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  1. Rand Paul voted for Iran sanctions?
  2. Sen. Paul Statement on Defeat of Detainee Amendment
  3. Rand Paul: A Liberalís Best Friend?
  4. Paul calls Senateís bluff, kills terrorist detainee amendment
  5. Rand will be on Hannnity - Coming up right now!
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  7. Senator Rand Paul on His Famous Father, His Life as a New Senator
  8. Rand Paul pushes his tea party style of change
  9. Rand's Rebellion
  10. Rand Paul PREVENTS WAR With Russia!!!
  11. Rick Perry's ad themes like Rand Paul's from 2010
  12. Rand Paul look-alike...haha
  13. Russian war prevented by Rand Paul
  14. Rand Paul: "Indefinite Detention and American Citizens"
  15. Rand Paul on Fox News (VIDEO 12/6)
  16. Rand Paul and Geoff Davis: REINS Act Would Rein In Overzealous Regulators
  17. Rand Paul on Lou Dobbs radio show 11/30/11
  18. Rand Paul on The Alan Colmes Show 12/01/11
  19. [Video] Rand Paul speaks about education issues at American Action Forum event
  20. [VIDEO]: Jon Stewart mocks Infinite Detention Bill, Obama & Defends Rand
  21. Daily show supports Rand on his stance on the indefinite detention provision.
  22. Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham introduce Harbor Equity Act
  23. Rand will be on Hannity radio after next break
  24. Marco Rubio vs. Rand Paul
  25. [Video] Rand Paul and Mike Lee colloquy on Balanced Budget Amendment 12/08/11
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  27. Rand Paul on Ron Paul's Campaign Strategy
