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  1. Rand Paul is second Tea Party senator to miss coveted committee slot
  2. Grayson dishes a lot on Rand Paul (and RPF)
  3. Rand Paul under fire from black leaders for slavery remarks
  4. Michael Steele Snipes at Rand Paul For Slavery Comments
  5. Sen. Rand Paul discusses Ron's running for President.
  6. Ron Paul announces run for president
  7. Toady is the Kentucky Primary
  8. Sen. Paul Proposes Gas Tax Freedom: Eliminate gas tax and pass savings on to Americans
  9. Rand Paul was just on Cavuto's show on Fox Business
  10. Bill Johnson to be next Secretary of State?
  11. [video 5/17/11]: Sen. Rand Paul Proposes Gas Tax Freedom
  12. Rasmussen Poll - Barack Obama vs Rand Paul
  13. [Video] Aqua Buddha haunts Conway re-election bid
  14. How does Rand justify voting for the 2 billion per year Oil Subsidies?
  15. Rand's letter on Libya in Drudge linked article
  16. [Video] Sen. Rand Paul on Debt Default
  17. Members of Kentucky Delegation Welcome 101st Airborne Commanding General at Fort Campbell
  18. Sen. Paul on President Obama’s Recent Policy Speech
  19. White House: 'Limited' US Role in Libya Means No Need to Get Congress approval. Wait? What
  20. Rand on Anderson Cooper Tonight
  21. The new senator from Kentucky is not his father’s clone—or is he?
  22. CNN: TRENDING: Sen. Paul rails against 'do-nothing' Senate
  23. TEA Party Voting For Beshear?
  24. Nashville, (and poss Kentucky), take cover - weather
  25. Potential Neocon Tthinktank Meltdown: Rand Paul Defends Sovereignty of Israel
  26. Sens. Paul and Leahy seek to modify Patriot Act extension with oversight provisions
  27. [Video] Rand Paul speaks against PATRIOT Act on Senate floor 5/23/11
  28. Sen. Paul Introduces Amendments to USA PATRIOT Act Extension Bill
  29. Advice for P'Pool
  30. Politico: Rand Paul threatens to hold up Patriot Act
  31. Glenn Greenwald calls out Diane Feinstein for Bush-style PATRIOT Act fear-mongering @ Rand
  32. Politico: Dr. Paul sets sights on practicing
  33. Why wasn't Rand there?
  34. Rand Paul wages solo protest
  35. FreeRepublic Freaks Out About Rand Paul Skipping 'Bibi' Address
  36. Anatomy of a Politico Smear campaign against Rand
  37. Rand Paul's Press Sec just emailed all media this......
  38. Contact Newsbusters & Big Journalism about Rand Paul smear!
  39. CJ article tries to tie Senator Paul as anti-Christian. This is too funny.
  40. Rand is a beast!
  41. FDL shows Rand some love
  42. Senator Harry Reid goes back on his promise and extends 2nd and 4th amendment violating...
  43. Harry Reid lies on the Senate floor and calls out Senator Paul. Says too bad.
  44. Paul, Reid Run Circles Around Each Other on PATRIOT Act
  45. Patriot Act may lapse by one day due to Rand Paul, have to be reimplemented per the Hill
  46. Red State Erick Erickson promotes Rand Paul on Patriot Act!!!!
  47. "Can Rand Paul single-handedly cause the Patriot Act to lapse?"
