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  1. Really good quotes from Rand's book in this Parker Spitzer thing, prior to Rand's show
  2. Kossack Laments Letterman's Killer Instinct With Rand
  3. But for conflating Rand with Rumsfield (?!) this is a nice take on Rand's Letterman show
  4. VIDEO: WHAS11. Joe Arnold talks with two freshman senators
  5. Fox Nation: Rand Paul Schools Letterman
  6. Ron/Rand on tax increases/cuts for the rich...
  7. Rand's book #36 on Amazons Top Selling Books List
  8. Sen. Rand Paul to David Letterman: Al Franken says you're not that funny
  9. Rand Paul vs. Elliot Spitzer, round 2 - coming up at 8:00 ET
  10. Rand Paul writes fund-raising letter for Bowling Green think tank
  11. Letterman And Rand Paul Engage In Spirited Debate Over Education, Class And Taxes
  12. Rand was the subject of a question on Jeopardy tonight
  13. New Senatorsí Goals May Be Shaped by Their Styles -- and apparently Rubio is a wuss....
  14. Reason (and Thomas Woods): Rand Paul vs. David Letterman
  15. Rand Paul wants a constitutional convention convened. Holy crap!
  16. Here's Rand 2/25 on Freedomwatch
  17. WaPo puts Rand in 'Top Political Newcomers' but puts someone I don't know (likely Dem) 1st
  18. Rand Paul Gives Letterman an Economics Lesson
  19. Grover Norquist attacks Donald Trump’s trade policy and makes crap up!
  20. I didn't see this posted. Sen. Paul on Judge Nap.
  21. Why Isn't Rand Adressing Medicare & Medicaid?
  22. Deficits and Oatmeal -- your typical, new 'conservative' Congressman on the budget
  23. Rand will be with the Judge on FOX NEWS CHANNEL tonight -- we should support the move 2FNS
  24. Forbes.com: Kentucky, Not California, Is Financially The Worst Run State In America
  25. Rundown: Finally, February is over. This month kinda sucked. Happy Birthday Tayshaun Princ
  26. Book Review: The Tea Party Goes to Washington
  27. Sen. Rand Paul Educates David Letterman on the Economy
  28. Rand Paul will be on the Peter Schiff Show March 1st
  29. Letterman talking about Rand!
  30. De Facto Decriminalization of Marijunana Passes in Kentucky Senate.
  31. pageonekentucky has Rand's Parker/Spitzer interview; asking 4 comments re social security
  32. Salon: Rand Paul Isn't far removed from Charlie Sheen
  33. The Collins Shirt...Limited time only
  34. Bluegrass Bulletin: Rand Paul Keeping His Word, Again
  35. Jack Hunter was on Michael Savage's show talking about Rand
  36. Brent Bozell on the Rand Paul "chainsaw massacre"
  37. Senator Paul Votes No on Continuing Resolution
  38. Rand Paul to speak at GOP 'Night of the Rising Stars' on April 2 in Iowa
  39. Ew. Lindsay Graham is working with Rand on the Social Security bill.
  40. Rand coming up on Cavuto at 4 pm ET
  41. Rand on the continuing resolution to allow more borrowing:
  42. Kentucky House passes law to make fireworks legal --
  43. Paul to headline Monday Meeting
  44. Rand Paul's official portrait released!
  45. Rand KY Book Signing - Bowling Green + Louisville
  46. Rundown: I may lose a finger on 4th of July and Laissez Bon Temps Rouler. It's Mardi Gras!
  47. Sen. Rand Paul heads to Iowa
  48. U.S. Senator [Rand Paul] Plans Bill to Kill Swipe Fee Reform
  49. Dennis Miller talks to Rand Paul Again
  50. Did Rand vote for intervention in Libya?
  51. Article: "Rand Paul Is Right, To A Point"
  52. Senators Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul propose restrictions on EPA over mine permits
  53. Senator John Kerry...... least often votes with.....Senator Rand Paul....
  54. Franken hosts first mentor meeting with Rand Paul
  55. Rand Paul adds New Hampshire trip in April
  56. GOP spending hawks threaten to hold bills
  57. Did you know there was a 'RandPac'?
  58. Paul and McConnell introduce legislation to prevent EPA from stalling mine permits
  59. Letterman Questions His Betters
  60. Rand trapped in a mini interview during book signing - video
  61. [Video] Rand speaks on Senate floor for legislation to rein in the EPA
  62. [Video] Rand gives Senate floor presentation on why Social Security is broken
