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  1. This article paints Bunning as "on the take" from BIG tobacco
  2. Bunning gets slammed for his tobacco vote.
  3. Trey Grayson NOT doing well!
  4. "Rand Paul Speaks To Conservative Leaders in Lexington" [YouTube]
  5. Rand Paul is now a candidate for US Senate....
  6. Sen Bunning pisses off local media! Not a smart move...
  7. Carpooling with Rand
  8. The Grayson, Bunning, McConnell backroom deal? Bunning to drop out on Jul 15 ?!?!?!
  9. Grayson plans 8 fundraisers before deadline
  10. IfRandRuns.com
  11. The Rand Paul buzz continues to grow as his potential opponents emerge
  12. Grayson has problems. Cathy Williams is the one to beat
  13. Bunning seeks earmarks
  14. Rand Paul buzz continues to grow
  15. Rand defends Senator Bunning from attacks
  16. Rand says: "$100k by June 30th"
  17. Some negatives about Rand Paul
  18. Grayson to post $500,000 this quarter
  19. Why isn't Rand trying harder to raise money?
  20. "This is a race we can win, and I mean to win it!" - Rand Paul
  21. Post if you sent email 2 Alex Jones & Rand to discuss the Money Blast onMon June 29th
  22. Rand Paul Monday June 29th Money Blast Makes the News
  23. A few of the best Rand Paul Videos?
  24. Rand Needs to raise a lot of money.
  25. GOP elite weigh in on Rand Paulís Senatorial campaign
  26. RandPaulsupporter finally updates his page with video
  27. More on Filing Deadline
  28. Rand Paul Money Blast TODAY!
  29. rand Paul: Approaching $100,000
  30. Rand Broke $100k
  31. "Rand Paul looks to be in the race to stay and will be a factor"
  32. What Rand has to say about yesterday's moneyblast:
  33. (youtube) Rand Paul & Adam Kokesh Take Over The Interwebs!
  34. Paul's exploratory committee raises $100,000
  35. Senator Bunning's approval ratings increase
  36. Sen Bunning not following Senate ethics?
  37. Rand is a hard sell claims article:
  38. Canceled Bunning Event Could Be Bad Sign
  39. A Few Questions on the Campaign
  40. CQ Politics: "Ron Paul's Kentucky Son Raises Cash Online"
  41. Rand Paul Raises Money, Hopes Bunning Drops Out
  42. The Big One: Rand's Million Dollar Money Bomb
  43. Frankfort Young Republicans host Trey Grayson
  44. Trey Grayson discusses healthcare to GOP women:
  45. Rand calls the GOP an "empty vessel"
  46. Rand hires KY consultant David Adams
  47. Add Rand's Money Bomb to your Facebook calendar!
  48. Another recap article of Rand's race
  49. Question about paypa donations to Rand
  50. Will Grayson outraise Bunning?
  51. Rand visiting Highschools?
  52. Bunning: "Grayson is beating me but I'm still in"
  53. Alan Keyes to support Rand's opponent?!?!
  54. Bad photo of Trey Grayson
  55. Blogger: "Thought Rand Was Just Exploring?"
  56. Bunning or Grayson?
  57. Bunning to stay in race despite fund-raising news
  58. Blogger: Trey Grayson painted into a corner?
  59. Rand will speak at Fancy Farm
  60. Someone record Rand on Glenn Beck
  61. VoiceTrubiune: "Rand is...a nuisance candidate"
  62. Rand will take on Bunning
  63. Money may force Bunning to rethink re-election bid
  64. Rand Paul on Leland's radio show (small clip)
  65. [Youtube] Rand Paul on the Glenn Beck show (7/8/09)
  66. Rand Paul may challenge Bunning
  67. The US Senate Race in KY
  68. Rand Freedom Watch Episode
  69. Rand Paul closer to entering Senate Race
  70. Bunning to have most cash on hand?!?!
  71. Epic Video needed fast..
  72. Rand on RonPaulForums Video
  73. Will Bunning Show up Tomorrow?
  74. "Bunning: Dead Men Walking" says Politico
  75. Rand's Consultant: admits Rand is running for Senate
  76. OLD: KY Media calls us "Paultards" and "Rand will never be an elected official in KY"
  77. Rand mentioned on Comment on Kentucky
  78. traveled to kentucky..