  48. Harry Reid Pushes Patriot Act Past Rand Pau
  49. The Hill: Paul accuses Reid of breaking his word on Patriot Act amendments
  50. Senator Rand Paul to address Senate at 2pm on CSPAN 2 over Pat Act
  51. *new* front page rand paul reddit thread needs some comment love
  52. Beatles Festival in Louisville - Anyone going?
  53. Dailypaul says Rand has held the floor for 7 hours?
  54. Vote on Patriot Act extension delayed as Rand Paul pushes for amendment on gun rights
  55. Rand Paul on FreedomWatch 5/25
  56. Sen. Paul Agrees to Vote on USA PATRIOT Act; Sen. Reid Refuses
  57. The Hill: Reid says Paul fighting to protect terrorists
  58. Sen. Paul Introduces Budget Resolution
  59. Firedoglake calls out PATRIOT Act fear-mongering by Reid and others, blames Reid for lapse
  60. Fox News Radio reports on the Rand Paul / Harry Reid "Patriot" Act battle
  61. HuffPo: Rand Paul And Guns Stall Extension Of The Patriot Act
  62. Rand Paul's Budget FAILS Senate Vote: 7-90
  63. Rand Paul votes against Paul Ryan budget
  64. Statement from Michael Bloomberg praises Harry Reid's move against Rand Paul on PATRIOT.
  65. Harry Reid uses parliment rule during Alabama Senator Sessions speech to sneak Patriot Act
  66. New tea party senator gets Senate's attention
  67. Joe Arnold WHAS KY: Rand Paul rails against Harry Reid's 'scurrilous attacks'
  68. [Video] Rand Paul on Freedom Watch 5/25/11
  69. New York Times: Patriot Act Battle Could Hinder Investigators
  70. This sounds like Rand won the right to have some amendments heard in return for test vote
  71. Has the NRA supported Rand's 2A Fight?
  72. Nice video of Dem Senator calling out Dirty Harry's sleazy tactic
  73. Rand is a stunning beacon of Liberty in 2011, so rare. I pledge my support for 2016!
  74. Senate Minority Leader Reid: "We killed the Patriot Act."
  75. Further amendments possible on Patriot Act tomorrow, says Reid
  76. GOA: Harry Reid Employs Sleazy Tactics to Block Pro-gun Rand Paul amendment
  77. Where do other Republican senators stand w.r.t. the Patriot Act?
  78. Bluegrass Bulletin: Rand Paul Takes Another Principled Stand
  79. Now it is Mitch Mcconnell that is blocking Rand's Patriot Act Amendments! Call his office!
  80. DRUDGE: Reid likens Rand Paul to terrorist...
  81. WOW: Obama Administration Says Rand Paul Risking National Security by Delaying Patriot Act
  82. Drudge has Reid's fearmongering against Rand over "Patriot" act up
  83. RAND ON CSPAN NOW on Patriot Act
  84. Wired.com details Harry Reid's hypocrisy - great article!
  85. BushBama: White House Pushes Outlandish Claims About PATRIOT Act (Reason)
  86. Harry Reid, Stop Your Fearmongering About Rand Paul (AUDIO)
  87. Fox: PATRIOT Act Won't Expire & a Big Victory for a Freshman Republican Read more: http:/
  88. What Rand Paul's Patriot Act victory says about the tea party
  89. Some reporting of maneuvers on the Patriot Act - I bet the Senate doesn't know
  90. TPMDC deems Rand's speech on the Patriot Act 'Epic' -- which it was
  91. Slate: Rand Paul's Noble Defeat on the Patriot Act
  92. The Atlantic: Rand Paul's Stand Against the Patriot Act
  93. Erick Erickson on McConnell & Kyl opposing Rand's gun amendment, NRA's non-support
  94. Rand on Hannity
  95. Props to Rand Paul for stand against Patriot Act
  96. Rand Paul, a Warrior of Liberty! -- CNN article about Rand Paul and the Patriot Act
  97. Hypocrite Obama on the PATRIOT Act in 2005
  98. Roll Call: Paul Trying the Senate’s Patience
  99. Video - Rand Paul on Freedom Watch - What happened on the Senate Floor
  100. Dennis Miller interviews Rand Paul today (Video)
  101. Rand Paul’s Balancing Act
  102. NRA Claims Rand Paul's Gun Amendment Would Have Hurt Gun Owners More Than PATRIOT Act
  103. Poll - The Patriot Act: do you support its extension?
  104. Look at what Jack Conway did (breaking law) while running against Rand.
  105. Washington Post saying Rand showed his power yesterday. Trumped even Leahy.
  106. Bluegrass Bulletin: OMG, What Has Rand Paul Done?
  107. NewsBusters: NYT Ignores Reid's Patriot Act Hypocrisy, Embraces the Act in Obama Era
  108. NPR: Rand Paul, Tea Party Ask: What About Privacy?
  109. Why did Rand vote "present" on the patriot act insteade of nay?
  110. [Video] Thom Hartmann features Rand's epic speech on his Russia Today TV show