  28. Supreme Court to hear TX redistricting case
  29. Tea Party Leaders: Rand Paul Wrong on Newt Gingrich
  30. Rand Calls for Support of Balanced Budget Amendment
  31. What If Rand Paul runs 3rd Party?
  32. Please, Rand, after Christmas head to Iowa and lets seal this thing!!
  33. Rand Paul interview w/ New Hampshire talk show host Paul Westcott
  34. Brokered Convention- Rand Paul???
  35. Rand + Kelley Paul Wish You A Merry Christmas [VIDEO]
  36. Mark Levin Threatens Rand
  37. News From Iowa: Rand Paul Asked Bill Kristol About The Mossad.
  38. Could Romney pick Rand Paul for VP?
  39. Rand and the Constitution
  40. Hypothetical: Same field last night but substitute Rand for Ron
  41. Politico: Ron Paulís closing argument is sonís opening
  42. Rand Paul on running for president: ďI am interested in the national debateĒ
  43. Ron And Rand On The Cover Of The Courier Journal Today
  44. Happy Birthday Rand!!
  45. [Video] Rand Paul on Lou Dobbs Tonight on Fox Business
  46. VIDEO Rand Paul on Dadís ĎDangerousí Campaign Lou Dobbs
  47. mark levin to campaign against Rand Paul if Ron runs as a third party...LOL
  48. The Next Paul Cometh and He's No Pushover
  49. Rand Paul returns $500,000 in office budget to Treasury
  50. Should Warren Buffett match Rand Paul's $500K?
  51. Like Father, Like Son - Rand Paul returns $500K to Treasury
  52. This Is What A Real Fiscal Conservative Looks Like
  53. Rand Paul returns $500,000 in office budget to Treasure
  54. NPR Uses A Very Odd Photo of Rand
  55. Rand Paul VP rumor
  56. "I have pledged to filibuster [PIPA]" - Rand Paul
  57. Rand Paul Opposes and Will Filibuster PIPA Legislation!!!
  58. Rand Paul pledges to fillibuster PIPA.
  59. "Is a Mitt Romney-Rand Paul Ticket the GOPís Answer?" - link
  60. Audio update - Rand Paul on The Michael Medved Show 1/19/12
  61. Rand Paul talks about SOPA and neocons in the GOP on WMAL Morning Majority
  62. Rand Paul... Like a BOSS
  63. ALERT: Rand Paul is being DETAINED at the Nashville Airport by the TSA
  64. Rand Paul detained by TSA
  65. Rand Paul Detained by TSA - More Details Coming.
  66. TSA detention of Rand CLEARLY violates the Constitution:
  67. Kentucky Democrats Are Now Attacking Senator Rand Paul over being Detained. Flood their...
  68. Free Rand Paul-Poster
  69. VIDEO: MSNBC says Rand Paul detained by TSA.
  70. Picture of Rand Paul being held by TSA!! (mod note: Joke)
  71. Will you Defend Rand Paul ?
  72. White House sides with TSA in Rand Paul standoff
  73. Facebook SURGE from Rand/TSA today, SURGE last week from SOPA Update
  74. Sen. Rand Paul Questions Invasive TSA Searches
  75. Video update: Rand Paul on The Situation Room talking about TSA detention
  76. Audio update: Rand Paul on Hannity radio show talking about TSA detention
  77. Rand Paul talking about TSA incident on CNBC
  78. [video] Rand Paul CNN Interview About His Run In With The TSA Today
  79. Rand Paul 2016 with a Republican in office?
  80. Video update: ABC evening news hit piece on Rand Paul's run-in with TSA
  81. Video update: Rand Paul on CNN w/ Erin Burnett talking about TSA incident
  82. Video Rand Paul: TSA injected me!
  83. TSA's 'Blogger Bob' on Rand Paul
  84. Sick Of The Ignorant Comments About Rand's TSA Incident
  85. Never saw this posted... Rand Paul, Frank Lunts (pre-NH)
  86. [Video] Rand Paul on Freedom Watch ~8PM / Live Stream
  87. Rand Paul: TSAís intrusions undermine security
  88. Rand Paul on Savage Nation @ bottom of the hour
  89. SlashDot.org discusses Rand Paul's TSA encounter!
  90. [Video] Rand Paul On the Record w/ Greta Van Susteren talking TSA
  91. Free Rand Paul
  92. VIDEO: Rand Paul Questions TSA Tactics (Screening Devices Mislead w/ False Positives)
  93. Vote in poll: Did Rand Paul overreact to TSA 'request' for a pat down?
  94. Adam Carolla Talks about Rand Paul's TSA Encounter
  95. Rand's 2012 March for Life Remarks
  96. [Video] Sen. Rand Paul delivers State of the Union response
  97. Sen. Rand Paul's SOTU response.
  98. [Video] Glenn Beck interviews Rand about TSA
  99. Video update: Rand Paul on Hannity Fox News show 1/26/12
  100. [VIDEO] Rand Paul TSA footage just released!
  101. Surprise, surprise, released video doesn't show Rand 'irate' when detained by TSA as
  102. [Video] Rand Paul on Stossel responds to SOTU address
  103. Official Surveillance Video of Rand Paul Detained by TSA at Nasvhille Airport
  104. Security video shows police lied that Rand Paul was irate
  105. Rand Paul calm during TSA patdown, video shows
  106. Terminal Video of Rand Paul Detention
  107. [Tube] Rand Paul Interview On The Jerry Doyle Show 01/31/12
  108. Rand rips into Gingrich, lobbyists on senate floor! [video]
  109. GOOD NEWS! The blond dye is back in Jack's hair!
  110. Rand will be on Hannity's radio show today
  111. [Video] Rand Paul on Cavuto 2/01/12
  112. [Video] Rand Paul on Lob Dobbs Tonight 2/01/12
  113. Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky at the ceremonial swearing in Video
  114. Senator Paul in National Review: The Presidentís War on Religious Freedom
  115. Maybe you guys are right about Rand Paul......
  116. Not being negative, but this year's CPAC speech was rather bland??
  117. How do people feel about Rand?
  118. How do people feel about Rand?
  119. [Video] Rand Paul on Lou Dobbs Tonight 2/09/12
  120. [Video] Rand Paul on Freedom Watch 2/07/12
  121. CPAC - Rand Paul Top Write-In for VP
  122. Explanation of Rand Paul's Vote For Iran Sanctions
  123. Senator Rand Paul at CPAC 2012
  124. Politics Q&A: Senator Rand Paul
  125. [VIDEO] Rand on FNC re: Obamacare (2/15)
