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  1. Want to See an Independent Poll of how Phil Moffett is Doing?
  2. UK's Telegraph: Libyan rebel commander admits fighters have al-Qaeda links
  3. Why US/UK are supporting Al Quaeda in Libya but opposed Al Qaeda in Iraq?
  4. Louisville Courier-Journal: Does running for president come back to bite at home?
  5. Whoa! Rand On Larry Kudlow Show
  6. David Frum: Rand's plan to eliminate foreign aid has a "sinister edge"
  7. Senate newbie Rand Paul makes a big splash in DC
  8. GOP should stop picking "winners," pick Rand Paul (why aiming for moderates is bi-losing)
  9. Draft RAND Paul 2012 - time is critical - take action now!
  10. Larry Sabato says Rand "wouldn't be in the top tier"
  11. Rand Paul: odds good 1 of Pauls will run for prez
  12. Rundown: Bellarmine & Pikeville College Win National Titles and Kentucky back in the Final
  13. Counterfeit Facebook Ads Undermine Phil Moffett & FSP
  14. www.draftrandpaul2012.com - sign the petition
  15. The Phil Harmon/Phil Muffett campaign needs name recognition.
  16. Sen. Rand Paul to Offer Response to President Obama’s Address (Link to live feed)
  17. David Adams, does it again in latest campaign email.....
  18. Rand has endorsed no one in KY Governor's race
  19. If you go on Twitter... typical Neo-Cons who hate Ron Paul love Rand Paul's Obama response
  20. Rand's Libya response is at the top of Breitbart.tv
  21. Why Does Rand Get So Much Favorable Coverage When Ron Doesn't?
  22. Rundown: President Obama is now going "Full Bush."
  23. The interesting things is...
  24. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox & Friends 3/30/11
  25. Rand Paul being used as a pariah in Upcoming New Mexico Senatorial Race
  26. Rundown: 99 Problems and Jay Z may have caused one for UK and Media is on Gatewood Payroll
  27. Lawrence O'Donnell's show
  28. John David Dyche: Rand Paul's balanced budget
  29. Politico: "The Justin Biebers of Politics" (Rand Paul)
  30. The truth about Senator Paul and Senate Resolution 85. Lawrence O'Donnell owes retraction.
  31. Fighting Rand Echoing the Spirit of Barry Goldwater
  32. Rand Paul on Senate floor now arguing against action in Libya....
  33. Marco Rubio on Cavuto attacks Ron and Rand Paul
  34. Rand Pac facebook page up as well as website.
  35. [Video] Rand cracks jokes at the Congressional Correspondents Dinner - MUST SEE
