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  1. Rand's first floor speech
  2. Education Week: Sen. Rand Paul to Sit on Education Committee
  3. Michael Medved agrees with Rand on cutting foreign aid
  4. [VIDEO] Sen. Rand Paul's first Senate floor speech!
  5. The LA Times covers Rand's first floor speech
  6. WHAS 11 covers Rand's floor speech w/ transcript (if you'd rather read than watch...)
  7. The Wall Street Journal: Rand Paul: No ‘Great Compromiser’
  8. Bluegrass Bulletin covered Rand's speech. (P.S. He liked it.)
  9. Aaaaand....the New York Times on Rand's first floor speech....
  10. Elephants in the Bluegrass calls Rand's speech (and Rand) 'fascinating and startling'
  11. More coverage of Rand's speech
  12. National Review on Rand's first floor speech
  13. Henry Clay Biographer, Prof. David Heidler, Gives his Thoughts on Rand Paul's first speech
  14. Sen. Rand Paul's Official Congressional Website is Online
  15. Rand's speech was Mischievous and BRILLIANT!
  16. [VIDEO] Sen. Rand Paul gives Senate floor speech on healthcare
  17. Yet more from WaPo on Rand's speech...
  18. Rand to participate in Tea Party Town Hall - Tuesday Feb. 8
  19. National Review: Rand Rips
  20. Evangelicals blast Paul on Israel
  21. Rand Paul Web Ad
  22. Prof. David Heidler, Gives his Thoughts on Rand Paul's first Seante Speech
  23. More by National Review: Rand Paul Rising
  24. Christian Science Monitor has Rand as 1 of 8 young politicos to watch..jumps 2 conclusions
  25. Rand giving speech on the Senate floor about Obamacare!
  26. Rand Paul submits 4 amendments to FAA bill.
  27. Roster Changes on Senate Energy Panel Could Threaten Bipartisanship
  28. McConnell congratulates Paul on his maiden senate floor speech
  29. Rand Paul Attacks Flight Attendants’ Safety
  30. Rand Paul Supports Your Right to Keep and Bear Laser Pointers
  31. Rand Paul Follows Dad in Solo Dissent
  32. Rand on the subway with an ABC stalker
  33. [VIDEO] Sen. Paul speaks on Senate floor against Davis-Bacon wage laws
  34. "Demand that Senator Rand Paul abandon his call to end aid to Israel"
  35. Rundown: When will Kentucky take a bold stand on weed like some up north in Indiana?
  36. Original Rand Paul stalker (pre-Pancakes) playing in the Super Bowl
  37. ABC's takeaway article on the 15 minute subway interview with Rand
  38. The Atlantic: Rand Paul's lonely battle against aid to Israel
  39. Rand Paul: 'I'm Not Singling Out Israel'
  40. Paul cosponsors term limit legislation in the Senate
  41. Politico: Rand Paul might run for President
  42. Scientific American Discusses Rand's Science Cuts
  43. Rand's Israel claim rated "true."
  44. GOP senators demand spending cuts of 'no less' than $100 billion
  45. Time: Why Paul Was Right to Oppose Laser Pointer Law
  46. Sen. Rand Paul out of his shell, raising eyebrows
  47. Cenk Uygur gives Rand props for not being a typical gutless politician
  48. More reactions to Rand's proposed foreign aid cuts
  49. Front page of RedState.com featuring Rand's maiden speech in Senate
  50. Senate Conservatives Fund: Two New Senators to Watch
  51. Blinding a pilot with a laser is already illegal: Man sent to federal prison in 2009
  52. Rand Paul on the Lou Dobbs Show 1/31/11
  53. Rand Paul on cover of Washington Times - article
  54. Rep Lowey, shocked by Rand's proposal to end all foreign aid including Israel, g0t $650K
  55. A Modest $500 Billion Proposal
  56. Rand Paul Op-Ed in the WSJ: A Modest $500 Billion Proposal
  57. National Review online, on Rand's WSJ op ed
  58. County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner Set For Saturday
  59. Politico: Rand Paul 'Bring on the cuts!'
  60. Israeli Economists agree with Rand Paul: end foreign aid
  61. Marco Rubio Dismisses Rand Paul’s Tea Party Caucus As A ‘Little Club’ Run By . . .
  62. is the senate vote of patriot act reauthorization soon?
  63. Sen. Coburn open to Rand Paul spending cuts
  64. Rand's bill to subject regulations to Congressional review already has 23 cosponsors
  65. The Daily Dish: Why Bloggers Avoid Writing About Israel
  66. RE: Spending cuts, does Rand know anything about the USPIRG-NTU report? FDL likes
  67. Shimon Soferr: Want peace? Let’s stop financing war
  68. [VIDEO] "What does Senator Paul have against flight attendants anyway?"
