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  1. Rand Paul wants to raise retirement age?
  2. Jack Conway's Record On Full Display (New Video)
  3. Rand Wins Lexington Fox 56 Poll
  4. Rand's campaign calls Jack on his social security flip flop
  5. Bluegrass Bulletin: Rand Paul scores TKO in Fox Debate
  6. DSCC Chair calls Jack Conway fiscally irresponsible.
  7. Wendell Ford's Seat?
  8. Jack Conway Flip-Flops on Social Security, Says Paul Campaign
  9. National Review on the Rand Paul/Conway Fox debate
  10. Jack Conway DID NOT support the Bush tax cuts in 2002!
  11. Campaigning for Rand
  12. Fox News Sunday Debate makes Hot Air (Scott Brown Moment)
  13. Washington Post Video on Rand/Conway Debate
  14. Channel 5 in Cincinnati focused on 6 protestors? Still, good press. (video)
  15. Dr. Paul Old School (video) of his group Ky. Taxpayers
  16. Jack Conway fundraiser host, well he seems to have anger management and legal issues.
  17. Conway: I like to think I would've done the courageous thing (voting for the bailout)
  18. CB and Free man Ganging Up On Jack Conway
  19. Rand needs to hammer Conway on Cap and Trade
  20. randslide
  21. I hope Rand Paul is not promoting the RINO’S Phony balanced budget amendment!
  22. I'm back in the swing with some random notes from the campaign and elsewhere!
  23. Will terror threats help Rand?
  24. Toady is the last day to register to vote
  25. Rand Paul: Students should be able to choose their school
  26. Rand Paul, Neocon?
  27. Rand Paul tells Kentucky Chamber of Commerce we need to cut corporate welfare
  28. Are there anymore of these videos?
  29. Trey campaigning for Rand?
  30. Two Faced Jack on Bailouts.
  31. Two faced jack on Bank Bailouts
  32. Jack Conway's "Pressing Issue" of Drugs
  33. Two Faced Jack on Cap and Trade
  34. Rand Paul Slams Jack Conway (Video)
  35. New Conway ad....
  36. Jack Conway was for the war before he was against it (seems to be pattern for Jack)
  37. Rand Paul tackles business issues (audio)
  38. Jack Conway acts like GOP to help Progressives? (Email I got!)
  39. Video of Trey Grayson speaking about Rand....
  40. Jack Conway editorial board interview live Tuesday at 10 a.m.
  41. Bengals fundraising for Conway
  42. New Rand Paul ad - Jack Conway's Stamp of Approval of Obama
  43. New Rand Paul ad - Saving Social Security and Medicare
  44. Details: Senate Candidate Forum Oct 14 - Paducah
  45. to those who read the GQ hitpiece on rand paul
  46. Is Rand Paul the only real tea partier?
  47. Sen. Bunning introduces timely legislation to stop the EPA
  48. David Adams Defends Rand Paul
  49. Jack Conway must love Ohio. He keeps turning down Kentucky media (video)
  50. New DSCC ad - Two Thousand Dollars
  51. Jack Conway Lies About Sharron Angle
  52. Live video of Jack Conway with CJ editorial Board
  53. 'Kentucky Senate Candidates Talk Social Security', points out Conway's all on table
  54. New drugs in Kentucky for Jack to talk about!
  55. TPM on Rand's new "Obama" voiceover ad
  56. Anti-Ben Chandler Ad
  57. European Bookmakers on 2010 mid term state by state betting odds: Kentucky etc
  58. Fred Thompson on Rand's social security answer in debate (audio)
  59. Rand says Jack doesn't have the " intestinal fortitude" to fight back big government
  60. New Crossroads GPS ad hits CONway on utility rate hikes/stock distributions
  61. CNN Lies About their Own Month-Old Poll
  62. Rand on cavuto tom.
  63. Jack 'Waffles' Conway TV Ad. NRSC calls him on flips.
  64. Clinton to Campaign for Conway on October 11th
  65. WaPo anoints Rand's 'Obama Impersonator' ad as 'the ad of the day'.
  66. Danville newspaper online poll
  67. Secret donors fuel American Crossroads media buy
  68. Rand Paul ad: "Saving Social Security"
  69. [Video] Rand Paul on Neil Cavuto 10/6/10
  70. Michael Steele Joins Rand Paul Money Bomb Says He read End the Fed
  71. Jack Conway's Kentucky First Plan Emerges
  72. ***[WARNING]*** Jack Conway is getting lots of VIEWS because of US!
