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  1. Kentucky Senate hopeful Rand Paul lashes out at Dem opponent for ad questioning faith
  2. AP Writeup: KY Senate race turns bitter in debate
  3. Dr. Paul answer ad to Aqua Buddha
  4. i just voted
  5. AP literally posts photos of Rand refusing to shake Conway's hand (where are Gage's?)
  6. More debate pictures
  7. Senate debate in Kentucky devolves into a name-calling session
  8. Full Video - University of Louisville debate
  9. Daily Caller on the debate - better than AP
  10. HotAirPundit on the debate
  11. Just Watched the 10PM News
  12. Jack Conway may be bringing up Wounded Veterans but Dr. Paul now has......
  13. Reaction of Die Hards at debate (VIDEO)
  14. RedStateEclectic on the debate and internet aftermath...
  15. Rand is learning firsthand that politics is fierce hand-to-hand combat
  16. The Free Republic comments on the debate are kinda fun...
  17. Rand gives Conway the "olde English FU" and pulls a Collins on Conway.
  18. National Review Online's take on the debate: "Louisville Sluggers"
  19. Jack Conway gets ugly
  20. Rand Paul comes to Whitley County [video]
  21. Conway is soooo desperate... look at the front page of his website
  22. Photos: Rand Paul vs. Jack Conway at UofL
  23. Yeah, I went there...
  24. Jack is in SAE? Now I have no problem with this fine old House, but u should know...
  25. Even Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill calls Conway's Aqua Buddha ad "very dangerous"
  26. Rand Makes Drudge Again w/ picture
  27. HotAir.com - Rand Paul blasts Conway in debate: "Have you no shame?"
  28. Founder of JournOlist, Ezra Klein, just dressed Conway down.
  29. Can you BELIEVE WaPo trying to turn what it admits is Jack's 'ugly' ad into a dig at
  30. Hot Air: Jack Conway Is The Only One Who Has Ever Taken Aqua Buddha Seriously
  31. duplicate thread, please delete
  32. Major issues with Conway? Did the Herald Leader sit on this story?!?!
  33. New Republic - Conway's ad "the ugliest, most illiberal political ad of the year"
  34. Jack Conway flips back to not liking the Bush Tax cuts....
  35. Having nowhere else to go, DSCC doubles down on failure: 'Well, he STILL didn't deny'
  36. New Rand Ad: Jack Conway False Witness
  37. Jack Conway's latest email (Chris Matthews will be in Louisville today)
  38. "Rand Paul was Magnificently Right!"
