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  7. Would Rand accept the 'super congress' 4 balanced budget amendment? Club 4 growth will
  8. Thanks, OBAMACARE & ROMNEYCARE...1,200 jobs lost
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  31. Verum Serum blog EXPOSES Don Lemon as a Democratic Shill!
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  33. I'm Having A Problem With Rand's & Hannity's Budget Numbers....
  34. Why didn't Rand stand up against the FAA bill?
  35. Ron Paul Deploys the Rand Bomb
  36. The Return of AQUA BUDDHA
  37. Rand Calls for Geithner's Resignation
  38. Rand Paul Fancy Farm speech coming up on KET livestream
  39. All the audio...
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  45. Rand to Seek Vote of No Confidence in Geithner!!!
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  57. Video: Ames, Iowa Republican Debate. Media Ignores Ron Paul As Usual.
  58. Gov't pays for empty flights to rural airports
  59. Curious question: Did Ron Paul "make" his kids work to pay for their college?
  60. Is there a youtube of Rand's Ames Tent Speech?
  61. Hot Air's AllahPundit on the 2012 Iowa Straw Polls Result
  62. Hannity
  63. Quick question re: Rand's endorsement of Ted Cruz.
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  65. Is Wolf Creek Dam Going To Be The Next Army Corp of Engineers victim?
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  67. Paul performs more free eye surgeries
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  70. Rand Paul toady @ Jim Bunning Picnic in Campbell Co, KY (sry no pics/vid)
  71. Promising news from PPP
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  75. Fed Official Says PRINT MORE MONEY (again) - Jack Hunter blog
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  88. Senator Rand Paul's video response to Obama speech.
  89. Sen. Rand Paul Responds To Obama's "Jobs" Speech - 09/08/11
  90. Rand announces proposal to fund FEMA by cutting foreign aid
  91. Here's an idea..
  92. Here's an idea..
  93. Rand Statement on President Obama’s Jobs Plan
  94. Is poverty a death sentence? Rand speaks!
  95. [Video] Rand grills Janet Napolitano on Iraq refuge program and TSA 8/13/11
  96. Senator Paul mocks President Obama and Calls to "PASS THIS BILL NOW"
  97. I Called Rand's Office Today...
  98. [Video] Rand Paul visits Henderson, KY 9/10/11
  99. Rand Paul Holds Bipartisan Resolution Condemning Violence in Syria
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  101. [Video] Rand Paul speaks on funding FEMA, Obama's new stimulus, and turtle tunnels
  102. Rands amendment to fund FEMA by cutting foreign aid fails 20-78
  103. Senate defeats 2 more amendments introduced by Rand for FAA/highway bill
  104. Rand As 2012 Constitution or Libertarian Nominee?
  105. TheTeaParty.net tele-townhall series to feature Sen. Rand Paul (9/22)
  106. Rand one of 9 Senators to vote against IP.
  107. Rand Paul cyber town hall! (10/22)
  108. Senator Rand Paul Proposes Cuts In Foreign Aid (Video)
  109. Rand could use some defense here
  110. Rand Paul on The Jerry Doyle Show at LPAC 9/16/11
  111. [Video] Rand Paul interviewed by Mallory Factor of TheStreet.com 9/20/11
  112. Breaking: Police officer actually charged with murder! Manuel Ramos case.
  113. Rand Paul will be on Cavuto today (9/21/11)
  114. Rand Paul opinon piece in National Review: Poverty Is Not a ‘Death Sentence’
  115. Rand Paul to travel on Air Force One with President Obama tomorrow
  116. [Video] Rand Paul on One to One with Bill Goodman 9/21/11
  117. Kelley Paul headlining fundraiser for Kentucky GOP hopefuls
  118. Rand Paul on The Morning Majority WMAL 9/23/11
  119. Obama: Senator Rand Paul is here. AUDIENCE: Booo
  120. Rand Paul's sons in politics?
  121. Rand Paul will be on John King, USA tonight 9/26/11
  122. [Video] Rand Paul at LPAC 2011
  123. Rand Paul puts hold on oil and gas pipeline safety bill
  124. Rand Paul Endorses New Mexico Lt Gov John Sanchez for US Senate
  125. Rand Paul Slams Congressional “Circus” Over Deadlines And Shutdown Threats
  126. Gold Stupidity
  127. [Video] Barefoot & Progressive dude on Maddow show talking about Rand Paul
  128. [Video] Rand Paul makes WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD list 9/28/11
