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  1. Thank you, Jim!
  2. Rand Paul touts tea party credentials; Conway says race is close
  3. What to watch tonight
  4. Rand Paul's Twitter: "Toady is the Election"
  5. My friend in Kentucky says some Voting Machines Have Wrong time-Daylight Savings Time
  6. Rand Paul calls Clinton's Conway appearance 'too little, too late'
  7. Seeing some new faces...welcome to the Randwagon!
  8. Rand was on CNN live @ 7am
  9. Do you guys want me to twitter pics and crap tonight?
  10. Election day morning news!
  11. Rick Santelli on CNBC right now.
  12. Some nice press comments from Rand's appearance at Bowling Green
  13. CNN using John Adams music in some of their promo vids
  14. Rand Paul: "We will challenge" McConnell
  15. Rand Paul had the third highest media exposure of 2010 candidates
  16. Very Heartening Story For What Today Can Mean
  17. Check this picture! It's Full of Rand Win!
  18. Snippet of Rand at his polling place this morning
  19. Kentucky Being Exit Polled
  20. Freeman spots Duncan Paul Sign Waving
  21. Milestone.....
  22. Dem underground very unhappy w/ CNN for asking Rand, "WHEN u get to DC...."
  23. 7 hrs left!!!!!
  24. VIDEO: Rand on CNN November 2, 2010
  25. Ruh Roh..... WOW WOW WOW....
  26. Raw Story: "Rand Paul likely to win by 6 p.m.
  27. When Breitbart puts (L) after Rand's name....
  28. Rand Paul votes!! [Picture]
  29. The Coming Conservative Senate will be Different from the one in 1994 (James Antle)
  30. Fed Moving With Republican Takeover on it's way
  31. Bev Harris (Black Box Voting) in KY on Alex Jones now-
  32. Rand Paul: Government ‘broken,’ Dems and GOP ‘untrustworthy’
  33. Streams for tonight
  34. Rand Paul Victory Posters!
  35. When do you think the results will start being reported on TV?
  36. The Herald Leader Trying to Manipulate the Electorate to Favor Conway
  37. Kentucky Race Tests Tea Party's Strength
  38. The Randslide Brought It Down
  39. It's a Randslide!!!!
  40. POST the LATEST RESULTS in this THREAD - [CURRENT: Paul 53%, Conway 47%] 41% reported
  41. CNN article, includes Rand; 75% of voters on eve of midterms don't like direction of
  42. Rand Should Shine the Spotlight on the Fed's New Plan Tonight!
  43. Will a Randslide take the West...
  44. Democrats Push Turnout to Combat GOP Wave
  45. For those who can't be in Kentucky....
  46. Youtube: The Next Senator From Kentucky Rand Paul on Cavuto
  47. Rand needs to drop a hint of Ron Paul running in 2012 tonight...
  48. When will returns start to come in and ...
  49. Musician for tonights victory party....
  50. When will the Pauls close Toady?
  51. Duncan and Robert Paul warming up crowd with AC/DC's thundertruck.
  52. Jack Conway: "You can't go through the road of life without road bumps"
  53. BarefootandProgressive Calls it for Paul
  54. MSNBC going to call whoever wins KY at 7!!!
  55. MSNBC prepared to call senate race at 7pm
  56. CNN calls Kentucky for Rand
  57. Foxnews Calls It for Paul Already!!!!!!
  58. How are you celebrating the victory?
  59. Politico: GOP draws first blood; Paul wins in Ky.
  60. NRSC Chairman Cornyn Congratulates Senator-Elect Rand Paul In Kentucky
  61. Democratic Underground on projected results
  62. Conway Camp STILL in Denial
  63. Rand Paul VICTORY PARTY LIVE ONLY STREAM - [Click Inside]
  64. Wow, Rand's money from outside the state was from....
  65. Jim DeMint's Statement on Rand's Victory
  66. Fox Gives Credit To RON Paul For Starting Tea Party and Rands Win
  67. Fox finally admitted that....
  68. Who is Ron Paul?
  69. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke Responds!