  73. Jack Conway: "We're going to have to look at the retirement age... benefit levels."
  74. Good Rand Paul Interview in Investor's Business Daily
  75. Jack Conway Picks Fight With Sharron Angle (Video)
  76. What if Bill Clinton cuts an ad for Conway?
  77. Rand Paul segment to be on PBS Newshour Tonight - "Washington GOP Beware"
  78. Bill Clinton Wants To Remind KYians of 1 thing
  79. When will Rand start to use his political clout to benefit other candidates?
  80. YAL will PAY YOUR EXPENSES for campaign school in Kentucky!
  81. Jack Conway Supporters Scream More Government, More Government
  82. Could Jack possibly be more of a whore?
  83. Tired of Obama, Jack Conway Has The Answer
  84. Bluegrass Bulletin: Conway "Demagogues" Rand Paul Has "Adult Discussions"
  85. [Video] Rand Paul on NewsHour PBS
  86. Rachel Maddow attacks Jack Conway!
  87. Should Rand Paul go on MSNBC after he wins?
  88. PBS follow up article to go with Rand video (has video too)
  89. Pageone on the latest Crossroads ad against Conway - and the utility rate scandal
  90. AND (new) Pageone on Conway's flips on Cap and Trade
  91. Trey Grayson Releases Statement On Jack Conway
  92. Warren County Meet and Greet Sunday, Oct 10, includes Rand
  93. America Loses Another 95,000 Jobs In Wake Of Liberal Trial Lawyer Conway’s Stimulus
  94. Jack Conway Cursed By Obama (Video)
  95. AP describes Conway's pro-amnesty position as 'getting tough' on illegal immigration
  96. Local paper misrepresents Rand Paul's position on term limits.
  97. CN|2 to release latest poll in 12 minutes.
  98. Are the Unions illegally working with the Conway campaign.
  99. Comment on Kentucky talking about Rift between Gov. Beshear and Jack Conway.
  100. Vote for Rand's Obama impersonator ad
  101. Nice story from the ground in KY. Rand was at a machine gun shoot today?
  102. If Jack Conway 'sees himself as more a Clinton' than Obama Dem why did he back Obama
  103. Ad Of The Day: Joe Manchin Backs Cap-And-Tax!
  104. Gwen Ifill / PBS Cover Kentucky Senate Race
  105. neanderthal Rand: We need to make one for conway
  106. [VIDEO] Rand Paul helps open GOP headquarters
  107. LA Times: "Rand Paul toning down his libertarian message"
  108. CONway was shamelessly scaring senior citizens back in 2002, just like today
  109. Rand Paul Calls For Term Limits For Some Fed Agency Chiefs
  110. [Old] Did you notice Rand went up in the 5th district according to last month's SUSA?