  129. Blog: Maddow and Olbermann Are Wrong About Senator Rand Paul
  130. Two Rand Paul interviews on Kentucky radio 9/30/11
  131. Where does Rand stand on Obama killing U.S. citizens?
  132. Rand Paul will be on Special Report w/ Brett Baier today 10/03/11
  133. POLITICO: Sen Rand Paul blocking a bill & delaying $36 million benefits to Ederly/Disabled
  134. Rand Paul discusses Obama murder of U.S. citizen
  135. Ron's Son is NOT for assasination.
  136. Rand Paul op-ed in Courier Journal: Emergency bridge funds
  137. Rand Paul introduces Emergency Transportation Safety Fund Act in Senate
  138. Thinkprogress Rails on Rand for Blocking "Refugee" Aid
  139. Shocking Report: Economic success of a nation depends on a stable family unit
  140. Los Angeles Times: "Rand Paul blocks pipeline-safety bill, frustrating Californians"
  141. Rand holds forum on Private Property
  142. [Video] Sen. Rand Paul on Government Regulatory Overreach
  143. [Video] Rand Paul on Freedom Watch 10/06/11
  144. Calling Rand Paul Senate career historians/gurus
  145. Mother Jones: Rand Paul Backs Fringe UN Gun Conspiracy
  146. Rand Paul: Obama's Rhetoric Could Turn 'Occupy Wall Street' Violent
  147. New York Times: Senator Paul, Lift the Hold
  148. Rand Paul "They're On Their iPhones Wearing Designer Jeans Their Parents Bought For Them"
  149. Rand Paul and John McCain will introduce bill next week to "incentivize private sector"
  150. A difference between RP and the others..
  151. Rand Paul vs Ron Paul
  152. Rand Paul: Introduces Emergency Transportation Safety Fund Act (no new taxes needed)
  153. Rand Paul will be on Hannity radio show today 10/11/11
  154. Rand Paul on Lou Dobbs radio show 10/11/11
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  156. Rand Hosts Roundtable Forum Toady
  157. Lou Dobbs Tonight will be interviewing Rand and covering his roundtable on EPA abuses
  158. Couldn't Rand Conceivably Make a Big Ruckus about the Gold Situation in Fort Knox?
  159. Rand Paul teams with John McCain and Rob Portman to introduce Republican jobs plan
  160. New interview with Rand on Fox
  161. Rationale on voting for the Free Trade agreements?
  162. Rand Paul will be on Hannity tonight 10/13/11
  163. Townhall.com article: Rand Paul Schools Senate Establishment
  164. Rand Paul lifts hold on refugee welfare bill after agreement reached
  165. Rand Paul lifts hold on pipeline safety bill after getting amendment added
  166. [Video] Rand Paul on The Kudlow Report 10/17/11
  167. [VIDEO] Rand RIPS Geithner and HAMMERS the Fed!
  168. Rand Paul needs to see this
  169. Rand Paul Finds His Groove
  170. Rand Paul on Lou Dobbs radio show 10/18/11
  171. Rand Paul will be on The Dennis Miller Show today 10/19/11
  172. Rand Paul issues Dear Colleague letter on No Child Left Behind reauthorization
  173. [Video] Rand Paul In the Green Room @ The Heritage Foundation
  174. [Video] Rand Paul on Freedom Watch, officially endorses Ron Paul for president