  70. Oh Noes. Pundits have to Write a New Book!
  71. Does Anyone Know What Ron's Itinerary Is For This Evening?
  72. Lauren Valle Unavailable for Comment
  73. Early Pics from Rand's Victory Party
  74. RAND PAUL (introduced by a SPECIAL GUEST) coming up soon on this LIVE STREAM!
  75. It's looks like Jack's been weeping
  76. End the FED chants at the rally's opening!
  77. America... F---- YEAH!
  78. MSNBC Freaking Out About Rand Paul
  79. Rand's Speech
  80. Lawrence O'Donnell about Rand Paul....
  81. MSNBC still shitting themselves about Rand Paul. "Could filibuster debt ceiling!"
  82. MSNBC Isn't Hatin' On Rand Paul
  83. Winning with dignity...
  84. The victory thread
  85. Winning with dignity...
  86. Rand And Ron Are DOMINATING The News Toady!!!
  87. Retweet this to Support Rand (idiotic David Frum called him antisemite)
  88. [VIDEO] Rand Paul victory speech
  89. What questions would Rand Paul ask appointed judicial nominee's?
  90. Victory came 2 years later.
  91. Aiyeiyeeieyeeeee!!!!!!! Raaaand paaulllll!!!!!!!
  92. Will Rand Paul Filibuster the Debt Ceiling?
  93. [VIDEO] MSNBC panel very worried about Rand Paul in Senate
  94. [VIDEO] Jack Conway concession speech
  95. Victory Music Thread!
  96. Hotair loves Rand Paul!
  97. [VIDEO] Rand Paul post-victory interview on CNN
  98. A Song for the Conway Folks
  99. Now that Rands won everyone in this forum can freely admit they worship Aqua Buddha
  100. Rand Paul: The Ultimate Winner
  101. WHAS 11 -- Rand Paul seals big tea party Senate win in Kentucky
  102. Where can I find Ron's intro before Rand's speech?
  103. Good Night and Cheers to the Return of the Entrepreneur
  104. Anybody see this?
  105. Synopsis of Election day.....
  106. Tea Party Caucus
  107. Cons afraid Rand too peacenik & not uptight enough
  108. Senator Rand PAUL
  109. Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Mike Lee
  110. How many allies did Ron Paul gain last night?
  111. Just saw Rand on Morning Joe
  112. Great News: The New Republic Says: "Rand Paul Makes Me Feel Extreme Pain"
  113. Rand Paul on Fox just said....
  114. Rand Paul vs. Marco Rubio: The Leaders of Future GOP Senate Factions?
  115. [Videos Inside] Rand Paul interviews from this morning
  116. Jim DeMint gives Rand Paul a warning about the ways of Washington
  117. Rand on the Daily Rundown msnbc
  118. We embarrassed the media who targeted Rand
  119. Rand Paul coming up on Fox News
  120. IMPORTANT! The strategy the media is using with Rand Paul
  121. Thinkprogress Beating the Same Tired Horse
  122. Glenn Beck Was Talking Rand This Morning
  123. NYT Gail Collins: Rand is a self-satisfied egotist
  124. [Youtube] Jack Conway's Concession Speech
  125. Remember: Rand Must Choose His Battles
  126. Rachel Maddow Laments Rand Running From Her Questioning
  127. Did you see Rand's web page thank you?
  128. PageOne on the Senate election and down ballot consequences
  129. I know Ron is a proud papa!
  130. Bluegrass Bulletin is just all together good, today. A lot on the elections
  131. Rand Paul makes national tv tour after winning senate race [video]
  132. TooKooky Loses
  133. Rand Paul's tea party party
  134. Rand on Morning Joe 11/3 [video]
  135. [VIDEO] ~ "Will Rand Paul Oppose GOP Militarism?"
  136. Doug Stafford to be Rand's chief of staff
  137. Rand on Good Morning America [video] discusses debt ceiling and much more
  138. Rand on Fox this morning [video]
  139. Why Rand shouldn't need to filibuster the debt ceiling
  140. DeMint comment on Rand
  141. Reid on various, including working with Rand Paul
  142. Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough talk about Rand on Morning Joe: He's he real thing