  39. Right Pundits on Jack's clear desperation [includes video, scroll down at link]
  40. Politico: Paul may ditch last debate
  41. Fox: "Today's Power Play: How Kentucky Democrat's Ad is a Danger to His Party and Oba
  42. Hannity talking about Rand right now... Rand will be on later in show
  43. Rand Paul to appear on the Ed Morrissey Show (from HotAir)
  44. Conway gets baptist minister to do a conference call. Cover up Paper reports....
  45. Did the Herald Leader sit on the story and other campaign stuff.
  46. Head of Kentucky GOP to be on Chris Matthews' with Jack Conway
  47. Conway coming up on Hardball at 5:00 ET
  48. Kentucky Democrats now worried...
  49. Far Left group "The Young Turks" agrees with Rand Paul and condemns Conway
  50. Mike Huckabee bashes Conway for latest attack ad
  51. Matthews and Jack Conway video up!
  52. DSCC Conceding the GOP seats?
  53. Fox Special Report pretty much slammed Conway
  54. Rep. John Yarmuth: "Looks Like it's Backfiring"
  55. Herald Leader: Jack Conway will Ďregretí ad about Rand Paulís faith
  56. Growing Chorus Of Liberals, Media Call Jack Conway's Misleading Ad "Desperate"
  57. Megyn Kelly does segment on CONway/Aqua Buddha
  58. Rand Pauls twitter
  59. Hannity is going to talk about CONway/Aqua Buddha tonight
  60. I think I may max donate to Jack Conway.......
  61. Anderson Cooper (10 PM on CNN) to discuss Rand Paul/Jack Conway fallout
  62. KET - If Rand Paul backs out of debate, we'll give Conway the whole hour to himself
  63. Bluegrass Bulletin: Kentucky Senate Race, There Will Be Blood
  64. Go to twitter and check out #jackfacts new game!
  65. Rumor has it: Jack Conway is going to be on 'Today Show.'
  66. Was Jack Conway told which direction to face for the camera and Rand Paul was not?
  67. GQ's Jason Zengerle destroys Jack Conway! Calls Aqua Buddah ad the most despicable ad
  68. Anderson Cooper exposes Jack Conway in his "Keep them honest" segment.
  69. List of Famous Aqua buddha worshippers. This should help Conway make his next TV ad
  70. Jack Conman on the Today Show
  71. article: Paul visits Ashland after tense debate
  72. Morning Joe discussing the ad..
  73. A small list of the Jack CON-way backlash
  74. The ticker is back up on RandPaul2010.com!
  75. Wow. Even USA Today clears up some misconceptions
  76. Rand Paul is A Rich Person
  77. Did Jack take down his site?
  78. Conway spokesman - Aqua Buddha ad buy is running out, new ad coming out
  79. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Speaks The Name
  80. Can you BELIEVE Jack 'held a conference call w/ ministers to discuss' Paul's NoZeness
  81. Rasmussen: Rand Paul 47%, Jack Conway 42%, Undecided 7%
  82. Is Rand going to have exit polling again as in the primary?
  83. Campaign Press Release on Conway ad
  84. Outside the Beltway on the Rasmussen poll and Jack's ad
  85. Hint in North Carolina, men voting heaviest
  86. NPR Jack Conway defiant on Rand Paul Christianity Ad
  87. Jack Conway's new email he now says he's a progressive and still talking Aqua Buddha
  88. HuffPo to Jack "Took what I hated and made it a part of me"
  89. Rand ads? are they the same ol' same ol' and a lack of them?
  90. RedState: Senate Republicans May Not Try to Repeal Obamacare
  91. Jack Conway new interview "Rand Paul is gonna take his ball and go home."
  92. Paul brings out Christian Leaders...
  93. WHAS 11 Video (re Conway on Hardball) and poll re who came out best in debate
  94. There's so many questions about Paul...
  95. Do you believe Rand Paul should run the baby ad again?
  96. Another positive indication for Rand
  97. "Rand Paul can Huff and Puff all he wants. Have the guts to keep commitment." Conway
  98. Jack Conway touts Democratic poll showing him beating Rand Paul 49% to 47%
  99. Rand should hold a rally or other event the same time as the KET debate
  100. Rand to be on Lars Larson at 5:30
  101. TV ads In Bowling Green
  102. Succumbing to emotion...
  103. Time For Grassroots TO MAN UP! Demand Jack Debate The ISSUES
  104. Max Cleland at Jack Conway event calls Kentucky Basketball "God."
  105. POLITICO: Rand Paul brings out Christian leaders to blast Jack Conway
  106. Mark Levin: "I should have helped Rand Paul earlier"
  107. Dr. Rand Paul on Sean Hannity Tonight, Laura Ingram Radio tomorrow.
  108. Any ideas for a quick and easy October surprise?
  109. Chris Matthews calls Dr. Paul 'Thoughtful' and a 'Philosopher type.'
  110. Project 1 - Planning: Energy Company Complaint
  111. Local High School Vote is In
  112. Day zero: 13 days of grassroots efforts, be a part of it!
  113. Rand's team should rework the latest ad
  114. Aqua Buddha Hits Late Night (Jimmy Kimmel)
  115. Jack Conway's October Surprise (new video)
  116. 4 month old Conway internall polls being sourced on mainstream "news" sites.
