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  1. Google News: "Rand Paul" = 7283 results, "Sarah Palin" = 6025 results
  2. Today is the day obama promised we would be out of iraq
  3. Dear Rand, never trust your liberal "friends"
  4. How much money is needed for GE camapign in long term?
  5. We should focus on Rand being an honest person willing to discuss things without any
  6. Mr. Agricultural Subisidies Sam Donaldson Would be "Shocked" if Rand Paul Wins
  7. Sarah Palin Defends Rand Paul on FOX 5/23/2010-VIDEO
  8. Rand Paul Is Driving The Debate
  9. Mongiardo's Anti-Conway Ads
  10. Rand vs. Ron for president
  11. Where the left agrees with Rand
  12. [VIDEO] Rand Paul - Media's New Villian?
  13. Rand Paul's "Road to Victory" Money Blast - June 28th, 2010! **Pledge Now**
  14. WSJ: Paul's Remarks Dominate TV Talk
  15. Another black person saying he agrees with Rand Paul.
  16. New, really GOOD defense of Rand by hotair....
  17. What do your friends/family think of Rand and CRA/BP?
  18. a NEW Messaging/Rhetorical Term for Regulations: "TRAINING WHEELS"
  19. Why were private businesses segregated?
  20. I have a confession to make
  21. Vote in this poll "What do you think of Rand Paul"
  22. Rand Paul is Dangerous
  23. YAL says Rand should keep his mouth shut
  24. WHAS Radio: Local reaction on Rand Paul
  25. Palin: Rand's learning about the 'Gotcha' media
  26. Rand and Goldwater are Right, Micheal Steele and the rest of the RINOS are Wrong
  27. Video Narration of Protester's at GOP Unity Rally
  28. Meghan McCain thinks Rand has 'embarrassed the tea parties'.
  29. Can we cut out the CRA stuff and do something positive?
  30. Just got this from WarIsACrime.org - Get Rand to Sign on
  31. Ken Blackwell's Rand Paul: Another High Tech Lynching
  32. Wikipedia Editors: Help w/ this section!
  33. Freedom of Association lost on Rand's critics
  34. Rand Paul's victory energizes N.J. Tea Party activists
  35. Rand's recent political missteps are those of a novice candidate & will not sink him
  36. Rand has friends
  37. Rand going too far?
  38. Look What RAND started: OK, Let's Talk About the Role of Government
  39. Louisville Tea Party comes to Rand's defense
  40. Dick Armey Defends Rand Paul on Fox and Friends
  41. Three words for Dr. Rand Paul to avoid.
  42. Rand Paul feels the love from Kentucky GOP
  43. Is Rand Paul Media's New Villain?
  44. Rand on Lexington Radio 5/24/2010 9:00 AM EST
  45. Given An Opportunity To Speak To First Principles; Steele Throws Rand Under the Bus
  46. Media Befuddled the Racism Hit Hasn't Stuck in Kentucky
  47. RNC Chair Michael Steele Discusses Rand
  48. Rand Paul - A Republican's dream come true?
  49. James Antle: Michael Steele Isn't Where the Party Is Right Now
  50. Rand Paul and BP: What's his position?
  51. Larison Responds to Douhat
  52. Rand getting beat up for ditching MTP in local media
  53. Why did Jack Conway Win the Democrat Primary?
  54. Rush Limbaugh live: talking about Rand and war powers
  55. Mike Church has a message for Rand Paul
  56. Marvin, a Kentuckian radio caller: Rand Paul controversey has been overblown
  57. Phone Banking Opportunity!
  58. Kentucky Radio Host Rips Apart Rachel Maddow and Jack CONway
  59. Talking about Rand on Meet The Press
  60. Rand Paul: Obama/Conway National Healthcare Scheme Threatens Health + Freedom
  61. Rand hits Conway on Obamacare
  62. Can We Post Constructive Criticism?
  63. Blog entry on Rand Paul
  64. Are Republicans Regretting Rand Paul?
  65. Blockhead Rachel Maddow Meet Rand Paul
  66. Should a black person be forced to serve a Klansman?
  67. Yahoo Front Page: Kentucky Republicans show 'unity' behind Rand Paul
  68. Can't find video of Ron Paul defending decision to keep donation from white supremaci
  69. If Rand would go on MTP and say these 3 things....He becomes the GOP's leader.
  70. Walter Block defends Rand Paul
  71. Sorority Girls Gone Wild
  72. Gurley Martin: Ron Paul is the Top of the Heap! Im depending on Rand to copy his dad
  73. Possible Slogan for Rand Paul
  74. Southern Avenger: Rand Paul's Practical Philosophy
  75. Why doesn't RAnd talk more about Repealing the Patriot Act?
  76. Can we bring this election back to 2010?
  77. Campaign Focus: Make people learn about the commerce clause
  78. ADA Question Guy at Many Rand Events
  79. Not so fast, says Eugene Robinson
  80. Property Rights and Racism [video]
  81. Where's the GOP??
  82. [VID] Bobby Knight Gives Tough Love
  83. Wow... Simply wow. Sean Hannity.
  84. Thank you...Mark Davis?
  85. What is Rands position on State Anti-discrimination laws re private business?
  86. [VIDEO] - MSNBCs Scarborough on Rand Paul: What The Hell Was He Doing On MSNBC?
