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  1. One on One: Rand Paul on Fox in the Morning
  2. Freedom Watch this weekend featuring Dr. Rand Paul and Sarah Palin....
  3. Media Press Conference from Yesterday (VIDEO)
  4. Hatfields and McCoy agree on Obama (Video)
  5. 12 people protest Sarah Palin & Rand Paul event
  6. [Video] Moveon.org launches attack ad against Rand Paul
  7. Sarah Palin Protester Has Links To Terrorist
  8. Bluegrass Bulletin write up of the Sarah Palin / Rand Paul event
  9. Huckabee Endorses Rand for Senator of Alaska
  10. Rand to be on with Leland Conway on WHAS 84 Sunday 9/19
  11. If anyone in KY wants to be a 'distributor' for FreedomWorks for Rand Paul signs...
  12. Huckabee to campaign for Rand Paul... presumably in Kentucky...
  13. “But It Just May Be a Lunatic You’re Looking For” - backhanded compliment...
  14. AFL-CIO Behind Palin "Protest"
  15. Campaign notes for this afternoon. Keep up to date.
  16. Jack Conway WANTS BLOOD!
  17. WHAS video of Protestors and break down of Palin event.
  18. AP Pads Jack Conway's Resume
  19. Herald Leader does a bad job hiding their ideology
  20. Conway to meet with Strong JAC: US-Israel Relations group....
  21. Southern Avenger: Rush and Rove, Late to the Party (Rand Mentioned)
  22. WAVE3 on the Palin/Paul event and protestors who have no clue about who they are.
  23. Head of Group who endorsed Conway says Meth labs doubled under Conway's watch
  24. Countdown about to do a hit on Rand...
  25. CONway's new web ad says Rand wants to FREE Bernie Madoff!
  26. I look at this chart of primary contributions and see good things. K street does not
  27. Rand's Message stays the same when he speaks to High School Kids (CN|2 reports)
  28. Jack Conway thinks retirement age should be raised for social security yet pretends
  29. Vote Rand Paul. (Online poll)
  30. Pro Abortion Group Calls Jack Conway "The perfect candidate." - Bluegrass Bulletin
  31. Constitution Day Campaign Notes
  32. The Mole Removed earlier this week by Dr. Rand Paul is back...
  33. Video from Last Friday of Dr. Paul's Press Conference.
  34. Crazy is back in fashion. (video)
  35. CBS features Jack's lame 'violent crime' ad as a HOT ad? Includes Dennis's Oz one 2
  36. Jack Conway wants to put AIDS and Cancer patients in jail.
  37. Poll WaPo: Which Tea Party Candidate is most likely to win
  38. Afternoon news and notes
  39. Five Thirty-Eight, a NY Times operation, gives Rand a 90%+ chance of winning
  40. Gage's photo of Rand used to smear Rand is on sale....
  41. National Right To Life Endorses Dr. Rand Paul
  42. Club For Growth's Chris Chocola: Cutting Spending is a Team Sport (Talks Rand Video)
  43. Photoshop opportunity!!
  44. Joe Arnold wraps up KY-Sen, IN-SEN, Louisville Mayor and KY-3rd Congressional
  45. Jack Conway is catching on... I have proof
  46. Ludlow: Tea Party economics are bullish
  47. The Best prediction that Rand Paul will Win
  48. Project Vote Smart has finally updated Conway's "Issues Position" page
  49. Globe and Mail: Rand Paul's unlikely Kentucky campaign shows the Tea Parties' strengt
  50. Haley Barbour Comes to Northern Kentucky for Rand Paul
  51. A Captialist Banner blog on why Obama should campaign for Jack in Kentucky - video
  52. Rand on Fox tomorrow?
  53. Video: Freedom Watch with Rand Paul, Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint, Tom Woods etc
  54. Election Watch: Where outside groups and parties are spending $ right now
  55. Congressional Quarterly moves Ky from toss-up to leans Republican
  56. Predict the Date the Louisville Courier-Journal Officially Endorses Conway
  57. WLKY - Rand re: Conway's 'new conservatism:
  58. Conway loses major supporter. Liberal Spider Monkey has gone AWOL!
  59. Don Kraus mourns the 'death of GOP Internationalism' with the tea party candidates
  60. Business Insiders: The Deficit Hawks vs. the "Deficit Hawks"
  61. video - from 2009 what Rand said he would say in the general election.. he needs to
  62. News Enterprise: "Brushy Fork Gives Kindling to Candidates"