  69. Rundown: Phil Moffett is to the Governor's race what Bill Johnson was to the Senate race.
  70. The Hill: Ditching unwritten rules for freshmen, Paul does it his way
  71. Israeli Economists Agree with Rand Paul: End Foreign Aid
  72. [VIDEO] Rand Paul on FoxNews.com 02/08/11
  73. Rand Paul Being Mean To Henry Clay Made McConnell Walk Off Senate Floor
  74. Williams-Farmer releases internal poll saying they have 37-point lead in GOP primary
  75. Is Rand Paul a U.S. Senate action hero?
  76. Will 2012's Ron Paul be...Ron Paul?
  77. [VIDEO] Morning Joe: Rand Paul 2/8/2011
  78. Rand Paul on the Patriot Act
  79. Wonkette on Rand's Clay speech
  80. Rundown: I can't wait till 2011 elections are over and ALL KENTUCKY reps vote to violate..
  81. [VIDEO] Rand Paul on Freedom Watch 2/08/11
  82. Because on Election night I noticed there were a bunch of drunks in the movement.
  83. Sen. Rand Paul releases statement on PATRIOT Act
  84. Now that we know Gatewood polls about as much as Moffett.....
  85. Rand Paul has a LONG way to prove himself.
  86. Rand Paul in a few weeks is running Circles Around his Dad
  87. Senator Rand Paul Is the Real Deal
  88. Rand Paul: 'The Tea Party is having an influence'
  89. Orrin Hatch, Rand Paul and the Rest at the Tea Party Town Hall
  90. Bluegrass Bulletin: Why Rand Paul Shouldn't Be Getting Attention
  91. Check out twitter's response to Rand on the Patriot Act - I hope other pols notice!
  92. The Official "I Unfairly Underestimated Rand Paul and Wish to Atone Publicly" Thread
  93. Drudge bomb Rand on the Patriot Act?
  94. Fox reports on Rand's Patriot Act position
  95. One-on-one with Sen. Rand Paul
  96. Rand Paul to GOP leadership: We were Serious about "Read the Bill"
  97. Rundown: Senator Paul's "Obama" ad wins award and other bitching about politics.
  98. CPAC seems to feature a certain something in their banner ad.....
  99. Attractive, Conservative and British Cougar is scoping out Senator Paul's sons.
  100. PageOne covers Rand on the Patriot Act with minimum snark
  101. Marcus Carey: Rand Paul Is Right To Ask: "Who Do We Want To Be, As A People And A Nation
  102. The Father of Marion County Line blogger has a great bill
  103. Reason - Rand Paul: Breaking the Lame Tradition of Freshman Senators
  104. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day -- & Think Progress is right on the Patriot Act
