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  1. KY Governor Beshear: "Rand Paul Out Of Touch"
  2. Momma Grizzly and other stories.
  3. Rand Paul to have a Cap and Trade Press Conference.
  4. Conway money bomb video
  5. 'Rand Fan' Impersonator Tyler Collins Apologizes for Being an Idiot and Quits Job
  6. Gonna get Rand Paul folks mad here....
  7. GOP says Conway should return state pay while fund-raising outside state
  8. Federal Drug Dollars at work (Marion County Line)
  9. Paul, Conway to campaign in NKY this week
  10. WSJ Online "Dear Patients, Vote to Repeal Obamacare" don't believe Dems will 'fix it'
  11. Kentuckians lost in Iraq and those who supported war.
  12. Jack Conway PDF of financials.
  13. Meet Jack Conway ó Rand Paulís unscrutinized Dem opponent in Ky (daily caller)
  14. Rand weighs in
  15. Expect some anti-Conway commercials for Labor Day because of his support for EFCA
  16. National Review Online: Welcome to the Party (good article)
  17. I think I LIKE Bridget Bush at Elephants in the Blue Grass
  18. Obama Supporters Knock On Doors For Jack Conway In KY
  19. Poll: vote Rand Paul or Conway
  20. Rand Paul to speak in Northern KY Sept 2
  21. Kentucky why didn't you share???
  22. "Tea Party Candidates Poised for Major Victory in November"
  23. Jack Conway's Two week Moneybomb (A challenge to Paul Supporters)
  24. "Ky. Senate candidate Paul tours plant to tout coal"
  25. VOTE NOW for PPP to do a poll of Kentucky's Senate Race!
  26. Team DeMint Vs. Team Lott: The Battle for the Soul of the GOP
  27. "Democrats' Senate Race Poll Numbers Blues"
  28. The Gleaner: "Paul makes Sebree Visit"
  29. The Democrat Sheriff who has meth still in his system....
  30. Bluegrass Bulletin: "Conway: Politics As Usual"
  31. Joe Arnold: "Cap & Trade, coal on front burner for Paul, Conway"
  32. Conway's 2 week Money Bomb blows on...
  33. Daniel Logsdon has a Jack Conway moment. (Video)
  34. They will use FEAR to beat Rand Paul (Video)
  35. Send in Your Comments
  36. Interesting video I found on the web: Why should you vote for Rand Paul / Conway?
  37. Rand Paul at Forum: The Government is out of Control - A Day of Reckoning is Coming
  38. The Trial Lawyer Tax Break?
  39. Dang, I thought better of Taibbi, from Rolling Stone
  40. Conway Proxy John Yarmuth No Longer Safe
  41. Blog analysis of Rand for 2012.
  42. Rand Paul regains lead in U.S. Senate race, latest cn|2 Poll finds
  43. FreeManInKy!: Two Party Race in 2011 for the Kentucky Governor? think again...
  44. Jack Conway goes full smear campaign.
  45. Bunning predicts a Rand Paul win in KY, citing 'unbelievable' intensity
  46. Jim DeMint Looks toward November, and Beyond
  47. Jews for Guns, Ute's Win & Jack Conway travels.
  48. New WHAS 11 Bluegrass poll to be released in Ky Senate race Saturday night 11 PM EST
  49. write up by a liberal blogger of Rand and Jack's events yesterday
  50. Herding Ninjas
  51. On Camera: Rand Paul explains his positions on jobs, health care and social security
  52. Capitalist Banner: "Anti-Business Senate Candidate Jack Conway Declares War On FedEx"
  53. Cook Report: The Senate is in play for Republicans
  54. Rand Paul does a normal interview (video)
  55. Kentucky makes college football history today!
  56. "Paul shakes hands ahead of UK-Louisville game"
  57. Stick a fork in Jack Conway
  58. Vote in Poll: "Do you think Jack Conway will win Jim Bunning's seat?"
  59. Post on Huff Po alleges Koch Industries donated to Jack Conway, just like to Trey
  60. WHAS: Rand Paul winning by FIFTEEN EFFIN POINTS! Conway can't believe this sh**!
  61. "Tests of Political Wind: 10 Key Races..."
