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  1. Throwing the Kitchen Sink at Rand!!
  2. Great Rand interview on Rightwing News
  3. COnway lies about Cap and Trade stance.
  4. CONway lies about BP spill and Rand's stance.
  5. Arizona law according to Jack Conway....
  6. Jack Conway is for bailing out Medicaid for states!
  7. The "Rebel Ophthalmologist" Strikes Back!
  8. FLASHBACK: Rand Paul Speaking at "End the Fed" Rally - April 2009
  9. Kentucky sending 2 of the best to Washington
  10. Who Runs Rands Facebook Page?
  11. Jack Conway likes Obamacare, dislikes Paul/Grayson audit of the federal reserve;
  12. Who knew Jack Conway is running on improving cell phone service?
  13. Excellent RAND PAUL INTERVIEW with Right Wing News
  14. Another case of Kentucky Jack vs. Out of State Jack....
  15. Establishment support is a good thing
  16. I think we should highlight the extent of the DNC support for Conway
  17. Whatever you do.... Don't Call Jack Gay. He gets mad.
  18. Jack Conway got 90,000 sex offenders off Myspace yet....
  19. Jack Conway prefers natural gas production over coal....
  20. Jack Conway in bed with the Nursing Home industry while Kentucky's elderly suffer
  21. WTF is this underground electric fence crap
  22. Want to see some poll results?
  23. Nothing much here. Just Jack talking about David Adams....
  24. If Jack Conway attacks Rand on Social Security raising of age...
  25. Was Jack for reducing Unemployment benefits in 2002?
  26. Need Help: Slim Jim Idea
  27. So we've seen Jack's short answer on Iraq.....
  28. HA! Need someone who can do Youtube capture videos off real player.
  29. Jacks #1 priority in 2002.....
  30. Anne Northup brings up....
  31. Jack Conway distancing himself from Biden's Kentucky visit; IN tea party protesting
  32. DIGG: Rand Paul Rising for Rand's June 28 money bomb
  33. Invitation for Conway's DC Fundraiser on Monday
  34. "12 Angry Men" and Ron Paul movement
  35. Money bomb today?
  36. We need votes for KY on the ppp poll thread Washington is coming from no where
  37. Ron and Rand being called the only known 'Outsider Dynasty'
  38. LIBERTY is TOO BIG TO FAIL Rally - July 12 in NYC!!
  39. After castigating Bunning, Obama now brags about fiscal discipline of paygo?! video
  40. Liberty Maven Rand Paul interview on Money Bomb Eve
  41. Hot off the presses... Rand Paul interview
  42. TOADY is the MONEYBOMB!!! Ticker Starting Amount: $3,278,000
  43. Mitch McConnell joins Rand Paul Money Blast!
  44. Conway Complains of a "Bailout Ball" while at his very own D.C. Bailout Ball Today
  45. FL Tea Party Buys Billboard Space For Rand Paul!
  46. Biden has the worst luck. Today at the GE Plant.....
  47. If Rand Paul was at the judicial hearings today
  48. Fair is Fair and Jake has video of Rand at the Christian Homeschooler conference.
  49. Rand's Raising Needs a Boost.
  50. Past $100,000 Today
  51. Steve Forbes and Friends step up to bat for Rand
  52. Paul Derangement Syndrome Infects The Looney Left