  105. *cough* Democratic Underground on Rand's opposition to the Patriot Act
  106. Daily Caller calls Rand a 'Lone Freedom Wolf' over the Patriot Act
  107. Brietbart's Big Government challenges conservatives to take a closer look at Patriot Act
  108. [Video] Sen. Rand Paul's speech at CPAC 2011
  109. Rand Paul on Donald Trump: "his chances are less than my father's"
  110. Rand will be on Stossel tonight (9 pm ET)
  111. Rand on Stossel Tonight
  112. [TEWB] Rand Paul @ CPAC CLIP about military cuts
  113. Rand Paul on How to Not be Coopted
  114. WaPo on opening day of CPAC
  115. The Wall Street Journal on CPAC
  116. Rand Paul Opposes Patriot Act Renewal on Constitutional Grounds
  117. Bluegrass Bulletin -- Adams is claiming Rand's endorsement - at least if you don't read
  118. my summary of Rand's speech
  119. Rand Paul Raps GOP's House Budget Plan as Adding Trillions in Debt
  120. Outside the Beltway: Rand Paul Will Oppose PATRIOT Act Reauthorization In The Senate
  121. Marion County Line ties Senator Rand Paul's CPAC speech to Drug Prohibition and a Trap....
  122. Rand will be on CBS's Face the Nation this Sunday
  123. [VIDEO] Rand Paul Interviewed in his Office by WDRB
  124. [VIDEO] Rand Paul Q&A at CPAC
  125. David Weigel has a picture of Rand's new book
  126. Weird. Senator Paul has less than 2,500 people who like his page. Guess the word's not out
  127. Rand Paul Is Growing On Me
  128. SNL has skit with Rand
  129. [Video] Rand Paul on Stossel 2/10/11
  130. Cenk on MSNBC: "Way to go Rand Paul!"
  131. Senator Rand Paul might one day turn sights on White House
  132. Hell of a job Gage Skidmore!
  133. Politico: Rand Paul emerges as fierce libertarian
  134. Morning Joe blasts GOP congressmen and asks why do we only have Senator Paul on the budget
  135. Detailed look at what Rand Paul's spending proposal would cut
  136. Emergency action needed! Stop the patriot act, contact kentucky delegation!
  137. Doug Bandow: Who's an Isolationist?
  138. Look what was at my local bookseller, Rand Paul's new book on sale.... Have you bought it?
  139. This doesn't have to do with Rand's politics but am curious
  140. Pageone is running a Rand Paul / Jim Bunning caption contest...
  141. Politico: Rand Paul out-DeMints Jim DeMint
  142. Straight Up Conversation: Senator Rand Paul on Federal Ed Policy
  143. Marcus Carey estranged from the Paul movement?
  144. Rand Paul Carving His Niche Among Hard Core Republicans
  145. Rand Paul on Federal Education Policy
  146. Cage the Elephant - Kentucky
  147. Can Rand Paul stand long enough to read 1984 on the Senate floor?
  148. Sen. Paul writes letter to fellow senators urging against PATRIOT Act renewal
  149. Rand Takes a Stand --- Patriot Act
  150. Senator Rand Paul's Letter of Opposition to the Patriot Act
  151. [Video] Sen. Rand Paul on Freedom Watch 2/14/11 (discussing PATRIOT Act)
  152. Senator Rand Paul and the Writs of Assistance - Cato
  153. National Review on Rand's opposition to the Patriot Act
  154. Elephants in the Bluegrass - Rand Paul at CPAC
  155. The Atlantic: Rand Paul Vs. the PATRIOT Act
  156. Rand will be on Letterman next week!!!!
  157. HuffPo writer: Rand Paul is a dangerous man
  158. Rand Paul is a Dangerous Man
  159. [Video] Sen. Rand Paul speaks out against the PATRIOT Act on Senate floor
  160. Rand Paul as the New Russ Feingold
  161. Senate passes short-term extension of Patriot Act provisions
  162. [Video] Rand interviewed by Gwen Ifill on PBS NewsHour
  163. [Video] Rand throwing down on the Senate floor regarding the national debt
  164. Rand Paul Right to Work ? Fraud site?
  165. John Yarmuth, Rand Paul and the USA PATRIOT Act
  166. Reid: Rand Pauls proposal to reduce FAA $pending would 'terrorize' air traffic systems
  167. Rundown: Just seems like Senator Paul is everywhere...
  168. Congressman Ben Chandler says Rand Paul will be ‘ripe for the picking’ in 2016
  169. [Video] Rand Paul on Fox & Friends 2/16/11
  170. Roll Call article on the relationship between Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell
  171. People on the Side of liberty
  172. Book Bomb Rand Paul - Tea Party Goes To Washington!
  173. KY blogs cover Rand's position on the Patriot Act, but not the papers or even Joe Arnold
  174. Rand Paul Takes on Proposed UN Small Arms Treaty
  175. Senator Rand Paul Co-Sponsors Resolution of Disapproval to Repeal Net Neutrality
  176. Timothy Gilliam who worked in Sen Paul's "Victory Office" enjoys calling people Paultard..
  177. Did the Patriot Act just pass the US Senate?
  178. Rand Paul on Rothbard - From his new book (Posted in GP)
  179. Rand Paul on Fox News on the Patriot Act.
  180. Rundown: Who needs 12 Angy men when you have 1 Angry Free Man and Gary Johnson hitting KY
  181. PageOneKentucky features Rand's speech to C4L at CPAC (different from main speech)
  182. Rand and Demint only two to vote against closure for federal aviation bill
  183. WaPo - Rand Paul on Sarah Palin, Dostoevsky and dad
  184. Rand Paul on Dennis Miller Show Tonight 2/17/11
  185. Politifact: Rand Paul ending non-military discretionary spending can't balance budget
  186. [Video] Rand on Senate floor: Keep OSHA out of the cockpit!