  63. Courier-Press: "Off and Running: Rand Paul"
  64. Conway now supports extending ALL of the Bush tax cuts?
  65. Fox Ticker said Rand gave...
  66. Where is Jack? Will he join Texas in suing the EPA to stop the 'climate change' rule
  67. Paul from 7 months ago: Drugs are a "serious problem"
  68. Poll: Which candidate gets the worst media treatment.... Rand, Christine O, Angle, et
  69. In Kentucky US Senate Race Tea Partier Tones it Down
  70. Case of the Mondays (notes and campaign news)
  71. Jack Flip flops from Primary on desciption of Dr. Paul
  72. AFL/CIO direct mail campaign against Rand
  73. New NYTimes meme - nominating Rand over Grayson neither hurt nor helped GOP chances
  74. The Republican Establishment And Rand
  75. Neil Cavuto show today with Dr. Rand Paul not, Jack Conway
  76. Haley Barbour made a great point last night at Rand's fundraiser...
  77. "Jack Conway is following Rand Paul around like a puppy that needs attention."
  78. Paul v Conway from Sat night
  79. Jack Conway now scoffs at Rand's looks. Nice (Video)
  80. How classless will Jack get?
  81. Afghanistan, Conway's death wish and other news
  82. Why I am not a fan of the Tea Party as much as I was....
  83. Jack Conway runs from Debate from Dr. Paul?!?!
  84. [Video] New Crossroads Anti-Conway Commercial - Goes after his "moneybomb" sponsors
  85. "I would trust Rand Paul with my children"
  86. Rand Paul being attacked by Pro Coal group.
  87. Jack STILL claims polls show a 'statistical dead heat' despite RCP average etc
  88. Any Rand Paul Friends coming up to Bloomington for Tom Woods tonight? 7pm
  89. This bobblehead doesn't look the SLIGHTEST bit like Rand.
  90. Is Blumenthal Connecticut's Jack Conway?
  91. NRA Missing in Action
  92. Great article by Marcus Carey on the failed federal drug war - Bluegrass Bulletin
  93. Jack Conway refusing to invite Obama despite campaign woes.
  94. Jack hires Dr. Dan's campaign manager for GOTV
  95. No clue what this is but, AWESOME! Rand Paul in a new Wizard of Oz feature.
  96. Jack Conway on an interesting client list for Benson Strategy group....
  97. Dr. Rand Paul taking the fight to Jack Conway on Immigration....
  98. Lexington Herald Leader attacking Dr. Paul, again.
  99. Jack Conway comes out today with a National drug policy for prescription drugs
  100. For you legalization guys. Conway is your worst nightmare.
  101. Conway says he's got the momentum.
  102. Mike Huckabee coming to Kentucky to campaign for Dr. Rand Paul
  103. I can't wait to see Rand Paul criticise the "Pledge to America"
  104. Lexington Herald Leader is buying into the Conway Attack!
  105. Is there a moneybomb on the way? I sure haven't seen any promos for it....
  106. Per B and P WHAS 11/Blugrass SUSA is polling the KY senate race today
  107. LOL! WAVE 3 write up of Conway drug roundtable.
  108. Lexington Herald-Leader
  109. AUDIO: NPR discussion with Bowling Green affiliate re: Kentucky Senate race
  110. Conway confirms he will debate Rand on Fox 10/3; blows smoke on medicare
  111. Is SUSA still polling today?
  112. NRSC Ad "Prove them Wrong"
  113. VIDEO: Rand Paul mentioned in GOP Senate ad
  114. CCAGW PAC endorses Rand Paul
  115. NFIB Endorses Rand Paul
  116. Daily Caller essentially pillaries Pledge, wants Rand's platform & Ron for Speaker
  117. Lady From Africana Online Doesn't Understand The Internet
  118. Rand apparently discussed substantive issues today, so I'm sure he'll be pilloried
  119. Are those Visigoths at the gate? - Krauthammer
  120. Media may not always say nice things about Rand but they come when he calls a presser
  121. VIDEO: Rand Paul Out in Front in Kentucky
  122. New Rand Paul Ad! Rand's Plan (video)
  123. VIDEO - Jack's campaign has gone round the bend - Rand visits Louisville
  124. Paul Comes to Dixie
  125. Rand Paul in GQ: A Nuanced Portrait of a Not-Entirely-Frightening Politician
  126. Photos: Rand Paul at Louisville reception
  127. [Video] When lefties attack! (Rand Paul in Louisville)