  79. Rand's Patriot Day Award
  80. Rand should just run...
  81. What is Rand Paul's position on labor?
  82. Windy Day in Kentucky..Rand video July 11
  83. 381 pledges at RunRandRun.com
  84. Rand Paul Press Conference Reairing Live
  85. Rand Paul Press Conference Reairing Live
  86. Is Break The Matrix or Trevor Lyman Taking A Cut of Moneybomb? [MOD: NO]
  87. Who is coming to KY next week for Rand Paul's Summer Vacation?
  88. Meet Cathy Bailey Video
  89. Rand Paul Supporters Stingy?
  90. Epic Vid ...
  91. Rand Paul for Senate FTW!!
  92. Rand Paul for Senate FTW!! (New Promo Video)
  93. Rand Paul needs Facebook friends!
  94. Bunning Will Not Match Graysonís Fundraising
  95. Rand Paul to Drop Money Bomb on KY
  96. Rand featured in American Conservative Magazine
  97. Blogger: Is Rand Paul a real candidate?
  98. Blog: Bunning is extremely vulnerable
  99. Decision time looms for KY Republicans:
  100. Bunning May Be Running, But Grayson Collects
  101. McConnell Is In A Tough Spot With Bunning
  102. Bunning still hasn't filed Q2 fundraising report!
  103. Rand Paul to decide US Senate candidacy by August
  104. Grayson FEC report includes key Republican names
  105. Bunning raises $302k
  106. Grassroots action run up to money bombs
  107. Whoever runs Rand's Facebook
  108. Trey Grayson wants later 2012 primary start
  109. Rand Paul Pledge Drive!
  110. Logos to promote the Rand Bomb Aug 20th
  111. Logos to promote the Rand Bomb Aug 20th
  112. $132,495 Raised so far...
