thoughts on "An attack on Israel is a attack on the US"
  209. Rand Paul: Was Benghazi op running guns?
  210. Sen Rand Paul feat in NOVA, Rise of Drones doc
  211. Rubio and Paul Embody Conservative Debate Over Foreign Policy
  212. Foreign aid causing dangerous arms race
  213. Video - Rand Speaking to Thousands of Pro-lifers on Washington Mall
  214. [Video] Rand Paul: Obama Would Prefer 'A Different Type Of Constitution'
  215. Clinton backers launch super-PAC
  216. Rand's Statement on Sandy Supplemental Bill
  217. Get your FREE Rand Paul 2016 bumper sticker NOW!
  218. Rand to propose ban on F-16's to Egypt
  219. 2016 GOP Contender online poll, 3 way tie for second.
  220. Rick Perry with only 4% of the vote in Texas GOP primary (full results tomorrow)
  221. Rand Paul to outline ‘constitutional conservative’ foreign policy
  222. Rand Paul disagrees with Courier-Journal editorial
  223. MANY Links to Rand Paul Polls.
  224. Rand and Rep. Duncan Issue Letter Calling for Congressional Investigation of Benghazi
  225. Paul Votes to Confirm Kerry?
  226. 4 F-16's delivered to Egypt last week
  227. Glenn Beck says Rand Paul should start 3rd Party
  228. Rand Paul gets shout-out from TheTeaParty.net on 1.4 million likes Facebook page
  229. Rand Paul, You can’t have open borders in a welfare state
  230. [Video] Rand Paul: I agree with Milton Friedman; can't have open borders in welfare state
  231. Rand Paul: I don’t understand same-sex marriage (Opposes DOMA)
  232. Senate to Vote on Paul Amendment Tomorrow: F-16s to Egypt
  233. Do you support Rand Paul?
  234. Christie: "I want to see the next time a hurricane comes to Kentucky"
  235. Sen. Rand Paul to Promote "Founders' Vision of Foreign Policy" (The New American)
  236. Rand requests we call to support his amendment being voted on TODAY
  237. PPP Poll TX GOP 2016
  238. Rand Paul vs TSA Round 2
  239. Rand Paul: We Don't Have To Pay England To Be Our Friend, Why Do We Have to Pay Egypt?
  240. Mitch McConnell backs Industrial Hemp, credits Rand for changing his mind
  241. Will Rand vote to confirm Hagel?
  242. Ranking Member Inhofe wants to suspend F-16 sales
  243. Senate Votes on Paul Amendment to Prevent Sale of F-16s to Egypt
  244. Rand should pander to NASA
  245. Rand Introduces Bill to Prohibit U.S. Sale of F-16s to Egypt
  246. Rand PAC 2012 Year End FEC Report
  247. Rand Paul introduces national right-to-work bill
  248. Rand Paul's Next committee date
  249. Not Jack Lew
  250. [Video] Rand Paul Speech On Debt Ceiling, Taxes, Foreign Aid and Balancing The Budget