  128. Rand Paul one of Michele Bachmann's "Bachmann Five"
  129. DSCC Poll asserts that Conway is down only 3 to Rand
  130. Are you going to the Rand Paul VICTORY Party in KY?
  131. Rand and Jack to have a WHAS 11 televised debate 10/17 - 5 debates now?
  132. WHAS 11 learns from mistakes - WHAS 11/ SUSA poll results 'after football Saturday'.
  133. Ron Paul and Jim DeMint to headline fundraiser/rally for Rand Oct 3
  134. Progressive Magazine blasts Rand Paul in article
  135. Local, state Republican candidates attend rally in Bowling Green
  136. the Rand haters inspired me to post this toady
  137. Rand Paul On Hannity Tonight (Friday) Fox News
  138. It's sad but Jack is still on drugs -- and misrepresenting what Rand says
  139. Per PPP, Rand has third highest favorability of GOP Senate candidates
  140. Rand Paul: 'I Wanted The GOP Pledge To America To Be Stronger'
  141. Poll: In November who will you vote for, Rand Paul or Jack Conway?
  142. Is Jack Conway going to run anti-Obama ads -- while Obama's Organizing for America
  143. The Hill - Rand Paul: "You Can't Punish the Rich People"
  144. VIDEO Rand Paul speaks at Republican Party Rally
  145. Elephants in the Bluegrass: GQ Profiles Rand Paul (again)
  146. 2010 Republicans by far more conservative than 1980 and 1994
  147. Term Limits: Rand Paul vs Jack Conway
  148. Will Rand Paul Eventually Craft a Detailed Balanced Budget and Seize the Day?
  149. NEW POLL: Rand 49 Conway 47
  150. Critical Analysis of New Poll
  151. Photos: Rand Paul at Huckabee fundraiser
  152. WaPo: In Kentucky Race, Rand Paul and Jack Conway divided on strategy
  153. Poll: Vote for Rand (Which tea party candidate would u most like to see win)
  154. HotAir examines the "screwy sample" showing Rand Paul fading in the polls
  155. End of Quarter Fundraiser Sept 28-30th - let Rand buy airtime for ads like this one!
  156. Is the latest SUSA part of a "Democratic Blip"?
  157. Laughing at Jack Conway
  158. Ham Days with Jimmy Higdon and Rand Paul
  159. Rand Paul Makes Two Campaign Stops In Louisville (W/ VIDEO)
  160. Future Warning - Voter Fraud
  161. Rothenberg Political Rpt: KY Senate Bluegrass Poll: another interpretation
  162. Rand Paul Ad Front Page On Drudge!
  163. Rand Paul to debate 5 times (schedule); Moneybomb starts tomorrow - 9.28 - 9.30
  164. PolitiFact rates Jack Conway's attack ad against Rand Paul FALSE
  165. NRSC pulls down Kentucky ad
  166. Sodahead: "Conner pulls to within 2 points of Rand Paul"
  167. Rand is on Mark Levin now!
  169. WRKO Rand Paul calls into Tom and Todd - AUDIO - REALLY GOOD IMHO
  170. There's a new ad from Conway pretending Rand wants EVERYONE to have a 2K medicare ded
  171. Tea Party Express bus and Rally in Paducah Oct 27 11 am
  172. Rally with Ron + Rand Paul and Senator Jim DeMint (Sat 10/2)
  173. Obama admits he will push for cap and trade in 2011
  174. Rand Paul moneybomb starts tonight at midnight Sept 29 runs through Sept 30!
  175. "Conway takes aim at Paul on Medicare" contains context for quote in ad
  176. Video Link to Tomorrow's Rand Paul Webathon
  177. Should People Be Arrested For Smoking Marijuana? Jack Conway: ABSOLUTELY!
  178. Rand Paul Ad Idea
  179. How Rand Paul should respond to the Medicare tax deductible attack
  180. ok, GO!