  62. "Coal a driving factor in US Senate race"
  63. Elephants in the Bluegrass on the new SUSA poll
  64. Look at this tracking feature to compare past SUSA polls to this one
  65. Paul's balancing act: Tea party darling juggles medical practice, fatherhood & campai
  66. oh boy, this is good... today's Courier Journal article
  67. HotAir: Paul up 15 in new Survey USA poll
  68. Jake at PageOne on the SUSA poll
  69. Forgot to make a thread las night of my analysis....
  70. Rand Paul's Balancing Act (BG Daily News Sunday Paper)
  71. Politics Daily: "Rand Paul is pulling far ahead of Jack Conway in Ky Senate Race"
  72. Hypocrite Conway ran TV ad during primary pledging no more bailouts
  73. Really bad Conway ad
  74. VIDEO UP - WHAS coverage of the SUSA 15 point lead by Rand over Conway
  75. Rand in WSJ, Drudge
  76. Paul, Conway approaches contrast
  77. Conway gets the Poll news in California...
  78. Rand's poll #'s make top of Drudge - link to WSJ article
  79. Jack ditched interview with Joe Arnold abt poll, new (revised VIDEO)
  80. Marion County Line: "Game Over?"
  81. Well, this is kind of cool ..... daily racing world...
  82. Conway Moneybomb video.....
  83. Jack Conway supporters are acting like Cujo over the newst poll
  84. Prominent Lawyer in Bowling Green gives his opinion on Poll.
  85. Jack Conway thrills himself
  86. Media Attacks Kentucky GOP State Chair Because Democrat Jack Conway Is Out-of-State
  87. New Video - Jack Conway himself reacts to WHAS11 poll - "That poll is dead wrong!!!"
  88. Jack's about to meltdown. He needs a vacation around the USA!
  89. Jack Conway Gets a Makeover and Looks Forward to 2011
  90. Rand Paul's 15 point lead is a major historical milestone
  91. Proof: Jack Conway Caught lying on polling.
  92. Toady is the Conway Money Bomb
  93. BlueAmerica: Who's The Kookiest Tea Partier of Them All?
  94. Another moneybomb?
  95. The EPA
  96. Happy Fannie Freddie/Conway moneybomb day!
  97. Rand Paul leads Jack Conway 6.5% at worst according to Pollster.com
  98. Seems some DailyKos People aren't too happy about Jack
  99. Notice what pollster did with the trend line
  100. Fyi
  101. Jack Conway's celebration of Fannie & Freddie and the flip flop!
  102. General Wesley Clark smear Dr. Rand Paul
  103. AP's Bruce Schreiner Again Carrying Conway's Water
  104. Latest Rand Paul Poll Brings Utter Silence from Liberal Blogs
  105. Guest Blogger points out Jack's Internal Poll Problem.
  106. Jack's Faux Moneybomb a 2 week success.
  107. Cato on SUSA poll: More surprises from the Kentucky Senate survey
  108. Email from Rand, he needs money for advertising
  109. "The Gospel According to Paul", new bio sketch from Louiseville Magazine
  110. Study: Voters haven't been there for Dems in primaries
  111. Deja Vu: Conway and the Dems running like GOP in '06
  112. AP write up on Rand's new ad
  113. Where is Andrew Malcolm? LMAO!!!!!!
  114. Dr. Paul's ad up (VIDEO) Good size buy.
  115. Im a physician not a career politician!!!
  116. Anyone notice on Dr. Paul's new ad on Youtube....
  117. Some random campaign stories and NASHVILLE GETTING THE WORLD CUP!! maybe.
  118. Will Rand Paul Destroy something Beautiful? (Internal Polling)
  119. HuffPo moves KY Senate race from 'tossup' to 'leans Republican'
  120. Joe Arnold On Conway's "Money Bomb"
  121. New Rasmussen Poll - Rand Paul 54% - Jack Conway 39%
  122. Page One and Joe Arnold Rip Apart Conway's "Moneybomb" Sham
  123. Matt Collins in Yahoo News
  124. NEW Rand Paul Ad!
  125. New worthless CNN poll among registered voters
  126. Jack Conway: Everyone's Crazy (Video)
  127. Come on People! Baghdad Bob's Back! (video)
  128. Dr. Paul to be on WKCT tomorrow morning.....
  129. Jack coming up on Ed show!
  130. WTF? CNN tonight! Conway had free reign!