  53. Random Black guy defends Rand.....
  54. "Racist" Sends Out Fundraising E-Mail for Conway
  55. AP Says Conway is a "proven fundraiser."
  56. Bluegrass Bulletin on left wing media echo chamber: "Paul Derangement Syndrom"
  57. Oh Man!!! Daily Kos isn't just FIRING its pollster that gave Rand such a low lead....
  58. John Kerry email attacks Rand Paul
  59. Newsweek says....
  60. Dr. Dan says he 'is not taking a position' in the race between Rand Paul and Conway
  61. Rand Rally in Bullitt county July 1
  62. Coburn's question needs to be asked of Jack.....
  63. Rand on WHAS Radio 10am-11am Today
  64. Kentucky Senate: Paul (R) 49% Conway (D) 42%
  65. Paul expounds on farm subsidies, reaches out to conservative Democrats
  66. Jack Conway features known racist in newest video.....
  67. Is Jack Conway's Same Sex Marriage Fundraiser in Boston tonight?
  68. This is who Rand Paul defends and Jack Conway would allow others to cut in front of..
  69. Jack Conway breaks FEC Campaign laws? Hmmm. WHo would of thought it.
  70. No one calling Jack Conway out on his Faux outrage?
  71. There are two Democratic Parties in Kentucky according to Mongiardo!
  72. Rand Paul backs US defense cuts in Europe ‎
  73. Today alone Jack Conway was exposed for turning down media....
  74. "The 'K' in Kerry stands for 'dumbass' "
  75. People from Western KY" not 'progressive enough' to work in Conway campaign?
  76. Dan Mongiardo helps Rand no matter what he does
  77. Rand Paul's US Senate campaign raises $1.1M in quarter
  78. News from the Bluegrass State?
  79. Mongiardo May Sink Conway
  80. Good to see Pro Transgender and Gay special rights advocate helping Conway
  81. Paul Campaign Raises Over $40,000 In First Day of Third Quarter
  82. Rand speaks at rally of 'several hundred' today
  83. 8 Tips for a Successful Moneybomb
  84. Media Finally Admits Conway in Hiding
  85. Rand - Term Limits
  86. Video of Rand at the Tea Party event yesterday (July 1)
  87. This is billed as Rand's full speech at the tea party event yesterday
  88. REGISTER: FreedomWorks Membership Strategy Call with Rand Paul! - Tuesday, July 13th.
  89. Several Rand Tubes
  90. David Adams for Governor?
  91. [Videos] Rand Paul Firetruck in Independence Day Parade
  92. Rand in parade and around KY: cutting farm subsidies, etc.
  93. Local Fishwrap paper worries about state of Dems in KY; can't resist digs at Rand
  94. Bluegrass Bulletin: "What is Rand Paul thinking on Independence Day?"
  95. Following Conway remark, Fancy Farm political picnic bans profanity
  96. Saw this in Destin on Vacation
  97. Historical 4th of July
  98. What did you do for the 4th of July?
  99. Rand Paul's Political Rise Unique
  100. Jack Conway's "White Shirts" Youth (pic)
  101. I don't know if you've been watching the 'age of earth' comment argument between Page
  102. By Joe Arnold, re: Rand's media availability
  103. "Dishonest" Joe Gerth
  104. Biden thinks the Dems can 'beat Rand Paul'...strategy to put a (bad) face on
  105. "The Fall and Rise of Rand Paul"