  87. Rand's position on gays in the military?
  88. Politico: An inconvenient constitutional truth
  89. OMG, Rand Paul made MarketWatch...
  90. Department of Education
  91. Fox News Poll on Title 2 Civil Rights Act
  92. Forum ad for Conway - why??
  93. The Hill raises the issue of whether Rand et al. should sue for libel
  94. Bluegrass Bulletin runs poll: Who will win, Conway or Rand Paul
  95. How the CRA story could continue to hurt Rand
  96. McLaughlin Group discusses Rand Paul
  97. Are Rand-Paul supporters too sensitive and lack courage
  98. Obama hits lowest approval rating and 63% want Obamacare overturned per Rasmussen
  99. we need a Conway issues site
  100. Rand says of past week "It was the best of times; it was the worst of times"
  101. Pro-Rand blogs?
  102. Daily Show (probably) will talk about Rand Paul when it's back on air next week
  103. 60 Hard Truths about Liberals
  104. (vid.) Ann Coulter defends Sarah Palin's defense of Rand Paul
  105. John Stossel on O'Reilly Factor Tonight at 8 PM EST to Defend Rand Paul
  106. Journalist David Wiegel accuses kentucky media of being too soft on Rand Paul
  107. Moonbats Won't Throw Their Money into a Conway Sinkhole
  108. Good article defending Paul
  109. Kooky
  110. Kentucky is worse off with Obama (The man Jack Conway has supported).....
  111. Jack Conway Loves his BP Money
  112. Campaign Personnel Changes?
  113. Rand Paul Won't Rule Out Preemptive Strike on Iran
  114. Conway will go after Rand on OSHA next... My guess after Con's Olbermann interview
  115. JackConway.info available. Anyone want to make a site?
  116. Libertarian Party of Kentucky condemned Paul Tuesday
  117. Some thoughts from Michael Scheuer on Rand et al
  118. I am dying to see another poll
  119. CIA's Michael Scheuer - Maddow and the Obamas: Killers of hope, spurs of rebellion
  120. As if you needed to be reminded...
  121. Will Jack Conway return BP's money?
  122. Rand Paul Wants To Abolish / Repeal The Americans With Disabilities Act?
  123. Joe Arnold and Ron Paul: Part II (video)
  124. "No comment yet" from Paul campaign manager
  125. Extremism in the Defense of Rand Paul Is No Vice
  126. Rand Paul's Civil Rights Act Comments Revisited
  127. Ask Jack Conway what he would cut
  128. [VIDEO] - Rand Paul vs. Lies and Smears
  129. Reason: Jacob Sullum Defends Rand Paul
  130. Apparently Move On is sending out race baiting emails about Rand
  131. New Rand Paul Interview from RT
  132. Mike Gallagher defends Rand against Medved...
  133. Jack Hunter on Savage tonight defending Rand!
  134. Jack Hunter: Left and Right Trying To Stop Rand Paul Revolution!
  135. Poll needs some love
  136. Decent Reason piece
  137. Randian Puns and New Words Coined Here:
  138. Losertarians may run Senate candidate in Ky.
  139. Adams Suggests 'Campaign Manager' Story is Wrong?
  140. The Establishment Is In Full Blown Panic Over Rand Paul
  141. There is no "shake-up" in the Rand Paul Campaign
  142. E-Mail from Rand: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times
  143. GOP insiders welcome changes in Paul campaign
  144. Libertarian Party of KY churns over Rand statements, retracts running against him
  145. Rand on Russia Today (12 min interview)
  146. Jack Conway survey from Daily Kos answers/ Health Care Reform:
  147. Jack Conway survey from Daily Kos answers/ Card Check:
  148. Jack Conway survey from Daily Kos answers/ Don't Ask Don't Tell:
  149. Jack Conway survey from Daily Kos answers/ Amnesty Illegal border crossing:
  150. Jack Conway survey from Daily Kos answers/ Environment:
  151. Jack Conway survey from Daily Kos answers/ Ending filibuster:
  152. Jack Conway's campaign is funded by.....
  153. If Jack Conway is funded by BP how would he keep them in check....
  154. David Adams tweeted
  155. From LPKY Chair:
  156. Rand-Paul's new book: Tea Party- A manifesto
  157. Marcus Carey at Bluegrass Bulletin appears ready to host a Constitutional Law series
  158. The Paul-Maddow interview ó A liberalís second thoughts
  159. Hot Air: Kentucky libertarians: Rand Paul might not be libertarian enough
  160. For those of you who say Rand Paul Won't Rule Out a Preemptive Strike on Iran
  161. Conway opposes secret ballot -- is he also for union bailouts?
  162. Ann Coulter Defends Rand Paul Column
  163. Public Accommodations Laws: ACLU Defends Neo-Nazis
  164. Bill Kristol talks about Rand Paul . . .
  165. Larry Elder: How are we to get the country back if we cannot stand with the Rand Paul
  166. Rand Paul e-mail: "Well, that was an interesting week"
