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  1. Rand Paul was so sneaky!
  2. Glenn Greenwald Ignorant on Rand Paul's Foreign Policy?
  3. Gay Rights and some gays who voted for Senator-Elect Paul.
  4. Senator Elect Paul names field rep to Senate Staff. Bryan Mills.
  5. Article responding to leftist meme that Rand 'didn't give specifics' on what to cut
  6. Fake left meme that Rand has 'broken a campaign promise' re earmarks
  7. Tea Parties and the Stupid Party By W. James Antle, III
  8. Rand Paul and Joe Arnold after the election...
  9. How Ron Paul's "failed" 2008 bid culminated in a 2010 victory
  10. [Videos] Reactions to Rand Paul's ABC News Interview (Lou Dobbs, Laura Ingraham, etc)
  11. Some wrap up of today with Rand videos not posted
  12. [Video] WBKO: Catching Up With Senator-elect Paul
  13. Which is better for Ron Paul?
  14. Steve Robertson gives Jesse Benton a shout out on KET's Kentucky Tonight.
  15. Which is a better way to go about being anti-war?
  16. Rand's True Allies in the Senate?
  17. Bill Johnson running for Secretary of State
  18. Andy Demers Conquered Kentucky. AKA: Morning News
  19. Mitch McConnell is cold stealin' Rand's talking points.
  20. Rand Paul on Glenn Beck!
  21. John David Dyche calls Rand a 'nominal Republican', & 1 of Ky's most 'consequential'
  22. DeMint Gathers Earmark Ban Support
  23. Rand Paul: Thought Crime USA (From August 2009)
  24. Fed Bashing Three Ways (re: Rand and tea party attitudes towards the Fed)
  25. Wall Street Journal writer responds to the Rand Paul Earmark flap w/ full transcript
  26. Politifact checks Rand's statement on 'This Week', finds 'mostly true'
  27. FYI, Jake changed his registration to independent.
  28. Rand on Glenn Beck video and transcript
  29. Press Release: Rand Paul Urges Senate GOP to Ban Earmarks and Push for Balanced Budge
  30. Rand Paul on CNN Situation Room today...
  31. Endless action item...
  32. Which tea partier will make more impact on capital hill
  33. Fox News' "Special Report" mentions Rand Paul earmark position
  34. What the Rand Paul Victory Party looked like from Texas!
  35. Eliot Spitzer Interview
  36. [Full Video] Ron Paul's election night victory party in Texas (introducing Rand Paul)
