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  1. The Next Conservative Cause: Cutting Aid to Egypt and Libya
  2. [Video] Rand Paul: Libertarians are the Future of the GOP
  3. Rand has a 53% approval rating in Kentucky
  4. Rand Paul Threatens to Keep Senate in Session for Vote on Pakistan Aid
  5. Rand Paul explains his foreign aid filibuster in the The Washington Times
  6. Rand Paul: 'I Don't Believe Jesus Would've Condoned Killing'
  7. Mica Sims joins Paul team as field representative
  8. Rand Paul on The Michael Medved Show 9/19/12 (tube added)
  9. Rand Paul on The Willis Report on Fox Business 9/19/12
  10. Rand Paul on The Situation Room w/ Wolf Blitzer 9/19/12
  11. Spending bill advances, but Rand Paul objects
  12. Rand Paul on The Mike Huckabee Show 9/19/12
  13. Gonna go start Rand's new book tonight.
  14. [Video] Rand Paul on Morning Joe 9/20/12
  15. Rand Paul: ‘I think the election is over. I think that Romney has already won’
  16. Rand Paul on Fox Business w/ Stuart Varney 9/20/12
  17. Conservatives in Congress question foreign aid amid Middle East unrest
  18. Lindsey Graham Slams Rand Paul on Foreign Aid Cut Proposal
  19. McConnell Shores Up Relationship with Rand Paul
  20. Will Rand get his vote to cut foreign aid to Pakistan before the end of session?
  21. U.S. Catholic Applauds Rand Paul's Values Summit Speech
  22. The Rand Paul formula is working
  23. Call your Senators to support Rand's bill to end foreign aid (update: bill defeated 10-81)
  24. [Video] Rand Paul's One Hour Speech on Senate Floor Re: Foreign Aid 9/21/12
  25. Toady is Rand Paul's End Foreign Aid Vote!
  26. [Video] Rand's second floor speech re: Iran and Foreign Aid 9/21/12
  27. Sen. Rand Paul Filibuster Succeeds; vote to cut aid to Pakistan, Egypt and Libya
  28. Senate Votes to Continue Foreign Aid 81/10
  29. Senator Rand Paul Speaks at Cato University
  30. Rand Paul only "nay" vote on Iran Resolution
  31. Why can't Paul filibuster to force a vote on audit the fed?
  32. Sen. Rand Paul to campaign with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in Ohio
  33. Rand Paul on The Alan Colmes Show 9/11/12
  34. Rand Paul's Lonely Fillibuster of Foreign Aid
  35. Rand Paul to sign books Wednesday
  36. Awesome analysis of Rand Paul’s one hour speech
  37. Breitbart Alert -- Rand Paul: Hillary Commits to UN Gun Ban
  38. Rand Paul on The Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show 9/24/12
  39. [Video] Sen. Rand Paul on CNBC's Squawk Box - 09/28/12
  40. [Video] Rand Paul on The Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart 10/03/12
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  42. Poll: Do you support Rand Paul's method of working within the Republican party?
  43. Rand Paul stifles new fishing regulations, earns praise from Heritage Foundation
  44. Sen Rand Paul's book, Government Bullies makes a great gift.
  45. Rand Paul on CNN 10/4/12 Starting Point
  46. RandPAC foreign aid ad
  47. What's that purple bracelet Rand Paul is wearing?
  48. Lindsey Graham defends Manchin from RandPAC attack ad
  49. Rand Paul Is Launching A Brutal Ad Campaign To Destroy Democrats Over Foreign Aid
  50. Rand Paul: Romney's wrong on Middle East, defense spending
  51. Romney Supporter Rand Paul Bashes Romney's Foreign Policy Speech
  52. Rand Paul on The Peter Schiff Show 10/10/12
  53. Rand Paul and Laura Ingraham agree on need for less interventionist foreign policy (audio)
  54. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN rebukes Romney statements on Syria, military spending