  131. Facebook: Rand Paul 73,881 friends. Jack Conway 2,486
  132. Jack Conway firmly for Job Killing Card Check... (Video)
  133. RealClearPolitics poll average - even including bogus CNN/Time one, is Rand leads 8.8
  134. Politics Daily: Rand Paul Widens Lead over Jack Conway in Kentucky Senate Race
  135. National Review Online asks: A Little Late for a Registered Voter Poll, Isnít it?
  136. Sequal video to Jack Conway/Baghdad Bob Two videos!!!
  137. Jack Conway is now taunting Rand Paul supporters about money bomb (Video)
  138. paul 54-39
  139. SwingStateProject - Dem site - peggs CNN Poll properly...
  140. LOL! Time/CNN on KY polls yesterday including their own... 'outlier'...
  141. Kentucky Political Review: Did The Media Bury the Bluegrass Poll Results?
  142. What The Hell Is This??? "Rand Paul collapses in latest poll"
  143. Electoral-Vote.com has possible Republican Senate
  144. Joe Arnold: Senate Race is Poll-arizing
  145. SurveyUSA Smacks Down Leftist Claims About their Poll
  146. Tobacco the new marijuana?
  147. COnway on "Ed Show" video
  148. Rand Paul to hold 'Repeal Obamacare Press Conference' Friday
  149. Vote for Rand in poll: Who will be the star of Senate Class of 2010? Rubio ahead
  150. Conway/Paul Debate Scheduled for October 11th in NKY
  151. The Nation: Rand Paul's Kentucky Derby
  152. Somebody Pinch Me!--I just spoke to Rand Paul
  153. National Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans Coalition Endorses Dr. Rand Paul
  154. Jack Conway does Press Conference about Ed Show apperance and debate. (Video)
  155. Rick Sanchez
  156. Bluegrass Bulletin suggests new campaign jingle for Jack Conway
  157. Jack CONway: "Health Care is not a pressing Issue."
  158. Capitalist Banner: Jack Conway: The Bill [ObamaCare] Will Benefit Kentucky
  159. WHAS 11 Joe Arnold: Paul, Conway polls under scrutiny
  160. Rand will be attending St John's picnic Saturday 1-2, but not speaking at podium at 4
  161. Do you think there will ever be a movie about Ron and Rand Paul?
  162. Rand Paul and Jack Conway commit to 3 debates, others possible
  163. Rand to speak Sunday 5 pm at Bowling Green Freedom Rally
  164. [Live Stream] Joe Arnold and other reporters discuss Kentucky Politics on KET at 8 PM
  165. Insider Louisville: Nation magís audacious take on Conway/Paul tussle a must-read
  166. Favorite Rand Paul speech?
  167. Rand Paul attracts nearly 40% of African Americans in Kentucky... That's a pretty sh
  168. Rand Paul Firetruck in Walton "Old Fashion Day" parade
  169. Jack Conway Fancy Farm speech 2007 [Full video]
  170. The Washington (Com)Post calls Rand Paul an Optometrist
  171. Conway criticizes Rand Paul at Church Picnic
  172. Fishwrap reporter pretends Rand is only up in polls due to o/s ads; but Fox
  173. Has anyone else seen this/know what it is? Diverting donations?
  174. Why does Jesse Benton want a Rand vs Jack debate moderated by Chris Wallace?
  175. Dirtbag CNN "reporter" just used their poll showing race as dead heat
  176. Check out this local write up of Jack opening a campaign headquarters in Owensboro.
  177. Should Ron and Rand Paul file a patent for starting the Tea Party?
  178. Lexington H-L: Rand Paul and Ron Paul: How far did the apple fall from the tree?
  179. Sarah Palin fundraiser
  180. (AP) Yahoo News - Rand Paul says GOP shares blame for deficits
  181. Senate hopeful Rand Paul says GOP have taken `easy way out' by failing to cut spendin
  182. Rand Paul the Rock Star.....Friday at Optimist Park in Vine Forks... I think....
  183. Did Jack Conway Steal "Rand's Waffle House" Idea From DSCC?
  184. Rand Paul says GOP shares blame for deficits
  185. Courier Journal - Jack Conway whines about polls
  186. 30 Days to Victory Money Bomb - Pledge Now!