  36. Comedy Stylings Of Rand Paul At The Congressional Correspondents' Dinner
  37. Could use some twitter refutation of the meme that 'Rand lies' when it is MSNBC lying
  38. Tea Party standard bearer comes to area (video. And then more video)
  39. National Review OnLine: [Rand] Paul Speaks Out on Libya
  40. Politico -Weiner, Wilmore score laughs at Congressional Correspondents Dinner
  41. Kentucky Senator Paul berates Obama for 'cavalierly taking us to war'
  42. The Hill :Sen. Paul: Obama is ‘hypocritical’ for engaging US in ‘third war’
  43. Rundown: Moody's downgrades issuer rating on Kentucky. We're screwed.
  44. Rand Paul's Impish Amendment
  45. O'Donnell lies even more blatantly about Rand and Resolution 85
  46. Rand Paul on Libya military action: lawmakers should be 'outraged'
  47. Attack DOG L. O’Donnall Absolutely has no Conscience – Should be Fired for Rand Paul comm
  48. A Leftist blog that had parroted ODonnell prints retraction. Wow. Principles!
  49. Picture with Rand and De Mint, article on tea party rally in DC today
  50. Some pictures of Rand et al at the tea party thing in DC 3/31 - images by M.P.Jantzen
  51. SR 85 extra info coming out....
  52. Rand Shuts Down the Senate?
  53. Six Senators Smear Rand Paul
  54. [Video] Rand Paul speaks at Tea Party Patriots rally 3/31/11
  55. Sens. Paul, Lee Issue Dear Colleague to Senate Leadership (Over Libya)
  56. Reason magazine: Obama's War That Isn't a War
  57. Phil Moffett Money Bomb Looking like a Bomb
  58. Photos: Rand Paul at the University of Iowa
  59. Rand Paul: Some think I’m not enough Ron Paul
  60. Tax Day Tea Party Renion w/ SENATOR Rand Paul
  61. Rand Paul out-libertarians Ron Paul? On one issue, Downsize DC says this is so.
  62. CSPAN Covering Rand Paul in Iowa
  63. Activism Idea on Rand Paul's Resolution on Libya
  64. Rand Paul visits Iowa: Urges GOP not to compromise
  65. Two outsiders, Ron and Rand Paul, intend to make mark in Iowa
  66. National Review: Paul Rankles Reid on Libya
  67. [MUST READ] The Senate and the No-Fly Zone: The Legend Begins
  68. Rand Paul mocks Newt Gingrich's marriages and Fox News' stance on Libya
  69. As we told you last week: SR 85 and Rand Paul story is a way for MSNBC and White House ...
  70. hotair: Bad news: Rand Paul outsmarts, embarrasses slow-witted Democrat
  71. The Liberal problem in Libya and the Rand Paul problem at home. (Jack Hunter video)
  72. Just saw Rand interviewed on "Roll Call"
  73. Moffett hit again over Libertarian’s petition
  74. Rundown: Kentucky the big loser on unemployment and Patirck Towles picks UK.
  75. Senator Rand Paul says he's ready to run in 2012 for President.
  76. Was There Really An Imminent Humanitarian Crisis In Libya?
  77. What is this poop? I really hope he loses in November.
  78. MSNBC Untruthful About Sen. Rand Paul's Views on Libya
  79. Rand Paul interview with 'Tea Party Goes to Washington' editor Kate Hartson
  80. [MUST READ] Detailed breakdown of Senate Resolution 85 bait and switch
  81. I'm not into posting music but, the title and lyrics are so true right now.
  82. Toady is the Phil Moffett Money Bomb
  83. HuffPo: Rand Paul "impressed" and "wowed" Iowa Republicans
  84. [2012] Rand Paul commits to Ralph Reed's 'Faith and Freedom' conference
  85. The whole Libya hotline reminds me of tonight's Daily Show....
  86. There's talk
  87. Rundown: Stank weed and Libya talk including Senator Rand Paul.
  88. McCain says Senate will vote to table Rand Paul's anti-Libya war resolution
  89. Press Releasify: Senator Rand Paul and Libya
  90. C4L re: recent vote on Rand's Libya res-Senators Terrified to Vote on Rand Paul Resolution
  91. [Video] Rand Paul floor speech on authority for war in Libya
  92. Mike Lee’s office reopens after white powder scare
  93. Paul Ryan 10-year budget all over news
  94. Ron Paul Running: "I get every indication"- Rand Paul
  95. News coverage of vote on Rand's amendment adopting own Obama's words from '07
  96. AP: Moffett’s online fundraiser takes in $10,000
  97. Skye Magazine in Bowling Green takes on City Smoking Ban.
  98. RedState calls out duplicity over so called 'unanimous resolution' of Senate 4 Libyan nfz
  99. Rand Paul on Lou Dobbs
  100. Those we don't speak of...
  101. Lawrence O'Donnell Admits Lying about Rand Paul, But Blames Rand Paul
  102. Glenn Reynolds on defeat of Rand's Lybia war powers amendment
  103. The Constitution, The War Powers Resolution, & Libya: Rand Paul Defends Congressional...
  104. Rand Paul feels Ready to Run for President in 2012
  105. Kokesh gets his own show on Russia Today, and Now Stef Molyneux is going to be a regular.
  106. Firedoglake: The Incredible Shrinking Congressional Assertion of Authority in War Powers
  107. The Rand Paul Love Affair Grows
  108. Why mentioning Sen. Rand Paul's Libya vote doesn't really matter........
  109. D.C. hacks try to keep Rand out of PPP Presidential poll.
  110. Rand Paul:Regulating Black Lung Might Be Too Expensive
  111. Sen. Paul Proposes Government Shutdown Prevention Act of 2011