  37. Rand Paul "Your Personal Agenda Is Getting In The Way Of You Being A Good Broadcaster
  38. The Media's hypocrisy on Rand Paul & the budget
  39. New Push to Ban Earmarks in Senate
  40. Rand Paul Looms Large
  41. Morning Rundown.... Lots of meme from the left.
  42. Senator elect Mike Lee promotes a balanced budget amendment?
  43. Rand Paul warns of Obama admin. exploiting crises to ram through Big Govt agenda
  44. What if...Afghanistan?
  45. LaRouche announces campaign to destroy Rand Paul
  46. Is Rand Paul a Classic Liberal?
  47. Washingtonpost claims that Rand underperformed
  48. DeMint Rounds up Earmark-ban Support; McConnell Works to Undermine
  49. ANN COULTER: Maybe Sen. Rand Paul is our candidate if Christie refuses to run.
  50. Rand and Obama's conversation
  51. Is Rand Paul quickly becoming very powerful?
  52. Rand Paul looking to make D.C. splash with Senate Tea Party Caucus
  53. Rand Paul : Time to debate these wars!
  54. Radio show host: "Spitzer should write a check to Rand for the spanking"
  55. 11/11/10 Interview with Daily Caller: Tea Party Caucus
  56. Rand on 'This Week' Sunday really boosted their ratings
  57. Trey Grayson vs. Jack Conway.... who ya got?!?
  58. The Enterprise calls out ABC and others for pretending Rand had federal wages wrong
  59. We must hold Reporters/Journalists accountable for Lies
  60. The 2011 Earmark Reformation & Transparency Act
  61. Like us, the Kentucky Political Review is enjoying Rand's television appearances
  62. Populists Optimistic About Future of Rand Paul
  63. Senator Elect Rand Paul indicated that gridlock isn't necessarily a bad thing, saying
  64. Rand Paul and Dog Food | NPR
  65. [Video] Joe Scarborough turns on the tea party caucus to nip it in the bud
  66. Rand Paul to be on CBS's Face The Nation this Sunday, Nov. 14th
  67. Ron and Rand both will be on Freedom Watch on Saturday
  68. Newsweek: Psst! Rand Paul Was Right About Federal Pay
  69. Rand Paul Coming Up On Cavuto Fox News
  70. Rand Paul: Fiscal commission report doesn't go far enough
  71. Bernie Sanders proposing his own deficit reduction plan, cuts defense and subsidies
  72. LaRouchePAC: Rand Paul = Hitler
  73. Rand will be on the Situation Room Sat 6:30 pm (time zone uncertain)
  74. Where are Rubio, Toomy, Lee, etc.
  75. Hot Air: Where are the Tea Party Candidates on the Deficit Commission Report?
  76. Republicans (including Rand) Offer Balanced Budget Amendment for Conference Vote
  77. Why it's in McConnell's self-interest to ban earmarks
  78. Is Sen. Inhofe Mr Conservative or Porky Pig?
  79. video...Rand/Ron on freedom watch 11/13/10
  80. Still talking about out of state contributions
  81. Rand Paul on the Glenn Beck Show (11/9/2010)
  82. Chances SNL does something on Rand?
  83. Is Rand Going to Avoid The Attack Dog Interviews?
  84. Most Of Rand's INDIVIDUAL Donations Came From Out-Of-State (Good Job Everybody!)
  85. Call me spiteful but I want to Support Rahm's Opponent
  86. USA Today on FTN interview: Sen.-elect Rand Paul says Tea Party can work with Obama
  87. The Hill: Paul: No call from Obama yet
  88. The Hill: Paul: White House 'boot' words at BP sent bad message
  89. CBS: Rand Paul: Compromise on Spending, Not Taxes
  90. Newsweek: Psst! Rand Paul Was Right About Federal Pay
  91. Rand Paul Pushes Tea Party Agenda Fox News
  92. RandPaul2016.com who owns it?
  93. President Paul?
  94. Rand Paul: Fiscal commission report doesn't go far enough
  95. Morning Rundown, in case you missed it.
  96. When Being Absolutely Correct Just Isn't Enough: Rand Paul & Federal Workers Edition
  97. McCain is worried about Rand
  98. Restroom?
  99. McConnell endorses earmark ban
  100. Pop-ular Rand [pictures]
  101. SF Chronicle says McConnell's about face on earmarks shows strength of the tea party
  102. Discussion of the orientations and Washington DC events by LA Times
  103. How tea party senators stared down Mitch McConnell on earmark ban
  104. Hatch, Rand et al introduce resolution regarding balanced budget amendment
  105. Video: Dr. Paul Goes To Washington
  106. Rand Paul: I'm a "Fan" of Divided Government
  107. Rand makes Ed Schultz's "Psycho Talk"
  108. When I say "earmark" you say "Democrat!"
  109. Quick video of Rand meeting with Mitchy and the other GOP Freshmen in DC
  110. Senate-elect Rubio meets, escapes the national press core
  111. PolitiFact: Rand Paul's claim about the GDP numbers is TRUE
  112. [Video] Rand Paul interview with Newsmax