  55. [Video] Rand Paul speech at LPAC 2012
  56. POLL: Who would you like to see receive the Republican nomination--next time?
  57. Rand comes very close to announcing for 2016 on CNN
  58. Lindsey Graham, Rand Paul Rivalry on Foreign Aid Grows
  59. Rand Paul to New Hampshire for Romney
  60. [Video] Rand Paul on Cavuto discussing entitlements as focus for VP debate
  61. Politico: Rand Paul accuses Lindsey Graham of aiding Dems
  62. Rand Paul on the radio with Vicki McKenna in Wisconsin
  63. Rand Paul goes national
  64. From Hot Air: Rand Paul - Nationwide
  65. Rand Paul Responds to Lexington Herald Leader on Veteran Job Corps Vote
  66. RandPAC raises $730k in Q3
  67. Rand Paul speaks to WKU students about national issues
  68. Salon Jumps in the Fire To Defend the Democratic Senators RANDPAC Has Targeted
  69. Sherrod Brown is Literally Mutilating Himself in Reaction to the RANDPAC Blitz in Ohio
  70. Sen. Rand Paul takes aim at both major parties in visit to Athens
  71. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul Champions Legalization of Industrial Hemp Bill S.3501
  72. Rand Paul: Dr. Shakil Afridi Helped U.S. Find Bin Laden, He Should Be Freed From Jail
  73. Another Proud RINO Takes a Swipe at Rand over the anti-Manchin ads
  74. Romney 2012 = Rand 2016 ?!
  75. Rand Paul to campaign for Romney in New Hampshire
  76. Rand Paul Thwarts Rubio’s Push for NATO Expansion
  77. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox Business w/ Cavuto 10/19/12
  78. Sizes of McConnell's, Paul's PACs reflect two strategies
  79. Rand Paul on The Mandy Connell Show 10/17/22
  80. Rand Asks Obama: "Where in the Hell were the Marines?"
  81. Senator Paul Takes On Government Bullies
  82. Rand Paul: U.S. should suspend aid to Libya, Egypt
  83. Sen. Rand Paul to Campaign in Springfield for Ed Martin Monday
  84. Rand Paul: Nobody spends somebody else’s money as wisely as their own
  85. Rand Paul: The Government Gone Wild - CNBC 10/23/2012
  86. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox Business re: Foreign Aid 10/23/12
  87. Rand Paul Washington Times editorial: Where were the Marines?
  88. Rand Paul Rushes In To Defend Mourdock; Assails Republican Old Guard
  89. Rand Paul on Glenn Beck this morning (video added)
  90. Does RANDPAC have ads for Josh Mandel? If not, he should.
  91. Rand Paul Speaks at Louisville Rotary Club
  92. Rand Paul calls for end to drone war (video)
  93. RandPAC Robocalls help Tennessee state senate candidate
  94. Rand's Statement on Administration’s Failure in Libya
  95. [Video] Rand Paul on CSPAN's Newsmakers 10/28/12
  96. Rand Paul leaves open 2016
  97. Rand Paul: Pakistan Must Stand Up for Malala (USA Today Editorial)
  98. After Romney loses, try to win CPAC for Rand Paul?
  99. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN w/ Erin Burnett 11/01/12
  100. Sen. Paul Demands Answers on Benghazi Consulate Protection
  101. [Video] Rand Paul: End Foreign Aid To Pay For FEMA
  102. Rand Paul on Cavuto talking about FEMA (video added)
  103. Rand Paul on The Peter Schiff Show 11/05/12
  104. RAND PAUL 2016
  105. Rand Paul 2016 - Day 0 (Our campaign starts from today)
  106. How badly does this hurt Rand?
  107. Can somebody sell me on Rand?
  108. Rand Paul 2016! - Like this Facebook Page
  109. Rand Paul - Justin Amash 2016
  110. Get Your Rand Paul 2016 Bumper Stickers Now!
  111. "The fight to restore constitutionally limited government has just begun." - Rand Paul