  143. Kentucky Senate Exit Poll Out
  144. NY Jewish Week Concerned About Rand Paul
  145. For Rand Paul, more interviews and then a vacation
  146. Kentucky Newspaper Front Pages
  147. Anyone got a Rand Paul vs. Phil Gramm Debate video?
  148. VideoRand Paul lays out Senate mission, addresses fears of Conway voters - Joe Arnold
  149. Someone 'tuned' Rand's victory speech. They don't imagine much of his singing voice
  150. Hey, Jake found this great NY Times article about Rand and his party (last night's)
  151. What question should Rand Paul ask federal judge appointee's?
  152. Allow me to take this moment to thank our good friend MOMMY
  153. Rand Paul Goes To Washington (video - news)
  154. Elephants in the Bluegrass - McConnell and Paul, the Odd Power Couple
  155. Father in House, Son in Senate: never been done?
  156. Rand Predicted 12+ points!
  157. Now, we need to make sure Rand dances with the people who brought him.
  158. Ron's eyes teared up last night
  159. How does a Randslide look like? take a peek
  160. Should Rand filibuster raising the debt ceiling?
  161. Paul to include House, Senate and Democrats in Tea Party Caucus
  162. BSNBC goes berserk after Rand's victory speech!
  163. Pat Boone and Hank Williams Jr both supported Rand
  164. Photos: Rand Paul Victory party
  165. Tea Partiers Looking to Build Conservative Coalition on Capitol Hill
  166. Pay attention between 3:00 - 3:18. Good stuff!
  167. Rand Paul listed as one of 5 Rising Political Stars To Keep Tabs On
  168. Harry Reid Says he can Work With Rand Paul
  169. Tea Party activists should consider how to compel an annually balanced federal budget
  170. When will Senator Rand Paul write his book?
  171. BGDaily News:"Now for the Hard Part New challenges face Rand Paul during transition."
  172. From ‘Pure Politics’: Interviews with Marcus Carey and Nathan Smith re: election etc
  173. Implications Of Filibustering The Debt Ceiling?
  174. What is Rand going to do with his practice??
  175. Rand Paul = anti offensive war
  176. Why Rand Paul won
  177. Jake Payne is now stealing from the Liberty Forest.
  178. Campaign for Liberty must not know Dr. Paul is now a Senator....
  179. Maybe the most backhanded compliment Rand has ever gotten...from Huff Po
  180. Help answering a question
  181. Banner change
  182. Random news from Kentucky for the local peeps.
  183. The Daily Caller - Why Rand Paul Won
  184. Marcus Carey mentions Rand Paul Forum supporters in his interview with CN2 Politics
  185. Ann Coulter tweets on Rand's speech
  186. How Rand Might Appeal To Democrats In Congress
  187. Rand will be on ABC's This Week with Christiane Amanpour on Sunday Morning
  188. "DON'T BLAME ME... I VOTED FOR AQUA BUDDHA!" Gear. Buy Now!
  189. Rand Paul Signals Intent To Bring Bicameral Tea Party Caucus To Capitol Hill
  190. Rand, late victory party night.... 'The media loved me and was always on my side..."
  191. letterman and the stomp
  192. The Hill: What will Ron and Rand Paul do now?
  193. Rand Paul Victory Posters are on sale for FIVE BUCKS (Plus shipping)
  194. Trey Grayson wants 'the bold version of Rand Paul' to go to Washington (video)
  195. Toronto Sun with Propaganda Hit Piece
  196. Establishment wants tea party Senators to follow Coburn not DeMint and here is Coburn
  197. Maybe there's hope for the Republican Party, after all...I like this blog
  198. Olbermann directly donated to Conway!
  199. Paul now turns attention to setting up Senate staff and working with McConnell -video
  200. Keith Olbermann violates NBC regulations and donated to Jack Conway, I don't care.
  201. Wow that "There are no rich" statement really irritates the liberals!
  202. Bluegrass Bulletin has a great political cartoon for the election aftermath...
  203. Team Paul: The Tradition of Fathers/Sons in Congress
  204. Paul takes resounding victory
  205. What kind of article is this? Wow.
  206. Olbermann Suspended For Contributions To Conway, Others
  207. Great way for Rand to come out swinging: Call for end to ethanol subsidies
  208. The First Time I Saw Rand Speak (video)
  209. David Frum:Tea Party backlash On the whole, these insurgents lost big.And that’s good
  210. WSJ: Rand Paul compares Capitol Hill to the Soviet Politburo - and the problem is?
  211. Sen. Bunning: Rand Paul, GOP will tackle debt
  212. I can't believe I didn't post this on Election Night!
  213. Rand will also be on The Situation Room Saturday. Guiliani will too. on Saturday
  214. R.I.P. Keith Olbermann
  215. Chris Matthews had more nice things to say about Rand
  216. Cover of TIME Magazine (Special Edition)
  217. Rand Paul at Faneuil Hall in '07 - One of my favorites!!
  218. Why Rand Paul WON, by Rick Robinson (former Chief Counsel for Bunning)
  219. Help! Looking for Rand Buttons/Collectibles
  220. The 10 Economic Commandments Of The Tea Party: 24/7 Wall Street
  221. Could this be done or is this over the top?
  222. Disgusting! The Left is targeting Rand's kids
  223. CQ Politics' bio for Rand
  224. Lindsay Graham thinks he can speak for Rand on foreign policy
  225. My suggestion on dealing w/the upcoming Neocon assault
  226. Toon for Rand
  227. Now That We've Won ... My Response To All The Haters ...
  228. Rand Paul on water boarding
  229. Rand on Robert Scott Bell show Sunday 1-2 EST; Rubio also, not clear if together
  230. A Dem Take on Conway's Demise
  231. Rand Paul says Tea Party already changing Washington
  232. (AP) Sen.-elect Paul: GOP must consider military cuts
  233. Rand Paul: The Tea Party is going to 'Co-opt' Washington
  234. Politico is going to town on Rand - volume of articles
  235. Hey, did you see Rand has a new Senate pin?
  236. FreeRepublic on Paul's Support for Military Cuts
  237. Joel McHale (Community, The Soup) with insightful analysis on Rand's Victory
  238. Can any of you comment on Cincinattidotcom? These are total lies
  239. Get Randy another ally: Help Joe Miller w/ Recount
  240. Conway divulges the inside details on Aqua Buddha
  241. New York Times: Fresh Off Victories, Republicans Share Their Plans
  242. Think Progress is REALLY unhappy about Rand wanting regulations to have to be voted
  243. Can somebody get this info to Rand?
  244. Now that Rand has won..
  245. Do you think Rand would be willing to take this pledge?
  246. Rand's coattails.....local elections in KY
  247. Justin Raimondo: I seem to have seriously misjudged Rand Paul
  248. Rand Paul talks about Declaring War
  249. There’s a chance Rand Paul could end up with a seat on the Senate Banking Committee
  250. Post one liner responses for Rand here!