  106. Rand Paul and Jack Conway will speak at Fancy Farm
  107. Steve Forbes to host fundraiser for Rand Paul
  108. Rand Paul's Political Rise is Unique
  109. PPP claims Rand Paul and Jack Conway are tied 43% to 43%
  110. National Review on PPP Poll - Hilarious and enlightening
  111. What needs to change to re-vamp the Rand Paul Revolution???
  112. TPM on the PPP poll
  113. Rand puts out a statement on illegal immigration
  114. Will The Tea Parties Turn Antiwar? (Rand Plan) AmConMag
  115. American Crossroads (527 group)
  116. The Democratic Buckmaster for Paul?!?!
  117. Save Toady! $789M to protect SoCal toad
  118. Jack CONway endorsed by KEA and NEA.
  119. Did Jack CONway buy votes.......
  120. Rand Paul Freedom Festival 2010 - July 10 - To Be Streamed Online Live
  121. What does Jack CONway think about the DOJ dropping the suit with the Black Panther...
  122. They found Waldo! Conway actually to join Rand at a forum tomorrow....
  123. Kinda cool historic piece on Rand and Ron, reposted by the author
  124. PPP Poll on McConnell's dwindling popularity
  125. [VID] Rand Paul Speech in Shepherdsville
  126. Jack CONway flip flops visually on Wind Power......
  127. Rand blasts Obamacare & Healthcare Rationers recess appt, what does Conway think?
  128. The American Conservative on "The Rand Plan", bringing fiscal sanity 2 foreign policy
  129. [Full Video] Rand Paul and Jack Conway at U.S. Candidate's Forum
  130. A few bits on the Rand/ Conway debate today.
  131. Yahoo: "Rand Paul's tea party trouble" and my response.
  132. Conway says he expects Dr. Dan's endorsement, thinks he'll have raised more than Rand
  133. Anyone want to prove or disprove CONway's Hometown Tax credit....
  134. Write up on 'forum' between Rand and Conway flags Conway's flip flop on cap and trade
  135. So out of the entire forum GUESS what the AP picked up?
  136. Questions about issues not a prominent line of questioning for CONway....
  137. Audio of Rand taking questions from reporters
  138. Joe Arnold coverage of the forum today.
  139. Conway historically makes a habit of painting his opponents 'extreme' 'radical' etc
  140. I found this really interesting old video.
  141. Jack Conway, the winebuyer.
  142. The NOLA model is one Kentucky needs. This should be part of the campaign talking....
  143. Advice for Rand
  144. Subforum for Jack Conway and videos
  145. Is media actually reacting to the PPP poll showing perceived media bias against Rand?
  146. July 10th Rally in Northern KY
  147. "Jack Conway's Extreme Left Wing Friends" by CapitalistBanner
  148. AFL-CIO attacks Rand...uhh..errr.. I mean Ron?
  149. Conservative Democrat Magistrate who attended forum yesterday discusses Senate race
  150. Jack Conway and the Case of the Smiley Face Rock
  151. Rand on Death and Taxes - Elephants in the Blue Grass
  152. Paul says tea party reflects mainstream views
  153. Some pictures from today's rally w/ Rand and Bunning in NKY
  154. Rand kind of responds to Bennett's charge that Tea candidates will lose seats
  155. Photos: Rand Paul at Victory Rally with Jim Bunning
  156. Truly weird photo of Rand speaking in front of the Capitol Building in Frankfurt
  157. Write up of the Frankfort rally
  158. More detail on the Frankfort Rally
  159. Actually a story on Conway from the CJ even mentions the patriot act
  160. Hundreds of photos from the Frankfort Festival
  161. Rand and Jack Conway on the Federal Drug War
  162. [Video] "Where is Jack?" Rand Paul's Tea Party Speech in Frankfort, KY
  163. Do we know what happened with that ethics bit about Jack Conway's Kinder Morgan stock
  164. CNN: Mr. [Rand] Paul goes to New York
  165. Conway Rolls Out General Election Strategy in Kentucky: Rand Paul is Totally Nuts
  166. One Million for Rand Paul?
  167. Jack Conway raising money in Canada? [ CONFIRMED -- Mod]
  168. OMG. Look at the DESPERATION of the NAACP...
  169. Jack Conway joins Ally Obama in Proposing New Death Tax
  170. Big Government at Work....
  171. Rand Paul in 1998: Medicare Is Socialism And Social Security Is A Ponzi Scheme
  172. New Rand "Controversy"
  173. Rand Paul "In Trouble" Again for Speaking the Truth; Comments on Poverty
  174. Jack Conway raises money from trial lawyers in Canada. Has he been to W Kentucky yet?
  175. Rand Paul on Fox and Friends 7/13/2010
