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  1. Who lives anywhere near the "Gay part" of any U.S. city?
  2. Rand Paul Backs Gun Rights Campaign Ad furor
  3. 2016 Odds
  4. The Courier Journal on Rand Paul 2016
  5. Will Rand endorse Romney?
  7. Rand Paul's Budget Plan: S.Con.Res. 42 will most likely be voted on today
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  10. Rand Paul writing NEW book titled...
  11. Rand Paul Amendment Barring War With Iran, Syria Added To Sanctions Bill
  12. [Video] Rand Paul commencement speech to University of Pikeville med school graduates
  13. PPP 2016 (NH) Poll Tomorrow
  14. “He still $#%% -slaps the Republican establishment here in Kentucky — all the time!”
  15. Article: Mitt Romney vs. Rand Paul In 2016?
  16. FDA Bill Passed w/ Rand's Amendment!
  17. If Romney wins, will Rand primary him in 2016?
  18. Rand's demands from Romney & the GOP establishment
  19. Rand Paul: Can He Save the Nation?
  20. Rand Paul
  21. Rand to Introduce New Legislation
  22. [Video] Rand Paul On the Record w/ Greta talking about ending Pakistani aid
  23. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News America's Newsroom talking about ending Pakistani aid
  24. Rand Paul to speak at CPAC Chicago next week, June 8, 2012, 10:30 a.m.
  25. Letter: Thank you Sen. Paul.
  26. Rand Paul, Taking up his dad's Mantle
  27. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN with Erin Burnett 6/05/12
  28. HuffPo: Rand Paul Compares Paycheck Fairness To Soviet Politburo
  29. New name for "Ron Paul Revoltion"
  30. [Video] Rand Paul on Cavuto re Wisconsin
  31. Rand Paul Neutralizes CNN's Erin Burnett
  32. Jack Hunter speaks truth.....
  33. Sen. Rand Paul is scheduled to speak at CPAC Chicago this morning at 11:30 a.m. Eastern.
  34. Statist Sell Out Rand Paul and S. 3420.
  35. Rand Paul: Freedom fighter in GOP clothing?
  36. Rand's endorsement of self
  37. Rand Paul: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
  38. Reminder: Rand Paul wrote-in Ron Paul in 2008 instead of voting for McCain
  39. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN's Newsroom with Don Lemon 06/08/12
  40. Rand Paul: Would be 'an honor' to be Romney's VP
  41. Rand Paul Joins Fight For Legal Hemp
  42. Rand Paul's Signal To The GOP (Politico)
  43. CPAC Chicago VP Straw Poll
  44. Only one reason
  45. [Audio] Jack Hunter on Jerry Doyle Discusses Rand's Endorsement
  46. If Rand Paul is now a "neocon", so is Pat Buchanan
  47. Rand's Facebook Under Assault
  48. Rand Said He Would Endorse The Eventual Nominee Quite Some Time Ago...
  49. Keeping Ron Paul's liberty movement alive
  50. A Rand Paul Speech like this at the GOP convention is worth the endorsement.
  51. What Senator reflects your values better than Rand Paul?
  52. Rand Paul and the Empire
  53. Washington Times' Tom Mullen On Why Rand Paul Endorses Romney
  54. Jack Hunter: When Murray Rothbard Endorsed George Bush
  55. New Meme... Rand Rolling
  56. Darth Vader's Bio: A Cautionary Tale?
  57. Daily Paul Radio will interview Rand Paul - Submit your questions
  58. Glenn Beck discusses Rand Paul endorsement
  59. Rand Paul Endorsement of Mitt Romney Proves He's a True Libertarian Leader
  60. [Audio] Rand Paul on The Peter Schiff Show talking about endorsement
  61. [Video] Senator Paul on CNN talking about his new anti-drone bill
  62. Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch discuss Rand's endorsement
