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  1. Read the bills
  2. GQ Noze brothers article
  3. Author of GQ Story
  4. This is gonna be a long campaign...
  5. Jack Conway flip flops on Bush Tax Cuts.....
  6. Jack's Campaign on Fancy Farm (email)
  7. Ed Show doing a hit piece next...
  8. GQ piece is hilarious
  9. "Impersonations, Felons, Aqua Buddha & Campaigning for Wendell Ford's Seat"
  10. So now the left calls Rand Paul a kidknapper?
  11. Nate Hodson's girlfriend borrows terminology from the primary campaign in her article
  12. The daily caller picks up on the Conway guy posing as a 'racist' Rand supporter
  13. Breitbart.tv has imposter Rand supporter as #1
  14. BEST FREAKIN' BLOG YET concerning Rand's Baylor story.
  15. Michael Medved: unthinkable to take issue with Obama's substance abuse
  16. Ed Schultz lying about Rand Paul
  17. Noze Brothers aren't sure about the Rand Paul story....
  18. USA Today, "Rand Paul, libertarian? Not quite." by Rand Paul
  19. Aqua Buddha Revealed
  20. Conway Campaign Spreading Around Unsubstantiated Claims
  21. COnway does a "shout out" for group who dipicts Rand Paul as Hitler. RACIST!
  22. Journalists and sourcing.....
  23. A nice, local write up of Fancy Farm
  24. Joe Arnold on Conway Campaign's "Dirty Tricks" (Tyler)
  25. American Crossroads: Verdict on Kentucky and other states
  26. An amazingly decent TPM article on how average Rand is.....
  27. 'The only choice we have in the senate race in November is Rand Paul. '
  28. Democrat Dirt Digging a Bust?
  29. Jack Conway's campaign of Hope not fear.....
  30. "Prince Of Cable TV" on Fox Cavuto Today
  31. Rand Paul on Sean Hannity Radio at 4:05 pm EST, Fox news with Cavuto
  32. Tyler Collins Story on Megyn Kelly.....
  33. Tyler Collins the General Election's Chandler Jenkins?
  34. Tyler Collins Story on Megyn Kelly (Video).....
  35. Rand on Cavuto
  36. Jones and Celente on the latest Rand "scandal"
  37. Politico trying to beat a dead horse
  38. The Hill on Rand's denial that he ever kidnapped anyone
  39. "Rand Paul is a square peg..."
  40. Tyler Collins side of the story (HE SPEAKS)!
  41. What can we do to say "Hi" to the Peter Schiff People today?
  42. Tyler Collins busted by Joe Arnold.
  43. The video of Tyler Collins interviewed by WHAS -- REALLY busted....
  44. WHAS11 asks people to 'vote' in comments if the GQ story even matters
  45. WHAS 11 poll page 'did the GQ article change your opinion of Rand Paul"
  46. [Vid] FoxNews: Paul's Take on Tea Party Imposters, Denies Aqua Buddha
  47. TYLER (Rand Paul infiltrator) Story to be on Bill O'Reilly! Tune in now!
  48. Rand Paul says we should have term limits, why not this?
  49. Toady was the Filing Deadline for Third Party Candidates
  50. Hannity runs tv segment on dirty tricks include clip of Tyler
  51. Tyler is a Newspaper Columnist
  52. Think the Attacks Can't Possible Get Any Lamer?
  53. National Review 'Corner' on Rand's Hannity Radio interview
  54. VIDEO: Future trouble?
  55. The government violates the CRA everyday
  56. New Daily Caller piece on Tyler Collins' article on tea parties etc
  57. The Hill on the downfall of journalistic standards and potential job opportunities
  58. "Politicians are like cats...."
  59. EXCLUSIVE: Accuser's Charge: Jack Conway "outright lying" to Public
  60. Exclusive: Rand Paul's accuser: "The whole thing has been blown out of proportion"
  61. Liberty Maven: Campaign of Fear by Jack Conway
  62. Andrew Breitbart "The Anatomy of a Smear"
  63. Does cn|2 politics deserve props?
  64. Huffpo prints a sort-of retraction if you read carefully, about 1 million lines into
  65. David Asman Defends Rand Paul Against Radical Comments On Fox Business
  66. When is the debates?
  67. Cato: Jack accused Rand of being 'extremist, Rand accused Jack of being a Democrat
  68. CNN Poll: 49% of Americans support repealing birthright citizenship
  69. Elephants in the Bluegrass
  70. CATO discusses why Rand Paul may not want to be labeld "Libertarian"
  71. I love when I have to fill out a form and get it notarized to decline getting gov....
  72. "There isn't anything I wouldn't do to see Rand Paul get in the Senate." Gov Gary....