  111. Moffett supporter caused some feathers to ruffle over their "Tea Party no support of Paul"
  112. Rand discusses his 5 year budget with local news station
  113. Senator Paul's hometown newspaper (Neo-Con owned) defends extending Patriot Act.
  114. Great article on Senator Paul and Patriot Act from NPR!
  115. New York Times on Rand's stand against the Patriot Act and his time in senate so far
  116. Ed Schultz fill in gives coverage of Rand's opposition
  117. Can someone make a Youtube w/ Reid opposing then favoring Patriot Act?
  118. A different kind of public service
  119. PBS discusses the Patriot Act renewal
  120. Rand Paul Calls for Jailing People Who Attend Radical Political Speeches?
  121. Say it ain't so: Rand Paul calling for jailing of those who listen to radical political sp
  122. Scott Horton
  123. Rand Paul needs to run for president
  124. Courier-Journal: Rand Paul explains his position on Patriot Act
  125. Rand needs to clarify is his comments quick
  126. Rand Paul answers WHAS Mandy McConnell over Sean Hannity show statement.
  127. Sen. Paul Schedules News Conference To Talk Terrorism 10:30am EST
  128. C-J video of Rand talking about terrorism, background checks, etc
  129. Sen. Paul is late to the visa issue he campaigned on
  130. What was the NRA thinking?!?!
  131. Rand was on Leland Conway's radio show this afternoon per twitter (I don't have the audio)
  132. Colbert smears Rand tonight (6-8-2011)
  133. Rand Paul invited to CNN Situation Room Tonight
  134. Rand will be on air with Dennis Miller 'soon' per twitter - link to listen inside
  135. Rand Paul says being on a ticket with his dad would be "too weird"
  136. With tongue in cheek, Rand Paul offers 'clean' debt-limit amendment
  137. Rand Paul argues for 'more restrained' foreign policy, says Congress left out
  138. Audio: Rand Paul foreign policy speech at John Hopkins University
  139. Rand will be on Special Report with Bret Baier
  140. Rand Paul and the Tea Party’s foreign policy
  141. Rand Paul Outlines Foreign Policy | Russia Today
  142. Rand Paul coming up on Hannity
  143. ThinkProgress: Rand Paul Worried Legal Immigrant Students Will Attack Us
  144. Rand will be on Cavuto on FBN tonight @ 5 Central
  145. Rand Paul opinion piece in Washington Times: Obama’s unconstitutional Libyan war
  146. Rand Paul & Dennis Kucinich Talk About Obama Libya Lawsuit On CNN
  147. Press release: Sen. Paul Responds to Obama’s Mishandling of Libyan War
  148. Rand Paul bashes Obama's action in Libya on the Senate Floor (video)
  149. Rand Paul on Hannity (Frank Luntz Special) RIGHT NOW
  150. Frank Luntz: RAND has MOST LIKEABILITY of ANY candidate he's EVER polled the audience on
  151. [Video] Rand Paul at Small Business & Entrepreneurship Committee hearing 6/16/11
  152. New Player in Kentucky Politics, The Wife of Rand, Kelley Paul!
  153. Inside the Office of Senator Rand Paul - An Intern's Blog
  154. Rand Paul's Wife Taking Larger Political Role
  155. New York Times: Rand and Rubio
  156. Would Mitch McConnell and Kentucky Politicians Support Putting Peter King into Gitmo?
  157. Rand on Frank Luntz last nite?
  158. Rand Paul moves out of dad's place
  159. Rand got a new place in DC near the Capital
  160. [Video] Rand Paul at HELP Committee hearing 6/21/11
  161. [VIDEO] 6/21/11 CNN: Rand Paul with Wolf Blitzer
  162. Support Rand Paul
  163. What's Another $2.4 Trillion? by Sen. Rand Paul
  164. Senator Paul crushes TSA Searches in Committee meeting.
  165. Rand Paul on Welfare and Charity
  166. Senator Rand Paul's response to POTUS Obama's Afghan speech tonight.
  167. Sen. Rand Paul Testifies on the REINS Act today (Video)
  168. Rand will get hearing to investigate security lapses in BG terrorism case on July 13th
  169. I love this picture of Rand
  170. Rand may be playing in the Congressional Baseball Game
  171. Salon: Rand Paul as Dumb as He Sounds?
  172. [Video] Rand Paul vs. Cass Sunstein at committee hearing on federal regulations 6/23/11
  173. Kentucky GOP Party rule change causes Tea Party uproar
  174. Rand Paul Action on Senate Floor...
  175. [Video] Rand Paul on The Situation Room 6/29/11
  176. [Video] Rand Paul on Freedom Watch 6/29/11
  177. Per Rand's Twitter he will be on Hannity radio and Lou Dobbs radio today
  178. [Video] Rand Paul on senate floor: "I'm here Mr. President. Where are you?"
  179. [Audio] Rand Paul on the G. Gordon Liddy Show 7/01/11
  180. [Video] Rand Paul on C-SPAN's Newsmakers, says he will filibuster senate next week...