  63. Rand Submits Bill to Protect Against Drone Surveillance
  64. Do you still support Rand Paul?
  65. Why Rand is wrong judged by his own criteria
  66. The Rand Paul Daily Paul Interview
  67. Sen. Rand Paul Speaks on the Senate Floor Regarding the Imprisonment of Dr. Afridi.
  68. Rand's Philosophical Roots
  69. Rand Paul and Foreign Aid
  70. The real question for Rand Paul
  71. Rand Paul Answers: The Daily Paul Interview
  72. Sen. Paul's State Director Jim Milliman Answers endorsement Question.
  73. Wonkette: "Rand Paul Insufferability Update: Rand Paul Is Insufferable About Food Stamps"
  74. Rand Paul On The Jerry Doyle Show - Drones, Lobbyists, Harry Reid Tricks and More
  75. Ben Swann interviews Rand Paul
  76. Rand Paul shows what he is made of
  77. Rand Paul Confronted on Mitt Romney Endorsement by wearechange
  78. I find the statement intentionally vague -
  79. Jack Hunter Daily Caller Article: Ron, Rand and Romney
  80. What was Rand Paul thinking?
  81. Rand Paul says U.S. needs a reawakening from "spiritual crisis"
  82. Troubling Infowars Comments on Luke Rudowski "Interview" With Rand Paul
  83. Rand Paul files End the TSA bill and Passenger Bill of Rights bill
  84. Lew Rockwell: Compare Rand Paul to the other Senators. He is doing good things.
  85. Posturing for Rand's 2016 campaign, AGAINST Santorum.
  86. He's On a Losing Streak [TSA]
  87. Interesting Article on Rand Paul Endorsement:
  88. Jack Hunter: Final Thoughts on the Reaction to Rand's Endorsement
  89. To those who supported Rand for senate: Will you support him again?
  90. Wead Says Rand Paul in Better Position for 2016 Because of Ron Paul
  91. Exclusive Interview: Rand Paul weathers endorsement storm
  92. Rand Paul's new article "Opposing Unconstitutional Wars" criticizes Romney
  93. National Review (Robert Costa): Rand Paul's stock is rising
  94. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN with Erin Burnett 6/22/12
  95. Rand Paul - One of two votes against National Flood Insurance Act
  96. Rand Paul Votes NO on GMO Labeling
  97. Rand Warns "For-Profit" Drone Lobby Is Seducing Congress
  98. US Senate to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on aid to Pakistan
  99. Paul, Chandler on roster for baseball game
  100. Rand Paul frustrates Harry Reid again with Life at Conception Bill
  101. Rand Paul's Facebook page now has 175,000+ Likes..gains back fans after Romney endorsement
  102. Rand Paul Responds to GMO Debate
  103. I'm starting to like this guy more and more everyday.
  104. Rand is screwing up their plans with some gun amendments too...
  105. Steve Deace: Reports of Rand Paul's political demise may have been greatly exaggerated
  106. Sen. Rand Paul Continues to Fight to Cut off Foreign Aid to Pakistan - 6/26/12
  107. Rand Paul Irritating Progressives Everywhere With His Amendment Tactics
  108. [Video] Rand Paul on CNBC criticizes 'boneheaded' healthcare decision
  109. Rand's Statement on Obamacare Ruling
  110. Rand Paul in National Review: "Obamacare Is Not Constitutional"
  111. Rand Is On 840 WHAS Right Now....
  112. Los Angeles Times: "Rand Paul to Supreme Court: Drop dead"
  113. Rand Paul is Trolling the Senate!
  114. Sen. Paul speaks out on Senators voting on bills without reading them
  115. Rand tries to force the Senate to READ THE BILLS!
  116. Rand Paul's hair?
  117. Rand Paul Talks To Newsmax about the the threat of Obamacare
  118. The Courier-Journal's Love Child
  119. Rand Paul Strikes Back Against Obama-Care
  120. One way to help Rand Paul run in 2016 today.
  121. Rand Paul op-ed in USA Today: Roberts' ruling isn't final
  122. Rand Declares Intent to Hold Vote on Pakistan Aid
  123. Rand Paul Discusses Future of Tea Party With Beck
  124. Rand Paul on The Mike Huckabee Show 7/12/12
  125. Friendly Reminder of Why Rand WILL NOT Be Chosen As VEEP
  126. Rand Paul op-ed: The Meaning of Moderation
  127. Senator Paul Introduces DownsizeDC.org's "One Subject at a Time Act"
  128. [VIDEO] Rand Paul Senate Floor Statement On Ending All Foreign Aid To Pakistan