  73. Mark Levin: I wholeheartedly support that man.
  74. Rand adds a press secretary to campaign team - welcome Gary Howard!
  75. Paul: Eastern Kentucky drug problem not ‘a real pressing issue’
  76. Hey, the Rural Democrat is back up. They closed shop after Dr. Dan lost the primary
  77. Jake has something interesting
  78. Latest attack piece from the Huffpo...
  79. OK, so maybe the friend bomb _was_ a success?
  80. The Other McCain: You Got Some Problem With An Ophthalmologist?
  81. Breaking: Harry Reid introduced bill eliminating birthright citizenship for illegals
  82. Paul still favorable in Laurel Co. (surprise! hahaha)
  83. Best comment of the day:
  84. And they pretend this 'outrage' isn't manufactured. Did you see this?
  85. Rand Paul: I am asking the Liberty Movement for support during this critical time!
  86. Rand Paul Hoax #1 search term on Google toady
  87. Rand response to media nonsense that he didn't think drug abuse was 'a pressing issue
  88. Even Left-leaning Blogger at PageOne Ain't Buying GQ Story
  89. Commercials
  90. The Rand Paul Menace
  91. Rand Paul on Freedom Watch today
  92. In coal country, Rand Paul says Obama and Pelosi disregard needs of KY
  93. More detail on Rand's speech in coal country
  94. NY Times: "It's still the year of the Outsider...'
  95. Is it too late to send the Tyler video to every news station?
  96. 5 MINUTE ACTIVISM FOR THE MONEY BOMB before you go out or sleep
  97. [Video] Rand Paul Speaks w/ "Coal Fed Families"
  98. Thousands Rally for Coal Appreciation Day
  99. Paducah Sun Writer's Poll
  100. Jack Conway plagiarized Obama and Pelosi (video)
  101. Time Magazine Repeats Lies about Fancy Farm Supporter, GQ Allegations
  102. DNC Chairman Tim Kaine Lies About Rand Paul "Civil Rights Should Never Been Passed'
  103. Drudge features Rand smackdown of Obama
  104. EPA adds Kentucky to locations for hearings regarding coal waste
  105. Rand Paul and the Ground Zero Mosque
  106. Mood still favors Rand Paul despite his slips. 78 days away, he's still the story.
  107. Jack Conway didn't file his financial disclosures; extended until August. August what
  108. jim bunning's letter
  109. "The more you hate Rand Paul, the more Kentucky loves him."
  110. [Video] Rand Paul asks for your support for the two-day moneybomb!
  111. Jack Conway gets endorsement over Rand Paul from FOP
  112. Countdown about to do a hit piece on...
  113. Rand's New campaign spokesman on WBKO
  114. Jack Conway Exposed Flip-Flopping on Bush Tax Cuts
  115. Rand Paul Radio Marathon - August 19th - INCREDIBLE LINEUP! (including Ron Paul)
  116. "This Is Your Race On Drugs: Conway, Paul Clash Over Drug Enforcement In Kentucky"
  117. Rand on the drug problem: News Video
  118. Below the Beltway on Rand and the Mosque at the Burlington Coat Factory site
  119. August 18 Rand will be on radio w/ head of Downsize DC
  120. "“The Contours of Actual Malice” or “Rand Paul Learns About Tabloid Journalism”