  113. Morning Rundow: It's President Obama's 666th day in office and Mitch McConnell Knows
  114. Rand Paul Scores Early
  115. More on McCain trembling in worry of protectionism
  116. Leftist Politico snark on GOP entitlement reform language
  117. Rand Paul heads to Capitol Hill
  118. Positive impact of earmark ban being felt already
  119. The Atlantic buys into Rand's 'the compromise will be on spending cuts' ideology
  120. Reason slams McCain for slamming Rand as an 'isolationist'
  121. Joe Arnold: McConnell forgoes pork for tea
  122. Doug Mataconis sides with Rand against McCain on realistic spending cuts
  123. Obama Visits Aqua Buddha
  124. Mitch McConnell re-elected as Senate GOP Leader
  125. Rand Paul says federal spending has risen to 25 percent of GDP
  126. Just a reminder: ‘Politifact’ is often more politics than facts
  127. Rand on Alex Jones
  128. Coburn to McCain: Cutting defense is not 'isolationist'
  129. This needs some clarification
  130. Morning Rundown: Don't Touch My Junk! "The Stache" going to UK & Lt. Dan Choi
  131. You know we've arrived when...
  132. Better Halves of Congress: Newcomer Spouses (features Kelley)
  133. I have a theory about McConnell's flip on the earmarks bit
  134. Discussion of various issues addressed in GOP caucus yesterday
  135. Senate Republicans unanimously adopt Cornyn's balanced budget amendment resolution
  136. WaPo - new Dem deficit plans - now with added stimulus!
  137. Is There a Bipartisan Coalition for Military Cuts?
  138. Settling in on Capitol Hill
  139. Paul outperforms Barr
  140. The Infamous Robert Rubin Possibly Agrees with Rand on the Debt Ceiling
  141. Enough is enough. Help me send a message.
  142. Conservatives4Palin points out Rand was stronger general election candidate than Trey
  143. Rand etc call for delay in debating START treaty; AFP calls them 'foes 2 White House'
  144. Rand and Tea Party help lead revolt against QE2
  145. Remember Jack Conway? Want to see how a NONfiscal conservative retires campaign debt
  146. A Rand Repeat?
  147. Aft Rundown: We're all gonna die broke from making a Recirculating gravy fountain
  148. John Stewart last night
  149. Williams-Farmer ticket raises $500,000+ in two weeks of fundraising
  150. Kige Ramsey Youtube legend sports "Rand Paul" sticker on set.
  151. Why does Rand have only one eye in this portrait?
  152. Will Rand introduce a bill to abolish the TSA
  153. Rand's balanced budget amendment...
  154. Rand Paul Claims Victory in the Blue Grass State
  155. Rift looming on the right over need to cut defense budget
  156. Leftist alarmism: Will the GOP 'Shut Down' the Government in 2011?
  157. New Kids on the Hill Pick Offices, etc (video)
  158. Rand Paul to be on Fox News' Huckabee - Saturday at 8 PM
  159. Reason being sophisticates: "What Can Rand Paul Do?"
  160. Jack Conway to run for re-election; seeks money to pay off Senate debt
  161. Mike Lee Talks about Rand briefly
  162. What is David Adams up to?
  163. The Senate Freshmen - calls Rand 'The Darling'
  164. Paul's self-confidence pays off
  165. WSJ keeps trying to manufacture angst about debt limit vote; misquotes Rand again
  166. Rand On Huckabee: "They Said Washington Would Co-opt Us, But We're Co-opting Them"
  167. Primary for Jack Conway in the AG race?
  168. Paul, Perry and Palin say repeal Obamacare
  169. Rand seems to be making friends with another coal state senator - Manchin
  170. Rand's New Communications Director
  171. Got my Aqua Buddha T-Shirt today!
  172. Rand Paul's upcoming book "The Tea Party Goes to Washington"
  173. GOP's K Street wing ready for insurgent challenge
  174. Would you guys call Governors Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry........
  175. Differences between Rand Paul and Ron Paul
  176. Afternoon: Koreans need to chill out and UK Football needs tobeat Tennessee
  177. The Freedom Movement Takes Back the Tea Party with Rand Paul!
  178. The Freedom Movement Takes Back the Tea Party with Rand Paul – And his New Book “The
  179. Menendez: 'Aqua Buddha' ad a 'killer' for Conway
  180. Trey Grayson says he won’t run for attorney general or any office in 2011
  181. Paul tells Obama he wants 'civil discourse'
  182. President Obama Congratulates Senator-elect Rand Paul
  183. Update on PolitiFact's FALSE rating given to Rand's federal compensation numbers
  184. Matt Taibbi: Rand will be an agent of Wall Street who supports bank bailouts
  185. Remember that 'oh no Rand met with AIPAC' meme during the election?