  129. PPP Poll: Rand is 1 of 5 hypothetical candidates in double digits for 2016 Iowa Caucus
  130. Rand Paul to father's supporters: Don't give up on the GOP‎
  131. Rand Paul increases pressure to halt Pakistan aid, holds up vote on judicial nominee
  132. Epiphany! Why Rand Paul voted to sanction Iran...
  133. The Tea Party Is Dead - Rand Paul
  134. PPP Poll: 2016 Iowa Caucus
  135. Rand Paul Calls For Long Overdue Audit of the Pentagon
  137. [VIDEO] Rand Paul: "Taxes hurt economy" (CNN)
  138. [Video] Rand Paul at FreedomFest speaks about the surveillance state
  139. [Video] Rand Paul speech at FreePAC
  140. Rand Paul Caption Contest
  141. Rand Paul Rocks FreePac 'Gov't Didn't Do That!'
  142. Rand Paul to Propose Moratorium on Foreign Nationals at U.S. Flight Schools
  143. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox re: Military Spending Cuts 7/31/12
  144. McConnell Speaking at Tea Party Rally with Rand?
  145. TSA Let 25 Illegal Aliens Attend Flight School Owned by Illegal Alien
  146. Sen. Rand Paul: Right to privacy comes from God, ‘precedes’ the Constitution
  147. Tea Party Republicans sketch out Internet policy
  148. Rand Paul: Is This the Pose of a Free Man? His fight to End the TSA
  149. Senator Rand Paul's Bill to Protect Citizens From Drone Surveillance
  150. Rand Paul holds up U.S. ambassador to Pakistan nominee
  151. Rand Paul and 3 other senators introduce bill to legalize hemp farming
  152. Senators Introduce Bipartisan Pay for Printing Act
  153. Picture
  154. Rand Paul on Geraldo Rivera radio show 8/01/12
  155. A New Wave of Less Warlike GOP Politicians Detected
  156. Murray Rothbard's Take on Where Rand Paul Stands on the Political Spectrum
  157. [VIDEO] Napolitano + Rand @ Freedomfest:
  158. Rand Paul NOT Being Vetted For VP Selection
  159. [Video] Rand Paul and The Tea Party Goes to Washington on C-SPAN2's Book TV 8/12/12
  160. Rand Paul Performs Eye Surgeries for Charity
  161. Senator Rand Paul Breakfast in Tampa
  162. Rand Paul: Help SEAL Team 6, go straight to jail in Pakistan
  163. Rand Paul talks to Alan Colmes about civil liberties and the fight for internet freedom
  164. Rand Paul Has Finally Spoken Out On Paul Ryan's V.P. Nod — But Ron Paul Is Still MIA
  165. PPP Poll: 2016 New Hampshire Primary
  166. Significant straw polls leading up to Rand Paul 2016
  167. Rand Paul’s Tea Party Manifesto
  168. Rand Paul and KY Ag. Commissioner holding press conference to rally for hemp!
  169. Rand Paul; Monday Night Speech will define Him, The Movement, and the Future.
  170. Rand Statement on EPA Cross State Air Pollution Rule
  171. NBC, ABC, and CBS are not airing primetime coverage of RNC Monday
  172. Do You Agree with Sen. Rand Paul That Hemp = Jobs?
  173. [Video] Rand Paul speaks at press conference for legal hemp farming in Kentucky
  174. Rand Paul from a big family!
  175. Looks like Rand Paul's speech wont be heard by many.
  176. Could Rand say something about the GOP rule changes (no more true caucuses) in Tampa?
  177. [Video] Rand Paul Delivers Weekly Republican Address On Solutions To America's Problems
  178. Sen. Rand Paul: Protecting Internet Freedom and Privacy | The Heritage Foundation
  179. Sen. Rand Paul sees ‘war’ over the ‘heart and soul of America’
  180. Video - We Are The Future Rally: Speech by Rand Paul
  181. Have you liked the Audit the Pentagon facebook page?
  182. Need help finding a thread
  183. Rand Paul headlines Yahoo after speech at RON PAULS RALLY!
  184. Rand Paul Will Tell RNC Convention to “Audit the Pentagon”
  185. James Antle: Rand Paul's Challenge
  186. Rand Paul interview w/ Hannity at RNC (video added)
  187. Ron Paul Movement not ready to pass torch to Rand.
  188. i think rand has to level with us...