  121. Rand jumped to 83.9 on Intrade!
  122. New Reuters Poll - Rand Paul 45%, Jack Conway 40%
  123. Associated Press reports on Rand Paul Moneybomb - This needs to be big!
  124. Jack Conway signs DailyKos petition to END the filibuster!
  125. Breast cancer drug decision to be 'start of death panels'? How's Obamacare working?
  126. GOP criticizes Conway for changing stance on Bush tax cuts
  127. The Spoof: Democrat Strategists - "Too Many Weirdos Opposing Our Candidates"
  128. "Greg Sargent's laughable inability to grasp Rand Paul'
  129. Joe Arnold WHAS 11: Conway squeezed on conservative issues
  130. Exclusive: Rand Paul talks to the Daily Caller about the Ground Zero mosque, ......
  131. Liberal Traitor
  132. Liberty Maven interview with Rand Paul on Eve of Money Bomb
  133. Jack Conway and the filibuster blog
  134. Rasmussen 8/18/2010: Rand Paul leading Jack Conway 49% to 40%
  135. Jack Conway Throwing President Obama Under The Bus?
  136. Tyler Collins back on Facebook
  137. Conway FINALLY responds to Rand's debate challenge
  138. New NRSC "Extreme" ad is pretty good. See what you think.
  139. >>hold>>><FIRE>!!!PROMOTION/ACTIVISM
  140. So It Begins!
  141. TOADY is the Rand Paul MONEYBOMB (Day Two) - Fire Away!
  142. Looks like Rand Paul Graphs might be working again.
  143. Jake on the Rasmussen poll
  144. Are there 9 others ready to throw in $25 at 1:00est?
  145. Taiwanese CGI Video about Rand Paul Aqua Buddha Story
  146. Jack Conway in total denial over polls in US Senate race
  147. Joe Arnold: Jack Conway trying to ride Rand Paul's coattails to get national media
  148. Page One: Jack Conway reinvention tour.
  149. Jack Conway: I did not have sexual relations with that woman!
  150. Jack you're a liar! Press please do your jobs.
  151. This video is making my head spin about Jack Conway....
  152. Donated! Yes We Will!
  153. Rand Paul to grassroots: "We Need You!" [new 8/18 video]
  154. Joe Arnold busting Conway on lies (Video)
  155. This reeks of impending vote fraud>> dont let em get away with it
  156. New poll shows Conway with slim lead
  157. RLC: Time for a Critical Push for Rand Paul
  158. Movement in Senate races largely favor Republican candidates like Rand Paul
  159. Exclusive Newsmax Interview: Rand Paul: Obama's Elitism on Display in Mosque Debate
  160. THIS is what we're up against! DSCC planning a $1.3 MILLION ad buy against Rand!
  161. New To The Forum! Not New To Liberty!
  162. An idea for the campaign
  163. Rand Paul Campaign Clarifies Medical Marijuana Stance
  164. Rand Paul takes on President Obama (video)
  165. Ticker and graphs have been stuck for about 20 minutes..
  166. Ron Paul Cancels Birthday BBQ for Rand
  167. The Push Towards $250,000!
  168. My donation CHALLENGE
  169. The $250K curve
  170. 17 minutes left and Rand need just over $400 to break 250K
  171. Wait. Maury Povich is literally a Conway Donor. WTF?
  172. Campaign Watchdog: DNC Statement on Rand Paul "Mostly False"
  173. Mother Jones "Journalist" Stalking Rand Paul Staff
  174. Liberty Maven discusses the TRUE Porn in Jack Conway donations -- lobbyist donations
  175. AP's Net Income Plunges By 65% ^_^
  176. Life imitates art? ("Keep Your Distance" movie)
  177. Rand Paul really upsets the "online and traditional media."
  178. mitch mcconnell is interviewed by david gregory
  179. Tech blog: AP tries its hardest to smear Rand Paul
  180. Why did Cn/2 change how it gets voters to poll for its latest poll (showing 'tie'?)
  181. Jack Conway calls Hemp Farming bad for Kentucky and gateway drug?
  182. Jack Conway favored sending troops at Ft. Campbell to Iraq to get elected.
  183. Rand Paul gets that Drugs are a Health not a Law Enforcement issue:
  184. Difference on display on how Dr. Rand Paul handles drug problem and Jack Conway.
  185. Reason Mag: Nick Gillespie questions Jack Conway's alcohol problem!
  186. Jack Conway LITERALLY has a round table discussion about drugs today (cops & lawyers)
  187. Jack Conway is Very Much for Job Killing Card Check!