  126. Rand Paul to speak at local Kentucky Tea Party meeting
  127. Sheriff who criticized Rand tha Conway used for PC was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury!
  128. Chuck Schumer blasts Rand Paul for blocking his bill to ban "bath salts"
  129. [Video] Rand Paul on Freedom Watch 2/13/12
  130. [Video] Rand Paul on The Willis Report talking about bill cutting foreign aid to Egypt
  131. Rand Paul puts synthetic drug bill on hold
  132. Sen. Rand Paul Questions Sec. Chu at Energy Committee
  133. Sen. Rand Paul on Freedom Watch Judge with Napolitano - 02_13_12
  134. Rand Paul Videos
  135. Sen. Rand Paul on The Willis Report on Fox Business Sen. Rand Paul on The Willis Report o
  136. Feb. 20: Rand Paul - Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for the Pennyroyal Regional Veterans Center
  137. Sen. Rand Paul Speaks Out Against Aid to Egypt, Egypt Continues to Detain Americans
  138. Sen. Paul Delivers State of the Union Response
  139. Sen. Rand Paul and Congressman Yarmuth debate! (Audio WHAS)
  140. NEWS!!!! Rand Paul Blocks Sythethic Drug Ban
  141. Rand Paul: I would be honored to be considered Romney's VP
  142. Rand Paul Blocks Synthetic Drug Bans
  143. Rush Limbaugh just said Romney will and should pick Rand Paul for VP
  144. If Romney loses Michigan Ö
  145. Rand Paul has Bluegrass Values
  146. GOP rumor mill: Could Ron Paulís son become Romneyís running mate?
  147. Rand Paul explains vote for Iran sanctions
  148. Rand explains his comment on being "honored" to be considered for VP
  149. Sen. Rand Paul thinks Gingrich will drop out before GOP convention
  150. Schumer Calls for Public Support of Bill that Would Ban Fake Marijuana
  151. Sen. Rand Paul proposes bill (S. 2122) to clarify the definition of "navigable waters"
  152. Rand Paul offers free cataract surgery for uninsured during break
  153. Sen. Paul Files Brief in Supreme Court Against Federal Healthcare Overhaul
  154. Rand Paul Speaks at UK
  155. Ron Paul is Building a New Conservative Brand and Paving Way For Rand Paul Victory in 2016
  156. Sen. Paul To Delay Action On Army Corps Nominee
  157. VP Rand Paul is the answer to the GOPís Ron Paul problem
  158. Rand Paul addresses the VP Nomination chatter
  159. Sen. Rand Paul On America's Newsroom Covering Gas Prices w_ Bill Hemmer - Feb 28th 2012
  160. Sen. Rand Paul On America's Newsroom w/ Bill Hemmer discussing oil prices.
  161. Sen. Rand Paul on Your World with Neil Cavuto
  162. Maybe Rand Paul as VP is a good idea...
  163. Is there a list of all the differences between Ron and Rand's positions on the issues?
  164. I like Rand Paul
  165. Senator Rand Paul's Pledge
  166. H.R. 347 - aka S. 1974 in the Senate - How did Rand vote?
  167. Rand Paul Stuck in Kentucky Gas Station due to Massive Tornado. *video*
  168. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul calls for increasing U.S. oil supply (VIDEO)
  169. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) joins Don & Roma (AUDIO)