  111. Jack Conway Touts Government Program (Video)
  112. Ron Paul supporter and libertarian making false edits against Rand on Wikipedia?
  113. Debate Tommorow
  114. Marcus Carey discusses the senate race
  115. NYT: Rand Paul says The Fed Devalues the Dollar and Causes Boom-Bust Cycle
  116. Jack Conway has a history of problems with doctors (video)
  117. ** TOADY is Rand vs. Conman 2! Debate At NKU! **
  118. New Conway ad about Medicare deductibles
  119. rand paul on tort reform
  120. Clinton appearance padded with students forced to attend
  121. Jack Conway flips and now loves MTR and Cap & Trade!
  122. Jack Conway's wife who promotes Drug Dealers promotes cracking down on Drug dealers.
  123. Rand Paul back at Knob Creek machine gun rally
  124. Rand Paul on front of Huffingtonpost
  125. Frank Luntz is doing a Paul/Conway Kentucky Debate Analysis on Hannity
  126. PageOne asks if today's Clinton cheerleading for Conway violated rules
  127. request: Fb image to countdown to election
  128. Manchin ad would be awesome for Rand to use on Jack
  129. Politics Daily has a good write up of the debate, if short...
  130. More 'independent expenditures' opposing Rand then for him, per this
  131. Photos: Rand Paul vs. Jack Conway at NKU
  132. Jack Conway Accuses Rand Paul of Being a Liberal
  133. Forget Jack Conway — Rand Paul targets Obama during televised debate
  134. Jack Conway vs. Rand Paul on Card Check
  135. Lots of Campaign and Kentucky stuff....
  136. Jack Conway flips on Death Tax
  137. Rand Paul being interviewed by Cincinnati Editorial Board (Follow Live Tweets)
  138. Jack Conway's Opening Statement (Minus Smears)
  139. Bluegrass Bulletin editorial on KY Senate debates and candidates
  140. Um. Tripp Palin wore a Kentucky hoodie during the KY debate last night.
  141. Is Rand Paul the Only Major Party Candidate Talking About Reforming Medicare?
  142. Clinton Heckled in Blue New York; Crowd Asks: "Where's Monica?"
  143. New third party attack ad group puts out anti-Rand ad
  144. Lexington Herald-Leader Calls Conway a Liar
  145. Politico attacks Rand "Mocked Christians in college"
  146. Outside PAC tries to double down on Jack Conway's hypocritical drug views.
  147. Rand Paul says unequivocally he'd abolish federal dept of education
  148. Rand Paul: Worst Person In The World
  149. Rand would abolish the IRS and Prog. Income Tax; Move to Sales Tax
  150. news article and video about misleading ads, refers to Conway's "$2K deductible"
  151. Jack Conway: "I'm Never Going To Balance The Budget"
  152. Less than 3 weeks to go... when are we going to leverage Rand's prolife stance?
  153. [video] Newscast on debate etc
  154. CONFIRMED BY MEDIA! Dr. Rand Paul is being lied about by his opponent.
  155. Rand Paul slams Clinton for 'intern relations'
  156. Rand's college letters to the school paper.
  157. Did someone already post this 'shocking' Crossroads ad?
  158. Why is the media ignoring Jack Conway wanting to shut down gitmo & bring them to KY?
  159. [Video] Campaign for Liberty Launches Jack Conway Informative Commercial!
  160. Jack Conway Fought Against Christian Only Healthcare Plan
  161. New Rand Paul ad - A Doctor I can Trust
  162. We Need More TV Ads
  163. wave3 video re: debate
  164. What have I missed in the Past 3 Weeks?
  165. Survey USA
  166. Rand Paul sets the record straight on Medicare and Social Security
  167. Conway Supporters shown for what they are....
  168. Hint of things to come? Pageone says GOP new registration 4X Dem new registration
  169. Jack Conway admits he smoked Marijuana?!?
  170. DSCC ads
  171. [video] Paducah debate streams live tomorrow at 8:15 a.m. Paducah time, 9:15 ET
  172. We need to be phone banking for Rand - Jack's getting phone banking from the left
  173. Time to fantasize - what can Rand REALLY do in the Senate? [MOD NOTE: GOTV First!]
  174. New Rand Paul Commercial Links Conway to Obama on Cap and Trade
  175. Jack Conway silent on raising medicare deductibles on seniors.
  176. Jack Conway calls for amnesty for illegals in Paducah debate
  177. Likely voters see extremists as having greater sway over Dems than GOP per the Hill
  178. Rand Paul and Jack Conway show sharp differences in third debate
  179. third quarter fundraising out tomorrow?
  180. Campaign updates and news with a serious message!
  181. Dem State Chair on CN|2
  182. Protect Kentucky Jobs Latest Press Release
  183. Race will be close Rand tells local supporters (update on tax issue)
  184. Federal Judge Rules on Healthcare
  185. [video]Kentucky Chamber Roundtable Discussion With Rand Paul - Energy and Environment
  186. McConnell says Kentuckians have Buyer's Remorse
  187. Jack Conway now pushing Chris Matthews saying he'll win.
  188. Jack Conway proud of making snarky comments. This could be our Senator?!?
  189. Conway mentions Rand Paul's name 53 times in a single speech
  190. KYX Radio will cover Rand's Victory Party
  191. any kentuckians remember the Bunning Mongiardo race?