  187. Rand Paul in Dallas Saturday for Texas GOP reception
  188. PBS's Gwen Ifill calls Rand the 'leader of the I-Meant-What-I-Said' Caucus
  189. Draft Alan Brown Jr. Fan Page created. Support this possible Liberty candidate for Cong.
  190. Budget
  191. Reading list from Rand Paul's book (A libertarian's dream come true)
  192. The Tea Party Goes To Washington Book Bomb!
  193. Will Rand Paul Act as a Bridge Between us Ron Paul Supporters & The Tea Party?
  194. One thing not mentioned about Sen. Paul's new book. The longest chapter is on the topic of
  195. Lobbyists join Capitol Hill staffs
  196. A Message from Jack Hunter on the eve of Rand's Book Bomb
  197. Rundown: Free Man is heading to Frankfort and George Clooney attends "Beehive's".......
  198. ***URGENT*** Phil Moffett And The Tea Parties Oppose The Con Cons Toady
  199. Rand Paul At Barnes And Noble On March 5th!
  200. Picture caption contest.....
  201. VIDEO: Rand's speech to KY lawmakers
  202. PageOneKentucky: "Win A Copy Of Rand Paul’s New Tea Party Book" (really, just buy it.)
  203. Every Congress Member to get Rand Paul's book!
  204. Rand Paul's editor/publisher converted from liberal to libertarian
  205. New Phil Moffett Youtube: Kentucky Is Calling The Tea Party
  206. I want to see Rand on Bill Maher
  207. Rand Paul on the Dennis Miller Show (2/17/2011)
  208. Rand will be on Good Morning America today (Wednesday morning)
  209. Rand Paul Kentucky Constitutional Amendment (Youtube Link)
  210. Free Man In Kentucky Rundown: Frankfort is not my kind of town
  211. How do you like Google's picture for this Rand Paul story?
  212. Rand's book reviews at Amazon
  213. Thomas Woods reviews Rand's book: "Rand Paul’s Tea Party Manifesto"
  214. Sen. Rand Paul on Temporary Budget Extension: 'We’re not even close.' (ABC/GMA article)
  215. Tea Party's Moffett slams Sen. Rand Paul
  216. Rand is pushing for a ConCon?
  217. Mike Church says Yes to ConCon and no to Moffett's opposition to Senator Paul.
  218. Politico picked up on the Moffett thing on con con
  219. Rand will be on Hannity radio show today 2/23
  220. [video] Rand on Nightline Tonight
  221. Thinking of getting a "Ron Paul Forums" inspired shoes.....
  222. Sen. Paul gets Hannity to temper his Foreign policy stance and Says Rand Paul Pres?
  223. Video: CWA union thug strikes young female FreedomWorks activist
  224. Sen. Rand releases Book signing list
  225. Movement towards Rand Paul’s Kentucky Constitutional Convention
  226. Double chance law in Kentucky?
  227. Sen. Neal vs. Sen. Paul at Con-Con vote today
  228. Rand Paul dishes about McConnell, 2010 campaign in new book
  229. Rand on nightline ABC - Coming up next
  230. Rundown: Choosing who to support for Governor is like having the Sword of Damocles over me
  231. Rand Paul on the Current on CBC Radio right now
  232. (VIDEO) Rand speaks to Kentucky legislature about balanced budget amendment
  233. Sen. Rand Paul On GMA: Don’t Get Angry At The Tea Party For Budget Crisis
  234. On a Wing and a Prayer: Even the haters like him
  235. La Jolla California, this Saturday: "Get Out: Pancakes, Wine and Rand Paul"
  236. Liberty Maven: Rand Paul puts liberty back in the Tea Party
  237. Wow! Check this out. Rand Paul's 'Tea Party Goes to Washington' Media Schedule
  238. Did Rand endorse Moffett while I wasn't looking or is thinkprogress smoking something
  239. Government spending focus at Young Conservative convention - Rand speaks to YCT
  240. Decriminalize Pot legislation. We need phone calls ASAP!
  241. Rand will be on Hannity's TV show tonight.
  242. Rand Paul 'Chainsaw' Massacre: ABC's Apocalyptic Take on 'Radical' 'Controversial' Senator
  243. Church Doctrine - HI! It's Jane Tea Party Calling Senator Paul, George Mason Sent Me!
  244. I predict that Rand will wear jeans on Letterman, tonight.
  245. Move On protests Sen. Paul for supporting GOP budget cuts
  246. [Video] Preview clip of Rand talking to Letterman
  247. How Rand should have tackled Letterman's Marxist thuggery
  248. Tom Woods Reviews Rand's Book: Rand Paul’s Tea Party Manifesto
  249. Rand on Fox and Friend this morning 2-25-11 (yes, Fox and Friend - singular)
  250. The Wall Street Journal reviews Rand on Letterman, notes fashion, not much substance