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  1. Joe Scarborough calls out Senator Elect Paul and Senator Demint....
  2. Morning Rundown: Santa getting molested by the TSA.
  3. Senator Elect Paul announces staff.
  4. Afternoon Rundown: Florida Gator's #1 safety recruit from last year heading for WKU!
  5. Senator Will Move in With His Dad
  6. Morning Rundown: Why are all the Republican Leaders crying?
  7. Even the left are talking up Senator-Elect Paul's staff.
  8. Per Pageone, a KY 'annual loser list' includes Jack Conway for his Senate campaign
  9. Rand Paul, maverick in the making
  10. I wanted to thank Jim Bunning again!
  11. Rand Paul Donor Cyn Banister hanging with Fox News people.
  12. Rand will be on Hannity radio show today [Update: At 4:30 PM ET]
  13. Crazy Lady Makes Her Return Today
  14. Commentary: Rand Paul tapped into voter frustration
  15. Investmentnews names Rand one of the 'Power 20' of 2010
  16. Jake at Pageone is pretending he thinks Rand should condemn De Mint for Reid talk
  17. Blog asking people to pray for Rand -- thought it was nice...
  18. Morning Rundown: Garth Brooks for a Good Cause and Gays are Finally allowed to be open!
  19. Investment News: Rand Paul: Tea Party candidate goes to Washington
  20. John David Dyche | 10 Kentuckians thrived in '10
  21. Will the Tea Party change anything?
  22. The New Republic 'blames' McConnell's backbone on Rand
  23. AP - Paul victory tops Kentucky's 2010 news
  24. Lindsay Graham gives away the game.
  25. Will Rand be at CPAC??
  26. Libertarian Vs. Tea Party
  27. "Reid embraces Tea Party candidate" has Dinner With Rand Paul
  28. HuffPo on foreign policy, Iran, and the tea party... mentions Rand.
  29. Rand taps into Campaign for Liberty
  30. Rand is again considered a road block in the road to foreign aid.
  31. Jim Bunning unchanged by decades in Congress
  32. Political Winners and Losers of 2010 -- Rand figures in it throughout
  33. Rand and Ron Paul Love Silver and Gold, But Differ Significantly in Investment Strategies
  34. [Audio] Rand Paul on His Plans for 2011
  35. The Hill: GOP Sen.-elect Paul: Attach spending cuts to every 'major' bill
  36. Top 8 new political stars of 2010 (The Week)
  37. WaPo the political winners and losers of 2010
  38. tristate politics in review - cameo for Aqua Buddha [video]