  117. Conman on AC360 last night
  118. Suggestions for Rand in the Final Debate
  119. New NRSC Web Commercial - Jack Conway - Dangerous (Aqua Buddha)
  120. Rand Paul's wife to address Conway's attack ad in press conference
  121. "Breaking" Jack E-mail - Claims to be up 2 points
  122. Who keeps spinning Aqua Buddha?
  123. WHAS pulled the NRSC's "Cap and Trade" commercial due to "lack of substantiation"
  124. Project Halloween - Planning: Door to door? Pass out flyers with candy?
  125. CONman's attacks to pivot hard to sales tax
  126. The Left is making a False Equivalence
  127. Conway's people are proud of the ad.
  128. Laura Ingraham Rand Paul interview (video)
  129. Today's project: Kentuckians call the Herald-Leader for light on a story
  130. [Video] Jack Conway releases latest attack ad - This time on Sales Tax
  131. Ad Idea
  132. Aqua Buddha Ads Are Running Heavy In Kentucky
  133. Aqua Buddha mourns: "Rand has forgotten me...."
  134. Follow the Kelley Paul press conference right now via Live Tweets
  135. On 20th Wedding Anniversary, Kelley Paul Speaks Out [Full Text]
  136. New Paul/Conway Poll to be released ... UPDATE: Rand Paul up 5%
  137. Iím a cured Democrat, voting for Rand Paul
  138. Jesse Benton part of PC
  139. Huckabee ad...
  140. The Only Bright Spot about the Polls Tightening....
  141. Bluegrass Bulletin Hints at Upcoming Polls...
  142. Herald-Leader: New poll coming at 6pm tonight
  143. Do we go here? Hit him on the horse?
  144. Mitch McConnell is starting to talk like Rand.
  145. Paul's wife blasts Conway over 'smear' ad
  146. Getreligion.org : 'Rockin' with the Aqua Buddha'
  147. $191K Since the Ticker Went Up Yesterday
  148. Counter anti-Rand attack ad money bomb
  149. minibomb. donate $20 for Rand and Kelley's 20yr anniversary
  150. Aqua Buddha is coming after Conway for using his name "in vain"
  151. Rand will have a news conference tomorrow to address the attack ad
  152. Rand Paul: Back On Topic
  153. Even on Jack's own phone conference....
  154. "I be a Democrat. And I'm ashamed!"-HuffPo
  155. Montage of Democrats denouncing Conway's attack against Rand
  156. WHy don't we talk about how Conway openly admited to smoking dope!
  157. Rand Paul sign makes the news
  158. Rand needs your help phone banking
  159. Disgusting Aqua Buddha Ad Still Running Today
  160. NYT/Nate Silver: "Momentum" mostly a myth
  161. The Black Vote and Dr. Paul (Good Story)
  162. Kentucky Poll: Attitudes all favor Paul [We already knew this.]
  163. Rand Paul Press Conference Live On Fox News In Minutes
  164. Fox News interview with Rand 1:30 PM ET today
  165. Jack Conway fought for 2 Years Over Possession of a Rock
  166. Fox Business Will Have Rand Paul Live -Now
  167. Rand Paul Debate Strategy
  168. Jack in denial
  169. Donate to the CFL so they can attack Conway!
  170. Rand Paul Tours Plant in Louisville
  171. They just won't stop
  172. How would it affect the campaign if the woman comes out
  173. Vote in poll did Rand or Jack win the debate?
  174. Clinton to return to Kentucky...
  175. FULL VIDEO : Rand Paul on Conway ad questioning his faith.
  176. DSCC hits Rand hard on sales tax...
  177. Tony Perkins, head of the Family Research Council Action PAC endorses Rand
  178. Huckabee?
  179. Now that Tony Perkins of Family Research Council has endorsed Rand will they run this
  180. Rand Paul vs Jack Conway (Animated Video)
  181. Thank You Jim DeMint!
  182. FOX On Kentucky Senate Race
  183. Aqua Buddha Ads Still Soiling Airwaves In KY
  184. Bluegrass Bulletin found this NoZeness article....
  185. The Anti-Rand Paul 'Aqua Buddha' Spot: The God Ad That Failed
  186. Write-In Deadline Friday at 4:00pm