  63. Just a speech pattern from Senator Paul that may need a tweak......
  64. Bunch of Rand Paul interviews (incl. Dennis Miller)
  65. [Video]: Rand Paul's Address on the budget (3/4/11)
  66. Rand Paul and his 7 Republican Peers Issue an Ulitmatum in regard to Future Legislation
  67. DailyPaul.com - DailyPaul.com - RTR.ORG
  68. How to Identify RPF Members at Louisville Book Signing?
  69. Paul & McConnell op-ed: Standing up to EPA's war on coal
  70. Bowling Green Daily News: Paul shows he delivers on his promises
  71. Sen. Paul talks to Kentucky Farm Bureau
  72. Pictures: Rand At Louisville Book Signing
  73. Joel Skousen Part 2: Election 2012 - Deception & War
  74. Fox41 video of Rand at book signing
  75. Paul book signing draws diverse crowd
  76. Rand Paul to be on the Daily Show Monday night March 7, 2011
  77. Jefferson Quote In Rand Paul Book
  78. WAVE 3 interviews Rand at book signing (video and article)
  79. Ron Paul Straight Talk
  80. Franken hosts first mentor meeting with Rand Paul
  81. Rand Paul to be on the Glenn Beck show at 5 PM ET
  82. More of the Rand and Lindsay show.... Social Security bill due this week....
  83. [VIDEO] Rand Paul and Mike Lee on the Glenn Beck Show (3/7/11)
  84. Congress would benefit from more Rand Pauls
  85. Indecision Forever's Rand Paul on Jon Stewart Pre Show
  86. Senator Mike Lee continues to promote fake balanced budget amendment!
  87. Gurley Martin is on facebook for those who need a Gurley Martin fix.
  88. Salon: Jon Stewart vs. Rand Paul
  89. TPM Aghast that Rand Paul Suggests that Deregulation Facillitated Banking Colllapse
  90. Rand Paul Tells Jon Stewart: American Dollar Backed By 'Used Car And Bad Home Loans'
  91. Bowling Green Daily News: Paul gets taste of limelight on media tour
  92. The Hill: Republicans [w/ Rand] introduce bill to give workers a choice on joining unions
  93. Echo of History: Gatewood Galbraith.
  94. Rand Paul to vote against both Republican and Democratic funding resolutions
  95. Rand's lobbyist reform proposal is discussed in upcoming Stanford Law Review article
  96. Just got a friend request from Gurley L. Martin. How about them apples!
  97. Rand's tax increase talking points...
  98. 3/09/11: Sen. Rand Paul on the senate floor discusses the debt crisis balancing the budget
  99. National Review: Paul Slams Obama, GOP Spending Plans: ĎI Think Itís Out of Controlí
  100. Chamber's challenge: Lobbying for Brent Spence Bridge
  101. Rand Wishes He Had A Magnifying Glass
  102. TooKookyforKentucky website is down?
  103. Any wikipedia gurus out there?
  104. rand mentioned on cenk
  105. Rand Paul's Party of One
  106. 'The Tea Party Goes to Washington' is on Beck's Readling List
  107. (MERGED) Rand Paul Blames Energy Department for Faulty Toilets, Among Other Things
  108. Rand has a 'celebrities spotted' page....
  109. Weíll Block Any Bill Not Focused on Spending, Debt, Reduced Government
  110. ABC Rand Paul's toilet tirade
  111. Light Bulb Law Stokes Fury in Senate Hearing (second New York Times article on hearing)
  112. We The Interns video - Senators Mike Lee and Rand Paul Discuss Constitutionality of Obamac
  113. Rand's defense of toilet freedom makes front page of drudge
  114. Jack Conway is running for AG reelection
  115. [Video] Rand Paul interviewed by Mallory Factory for Forbes.com
  116. Rundown: Papaw vs. The Nanny on WHAS, Cats vs. Rebs should be..... boring.
  117. Jack Hunter (the Southern Avenger) on the Tea Party v. Washington DC
  118. The Hill: Rand Paul thanks Palin for budget endorsement
  119. Sen. Paul Introduced a "Read the Bill" Bill
  120. Hello, Governor Beshear.... Senator Williams.... ANYONE?!?!
  121. Reason asks, "How do we clone Rand Paul?"
  122. If this is Rand's official youtube channel, it should have captions -- just saying
  123. Jack Conway warns supporters of attacks, again
  124. Rand gets historo-analyzed in wacko leftist fashion, or: I never took this class in colleg
  125. 'The Tea Party Goes to Washington' book review in Washington Times
  126. great....so now Lindsey Graham "courted Rand Paul and Mike Lee" on Social Security