  188. James Carville's DSCC Fundraising Letter: Stop Rand Paul and the "Triumvirate of Tea"
  189. McConnell predicts Paul win in EKY (article&video)
  190. Politico Calls $258,000 a Failure
  191. Rand Paul Tours Non-Taxpayer Funded Drug Rehab Center
  192. Wash Post Article, "There appears to be a rift in the House of Paul"
  193. Ron on Rand's position on the mosque: to reporter, 'you're trying to make trouble'
  194. Rand Paul visits local community center
  195. Media pounces on Conway for Flip Flop (video)
  196. Jack Conway recieved $263,500 in stock options from former ENRON executives.
  197. First TV ad of race - attack ad on Conway from American Crossroads
  198. Jack Conway: Any money bomb you can do I can do better
  199. Conway discloses big profit from Texas investment
  200. Is illegal immigration about to pick up as a campaign issue? Bluegrass Bulletin
  201. Paul favored by 4 points to win in November and other bad news for Dems
  202. Freeman In Kentucky news round up....
  203. What do you guys think about this Mayfield Mosque.
  204. I hope Jack Conway watches this video....
  205. Jack Conway Supports ObamaCare; Campaign Attack Ad
  206. News! The Herald-Leader and AP are still shameless hacks!
  207. Jack Conway's campaign has a money bomb on significant day in history....
  208. Attn California "Hemp Smokers" Help is on the Way! Jack Conway's coming!
  209. Rand on 84 WHAS right now.
  210. RandWaffles
  211. Jack Conway has Pot Smoking organizer for CA fundraiser
  212. [Video] Rand Paul maintains opposition to Federal War on Drugs, wasteful Ag Subsidies
  213. "Kos" is the head of the Host committee for Conway's San Francisco Fundraiser
  214. Bill Clinton coming to Kentucky to campaign for Jack; Monica, Hillary, not expected
  215. What do you think of this gimmick by the Conway campaign handing out fake checks from
  216. The Focus - Discussion
  217. In addition to TV ad, Crossroads to help Rand Paul in GOTV effort...
  218. Tea Party candidates tackle tough issues in Eastern Kentucky
  219. Rand Paul setting the record straight on balanced budgets and his consistent position
  220. Bluegrass Politics: Campaign Watchdog, Rand Paul did not say he wants to end Ag dpt
  221. Stumbled Across this video
  222. On Camera: Mongiardo says Conway is ‘not the best’ but better than Paul
  223. Rand Paul comes out agst (and publicizes) EPA ban on lead bullets 8/27;EPA action8/28
  224. Rand Paul Speaks To FreedomWorks [Video]
  225. Overwhelming Demand at Fair Causes State-wide Rand Paul Material Shortage
  226. Jack Conway Insults Unemployed Kentuckians
  227. GOTV Phone-Blast
  228. Rand to speak at St. John Catholic Church picnic in Paducah, Sept 11
  229. Make a difference! Sign Up to Make Easy but Important Phonebank Calls for Rand Paul
  230. Howard Dean tries to raise money attacking Rand
  231. Northern Kentucky is rockin' the Rand gear.
  232. Jack Conway launches first commercial
  233. Push by Obama 'allies' in Kentucky for Conway
  234. WHAS calls out Conway "Moneybomb" for it's lame stunt.
  235. WBRT 1320 (radio) interview with Rand Paul on Tuesday August 31
  236. Jack Conway and the liberal agenda go on tour (pic)
  237. Is Gerth sick? Decent article.
  238. Sarah Palin
  239. Liberty Maven: Obama Supporters Knock on Doors for Jack Conway in Kentucky
  240. Two faced Jack Conway going to Frisco!
  241. Blog: "In defense of Extremism..."
  242. KDP Chair Daniel Logsdon lies about Jack Conway.
  243. Make Phone Calls For Rand Paul!
  244. Yes, even I criticize Dr. Paul's campaign in a blog....
  245. I can't believe I am promoting Marion County Line but....
  246. Did you even see this KY Senate poll while it was running? Fortunately, Rand won.
  247. Republican Party of Ky asked to help promote Jack Conway tour!
  248. Have you noticed the new national Dem meme about the Kochs suppporting Rand & tparty
  249. Rand Paul and McConnell at GOP HQ, Owensboro yesterday. Mitch pegs KY race right
  250. New Crossroads ad in the KY Senate race -- also against Jack's support for Obamacare