  112. Gatewood needs a new running mate and he'd have my vote.
  113. Rand ALMOST says the GOP has crappy leadership but steps on his tongue...on Laura Ingraham
  114. Huffington Post: Rand Paul: Regulating Black Lung Could Be Too Pricey For Big Coal
  115. Sen. Paul Speaks about his "Government Shutdown Prevention Act of 2011" FOX 4/8/11
  116. [Video] Rand Paul on Stossel 4/07/11
  117. [Video] Rand Paul on CNBC 4/08/11
  118. Rand paul on cnn in a few minutes
  119. [Video] Rand Paul on Cavuto 4/08/11
  120. Rand Paul will be on Hannity tonight
  121. How government can fuel jobs!
  122. Fwiw
  123. So I've been M.I.A. since the election. What's Rand been doing?
  124. Jennifer Rubin: Rand Paul loses, America wins
  125. Rand Paul Won't Run on Same Ticket as Ron Paul
  126. Rand Paul Seeks Formal Rebuke of Obama for Bombing Libya
  127. Lawmakers sound off about temporary budget deal (VIDEO)
  128. WHAS 11: Lawmakers sound off about temporary budget deal (video and article - w/ Rand)
  129. How Much Would You Support a Romney and Rand Paul Ticket in the General Election?
  130. Monday: Rand Paul will be on Beck show w/ Judge Nap at 5 PM Eastern
  131. Rand Paul will vote against budget deal; calls cuts negligible
  132. Rand Paul invokes Ayn Rand on efficiency
  133. Rand Paul will be on Hannity radio show today
  134. Sen. Rand Paul Rips Collective at Energy and Natural Resources Committee Hearing
  135. Graham, Paul and Lee to Introduce Social Security Reform Tomorrow
  136. Rand Paul drops Ayn Rand bomb at congressional hearing
  137. Rand Paul might filibuster budget agreement
  138. Rand (with Graham and Lee) Coming up on Fox
  139. The Hill: GOP senators: Raise retirement age to 70
  140. Weigel: Rand Paul Introduces Non-Privatization Social Security Reform
  141. Key Points on the Social Security 'means testing' as proposed by Rand et al.
  142. National Review: A Senate Trio Takes on Social Security Reform
  143. Hannity.com: Paul for President?
  144. Slate Reporter watches Obama's budget speech with Rand
  145. For those who think Rand should be someone's Vice President
  146. [4/13/11]: Sen. Rand Paul on Bloomberg News discussing Social Security Plan
  147. CBS News: Rand Paul backs down from threat to filibuster budget bill
  148. [Video] Press conference for Paul/Graham/Lee Social Security reform bill
  149. Rand Needs To Address Eventual Unemploment Of Government Employees
  150. Rand Paul on the cover of this month's The American Conservative magazine
  151. [Video] Sen. Rand Paul addresses the spending cut agreement
  152. PPP poll results including Rand against Obama (Ron not polled)
  153. Means testing Social Security?
  154. [Video] Rand Paul vigorously defends the Tea Party on Senate floor
  155. [Video] Rand Paul speaks at press conference for Americans for Tax Reform
  156. [Video] Rand Paul on Stossel 4/14/11
  157. Rand Paul to speak at Bowling Green 'Tax Day' event this afternoon
  158. 6 yr old TSA victim is from Rands Bowling Green
  159. Rand and Mike Lee cosponsor De Mint's reintroduction of term limit bill
  160. Rand Paul will be on CNN's State of the Union Sunday morning
  161. Paul skeptical of raising debt ceiling -- Rand's speech at tax day tea party event
  162. Hundreds Attend Tax Day Tea Party (VIDEO)
  163. Rand Paul's views on online gambling?
  164. Senator Paul visits eastern Kentucky
  165. Someone should buy Rand a real bicycle for his birthday or something. I feel badly for him
  166. Real poll in Kentucky's gov race
  167. Rand Paul: Spending cuts must include Pentagon
  168. Rand Paul: Both Sides Will Have To Compromise To Reach A Budget Deal
  169. Sen. Paul dismisses debt default warnings
  170. PageOneKentucky says Mitch might not plan on running for office again and might be
  171. What's your most Surreal Rand Paul Photo?
  172. Rand Paul questioned about possible presidential bid in Lexington
  173. So think progress now attacks Ayn Rand and ties Sen. Rand Paul and Rep. Ron Paul.....
  174. Denninger is ripping apart Rand on his timidity with the Debt Celiling
  175. Prostitution in Bowling Green History explored....
  176. Seems our favorite Mole is now there to get us video! Rand at Chamber of Commerce meeting.
  177. Former Kentucky Supreme Court Justice and he is a closet libertarian.....
  178. Paul Sounds Familiar Themes In Lexington Speech
  179. Rand Paul files for re-election to the US Senate
  180. Rand Paul getting Slammed on YahooNews
  181. Rand Paul speaks at luncheon in Lexington
  182. Sen. Paul says he's willing to risk losing re-election to take on SS then Medicare
  183. The Nation: Rand Paul's Right About This: 'The Military Budget is Going to Have to be Cut'
  184. Nice summary of Rand's Kentucky appearances this week
  185. Senator Rand Paul at Commerce Lexington's Public Policy Luncheon
  186. Rand Paul: Excluding the Congress when going to war is a bad precedent (video)
  187. Rand in Ashland
  188. Rand Paul mentioned on NPR (AUDIO)
  189. "Paul Ryan, Rand Paul Clash Privately Over Budget " -- Dang.... OUR Rand?