  181. [Video] Rand Paul on American Family Radio Network 6/28/11
  182. Rand Paul Plans Senate Filibuster Over Debt Ceiling
  183. Let’s Not Linger in Afghanistan (NYT editorial for July 4th, co-authored by Rand Paul)
  184. [Video] Rand Paul speaks on senate floor about the debt ceiling 7/05/11
  185. Rand Paul dares Dems to hold immediate vote to raise taxes
  186. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox News 7/05/11
  187. Rand Paul successful in getting senate to focus on debt ceiling
  188. Rand Paul plans Iowa tour
  189. SPLC names Sen. Rand Paul a "radical extremist" in latest newsletter
  190. Politico: Freshman Republican senators go guerilla
  191. [Video] Rand explains to senate why raising taxes doesn't work and we need a BBA
  192. Rand Paul will be on AC360 tonight (show starts at 10 pm ET)
  193. [Video] Rand Paul on CNN Newsroom 7/06/11
  194. [Audio] Rand Paul On The Mandy Connell Show 7-6-11
  195. Rand Paul calls out Democrat leadership for dragging their feet on debt ceiling discussion
  196. Rand Paul will be back at Fancy Farm this year
  197. [Video] Rand Paul on Bloomberg TV 7/07/11
  198. [Video] Rand Paul on Debt and Deficit Reduction Talks 7/7/11
  199. Rand PAC: Email
  200. Rand Paul's State Director Jim Milliman Hospitalized -per MSNBC
  201. Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell forge a friendship (includes 1 of the better pictures of Rand)
  202. Sen. Paul: Boehner has ‘no plan’ to balance the budget
  203. Rand's Statement On Ron's Not Seeking Reelection
  204. Differences of the Pauls simplified?
  205. [Video] Rand Paul at Homeland Security committee hearing for BG terrorism case
  206. Sen. Rand Paul calls on Obama to apologize for Social Security scare tactics
  207. Barton's Republican team no match for Democrats in congressional baseball game
  208. Rand Paul puts hold on confimation vote for FBI head Mueller, wants questions answered
  209. Rand Paul featured in Cut, Cap, & Balance video ad
  210. Rand is speaking at a dinner in N. Kentucky on July 22nd
  211. Rand Paul at "Drug Courts" rally on Tues
  212. Senator Rand Paul to Britney Spears: 'what would you do about the debt crisis?'
  213. Rand Paul to be on Hannity radio today
  214. Rand Paul will be The Kudlow Report tonight 7/19/11
  215. Rand to be on Lou Dobbs (7/20)
  216. Zionist Michael Savage likes Herman Cain...
  217. Rand's Statement on House Passage of Cut, Cap and Balance Act
  218. Rand Paul supports Boehner's debt ceiling hike scheme
  219. RAND PAUL on 630 WMAL Radio 7/20/11
  220. [Video] Rand Paul on America's Newsroom 7/20/11
  221. [Audio] Rand Paul interviewed by Robert Scott Bell for Ames moneybomb radiothon
  222. Rand Paul will be on Hannity Fox News show tonight 7/20/11
  223. Time.com blogger: Rand Paul Has Some Lame Questions for FBI Chief Robert Mueller
  224. Rand Meets With FBI Director (follow-up press release)
  225. Mueller term extended for 2 years by Senate
  226. Got robocalled from Rand Paul on behalf of CFL
  227. My only picky critique for Rand
  228. In case you missed any Rand Paul media this week...
  229. Rand Opposes Debt Deal to Add +$7 Trillion to Debt
  230. Rand Paul coming up on The Dennis Miller Show
  231. Rand Responds to President Obama’s Address
  232. Rand on Glenn Beck right now...
  233. Rand Paul to Endorse Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate in Texas
  234. Rand Paul will be on Hannity radio show today 7/26/11
  235. Rand On Glenn Beck Right Now!
  236. Rand Sends Letter to GOP House Members OPPOSING Debt Limit Extension Bill
  237. [Video] Rand Paul on Your World w/ Neil Cavuto 7/26/11
  238. What's the name of Rand's new bill?
  239. Rand on Owensboro radio yesterday [AUDIO]
  240. Rand Paul goes On the Record with Greta Van Susteren tonight at 10 pm ET
  241. [Audio] Rand Paul on CBC's The Current 7/27/11
  242. [Video] Rand Paul at "Hold the Line" Tea Party rally in Washington DC 7/27/11
  243. [Video] Rand Paul at press conference for Full Faith and Credit Act
  244. [Audio] Rand Paul on The Lars Larson Show 7/25/11
  245. Rand Paul on the Jack B. Show 7/27/11
  246. Rand Paul coming up on The Bill Bennett Show (Byron York hosting)
  247. Rand Paul calls John McCain a troll?
  248. What would a vote on Rand's budget look like today?
  249. Rand Paul cancels this week’s visit to Iowa
  250. Rand Paul and Connie Mack on Hannity radio show 7/28/11