  39. The Week: The 7 most overplayed media stories of 2010
  40. Tea Partiers dominate 2010 Google search trends
  41. Rand Paul: "Audit the Fed" Will Be My First Senate Bill
  42. Jack Conway Makes Politico's "10 worst decisions of 2010" List
  43. Jack Conway's contempt for Kentucky voters EXPOSED
  44. Vote for Rand as biggest sensation of 2010 Sarah P is way ahead...
  45. Former Conway Advisor Slams Rand For Military Budget Cuts
  46. Looking for some fans.....
  47. Rundown Monday: New Years Resolution Style!
  48. Jake Payne is getting money from David Williams campaign!
  49. Got my Christmas card toady from Rand and Familly
  50. Analysts say Rand Paul will become the bogeyman
  51. [VIDEO] Rand Paul on The Glenn Beck Show hosted by Jughe Napolitano 01/03/11
  52. Rundown: Will Rand Paul Raise the Debt Ceiling? Probably not.
  53. Sen. Paul and Rep. Paul on Anderson Cooper.
  54. Williams-Farmer want to win Louisville and Moffet/Galbraith supporters need to donate.
  55. Open Letter to Senator-Elect Paul
  56. Rand Paul, Mike Lee to be on "World News with Diane Sawyer," ABC at 6:30 PM ET
  57. Rand and Ron coming up on GMA
  58. Rundown: Kentucky, your new Junior Senator, Senator Rand Paul! I'm so happy!
  59. 'Five Polls That Surprised the Most in 2010' Includes Rand Paul
  60. When will Rand Paul be sworn in and will it be on C-Span?
  61. Rand smacks down former Conway advisor over criticism of defense cuts
  62. [Video] Senator Rand Paul's pledge to Kentuckians
  63. Sen. Rand Paul's pledge to Kentuckians on his first day As Senator
  64. Paul's Senate Website
  65. Report from Ron & Rand's Swearing-In
  66. Rundown: Lots of Senator Rand Paul and tons of video. Sorry it had to be done.
  67. David Williams has Raised $753,196; Phil Moffett: $53,000
  68. Rand Paul Loves the Constitution and.... wait for it.
  69. Rand Paul Committee Assignments?
  70. Tubes of Senator Paul and VP Biden exchange.
  71. Justin Raimondo tears apart Conway adviser who attacked Rand on defense cuts
  72. Happy Birthday Senator Paul!
  73. Rundown: Some politicians read the Constitution. Others want to pass smoking bans.
  74. Father watches with pride as Rand Paul becomes U.S. senator
  75. Inaugural address by Senator Rand Paul (includes link to video)
  76. Rand Paul, Dan Coats and Todd Young among new faces in Congress
  77. Rand to be on Fox News Sunday
  78. George Stuffaffuffa interviews Ron and Rand.
  79. Trey Grayson resigning as Secretary of State to take a position at Harvard
  80. Can Kentucky State Republicans stop calling themselves "Conservative."
  81. Rand's maiden speech
  82. Senator Rand Paul Hopes to Cut $500 Billion in Spending Bill
  83. Dominos fall to give Bowling Green it's first black mayor.
  84. Eliot Spitzer's show called Rand 'a racist' yesterday
  85. Ugh. I don't know what this is but Willie Nelson and "The Tea Pot Party" Endorse in KY-Gov
  86. Hope Senator and Congressman Paul's staff are strapped in state.
  87. Senator Paul has new YouTube Channel (subscribe here)
  88. Ron Paul vs. the Federal Reserve
  89. Sec. State Grayson recieved email friday from Congresswoman Gifford. Regrets ad he ran.
  90. Rand Paul on the Arizona shooting
  91. Senator Paul to appear on Sean Hannity's Radio and TV shows today.
  92. My Thoughts on the Shooter and the argument of ideology.
  93. Rundown: Major Political change in Kentucky overshadowed by tragedy in Arizona
  94. Rand will speak at CPAC!
  95. Richard Labunski supports the Balanced Budget Amednment
  96. Question
  97. DaikyKos: Rand Paul Is No Psychatrist, But Plays One On TV
  98. waiting to see Rand in action, when will it happen?
  99. Rundown: Funniest set of twins Birthday and George Clooney filming in Kentucky.
  100. Columnist Peter Cohen tries to connect Ron's "extreme Fed rhetoric" with Arizona shootings
  101. Senator Paul's communications staff set with the naming of Gary Howard Jr. as Press Sec.
  102. WHAS: Rand Paul Settling into Washington
  103. Sen. Rand Paul to speak Thursday in Hopkinsville at Kiwanis
  104. Rundown: A great former state legislature passes and the End of Era at Maker's Mark.
  105. rand paul: democrats trying to manufacture controversy from shooting in arizona