  190. Rand Paul, please tell Glenn Beck the dollar is not losing its value!
  191. Is it me or is Jake making a Libertarian argument about Louisville Food Trucks?
  192. Is Moffett not good at balancing his own books or is his staff incompetant asks GOP....
  193. Rand Paul about to be on WBGN Local Sports Talk show (Live Link)
  194. Would there be support for a chip in to buy Rand comfortable -- but decent looking shoes ?
  195. AG Jack Conway is now going after Pabst?!? The man's wife works for a bourbon Company!
  196. Senator Rand Paul on the Nation's Debt (Video WBKO)
  197. AG Jack Conway's opponent's web ad. Good or Bad?
  198. What happens when a WKU President and Senator Rand Paul get together? Batting Practice.
  199. Rand Paul sells out and decides to play ball with Fed Reserve Bank Chairman.......
  200. Bill Johnson Has Only 1/25th of the Money on Hand his Primary Opponent does
  201. Phil Moffett Campaign screws up and then tries to blame KREF. Nice job being accountable?
  202. Tom Eblen as a Douchebag
  203. The Spewing Hate Our Movement Faces
  204. [Politico] Rand and Ron Paul: The libertarian Kennedys
  205. Supreme Court rebels against Constitution, will not fast track Obamacare challenge.
  206. Craziest Debate happening ever?
  207. Rand Paul will be on "The 700 Club" this morning
  208. Rand Paul will be on One to One with Bill Goodman this Sunday
  209. Rand Paul Radio interview (20 minute video) Talks about Senate Bball team and Father 2012.
  210. Ron Paul Buttons and Rand Paul buttons on Sale in Bowling Green......
  211. politico: freshmen senators marco rubio and rand paul compete for tea party mantle
  212. Rand Paul speaks out about his father running, "The interesting....." (Serious quote! LOL)
  213. Ron Paul Announces
  214. Rand's Senate Webpage Updated
  215. Liberal Resident in Kentucky Fearful of Rand Paul in 2016
  216. Bluegrass Bulletin carries this warning article on the Fed
  217. [YouTube] Senator Rand Paul on the 700 Club
  218. Beware of the Huckabee/Herman Cain “fairtax“!
  219. Rand wants to see the original long-form of Trump's Republican registration
  220. Rand Paul hits Mitt and the Donald -- nice write up
  221. Rand Paul releases statement on death of Bin Laden
  222. Rand makes cover of Reason Magazine "interesting"
  223. Rand Paul's pesonal fianances
  224. Vote for Kentucky for PPP to poll Rand's approval ratings
  225. Obama and Biden to visit Fort Campbell, KY
  226. Spokesman for Imperialist Wing of the Tea Party Approves of Presidential Death Squads
  227. Is Rand promoting Ron's moneybomb and debate?
  228. Rand Paul will probably be the first libertarian President
  229. Senator Rand Paul speaks out about the debt ceiling vote [VIDEO]
  230. By God He's Learning - Glenn Beck is Almost Down the Rabbit Hole!
  231. Is Rand at the Kentucky Derby?
  232. Rand Paul can beat President Obama
  233. Fishwrap Paper writes about Kentucky's Senators
  234. Senator Paul, Most interesting man in the Senate. (Reason Magazine Article)
  235. Senator Rand Paul, Tea Party and Phil Moffett make the WKU Photojournalism video.....
  236. Rand Paul blasts NLRB complaint against Boeing, asks whether Obama has "enemies list"
  237. Sen. Paul Calls for Action on Federal Budget ‘This crisis requires serious fiscal......
  238. Sen. Rand Paul on Cavuto Now!
  239. [VIDEO] Healthcare: Sanders vs Paul
  240. Rand Paul/Reagan Comparisons Again
  241. Does Rand Paul Receive Bags of Hate Mail?
  242. Rand's office in Louisville...
  243. With Less than a Week Before Primary: David Williams Leading by 26 Points in Governor Race
  244. Questions for Rand Paul Front Page Zambig.com
  245. Anyone in Louisville, KY willing to help me out?
  246. [Video] Lawrence O'Donnell on Rand's slavery remarks
  247. Limbaugh Picked Up on Rand's Comments.
  248. Gurley Martin was cheering on Ron's money bomb on debate day - go Gurley!
  249. [Video] Cenk spazzes out over Rand's slavery remark
  250. [Video] Sen. Rand Paul Calls for Action on Federal Budget