  176. Rand paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  177. David Adams Leaving the Campaign
  178. Rand's NY Trip A Success
  179. Rand visits the National Review office
  180. Rand interview on Fox News this morning! [video]
  181. It's Fair Season Again!
  182. Jack Conway Raises $1.4 Million
  183. Rand says "I beat Conway in fundraising"
  184. IA attack group that slammed Rand, is now slamming liberal Republican in TN
  185. Nice New Rand Paul/Jack Conway Comparison Flier + GOTV Card from FreedomWorks
  186. Washington Times: "Conway Loans Himself $400,000 for Senate
  187. Dems take flak for Canadian fundraiser
  188. Weigel: Rand Paul for Senate - New, Improved, Boring....
  189. Bill Clinton coming to Kentucky re: Senate Race?
  190. Google Bomb Ideas
  191. Ten Things You Need To Know About Rand Paul
  192. Comedy Central on Rand's '90s hairstyle...
  193. The Reeducation of Rand Paul
  194. Rand's 'Quote of the Day' on CQ Politics
  195. CNN: Rand hopes for 'Tea Party Caucus' in Senate
  196. America much more embarrassed by political class than by AZ
  197. Rand Paul and Jack Conway to appear before closed Farm Bureau Forum 7/22
  198. Will Conway buy Mongiardo's endorsement?
  199. CONway camp gives no comment about Trolling for dollars in Canadian waters.
  200. CONway and Mongiardo saga could either cause dems to switch or bleed CONway's war....
  201. Joe Arnold exposing CONway buying endorsements!
  202. Campaign contributions are not gifts to Conway....
  203. Jack Conway has broken Campaign laws before. Look here!
  204. The Next Republican Majority?
  205. First federal abortion payments under Jack Conway approved Obamacare
  206. KY Governor pressuring Mongiardo / Jack Conway reconciliation? Daddy to help Jack?
  207. Where is Jack?
  208. So I'm driving down the highway in Ohio...
  209. Rand Paul would form Tea Party Caucus if Elected
  210. Jack Conway Campaign Online Strategy Session - Tues July 20 - SIGN UP!
  211. Mandy Connell has a US Senate candidate on every two weeks, Jack Conway....
  212. Jack Conway is still slow on reporting.....
  213. Senate Empowers Federal Reserve: Where is Jack?
  214. Will Jack's daddy Tom CONway allow him....
  215. Question for Pro Choice Jack CONway. Should Obamacare cover abortion?
  216. Rand Paul gets money from small donors; Jack Conway gets his money from PACs
  217. Jack Conway is for Card Check; Bluegrass Bulletin has a write up on this issue
  218. GOP Fundraiser for Rand August 10 in Lexington
  219. Rand Paul leads candidates for web site traffic and web visitors in May
  220. KY Unemployment at 10%.
  221. Political Landscape of Kentucky
  222. I think the Dems are giving up on beating Rand;wish they hadn't made him TParty face
  223. If you have time....
  224. Blogger from The Hill: "I will listen to Rand Paul respectfully and w/ interest."
  225. USA Today: Rand raises $40K from event with Steve Forbes
  226. Bachmann applauds Rand Paul and forms House Tea Party Caucus
  227. Rich people Support Conway, Regular People Support Rand Paul
  228. How does Rand's first run compare with Ron's first?
  229. Jeb Bush to attend Rand Paul Fundraiser
  230. Should Mosquito's be illegal?
  231. I love Steve249's comment on Jack Conway supporting G. W. Bush on Huff Po
  232. Picture from Lexington event today. One.
  233. The Senate: Who voted FOR the Audit & AGAINST the Bailout
  234. Rand Paul: Obama Has Right To Make Afghanistan War Decisions
  235. Washington Post: So who wants to join Rand Paul's "tea-party" caucus?
  236. Looks like Momma Bear Nancy is coming to see Jack Conway and Yarmuth.
  237. DFA coming out against Rand...
  238. Good article about yesterday's event; hardly snarky at all
  239. [Amazing Video] Rand Paul comes to New York City!
  240. August 20th - MoneyBomb!
  241. We Need an Inspirational Youtube for Fundraising
  242. WaPo at it again Up-and-coming conservative candidates shy away from media analysis
  243. GOP candidates stiff mainstream press
  244. "Lott Confirms He's a Paid Tool of the Washington Establishment"
  245. Jack Conway Surfaces From Hideout (Canada?)
  246. Jack CONway wants to make Farm Subsidies an issue.....
  247. It's been since May that Jack even went on a Radio show. CHeck out his interview....
  248. Has Bachmann stolen Rand's thunder?
  249. Rand Paul to Visit Western Kentucky Wednesday
  250. NRSC has been doing some good research on Jack Conway for us