  192. Any polls any time soon??
  193. Conway missed one tea party on Obama Care, but apparently joined another one ....
  194. Full Paducah Debate video
  195. The Media is Attempting to Weave an Artificial Narrative that Rand is unelectable
  196. Supporters call Paul a "real American"
  197. Great crowd to hear Dr. Paul speak in Hopkinsville (Video)
  198. Most Voters Prefer A Candidate Who Lays Off The Pork
  199. New NRSC ad exposes Jack's support of Cap and Trade
  200. Why does Jack Conway want to talk about "Kentucky values?"
  201. Pageone outresearches the H-L to show that the Conway utilities scandal is real
  202. Jack Conway wants Donald Abrams, M.D. arrested!
  203. Max Cleland to come campaign for Jack Conway....
  204. Rand Paul Senate Campaign Denies Fair Tax Support per WaPo
  205. Wow. The Courier Journal actually picks up on one of Jack Conway's fake ads.
  206. Annoyed with Rand
  207. At some point I think Rand should
  208. Jack is actually trying to make something out of this.
  209. Jack Conway's new attack ad on Dr. Paul
  210. Jack Conway's Plan To Fix ObamaCare (video)
  211. Rand Paul and GOP leaders attend Murray State U rally yesterday (Pictures)
  212. Not so subliminal messaging of Rover's ad
  213. [VIDEO] Rand Paul Speech @ Hopkinsville
  214. Rand Paul Raises 2.7 Million in Third Quarter; Conway 1.7 Million
  215. APNewsBreak: Paul trounces Conway in fundraising
  216. GOP awaits huge wins...
  217. Donation Refund?
  218. [Video] Aqua Buddha stars in Jack Conway's new attack ad (Seriously)
  219. Jack Conway had a well planned smear machine from the beginning (Video)
  220. Another Ad by COnway. This one "Blood of Miners"
  221. Dr. Paul's Media release calls Conway's latest ad "Over The Line."
  222. Wow. COnway doubles down and has "Aqua Buddha" as a tab on the front of website.
  223. great article about Rand's home life
  224. Gawker on the new Jack Conway attack ad
  225. i received an email asking for a donation. Can anyone verify its real [MOD: It is.]
  226. And Now King Pork Hal Rogers has a story attacking Rand....
  227. Jack Conway's claim "Rand Paul want's to end deductions for donations to religious...
  228. CNN Article
  229. John Kerry Goes After GOP Senate Nominees
  230. What Are The Latest Polls? (10/16)
  231. The Weekly Standard thinks Conway is a Sleazebag
  232. Clinton going back to Kentucky? [Mod: No]
  233. HotAirPundit: Jack Conway goes to the gutter.
  234. NYT calculates that Rand Paul has an 86% chance of winning
  235. Leftist atheists dub Jack Conway a wannabe theocrat and disgraceful
  236. Allison Haley the demoted spokes critter for Conway....
  237. University of Louisville debate is Sunday at 7 PM (ET) on CSPAN
  238. "As Democrats' Message Lapses, Big Gains Expected for Republicans'
  239. Jack Conway’s Liddy Dole moment
  240. Jack Conway: ‘I’m Holier Than Thou [Rand Paul]‘
  241. HotAir - Conway's desperate "Aqua Buddha" ad
  242. What would Jim Bunning do?
  243. Gun Owners of America Endorse Rand Paul for Senate
  244. Buddhists offended by Jack Conway's ad.
  245. Lexington Herald-Leader: Obama right man for the job
  246. What Paul can do during debate to make Conway look really bad.
  247. Gerth is baffled how Rand can be winning without promising pork like Jack ALWAYS does
  248. New Anti-Conway Radio Commercial from the NRSC - Smell those waffles
  249. Is Rand hurting for money?
  250. Dr. Paul's opening Statement.