  106. Rand on Hannity show tonight 9pm
  107. Rand Paul at Kawanis in Hopkinsville - has drafted balanced budget amendment (audio)
  108. The New American: Senator Rand Paul Proposes Debt Ceiling Solution
  109. Rundown: Randall Cobb gone and we get our first look at New Spiderman!
  110. PageOne reports a rumor that Conway may decide not to run again
  111. Rand Paul, Jim DeMint, Mike Lee form Senate Tea Party Caucus
  112. Senator Paul's first meeting with a Kentucky mayor was in Louisville.
  113. Freeme.tv - First time, but it isn't there anymore?
  114. BamaFan's Cubby Bear muses about rumor that Conway may not run for AG again
  115. HuffPo writes up Rand's Tea Party caucus -- gets genesis right
  116. Article: Most Americans Agree With Rand Paul On Debt Solution
  117. Rundown: MLK Day is a day to reflect and understand, we are not even close to the dream.
  118. Politico: Rookie Rand Paul tackles budget head-on
  119. Rundown: Bowling Green Smoking Ban being discussed and Paul Giamatti may come to Kentucky.
  120. Rand Paul attends an MLK event on education (video)
  121. National Review on Rand's spending cuts
  122. Anyone pissed on here at Jack Conway......
  123. Youth Leadership School Lex, KY Feb 19-20
  124. Franken makes a Tea Party friend
  125. MosThink Congress Doesnít Read What It Votes On, Favor Putting Bills Online Well In Advanc
  126. Per Marcus Carey at Bluegrass Bulletin, Conway Will Run
  127. Back in black
  128. Rundown: The Health Care Bill is repealed in the House and here comes the snow!
  129. Senator Paul Statement on Health Care
  130. House GOP leaders may follow Rand's idea of tying raise of Debt Limit to balanced budget
  131. Somewhere the Moffett people are about to freak out over Senator Paul......
  132. Bill Johnson a Lock to be Republican Nominee for Secretary of State?
  133. Joe Arnold: "Paul wants grassroots call for balanced budget"
  134. Rand Paul Guest on Laura Ingraham Radio Show - Live Now?
  135. Hit Piece on Rand
  136. CN|2 talks to Jack Conway about Aqua Buddha Ad and he lies his ass off.
  137. Paul says economy should improve before roads are built (Lousiville Courier-Journal)
  138. Ky. Sen. Rand Paul eager to torch federal budget
  139. Paul mum on support for a GOP gubernatorial candidate (video)
  140. Rand Paul wants a Balanced Budget Article V Convention
  141. Need help getting the message about HB 137 out!
  142. Rundown: "I assure you we will have a vote on repeal" and Keith O Sacked
  143. Rand Paul On Freedom Watch Tonight
  144. So is Mommy in love with Rand now? Isn't this what she wanted?
  145. Rand Paul Cosponsors "Life at Conception Act"
  146. Sen. Rand Paul Tuesday Night TV Appearances
  147. Rundown: State Dems & GOP leaders don't care about the rights of the minority.....
  148. Rand on CNN American Morning
  149. 01/25/11: Sen. Rand Paul's Weekly Address
  150. Senator Rand Paul Launches Senate Tea Party Caucus
  151. I just got the email with Senator Paul's budget.... anyone want me to upload?
  152. Seems Senator Al Franken and Senator Rand Paul do get along.....
  153. American Spectator: "The Rand Paul Budget"
  154. [VIDEO] Sen. Rand Paul's State of the Union response
  155. Courier-Journal "Senator Rand Paul seeks $500 billion in federal spending cuts"
  156. TPM: Read Rand Paul's Plan To Slash Spending By $500 Billion Immediately
  157. Check the order: "Paul, McConnell and Guthrie React to State of the Union"
  158. Should we Drudge Bomb Rand's $500B Proposal?
  159. WHAS 11 posts Rand's Response to the State of the Union (video)
  160. [VIDEO] Sen. Rand Paul on The Kudlow Report
  161. Picture of Rand at state of the union
  162. Tea Party Express features RAND's SOTU response, not Bachman's.
  163. Cn/2Rand Paulís plan for $500 B in cuts calls for shutting down parts or all of agencies
  164. Reason: Doesn't Rand Paul Know We're in the Middle of a Fiscal Year?
  165. Wow, this is violently awesome!
  166. National Review: "Rand Paul for President" -- they like his SOTU response....
  167. CNS interviews Rand (includes video)
  168. Senator Rand Paul introduces "Audit The Fed"
  169. Breitbart thinks Rand's SOTU response should have received more attention
  170. Rand Paulís $500 Billion Spending Cut Proposal Ė Food Stamps, Defense, You Name it
  171. A detailed look at the Rand Paul spending bill | Washington Examiner
  172. VIDEO: Rand Paul on Neal Cavuto Jan 26, 2011 discussing his spending cut proposal
  173. Peter Schiff thinks Rand Paul has sold out on Social Security
  174. "Does the Tea Party Care About Special Education?" (Care2.com)