  187. The Extremists Are Coming!! [VIDEO]
  188. Unions brag about spreading lies about Rand
  189. Political Hay
  190. PPP will poll Kentucky
  191. [Video] New Anti-Conway Ad from American Crossroads - "Puzzle"
  192. Eager to move past "Aqua Buddha," Paul says military budget should be cut
  193. POLITICO: DCCC gets $17M line of credit
  194. Anyone in Kentucky with Free time? I've got Jack's schedule!
  195. Via Face Book: press conference at 1:45 EST on Friday
  196. Aqua Buddha Permeating Airwaves Still (Friday)
  197. I'm not the only one who thinks Clinton campaigning for Jack is ironic
  198. Memories from 2007 -- Rand and his kids on the blimp
  199. Senate Candidates Want to give Aqua Buddha a Rest in Kentucky
  200. Ethics Alarms: "Ethics Dunces: Jack Conway Defenders"
  201. Is Conway trying to head off discussion of his utility rate scandal by bashing Rand
  202. Rush Limbaugh Says "Vote Rand Paul, Conway Is Making A Fool Out Of Democrats"
  203. Follow Rand Paul press conference via twitter
  204. Fox News Alert - Rand Paul WILL participate in debate with Jack Conway
  205. Apparently Murray State University in KY has picked up the fake DSCC poll numbers
  206. Murray state, Tyler Collins and the Dr. Paul smear
  207. Anger Over Conway Ad Boosts Support for Paul
  208. Dr. Paul's PC statement
  209. NRA doesn't endorse in KY, despite Conway wanting to require gun show checks 4 sale
  210. Political Reform: CleanSlate 2010 candidates, Downsize DC edition. Rand tops list.
  211. Conway yanking the Aqua Buddha ad per G. Sargent
  212. VIDEO: Conway Snaps At Reporter As His Desperate Attack Ad Backfires In Kentucky
  213. New Ad by Rand
  214. HuffPo - Rand Paul dominates over Jack Conway on-line (no sh*t)
  215. Lol! [video]
  216. Sonka's video of Rand's press conference
  217. Wrapping up most the day in a tight package
  218. $316,000 on the ticker!
  219. New nasty radio ad lying about Rand
  220. Mystery Science Theatre style mocking of Conway
  221. Rand Paul Releases Own Poll Showing "Aqua Buddha" Commercial Backfired Badly
  222. [Video] WHAS11's Joe Arnold one-on-one with Rand Paul
  223. State GOP not resting on its laurels...
  224. I like Jack Conway's...
  225. R-e-s-p-e-c-t
  226. Rally for Rand outside KET before debate
  227. Just saw a new ad "Yes We Can"
  228. WOW where did this utility co ad video come from agst Conway?
  229. Hey Rand! Why arent you linking Conman to anti-coal Aspen institute???
  230. EA Worldview: The Tea Party, "Kooks", and the Senate Race in Kentucky
  231. KY Republican: Aqua Buddha "killing Conway...on the way to being locked up for Paul"
  232. Video: Mike Huckabee rips Aqua Buddha ad on Fox Business
  233. Breaking: Jack Conway's Brother Subject Of Drug Dealing Investigation
  234. Kentucky Poll: Economy most important issue to voters
  235. Who is the biggest outside spender trying to influence this election?
  236. Questions Bluegrass Bulletin (and I) wonder if KET will ask Conway
  237. Breaking News! Video of Conway Drug Scandal!
  238. CONman accusing Dr. Paul of not reporting money...
  239. RedState on the Jack Conway Scandal
  240. Jack Conway's Dad Hospitalized! Breaking News!
  241. Vote fraud in Kentucky--Conway, KY's AG Investigates
  242. New Conway ad - "Hurting"
  243. ***EXPLOSIVE*** Was Jack Conway Involved In Obstruction Of Justice?
  244. The Daily Caller on Conway...
  245. What ads is Rand currently running?
  246. When Did Jack Conway Stop Beating His Wife?
  247. Did u c Conway tried 2 pretend poll finding KY hates the Aqua Buddha ad was staged
  248. Jack Conway's Drug Problem Hits Politico
  249. I have a liberal friend....
  250. Capitalist Banner on Conway...