  181. Rand Paul Graphs Sept 29 Money Bomb
  182. Expect BIG announcement from YAL tomorrow!
  183. As if more proof was needed Jack Conway is a liar....
  184. Take that rand!
  185. Watch. Conway hoisted by his own Petard
  186. Jack Conway's Ever-Changing Tax Policy (video)
  187. Michael Steele Up Next on Rand Telethon
  188. Toady is the Telethon!
  189. Politifact : Jack Conway's attack ad 'one of the bigger distortions that we’ve seen'
  190. Live Townhall Access?
  191. Rand Paul Town Hall teleconference live now
  192. Rand Paul mentioned in today's NYT
  193. VIDEO - RightTimes: Jack Conway on Social Security In His Own Words
  194. CQPolitics says Rand should win
  195. Rand Paul makes Corbin Visit Wednesday
  196. WHAS 11 terms today's MoneyBomb as 'dueling' with Jack's end of quarter solicitation
  197. Is something wrong with the Rand Paul campaign paypal link?
  198. When did they decide to let Joe "I heart Conway' Gerth ask ?s at the Oct 17 debate?
  199. Rasmussen: Rand Paul leads by 11 (September 29 polling)
  200. Do you ever get Deja Vu listening to Jack Conway? (video)
  201. $189,000
  202. Full video that deceptive social security deductible quote was swiped from
  203. Latest Donor: Barack Obama ... Anonymous Anon
  204. Jack Conway Called For Cutting Unemployment Benefits! (video)
  205. Fox News' Chris Wallace aims to give Paul and Conway "A Fair Shake" in their debate
  206. Will the web-athon bomb beat Jack's faux bomb?
  207. DSCC canceling some ad buys in Kentucky
  208. Rand on Baldy and the Blonde WGSO 9/29 (audio)
  209. Rand On Fox News This Morning [AUDIO]
  210. NRSC: "Jack Conway; Courageously Progressive"
  211. Further breakdown of the Rasmussen numbers
  212. "Paul exceeds $250,000 in online fundraiser"
  213. Rand is the real deal
  214. I need ten people!
  215. $300,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  216. Prepare for a hit piece
  217. National Review "Calls the Senate Race" for Rand Paul
  218. $400,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  219. Can We Break Our Record?!?!
  220. LET'S BREAK THE RECORD!! I'll donate $100 if I get 5 matches... :D
  221. Dem ad buys for Conway next week MAY be back up...after DSCC got grief for pulling ad
  223. National Review: "If you're ahead by 6 30 days out, history is on your side"
  224. URGENT...Rand needs campaign volunteers in Louisville
  225. Rand Paul cited as example of tea party fundraising
  226. [Live Stream] Joe Arnold and others to discuss U.S. Senate race on KET at 8 PM EST
  227. Fox News (Re: Sunday's Debate) "Power Play Update: The Stakes in Kentucky"
  228. Conway challenges Rand Paul on the Budget...
  229. Really interesting comments on a recent villevoice article re: SUSA poll
  230. You thought SUSA's weighting of Dem to GOP voters was bad? check Cn2
  231. Rand on the G. Gordon Liddy show
  232. Oct 2nd with Jim DeMint, Ron Paul, Rand Paul in NKY
  233. [Video] Chris Wallace previews tomorrow's debate
  234. Union workers are going door to door this weekend lying about Rand
  235. Rand Paul Holds Rally In Erlanger - brief story
  236. Rand Paul Rally Draws Political Heavyweights - video
  237. AP story on the Rand/Ron/DeMint rally
  238. Dem Tea Party strategy - death by a 1000 media cuts - forget the issues
  239. If you need motivation, watch this video
  240. Jack and Rand neck and neck? Someone send her the Rasmussen poll...
  241. article on rally w/ Ron/Rand more pictures, shows crowd
  242. AFL Union mailer
  243. Photos: Rand/DeMint/Ron Paul rally
  244. Woooo Hoooo! It's Debate Day Boys And Girls!
  245. Well, I would say Rand Paul won the Chris Wallace debate!
  246. Video from early 90's of Rand Paul
  247. Did Jack Conway really lie about his position on bailouts on the Fox debate?
  248. Rand Paul Debate Video
  249. Man oh Man oh MAN, why isn't anyone saying how obviously Jack lied on cap and trade?
  250. The Hill's write up of the debate