  175. Opponents weigh in on Rand's proposed spending cuts
  176. The Washington Times: "Solar shingles won't save America...."
  177. Economist on Rand Paul's Budget: "Oh my god. That's just crazy... Really that is wacko."
  178. Joe Arnold discusses Rand's spending cuts, has poll, do you support them? (also video)
  179. [Video] MSNBC's Cenk Uygur covers Rand's budget cuts
  180. [Video] Cavuto discusses Rand's spending cuts with Republican fundraiser
  181. Phil Moffett to introduce Rand Paul at CPAC
  182. WAVE3 - Paul proposes to cut $500 billion in federal spending (with video)
  183. Fox Discussing Rand Paul's Budget Now
  184. Time to end foreign aid to Israel: ĎWe just canít do it anymore,í Sen. Paul warns
  185. Weigel reports on inaugural meeting of Tea Party Caucus
  186. Sen. Jerry Moran joins Tea Party Caucus - we're up to 4 now!
  187. Rand Paul appearing very, very Presidential
  188. Mitch supporting Thune for President
  189. Senators Rand Paul and David Vitter introduce birthright citizenship resolution
  190. [VIDEO] Rand Paul speaks at inaugural Tea Party Caucus meeting
  191. First vote
  192. Rand Paul's committe assignments
  193. Jack Conway is still trying to run against Senator Paul in recent CN|2 interview....
  194. Senator Paul to introduce a Social Security bill. Uh Oh.
  195. Rand Paul wants to end all foreign aid, including foreign aid to Israel
  196. [VIDEO] Cafferty covers Rand's spending cuts proposal
  197. [VIDEO] Rand takes questions from reporters at Tea Party Caucus meeting
  198. ABC: Party On Rand (Party On Jim & Mike): Senate Trio Holds First Tea Party Caucus
  199. [Video] Rand Paul Proposes Billions in Federal Cuts - Fox 7 WTVW
  200. [Video] CBS Evening News covers the new Tea Party Caucus
  201. Who are 'the people's cube'? "Rand Paul Must Be Stopped"
  202. Israeli lobbyists alarmed by Rand's proposed cuts, call for other Republicans to repudiate
  203. Rand Paul and the Tea Party: A toxic mix for Israel aid?
  204. Rand Paulís plan to slash federal spending gets criticism, praise
  205. Salon: Rand Paul kicks Big Labor when it's down
  206. American Thinker: Rand Paul Gets Serious About the Deficit
  207. Washington Times: "Sen. Paul says tea party holds power on Hill"
  208. [Video] Sen. Judd Gregg: Rand Paul's plan is too ambitious
  209. [Video] Cavuto defends Rand's plan
  210. Rand Paul's Call to End Foreign Aid to Israel Sends One Freeper to the Nut House
  211. [Video] Sen. Rand Paul on John King USA
  212. [Video] CNN segment on Tea Party Caucus
  213. Republican Jewish Coalition: Paul is "misguided" on cuts to Israel
  214. Wow. Washington Examiner guy gets into the nuts and bolts of budget presented by Senator..
  215. [Video] Lawrence O'Donnell covers Tea Party Caucus and Rand's spending cuts
  216. Hannity forums are surprisingly pro-Rand on the aid issue....
  217. Lexington Herald-Leader: Paul's warped fiscal priorities
  218. Louisville Courier-Journal: Paul's meat ax
  219. Rand Paul Introduces Legislation to Eliminate HUD
  220. Wait, so Democrat porkers paid MSNBC's parent company to build unneeded war machines?
  221. Rundown: I finally don't agree with all proposed Rand Paul legislation.
  222. Rand Paul Wants to Ban Abortions and End Birthright Citizenship - Newsweek
  223. Bluegrass Bulletin: Rand Paul, the Phenomenon Continues
  224. Rand Paul: "My Goal Is To Make DeMint Look Like a Moderate"
  225. Sen. Paul on Willis Report Fox Business Tonight
  226. The Egypt Crisis and Foreign Aid - Weigel notices Rand would cut aid to Egypt, too.
  227. http://www.slate.com/blogs/blogs/weigel/archive/2011/01/28/and-lo-unto-them-a-tea-party-ca
  228. Yahoo Front : Senator Rand Paul says he favors cutting U.S. aid to Israel
  229. Politifact, MOSTLY TRUE: Rand Paul says tea party pushed Obama to shift view on earmarks
  230. How many jobs will Rand's proposal save?
  231. does Rand tackle subsidized student loans in his cuts?
  232. Why not Rand?
  233. Did Rand cut the DEA in his Budget proposal?
  234. Rand in a speech a couple of weeks ago in Kentucky (video)
  235. The American Conservative: 'Rand Paul Speaks' - supportive of Rand on aid issue
  236. Bowling Green Daily News: Paul following through on his promises
  237. Jerusalem Post: Pro-Israel activists decry GOP senator's call to cut aid
  238. Sen. Rand Paul: End All Foreign Aid
  239. Rand : Medicare Chief Berwick Qualified to Run Health Care System -- In England or Sweden
  240. Rundown: Mayor er.... Secretary of State Elaine Walker. May be a short timer.
  241. Rubio criticizes Rand's proposed foreign aid cuts
  242. The Economist: Rand Paul swings for the fences
  243. Did Rand Paul promise to introduce a balanced budget?
  244. Oil and farm subsidies
  245. Maddow cluelessly attacks Rand again
  246. Chuck Norris Agrees With Rand on ending foreign aid, praises Ron's foreign policy
  247. Senate Dems reject call to cut Israel aid
  248. http://www.whas11.com/news/local/Ky-newspapers-differ-on-Pauls-budget-proposals-114945334.
  249. Senator Paul's ending aid stance examined by Neo-Con, Liberal, Libertarian & Statist.....
  250. Lindsay Graham says eliminate aid to Israel "over my dead body!"