  170. HR 347
  171. Rand Paul Introduces Ron Paul to 2,000+ Freedom-Loving Supporters in Springfield (VIDEO)
  172. Sen. Rand Paul on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer
  173. Rand Paul supports federal disaster relief for Kentucky
  174. Brokered Convention - Recruit Rand Paul for POTUS?
  175. Rand Paul unveils 2013 Budget Proposal
  176. Rand + Sen. Lee Sign Letter Telling Obama to Speed Afghan Pullout
  177. Rand blocking tax treaties over fears of government snooping
  178. Rand blocking bills aimed at new drugs
  179. Sen. Rand Paul proposes plan to balance federal budget in 5 years
  180. The Rand Paul Situation
  181. Local doctor teams with Sen. Rand Paul to perform free cataract surgery (VIDEO)
  182. Rep. Broun and Sen. Paul introduce FOCUS act in House and Senate
  183. Sen. Paul to Host Tele-Town Hall on EPA Overreach on Tuesday, March 13
  184. Rand's PAC raised $104k in last 6 months of 2011
  185. Webcast with Rand Paul re: HHS Mandate
  186. TONIGHT: Sen. Rand Paul Hosts Town Hall on EPA Regulatory Overreach on "Navigable Waters"
  187. Rand is having a tele-town hall right now - I have no idea what topic (call in # inside)
  188. Sen. Paul Questions Secretary Chu - Why is the govt. giving loans to billionaires?
  189. Senators Paul, Lee, Graham and DeMint to Unveil Medicare Reform Plan 3/15/12
  190. Rand's letter to Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell on HB 1160 (addresses NDAA)
  191. H.R. 3606: Reopening American Capital Markets to Emerging Growth Companies Act of 2011
  192. Rand receives perfect 100% score from the American Conservative Union in 2011
  193. Washington Post 2016 Presidential Bracket - Vote for Rand
  194. Rand Speaks Out About Corporatism [VIDEO]
  195. Chuck Schumer vs Rand Paul
  196. "Phantom Numbers" Hodson Is Back; Working For Karl Rove
  197. JEB*waitingUNTIL*longAFTERthe*FLORIDAprimary*SOasT Oback*MITTbegs~2016~QUESTIONs!
  198. Rand Paul on The Peter Schiff Show 3/21/12
  199. Daily News takes on Rand
  200. Glenn Beck: Rand Paul heats things up with his budget proposal
  201. Three-Day Media Blitz vs Rand in NY Daily News
  202. Rand Paul 2020?
  203. Rand Paul's Letter to Kentucky GOP Encouraging Fair and Open Process
  204. Rand Paul's Proposed Budget for 2013
  205. Senator Rand Paulís brief for Department of Health and Human Services v. Florida
  206. Senator Rand Paul Introduces Amendment to Lower Gas Prices
  207. Sen. Rand Paul Blocks New Iran Sanctions
  208. Rand Paul and Destiny: Often the measure of a man lies in the path he must walk
  209. 2016 starts NOW: Is Rand running for prez? (he's off to Iowa)
  210. RT calls out Rand for defending the free market and oil companies...go defend him!
  211. Capitol Digest: Rand Paul to speak at May faith and freedom event
  212. Doug Wead Implies Rand Is The Future Of The Revolution
  213. The Atlantic: America's Most Important Anti-War Politician Is a Senate Republican
  214. The Hill and more VP talk.....
  215. The double-taxation agreement between the United States and Switzerland is being held up b
  216. Saying No To Feel Good Crime Laws Requires Courage
  217. Rand Re-Introduces Amendment To Eliminate Foreign Aid To Egypt
  218. PPP: 2016 Field Poll -
  219. Rand sponsors bill congratulating college basketball players
  220. Rand Requests Investigation Into Government Conferences in Las Vegas
  221. What's he alluding to?
  222. What is Rand's path to victory in 2016? (Speculation/prediction) (VERY long)
  223. Does Jim Bunnings regret endorsing Rand Paul in 2010?
  224. Can Rand win Independents and Democrats like Ron?
  225. An Obama win in November Sets Up Rand Paul 2016 -MISH
  226. Rand Paul: Dodging Destructive Union Rules (Washington Times Op-Ed)
  227. Jim Bunning Says He Regrets Endorsing Rand
  228. Op-Ed: Sen Rand Paul brings charm to White House Correspondents Dinner
  229. Rand Paul Continues War On TSA, Groping Of 'Toddlers And Grandmothers'
  230. Rand Paul at the Citadel discussing the future of the conservative movement
  231. Rand stops US gov from getting Swiss bank account info
  232. Rand Paul Endorses In Primary
  233. Business Insider: Is Rand Paul Secretly Running For President?
  234. Drudge links to Infowars.com article on Rand Paul vs TSA
  235. Rand's Hair
  236. Rand Paul Launches Campaign to End the TSA
  237. Rand Paul has a quick fix for TSA: Pull the plug
  238. Rand Paul Is Not A Neocon
  239. Rand Paul warns of mounting debt
  240. Sen. Rand Paul knows how to fix the TSA: end it
  241. Rand Paul has first 2 RNC Delegates for 2016
  242. Rand and Paul Broun propose FOCUS Act
  243. FreedomWorks: Sign the Petition! End the TSA!
  244. Sen. Rand Paul Endorses Don Stenberg
  245. Rand Paul Searching For Support On Amendment Barring War With Iran & Syria
  246. Rand Paul: Tea Party wins in Indiana
  247. PPP - Iowa 2016 Poll Results
  248. Rand Paul Visits Des Moines, Waukee Friday to Fire Up GOP Voters
  249. Rand Paul Speaks Out Against Reauthorization of Export-Import Bank
  250. Rand Paul at Iowa Faith & Freedom Event