  127. De Mint & Rand "becoming a thorn in the side of the Democratic majority". I'm so proud!
  128. Audio of Rand Paul on the Mike Church show. Um, 'the Dudemaker hotline'?
  129. Rand Paul speech to Cato Institute Benefactor Summit in San Diego
  130. McConnell gets a line, Paul a duet
  131. Rand Paul on Rover's Morning Glory radio show
  132. This is interesting -- Rand DIDN'T sign a GOP demand letter... he, Snow and Collins didn't
  133. Rundown: Et tu Brute? The daily stabbing (and humping of football) of policy makers.....
  134. Press Releaseify: Senator Williams.
  135. Letter from Congressman Guthrie about Afghan war
  136. Reason: Rand Paul: "Bill Clinton should be considered preferable to Bush"
  137. Rand Paul and Mike Lee will be on Kudlow (CNBC) some time after 7:30 PM
  138. Gurley L. Martin for Ron Paul in 2012
  139. Sen. Rand Paul Introduces $200B in Spending Cuts
  140. Rand Paul 2012 Speculation Brewing in South Carolina?
  141. The Hill: Rand Paul ratchets his proposed spending cuts down to $200B
  142. Trey Grayson thinks Rand isn't very effective
  143. More on Rand's relationship with Al Franken
  144. Rundown: Yes, Clinton was better than Bush, not saying much. Little Comets Are in Texas
  145. TheDC Morning: OK, OK! Rand Paul will settle for a measly $200 in budget cuts!
  146. OK... did you ever think Talib Kweli would tweet Rand Paul quotes?
  147. Jack Hunter is doing well via Senator Paul's book. (Charleston Paper)
  148. US senators seek hearings on surface mining rules
  149. Order Townhall Magazine for $34.95 and get The Tea Party Goes to Washington FREE!
  150. [Video] Rand Paul interviewed by Reason's Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch
  151. Approps chairman attacks Sen. Paul spending cuts, saying they would shutdown government ag
  152. Rand Paul on Fox Business 3/16/2011 - Video
  153. Senator Paul's stance on the Drug War and a video that needs to be spread.....
  154. Rand interviewed by African American Conservatives (audio)
  155. Why do you guys like Rand Paul so much?
  156. Senator Paul releasing another Budget plan today....
  157. Press Releasify: Gatewood camp spins losing endorsement.
  158. PageOneKentucky asks if Rand shouldn't go to Iraq and Afghanistan on a trip - I said no
  159. [VIDEO] 03/15/11: Sen. Rand Paul and Mike Lee on The Kudlow Report
  160. Rand to speak at Bully Pulpit Series on presidential communication in South Carolina 3/21
  161. Full text of Rand's 5 year to a balanced budget proposal - MUST READ PREFACE
  162. C4L video of Rand's press conference on his 5 year plan to balance the budget
  163. Rand Paul Opposes Military Involvement in Libya
  164. [ABC] Sen. Paul Unveils 5-Year Budget Plan: Eliminates Four Federal Agencies