  189. Strange comments from Rand Paul to Iowa delegates
  190. Will Rand Paul become a whistle blower tonight?
  191. Paul Takes Ryan Budget to Task On eve of Convention Speech
  192. Grade Rand Paul's RNC Speech
  193. [Video] Rand Paul speech at RNC
  194. The Keystone Pipeline Steals Private Property
  195. Rand Paul on CNBC's Kudlow Report
  196. On reflection, Rand was brilliant last night
  197. Matt Lewis' Hopefully Prophetic Tweet About Rand Paul's Future
  198. Rand 2nd place in Bloomberg Survey for 2016
  199. Can Dr. No's Supporters Take Yes for An Answer?
  200. Both Rand Examples Of American Dream Were Southeast Asians. Coincidence?
  201. Reason TV: Rand Paul's RNC Speech and the Future of the Republican Party
  202. [Audio] Rand Paul's speech to Iowa delegates 8/29/12
  203. Gurley Martin Still For Ron Paul
  204. Trey Grayson to chair PAC supporting Democrats only
  205. Rand Paul 2012 in retrospect seems more likely than Rand 16"
  206. Rand Paul at the University of Louisville
  207. Sen. Rand Paul: Romney needs to win most toss-up states to beat Obama
  208. 2016 GOP FL Poll: Rand 4%
  209. Rand talks Ron (Video Clip)
  210. [Video] Rand Paul speech at YAL national convention
  211. [Video] Rand Paul on ABC's This Week roundtable debating Paul Krugman and others
  212. The Blaze interviews Rand Paul
  213. From Twitter, Rand Paul will be in NY TOMORROW at 7pm at "Rebel" at 251 W 30th St
  214. Voting Statistics for Rand Paul
  215. Rand Paul May Have Already Started His 2016 Presidential Run
  216. Read Sen. Rand Paul’s New Book Intro
  217. [Video] Rand Paul on CBS This Morning 9/10/12
  218. Rand Paul Not a Fan of ‘Nanny Bloomberg,’ Soda Restrictions
  219. Rand Paul: No more 'bomb everybody'
  220. [Video] Rand Paul on Hannity 9/10/12
  221. Rand Paul on The Dennis Miller Show 9/10/12
  222. National Review Poll: Is Rand Paul key to the Republican future?
  223. Rand Paul talks to Glenn Beck about his new book Government Bullies
  224. Rand Paul on Wilkow! debut show on TheBlaze TV
  225. Rand Paul on HuffPost Live 9/10/12
  226. Rand threatens to stall senate work/recess plans unless Pakistani aid voted on
  227. Rand Paul's New Book Ranked #18 on Amazon.com Best Sellers List
  228. Rand Paul: Stop foreign aid to Libya until suspects handed over to US
  229. Rand Paul on Fox & Friends 9/12/12
  230. Rand Paul on Your World w/ Neil Cavuto talking about events in Libya
  231. [Video] Rand Paul on Lou Dobbs Tonight talking about ending foreign aid
  232. Sen. Rand Paul Pushes Back Against Paul Krugman’s Blog Attacks
  233. Rand fillibusters jobs bill in senate, Harry Reid not happy
  234. Rand Paul was Right! Libya Edition!
  235. Rand Paul was Right! Libya Edition!
  236. [Video] Rand Paul calls Reid's actions a "charade" and a "farce"
  237. Rand Paul: Doesn’t Government Have ‘Better Things To Do’ Than Arrest An Amish Farmer For H
  238. Rand Paul on America Live w/ Megyn Kelly 9/13/12
  239. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN with Erin Burnett 9/13/12
  240. John Kerry takes Senator Rand Paul to task over Pakistan aid cut talk
  241. Rand Paul vs. the Establishment
  242. Sen. Rand Paul: End Foreign Aid to Pakistan Until Dr. Shakil Afridi is Released
  243. Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell: Odd-couple allies
  244. Sen. Paul: "End Foreign Aid and Spend on Veteran Benefits and Debt."
  245. Rand Paul: Our System of Foreign Aid is Broken
  246. Iraq and Pakistan ambassador nominations held hostage by Rand Paul
  247. Rand Paul on The Laura Ingraham Show 9/14/12
  248. Rand Paul endorses Ken Cuccinelli for Governor of Virginia
  249. [Video] Rand Paul speech at Values Voter Summit 2012
  250. Sen. Paul Calls for End of Aid to Pakistan, Egypt, Libya (The New American)