  112. Doug Wead: Rand Paul for President 2016
  113. Revealing Comment From Erick Erickson Which Pertain to Rand Paul's Ascendacy
  114. Rand Paul/Justin Amash
  115. rand paul 2016
  116. Reid wants filibuster crackdown
  117. Rand Paul 2016 State Pages should be made private
  118. Levin just name dropped Rand Paul for President
  119. The Blaze: Rand Paul Listed as a Possible GOP 2016 Candidate!
  120. FLASHBACK: Ron Paul: 21% (Iowa), 23% (New Hampshire), 13% (S.C)
  121. How cool would it be???
  122. Rand Paul Makes Top Tier of Daily Caller's 2016 Contenders
  123. Rand Paul 2016 - Join, or Die.
  124. PPP Iowa: 15% Mike, Rubio and Christie 12%, Rand 5%, Palin 4%
  125. RAND-BO! Rand Paul boosted Republican candidates in 2012
  126. High Res Rand Paul 2016 logo
  127. 2020: Rand Paul's America
  128. PPP - Florida 2016 Poll
  129. Rand Paul receives 0% support from GOP insiders in 2016 poll
  130. PPP - New Hampshire 2016 Poll
  131. The brainwashing is ON: marginalize Rand, push Rubio
  132. Rand Paul: I've got some tips for you for 2016...
  133. Rand Paul dominated this focus group, shows CLEAR path to GOP Nomination.
  134. Havent been on in a bit. So are we going Rand Paul 2016?
  135. CPAC 2013: THE most important grassroots project right now!
  136. Can We Please Calm Down With The Rand Paul 2016 Threads
  137. Rand's Senate seat in 2016 and running for president at same time
  138. Rand Paul 2016: Republicans Join or Die
  139. How you can help Rand Paul 2016
  140. What if DeMint runs?
  141. Does anybody have the Conway/Union Hatefest from 2010?
  142. Facebook: Rand Paul 2016 - Almost 10,000 Likes
  143. Politico: Welcome to the Rand Paul evolution
  144. Marco Rubio-Rand Paul ticket in 2016?
  145. MSNBC's Morning Joe Discusses Rand Paul and the GOP Moving Forward
  146. MarketWatch: Rand Paul ... Revive the Kentucky Industrial Hemp Commission
  147. Rand Paul made the Drudge Report today re PATH TO CITIZENSHIP
  148. Rand Paul: Is 1984 Now?
  149. Want Rand in 2016? Here's How You Can Help.
  150. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN w/ Erin Burnett talking about Benghazi
  151. Rand Paul 2016 - Social Networking Coalition - Facebook Network!
  152. [Video] Doug Wead speaks about Rand Paul 2016
  153. Sen. Rand Paul: Heads should roll over Benghazi, but Rice is not the issue
  154. Rand holds up NDAA FY13 bill, wants vote on indefinite detention amendment
  155. Rand Op-Ed: Ron Paul Revolution: GOP’s last best hope
  156. [VIDEO] Rand Paul: Spending Cuts Are Fiction w/ Cavuto 11/15/2012
  157. Rand Paul 2016 bumper stickers, yard signs, t-shirts, you name it
  158. [Video] Julie Borowski: Rand Paul 2016!
  159. Rand Paul and Israel: An Exchange
  160. Still the Endorsement?: Libertarians Shouldn’t Act Like Paul Ryan Fans
  161. [Video] Get Ready - Rand Paul For President 2016 - The Revolution Begins!
  162. Flashback 2011 -- Rand Paul Warns GOP Voters: Gingrich, Romney Are Not Conservatives
  163. Rand's amendment on indefinite detention of US citizens derived from 6th Amendment
  164. Rand: It is always sad to see conservatives making liberal arguments.
  165. [Video] RT: Rand Paul single-handedly tries to stop NDAA
  166. RandPAC donates $50,000 to fight for legal hemp
  167. WND TV: Rand Paul Fears GOP Cracks On Fiscal Cliff
  168. Rand Paul interview w/ Jonathan Karl of ABC News, 11/19/12
  169. [Video] Rand speaks to Tea Party Patriots freshman orientation for incoming legislators
  170. Rand Paul "interested in running for President" in 2016
  171. PPP (11/04): 2016 Polling in IA, NH, FL
  172. Jennifer Rubin: Reconsidering Rand Paul
  173. Hot Air: Is Rand Paul the future of the GOP?
  174. Rand Paul: Feds Should Leave State Weed Laws Alone
  175. ThinkProgress attacks Rand's compromise of cutting military spending
  176. Rand Paul caricature
  177. Can someone make some Rand pics/gifs?
  178. Rand Paul: Why I didn't attend Netanyahu speech
  179. Iowa GOP Chairman comments on Iowa Straw Poll
  180. [VIDEO] WARNING: Rand Paul bashing by liberal media.