  187. AFL-CIO Sends Out Two Million Mailers; Blast Palin, Angle And Paul
  188. AFL CIO carts out seasoned citizens to blast Rand (video)
  189. Fox Debate is On Rand Paul vs Jack Conway Oct 3
  190. Rand at the Bowling Green Tea Party Sunday Sept 12 (pictures)
  191. "Conway Scores Victory by Really Fuzzy Math" Bluegrass Bulletin
  192. Expect Fake DailyKos/PPP Poll to be Released Tomorrow
  193. WHAS Today on the Enthusiasm/Intensity Gap
  194. Unchecked Media not questioning Conway (VIDEO)
  195. Rand Paul, an enigma in the political machine
  196. Bob does PC for Jack Conway on Palin.
  197. Jack Conway may have blood on his hands (Murder trial)
  198. TalkLeft suggests that supporting Boxer, not Conway, is vital to the left.
  199. Rand had a busy weekend
  200. Photos: Rand Paul at the Red White and Blue picnic in Owensboro, KY
  201. Kentucky News (randomness as well): Vegetarian Piranhas & new R.E.M. album
  202. Sarah Palin the New Oprah
  203. Conway misses Owensboro picnic, major media ignores, but Owensboro notices [video]
  204. New York Times grudgingly acknowledges that Rand Paul is 'the favorite for his race'
  205. PPP KY-SEN Poll up on DailyKos - Paul up by 7
  206. Jake at Pageonekentucky picks up on Jack being AWOL at Owensboro
  207. Cn/2 notes Jacks' complaints of Rand's absence at picnic & Jacks absence at Owensboro
  208. Capitalist Banner reports on Owensboro event
  209. Joe Arnold WHAS 11: Jack Conway a no show at Owensboro Red White & Blue Picnic
  210. Rand Paul Calls Out Republicans, Ralph Nader Calls Out Democrats
  211. NRSC up with ad against Conway's support of Obamacare - pretty good
  212. [Video] NRSC Launches Anti-Conway TV Commercial - "Jockey Jack"
  213. Jack Conway prefers LA & NYC over Owensboro
  214. Dr. Rand Paul performs emergency Mole removal at Obamacare event.
  215. New Jack Conway ad for National Sheriff
  216. Sheriffs who want more Crime endorse Dr. Paul.
  217. I hope every Kentuckian reads the DailyKos Comments....
  218. Wow. Now the Conway Campaign calls Jake Payne a liar!
  219. Christine O'Donnell keeps the anti-establishment train rolling
  220. Rand Paul says GOP landslides would allow for repeal of huge mistake of a health bill
  221. Looky at all these Kentucky Sheriffs who support Rand Paul. How can that be?
  222. NKU mock election
  223. Jack Conway supporter Charlie Rangel wins!!!
  224. Rand bags most significant endorsement
  225. So much news on the Senate race this morning
  226. Cue Baghdad Bob Conway Releases New Poll
  227. Joe Arnold WHAS 11: Attack ads: Paul soft on crime, Conway soft on Obama
  228. Rand Palin??? Conway's latest plea
  229. More Poll Shenanigans
  230. Rand Paul MoneyBomb - Telethon (Sep 29-30)
  231. Cathy Bailey Pours Her Heart Into Rand Paul Campaign
  232. [Video] Chamber of Commerce Runs Anti-Conway Commercial - Another one on HealthCare
  233. Blerb on Paul
  234. Is this actually a new logo for the Dems, or a grade?
  235. Conway and Palin. Separated at Birth?
  236. Campaign Notes and CATO blasts Conway on lies....
  237. Capitalist Banner asks: Is Jack Conway Scared To Debate Rand Paul This Saturday?
  238. (Falsely) Attacking Rand Paul
  239. Here is the full video of Rand Paul's speech in Owensboro (Good stuff)
  240. ALERT: TEXT "SR4" to 36288 NOW - FOX NEWS POLL for RAND PAUL <<>> Update: Rand wins
  241. [Videos] Cn2 Politics: Rand Paul discusses plans to slash the federal budget
  242. American Conservative: Of all Tea Party candidates, Rand Paul's in best leader spot
  243. Right Sphere: Bad Week for Conway
  244. PBS has some interesting comments on the NRSC ad for Rand
  245. Pageone hints that maybe Kentucky isn't a competitive state this year:
  246. Chris Matthews' predictions on various senate races including KY
  247. 'One in the Senate' - Rand Paul Video Telethon & Moneybomb Sep 28 - 30
  248. Jack Conway In Tears Over Sarah Palin (video)
  249. Morning Notes (campaign stuff and around KY)
  250. Jack Conway sends Democratic party elected Sheriffs 2 continue to pimp the drug issue