  175. Sen. Paul shuts down education hearing, demands time on No Child Left Behind
  176. Rand Paul on Kilmeade and Friends 10/19/11
  177. Rand Paul on The Peter Schiff Show 10/19/11
  178. Compare Marco Rubio vs Rand Paul in questioning Tim Geithner
  179. Rand Paul shuts down education committee hearing on No Child Left Behind
  180. [Video] Rand Paul speaks on No Child Left Behind and reading the bills
  181. Question about Rand's proposed "Read the Bills" and "Constitutionality" bills
  182. Why not ask Joe Rogan for some free airtime?
  183. Rand Paul coming up on The Willis Report on Fox Business
  184. [Video] Rand Paul on Your World w/ Neil Cavuto 10/20/11
  185. Jack Conway's opponent invokes Aqua Buddha in new TV ad
  186. Rand Paul votes against Criminal Justice Commission Bill
  187. Rand Paul Forbidden to Address the Democrat Senate Majority
  188. Rand Paul Endorses John Kemper for KY Auditor
  189. Rand Paul op-ed in Herald-Leader on why he held up pipeline safety bill
  190. Sen. Rand Paul on Occupy Wall Street, Repealing No Child Left Behind
  191. Rand Paul Clashes With Barbara Boxer Over Beautification Funds
  192. Senate Votes on Paul Amendment to Address Nation’s Crumbling Infrastructure
  193. National Review: Rand Paul blasts Politico story on Cain's alleged misconduct
  194. Rand Paul will be on Freedom Watch tonight 11/01/11
  195. Paul Blasts Politico Story: ‘I Don’t Think You Should Print Stuff Like That’
  196. [Video] Rand Paul on Power Play w/ Chris Stirewalt 11/02/11
  197. [Video] Environmentals target Rand Paul in new TV ad
  198. Rand Paul will introduce bill in senate for raw milk freedom
  199. Rand Paul to force showdown next week over new EPA clean air regulations
  200. Rand Paul wins again against Inflexible Democrats
  201. Conway to Win, Bill Johnson to Lose?
  202. Rand Paul Finds Law To Block EPA Clean Air Rule; White House Incensed
  203. Bill Johnson to Lose Watch
  204. Rand Paul for President now
  205. Rand Paul on Lou Dobbs radio show 11/08/11
  206. Rand Paul will be on The Dennis Miller Show today 11/09/11
  207. CEO of Gibson Guitars at PROPERTY WRONGS Hearing
  208. Rand Paul on Hannity: Dems Walk Away from Super Commitee
  209. Rand Paul on Hannity radio show 11/09/11
  210. Rand Paul on AC360 tonight 11/09/11
  211. Rand Paul on The Lars Larson Show 11/09/11
  212. Rand Paul endorses Mark Neumann in Wisconsin
  213. Did Rand REALLY mock polar bears today? Huff Po sez he did....
  214. Rand Paul on Neil Cavuto 11/16/11
  215. Sen. Rand Paul to Introduce Alternative Debt Plan
  216. Also...where the hell is Rand?
  217. Some Rand Paul media appearances from Wednesday 11/16/11
  218. Rand Paul radio ad for National Right to Work Committee
  219. Rand Paul: What is your definition of a stream? [VIDEO]
  220. Rand Paul Introduces Resolution to End War in Iraq
  221. [Video] Rand Paul calls for formal end to the war in Iraq
  222. Rand, DeMint, Mike Lee, Try To Cut Debt By $4 Trillion
  223. Rand Paul and 4 other senators introduce resolution to expedite Afghanistan handover
  224. Rand Paul signs letter in opposition to Protect IP act
  225. AP "Fact Check" says Rand Paul gasps for facts on asthma
  226. The Voice of Russia reports that US joins China in censoring the internet
  227. Rand Paul will be on CNN's State of the Union - Sunday 11/20/11
  228. Rand Paul on HuffPo front page: "The rich are paying their fair share"
  229. Rand Paul downplays impact of automatic cuts to military spending
  230. Sen. Rand Paul talks economics at Western Kentucky University
  231. Rand Paul on Cavuto's Fox Business show at 6 pm ET
  232. Rand aims to kill "indefinite detention" of DoD bill
  233. Michael Savage for Rand Paul recently
  234. Rand and McCain clash over "indefinite detainment" amendment in DoD bill
  235. [VIDEO] 11/29/11 Sen. Rand Paul Speaks on the Senate Floor on Defense Authorization Act
  236. [VIDEO] Rand corners McCain on "indefinite detention" of US citizens!
  237. Rand Paul Aims to Kill “Indefinite Detention” Provision of Controversial Bill
  238. Rand Paul and Justin Amash on Freedom Watch tonight to discuss detention bill
  239. [video] Rand Paul Tries To Formally End The Iraq War
  240. Rand Paul Tries To Formally End Iraq War
  241. Senator Rand Paul: "We Must Stand Up To Tyranny Disguised As Security!" [Video]
  242. Drudge tweeted about Rand's exchange against McCain on detention of citizens w/o trial
  243. Rand Paul on Freedom Watch Re: The police state
  244. Rand Paul v John McCain
  245. John McCain Decides Constitution No Longer Applies
  246. [Video] Rand Paul on Cavuto 11/30/11
  247. Rand spotted on the streets of DC (again)
  248. Rand's Op-Ed: "War On Terror Doesn't Justify Retreat Of Our Rights" - (12/1/11) Wash Times
  249. Rand Paul on The Willis Report at 5 pm ET on Fox Business
  250. Sen. Paul Statement on Defeat of Detainee Amendment