  165. The Washington Times: HILLYER: Save Edisonís light bulb
  166. Anyone know how to upload a PDF? I have the 60 page budget....
  167. I cannot imagine why the Hill bothered to publish this ranking of Rand Paul
  168. Rand's toilet troubles provide entrepreneurial opportunity
  169. Why Rand's 5 Year Plan Is Ingenious
  170. I think we should drudge bomb Rand's 5 year budget. Other news is squeezing it out
  171. Rand will be on Fox News Sunday [EDIT: Cancelled]
  172. Representative blog (pro) on Rand's 5 year plan: 'Someone Has a Plan! Now Implement It!'
  173. The Other McCain cheers Rand's plan from Asia; congratulates Kentucky on its Senator
  174. Rand will be speaking in N Kentucky March 24 Tea Party event- attend to support budget
  175. American Spectator: Hands Off My Head!
  176. It is official, Reason is swooning over Rand
  177. Almost Nothing Sacred In Rand Paul's Latest Budget Package
  178. Trevor Lyman, who raised millions for Ron Paul's presidential run, to help Phil Moffett
  179. Traces of Radiation from Japanese Nuclear Plant Surface in California
  180. Rand Paul's Five Year Budget Plan: Surplus by 2016, Four Federal Agencies Eliminated
  181. As I've said.... Moffett supports war on drugs on a state level for Kentucky.
  182. National Review: Rand Takes the Reins
  183. Support Rand Paulīs Youtube Channel!
  184. Rand Paul on Freedomwatch YN weekend edition on his 5 year balanced budget plan (video)
  185. Sodahead poll on Rand's budget cuts v Dem and GOP plans
  186. Rand has a Charleston South Carolina book signing Monday
  187. Picture to go with budget cuts
  188. Geoff Davis (R-KY) opposes intervention in Libya
  189. Gurley L Martin gets his website
  190. Will Rand force a vote on a declaration of war in Libya?
  191. Rundown: Hot Chick playing Wonder Woman and President O'Bush showing he's more of the same
  192. The pleasures of conformity, a Conservative Libertarian silver lining
  193. U.S. Sen. Rand Paul fires a new shot at the federal budget
  194. The Agenda: Rand Paul, Tim Scott, rickshaws, Memminger, and more!
  195. Republican doesnít equal Tea Party
  196. You need to check this out
  197. Cato: Rand Paulís Balanced Budget Plan
  198. Someone took pictures at Rand and Jack Hunter's book signing
  199. Happy constituent posts reply from Senator Rand Paul
  200. Would you vote for a Neocon Pres/Rand Paul (nonneocon) VP ticket?
  201. Rundown: Dams and War.... oh and smoking celebrities.
  202. Drudge: Rand Paul testing the waters?
  203. Politico and the Hill pick up the "I won't run against my Dad" story, no new facts
  204. Phil Moffett moneyb0mb website is up [nullifytheFDA.COM]
  205. CBS on Rand running IF Ron decides not to... has an interview with an adviser
  206. Newsmax quotes a statement from Rand on Libya, says it's on his web site. (couldn't find)
  207. Rand Paul coy about presidential ambitions
  208. VOTE!!! h ttp://obama-impeachment.org
  209. Tea Party candidate Phil Moffett says he doesn't want to see Rand Paul run for president
  210. Rundown: Vote for UK Cheerleaders, High School Drop Outs and Libya mess continues.
  211. 2016
  212. Rand is getting trashed in this poll
  213. For those who didn't like Jesse Denton. Page One discusses Rand's former campaign manager
  214. Salon: Rand Paul: The Pat Buchanan of 2012?
  215. Rand is going to 'vocally oppose Obama's handling of Libya' when he returns next week
  216. Pelosi, Rand Paul to Address Congressional Correspondents Dinner
  217. Sen. Rand Paul to Speak at Paducah Rotary Today
  218. Rand Paul at the Paducah Rotary today
  219. Debate on Politico on a President Rand/Ron Paul
  220. Can Tea Party Win in 2012? - Rand Paulís Case Study (dissects his Senate race)
  221. Some were wondering what Thargok was talking about
  222. Rand to filibuster the PATRIOT Act
  223. Listen LIVE: Rand Paul On Mandy Connell Show At 10:35
  224. Senator Paul will be on 84 WHAS at 9:30amcst (discuss POTUS run, Reins Act & 5 yr. Budget)
  225. Rand speaking at Louisville Rotary at 12:15 ET (livestream available)
  226. Sen. Rand Paul ready to 'explore' 2012 bid if...
  227. Free State Project is a Failure..... hmmmm.
  228. Since People are Talking about David Adams....
  229. Anyone have a link to Rand's tea party commercial?
  230. 2012, Kentucky needs some of our people running for State House and Senate any suggestions
  231. OK, I now officially object to the Phil Moffet money bomb Trevor is running, because....
  232. This is not mine.....
  233. Rand Paul for president in 2012?
  234. Drudge: Odds Are Good One Paul Will Enter Race
  235. Tubes of Senator Paul talking about President run with WHAS's Mandy Connell
  236. Moral Problem with Rand for Prez in 2012
  237. KY Senator Rand Paul answers three tough questions
  238. Oldham County High Students Score Interview with Rand Paul
  239. Rand Paul in Newport - Short Video
  240. Rands comments on Libya bombings
  241. Best Governor's Race endorsement of 2011!!!!
  242. Rundown: Crazy as Alex Jones? They're giving away John Wall Stuff!
  243. Joe Arnold of WHAS 11 in Kentucky on: "Rand Paul for President?"
  244. Rand coming up soon on the Dennis Miller Show
  245. Louisville news by liberals on potential Rand run. Good picture, not much else....
  246. [BUMPED] on This Week, this week, Donald Rumsfeld, Sen Jack Reed and Sen Rand Paul -Libya?
  247. Ron Paul Girl at the gun show:
  248. Senator Paul is speaking everywhere and making news, meanwhile.... Jack Conway is....
  249. Late getting this up. Gary Johnson on Bowling Green, Ky. radio after CPAC.
  250. Anyone in Geoff Davis's district want to take his survey on Libya?