  113. Pledge Bomb
  114. This is how you get it done
  115. Rand's best speech to date!
  116. My Short Email to Chuck Norris (with built-in Rand Paul plug)
  117. Will you help Rand this week? Come to KY! RP Summer Vacation!
  118. Signs & Meetup Groups ?
  119. Why doesn't Rand have bumper stickers for sale on his site?
  120. How are we going to get 10,000 people??!!?!
  121. Voting for Rand in Kentucky?
  122. Rand Paul close to decision on Kentucky Senate race
  123. Rand on Alex Jones Show today
  124. Rand Paul Pledges!
  125. Rand has raised $160,000
  126. Rand Paul ~ Alex Jones 7/23/09 (mp3)
  127. Rand's first fundraiser
  128. Fancy Farm, July 31st-August 1st
  129. Decision time for KY Republicans:
  130. Highlights From Jim Bunningís FEC Report
  131. Ran into the Summer Vacation Crew
  132. Rand's Conference Call with Media
  133. Trey Grayson has $9k worth of debt?!?
  134. Bunning is GOP's most vulnerable Senator
  135. Article: Moneybombs now give liberty movement a chance
  136. Bunning contributors go to Grayson
  137. Bunning's Luck May Have Run Out
  138. Rand meets the Summer Vacationers
  139. Can we get Rand to $200k by Aug1?
  140. Bunning, "That means it's none of your g-- d--- business"
  142. Trey Grayson hasn't updated his Facebook Pages
  143. Bunning drops out
  144. Grayson Dirt?
  145. Who will get Bunning's money?
  146. Did Bunning give a "soft" endorsement of Rand?
  147. Bunning bitter towords GOP establishment
  148. WSJ: Foe of Fed (Bunning) Drops Out of Race
  149. Grayson Says He's Running for Bunning's Seat
  150. Democrats worred now that Bunning isn't running
  151. Blogger: "Rand has whacky following like his dad"
  152. My next Senator..
  153. NRSC wanted Bunning gone!
  154. Grassroots invade WalMart
  155. Vote for Rand in poll
  156. Important Rand Paul Poll!
  157. Rand is losing this poll!
  158. Rand Paul Needs Help In This Poll!
  159. KY Newspaper: Trey Grayson is "clear front-runner"
  160. With Bunning Out, KY GOP Prospects Rise
  161. Party Hacks Want Rand To Run For State Senate
  162. Bowling Green Daily News
  163. Time Magazine
  164. Local ABC interview with Rand
  165. Poll on Kywordsmith.com
  166. Time: How Mitch McConnell Ended Jim Bunning's Senate Career
  167. Some conservatives wary of Grayson
  168. Over 1,000 Have Now Pledged for Rand Paul August 20 Money Bomb
  169. Media portraying Grayson as defacto nominee
  170. REPORT: Trey Grayson will have the race to himself
  171. Rand needs help in this poll too!
  172. Rand Paul in the media
  173. TIME: Wednesday, Jul. 29, 2009 How Mitch McConnell Ended Jim Bunning's Senate Career
  174. Conservatives don't trust Trey Grayson
  175. A Grayson win is "inevitable"
  176. Trey and Mitch McConell are giving each other a high-five
  177. KY GOP Leader: "Senate Race is Wide Open"
  178. [FOX NEWS] "Ron Paul's Son Weighs Senate Bid After Bunning Bows Out"
  179. Classic Contest in Works for GOP Senate Seat (Positive about Rand)
  180. Rand Human Ticker Update
  181. Trey Grayson about to get Teabagged
  182. FoxNews: Rand has an advantage in name recognition
  183. Video! Money BOMB Money BOMB Money BOMB
  184. Club for Growth
  185. Rand's Money Bomb Math?
  186. Would Bunning donate $300k to Rand on Aug 20th?
  187. BLOG: "Rand will face wrath of Bible-thumping gay haters"
  188. WFPL: Trey Grayson likely successor to Bunning
  189. Rand Paul Meet & Greet in New York City, Wednesday August 5th!!!
  190. All We Have To Do ...
  191. Rand announcing on August 5th?
  192. Local KY Republican group: "most conservative candidate carries"
  193. Ron Paul's MySpace
  194. Rand and Trey Face Off...
  195. Conservatives weary of Trey Grayson
  196. BLOG: Are we "spamming" the polls again?
  197. Rock The Vote Blog ignores Rand
  198. Bunning supporters likely to work for Rand
  199. Eve of Fancy Farm events
  200. Trey Grayson vs Paul Supporter
  201. Human Ticker Update
  202. BLOG: Rand Paul Rising
  203. Trey Grayson had a major slip-up at Fancy Farm picnic speech?
  204. Rand attacks Democrats at Fancy Farm Picnic
  205. Courier Journal article does a decent write up Fancy Farm, Paul
  206. WKYT issues biased article about Rand and Fancy Farm
  207. Blogger not impressed by Rand's Fancy Farm speech
  208. Podcasts of Fancy Farm
  209. Hear Rand's and Trey's speech from Fancy Farm today!
  210. Rand Paul speaks at Fancy Farm Aug 1st 2009
  211. Blogger tries to tie Rand to neo-Nazis (Stormfront)
  212. Behind the scenes at Fancy Farm NBC video
  213. This Trey is Your Trey
  214. Rand Paul speaks at Fancy Farm Aug. 1st 2009
  215. Grayson Fancy Farm Youtube
  216. Conservative Hippie Chick Impressed with Rand Paul
  217. Post Fancy Farm pictures here
  218. Democrats retool strategy since Bunning is out
  219. Live Dr. Rand Paul's speech & Fancy Farm Picnic
  220. Video Rand Paul speaks at The Graves County GOP Breakfast August 1 2009
  221. Different Camera of Rand's Fancy Farm Speech
  222. Rand only has 300 Facebook Friend Slots Left
  223. MSM up to old tricks
  224. Whas11 ABC Fancy Farm Video
  225. Best Speech of the Day
  226. Best speech of the day Ė Rand Paul
  227. Trey Grayson sucks up to coal industry
  228. Paul and Galbraith campaigns show strong support at FF Picnic
  229. KY Grassroots Group Slams Trey Grayson
  230. Rand Paul's New Website
  231. Someone shouted "you're boring" during Rand's speech?
  232. GOP elite pick candidates
  233. Southern Political Report: Trey Grayson is presumptive nominee
  234. "Grayson battles doubters - Vote for Clinton in '92 a 'youthful indiscretion'"
  235. Just now got my letter about Rand from Ron's Congressional Campaign
  236. 1,571 signed up have you?
  237. Who here can save a video off of YouTube?
  238. Hillbilly Report: "Trey had better get ready for a real fight."
  239. Trey Grayson's past?
  240. *DIGG*Rand Paul: The Most Popular Kentucky Senatorial Candidate
  241. You MUST digg this!
  242. Rand will be on Glenn Beck (TV) Wednesday
  243. Ok People.....
  244. Paul To Launch Senate Bid On Glenn Beck Show
  245. KY Newspaper: Rand expected to announce candidacy Wednesday
  246. Rand - Wednesday and Thursday TV interviews!
  247. BluegrassBulletin: Rand has mobilized an army
  248. Did the Chinese write this article about KY Senate race?!
  249. "If you will run they will donate."
  250. Rand Paul Poster/Flyer for Grassroots Support