  181. Rand Paul 2016?-Column at Townhall
  182. Rand's petition to stop the NDAA (Please read and sign!!!)
  183. Sen. Rand Paul Takes On Government Bullies, Book Review
  184. Rand Paul: The Tea Party Goes to Washington, Book Review
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  186. TeaParty.net 2016 survey - support Rand Paul!
  187. Deace - "Governor Branstad trying to stop Rand 2016"
  188. Rand Paul 2016 - Live long and prosper - Star Trek parody
  189. The Phrase That Lost Romney the Election
  190. Rand Paul poll almost 2000 votes so far, Rand is third.
  191. too soon to talk about but ... what about Florida?
  192. Rand Paul Logo
  193. Joan Silences Rand
  194. Sen. Rand Paul Renews Fight Over (NDAA) Indefinite Detention of US Citizens
  195. Neocons (National Review): End Iowa Straw Poll
  196. Rand Paul updates draft amendment on indefinite detention
  197. Rand Paul on the Life at Conception Act
  198. [Video] Rand Paul On The Record with Greta 11/26/12
  199. Defense Bill Faces Delay Over Rand's Detainee Amendment
  200. Rand Paul makes top 100 Foreign Policy Thinkers
  201. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN Newsroom 11/27/12
  202. [Video] Rand Paul on Cavuto 11/27/12
  203. Stand with Rand against UN gun grabbers
  204. Paul warns GOP 'in danger of becoming a dinosaur'
  205. Rand Paul defends Grover Norquist, anti-tax increase pledge
  206. CPAC 2013 is seeking interns!
  207. Rand Paul, Thomas Massie and Ben Swann at Boone County GOP Party 11/30
  208. Muslim Americans for Rand Paul
  209. Sen. Paul: Nation To Get "Big, Ugly" Debt Bag For Christmas (The New American)
  210. Rand Paul and Grover Norquist on Hannity radio today (audio added)
  211. NDAA: America Ends Due Process? (Rand Paul video)
  212. Discussion of Rand's NDAA amendment
  213. Rand Paul, on the Mark
  214. [Video] Rand voices support for Feinstein's detention amendment 11/28/12
  215. Rand Paul hires lawyer from RedState and Heritage Foundation
  216. [Video] Rand Paul on AC360 w/ Wolf Blitzer 11/29/12
  217. Rand Paul renews threat to fillibuster the NDAA
  218. [Video] Rand on CNBC 11/29/12
  219. War Street Journal attacks Rand Paul, Mike Lee
  220. Rand Paul on American Family Radio - Today's Issues 11/29/12
  221. [Video] Rand Paul - the only one left? The Glenn Beck Program 11/29/12
  222. [Video] Rand's floor speeches against indefinite detention 11/29/12
  223. Rand Paul Op-Ed in WSJ
  224. Rand Paul 2016 Bumper Stickers, T-Shirts
  225. 6th Amendment Victory
  226. Rand Paul And The Crazy Bastard Exception (Twitchy)
  227. Prominent Evangelical David Lane to Take Rand Paul To Israel
  228. Rand Paul's victory over the NDAA Indefinite Detention clause
  229. Rand Paul, Lindsey Graham Have 'Crazy Bastard' Fight
  230. Rand speaking at Boone County GOP
  231. I don't see the Bill number in this article, but was Rand present? How did he vote?
  232. Senator Paul votes to Encourage Afghan Government to HURRY UP so we can leave!
  233. [Video] Rand Discusses Running for President While Volunteering for the Salvation Army
  234. Rand Paul Can’t Fool Pro-Israel Christians
  235. Rand filibusters NDAA again...McCain upset.
  236. Video: Rand Paul Talks About Israel (2010)
  237. Best reason to fully support Rand Paul for those against him
  238. FREE Rand Paul for President Bumper Sticker
  239. Ashley Judd weighing Senate options; may opt to challenge Paul instead
  240. Upcoming Senate Business
  241. [Video] Rand Paul on Lou Dobbs Tonight 12/04/12
  242. [Video] Rand speaks out against pre-emptive war with Syria 12/4/12
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  246. Rand hate on HuffPo
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  249. "...Republicans Must Give Up on Social Issues or Give Up Altogether..."
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