  167. PJTV discusses Rand Paul's comments
  168. TIME: Rand and Ron
  169. www.jackconway2010.com
  170. Rand should stress a 'National voice' for Kentucky
  171. Larry Elder on Rand Paul (Good Column)
  172. LPKY Chair Ken Moellman backs away from strong anti-Rand Paul stance
  173. "The country doesn't deserve Ron Paul" WSJ Blog (In context of Rand's BP comment)
  174. War on Drugs
  175. New Research2000/Kos Poll: Paul Leads Conway
  176. Rand Paul and the Civil Rights Act: Was he right? (Sheldon Richman)
  177. Trey Grayson's Next Gig: Attorney General?
  178. Rand up 44-41 over Conway
  179. Email from Ron Paul: Let's Shake Up The Senate
  180. Newsweek: Reason contributor: "Why Rand is Right and Wrong"
  181. So, this is the route they are taking to smear Rand now
  182. JackConway2010.com Officially Launches! - >> The Truth About Jack Conway <<
  183. Since Primary night Jack Conway has raised 20k to Rand's.....
  184. Jim Demint's Border Fence Amendment was just killed.....
  185. Jack Conway would jail every Medical Marijuana user in this video!
  186. Great new Jack Conway Website! :)
  187. Rand Paul 2012
  188. [VIDEO] The Southern Avenger - Paleos, Libertarians and Rand Paul 5/27/10
  189. Second In A Series: Con Law vs. The Con Way by Marcus Carey!
  190. Photoshop time!
  191. Jack Conway Caption Contest #1
  192. Okay. 'Fess up. Who sends hate mail to David Adams?
  193. live chat: Robert Sheer on Rand Paul
  194. Since there's a lull -- Memorial Weekend Message from Campaign for Liberty
  195. Jack Hunter on live today! Streaming.....
  196. How Rand and Ron Paul scrambled American Politics
  197. Libertarianism = Anti-racism
  198. Rand vs Jack Illegal Immigration
  199. MSNBC "Breaking News" on New Rand Paul Controversy
  200. Energy company with Conway ties gets rate increase
  201. Comedy Central: " Libertarians to Maybe Run Against Libertarian to Ensure Libertarian
  202. Gingrich talks about Rand Paul in interview
  203. Birthright citizenship: The next phony 'controversy'?
  204. Rand Paul Shakes Up His Campaign Staff
  205. Real Clear Politics: "WHAT Rand Paul Polling Tailspin?"
  206. Ed Show promo on Rand's citizenship...
  207. Kentuckians what is this about a KY Senate resolution saying discrimination is agst
  208. Can Ron Paul win the WH if Rand Paul loses?
  209. the good docter paul?
  210. PPP: Jack Conway leads Rand Paul 60-20 among moderate voters
  211. Campaign Break to give respect to Arnold Jackson....
  212. Help Run Advertisements Promoting JackConway2010.com and "Stop Jack Conway" Facebook!
  213. DeMint calls MSNBC a 'gotcha' station
  214. [VIDEO] - New MSNBC Documentary Rise Of The New Right
  215. Levin defends Rand's stance on birthright citizenship
  216. Rand Paul really brings us together!
  217. The Real Jack Conway
  218. [VIDEO] - Keith Oberman: Rand Paul Opposes citizenship to American born children
  219. Daniel Mongiardo's supporters didn't like Conway either.
  220. Energy company with Conway ties gets rate increase
  221. Tipster tells WHAS11 of new Poll
  222. Is this a Good Idea?
  223. This says Rand doesn't have a pollster for the fall - what was wrong with his old one
  224. Jack CONway, you lied!
  225. David Adams Hints of Good New Poll Numbers?
  226. " Democrats weigh best use of Obama in midterms " -- not Kentucky, it seems...
  227. Has Fancy Farm date been set?
  228. Boomshakalaka!
  229. Rand leads by 6 points
  230. Courier-Journal: Rand Paul leads Jack Conway by six percentage points
  231. Vote in poll: "Is Paul damaged Goods in the GOP"
  232. Conway refused litigation against Obamacare
  233. Updated positions section on Conwhey's wiki page
  234. Rand Paul: 51%; Jack Conway: 45%
  235. Article defends Rand: Should We Also Outlaw Minority Scholarships?
  236. Some breakdown of the Courier Journal poll
  237. Shades of Ron Paul -- Daily Kos is blatantly using Rand's name to attract readership
  238. Libertarian candidate
  239. Push Polling
  240. Full Crosstab on Rand Paul/Conway Poll
  241. Courier-Journal in Rand Paul Smear Mode
  242. Walter E Williams video on Rand's statement:
  243. quit blaming rpf users for google search outcomes
  244. Why's Rand losing the 18-34 segment?
  245. Did Rand Really Lose 19 Points In 7 Days?
  246. Rand Paul radio interview tomorrow. No longer on his event calendar
  247. Will the Daily Kos ensure a Rand Paul victory?
  248. Moving the Goalposts: Newsweek assumes Rand Paul win, and then a loss in 2016
  249. Rand Paul is Not a Racist
  250. I just changed my signiture at knunderground and freestate project