  186. Texas Verdict Brings Long-DeLayed End to Hammer Time (quotes Rand on lobby reforms)
  187. Rand Paul Revolution (video by Gage)
  188. Rand Paul is on the right track
  189. Morning Update: Still not happy about Friday's loss and Thursday's gains.
  190. Reason calls Rand a 'Young Turk' in, 'Did the midterms matter?'
  191. Fishwrap Paper's parting shots on the Senate race
  192. President Obama see Senator Elect's Hiring Freeze and raises him a Pay Freeze.
  193. Huff Po - Mad as Hell--and Only Getting Madder
  194. Trey Grayson is One of the Top Ten Political Turkeys of 2010
  195. Morning Rundown: While you slept the Democrats were handing over food supply.....
  196. CNN Newswire: GOP split on defense cuts
  197. New Senator Elect Paul sticker for my car just put in my hand!!!!
  198. Flexing Kentucky Muscle in DC -- Joe Arnold needs our help to write his story (honest
  199. Afternoon Rundown: Say goodbye to the Farmer's Market.
  200. Joe Arnold wants you to rank the 5 Kentucky local lawmakers. Rand is number2 on list
  201. Steve Beshear thinks you are stupid
  202. President Obama losing allies on Afghan war
  203. RPF favorite Gatewood Galbraith is running
  204. Mike Duncan running for RNC chair hypes spending thru Crossroads for pro-Rand ads -
  205. Senator Rand Paul to appear on Fox and Friends with Congressman Ron Paul.
  206. Thursday: Rand AND Ron on Fox & Friends at 8:45 am ET, then Rand on Cavuto at 4:30 pm
  207. Morning Rundown: Anyone believe Gatewood will beat either the Democrat or Republican?
  208. Will Rand Paul Lead a Tea Party Revolution from Washington, D.C.?
  209. The Hill: Rand Paul sports Tea Party lapel pin
  210. Afternoon Rundown: Fox News had a weird interview with Senator Rand and Congressman R
  211. tube 12/2: Rand on Cavuto
  212. Morning Rundown: Spin Magazine>Rolling Stone & CUTE PANDA CUB!
  213. Need a little help voting this down
  214. Afternoon Rundown: Mayfield straight whipped Hazard and Kentucky Whoopie's.
  215. Mitch McConnell Be Scarin' some MoFos about Bush Tax Cuts via The Tubes.
  216. Elephants in the Bluegrass: Will Rand Paul make Baba Wawa's list?
  217. Senator Rand Paul KY, Not the typical Senator
  218. Fear exists that new GOP members may protect US sovereignity
  219. Morning Rundown: Kentucky women and "artsy" men will flip for the new Johnny Depp
  220. An Hour show looking for call-ins about Economics. AHHHH YEAH!
  221. Afternoon Rundown: How did I miss this. NKU, Soccer Champs and Belmont fires lesbian.
  222. Morning Rundown: Free Enes Kanter. That's how you win the 2011 Governor's race.
  223. What do you guys think of Congressman Guthrie?
  224. Rand Paul volunteer's assault case delayed
  225. Afternoon Rundown: I blame Al Gore for the WikiLeaks scandal.
  226. Anyone Remember the "Conway Cover-Up?" LMPD fires a cop involved to save face.
  227. Morning Rundown: You've got to be ******* kidding me. Hal Rogers, Head of Appropriati
  228. Rand Paul is on CNN tonight December 8 between 6-7 PM ET with Wolf Blitzer
  229. Rand will be on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer TODAY
  230. Afternoon Rundown: Straight losing my mind over Hal Rogers.
  231. [Video] Rand on CNN: "In January, I Will Introduce A Bill That Will Cut $500 BILLION"
  232. MR: Sen-Elect Rand Paul wants $500 Billion in spending cuts and probably Rush tix!
  233. Thank you, Jim!
  234. AR: 40 Proof Chocolate Milk? YES PLEASE! I can drink it and drive a Ford Escape!
  235. Rand on front page Yahoo news for comments on tax cuts
  236. Bluegrass Politics: "New Yorker gives Paul, McConnell High Ranking"
  237. VIDEO: Rand Paul reacts to House Democrat's vote [on Bush tax cuts]
  238. Wolf Blizter Interview with Senator-Elect Rand Paul
  239. MR: Jim Bunning has left the building. Thank You Jim, I hope you don't stay away long
  240. Tea Party's Rand Paul, Marco Rubio rise in Google searches
  241. Rand Paul on The Alex Jones Show today
  242. (AP) Rand Paul to file balanced budget proposal in January
  243. Rand spent $7.7 million on campaign
  244. [Rand] Paul opposes the Dream Act [video]
  245. MR: Louisville Cardinals fell short of giving Kentucky the double in Soccer
  246. Senator David Williams and the Republican Caucus announce Agenda.
  247. The truth about Rand's meetings with neocons McConnell and Bill Kristol
  248. Where does Rand stand on Wikileaks?
  249. Afternoon Rundown: So Cold... Can't Work in these conditions.
  250. Rand Paul assails neocons, GOP opponents